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Yan Yan had just taken a shower, and the scent of his body mixed with the scent of shower gel surrounded Ji Juechuan.

When he kissed him, his eyes were not closed, and Ji Juechuan could clearly see the slightly bright pupils under his long eyelashes.

Those eyes were clear and translucent, reflecting the tiny lights, it didn’t seem like they were stealing a kiss, but they seemed to be offering a clean and pure kiss to him.

Ji Juechuan also accepted it unceremoniously.

He was only surprised for a moment, then his black eyes sank, one hand clasped the man into his arms, and the other hand pressed the back of Yan Yan’s head, deepening the kiss.

Yan Yan froze for a moment but did not struggle.

This kiss gradually changed from what he understood as lip to lip to a real kiss, and he was soon kissed in a daze just like last time. If it weren’t for Ji Juechuan’s hand still clasped around his waist, he would have softened into a puddle of water.

After the kiss got over, Yan Yan was still a little breathless.

He grabbed Ji Juechuan’s hand, took a breath, and then frowned unhappily.

He obviously just wanted to kiss him lightly, why did Ji Juechuan kiss him like last time?

Ji Juechuan wiped his lips with his fingers, then his eyes darkened slightly, and his thin lips parted: “Why all of a sudden…”

Before he could finish speaking, he remembered the “practice” for kissing he had told Yan Yan about earlier.

Could it be that Yan Yan wanted to practice with him?

As soon as Yan Yan touched his hot lips with his fingers, he heard Ji Juechuan ask, “Why are you practicing this all of a sudden?”

He paused, and instantly understood why Ji Juechuan not only didn’t push him away, but also cooperated so much, and was even more serious than him.

It turned out that Ji Juechuan thought he was practicing with him.

Yan Yan put down his hands, raised his long eyelashes to look at Ji Juechuan, and retorted: “I’m not practicing.”

If Ji Juechuan thought he was practicing, wouldn’t he have been kissed for nothing?

After saying this, he saw that Ji Juechuan froze obviously, and then his black eyes became darker than before, like pitch black ink.

Seeing this look, Yan Yan felt that his goal should have been achieved.

Ji Juechuan must not be able to stand his unreasonable kisses, and now he must find him very annoying.

Yan Yan who was in a better mood, pressed his moist lips again, and lay back on the bed.

As soon as he was aroused, the instigator lay down under the quilt, seeing this Ji Juechuan’s thin lips became tightly pursed, and his eyes were filled with displeasure.

But he didn’t know what he was upset about.

In the end, he had no choice but to pick up the towel that fell on the bed, and change it to a hot towel, then he folded it and put it on Yan Yan’s eyes.

Then, he moved his hand down a little, and squeezed his soft white face gently.

Yan Yan frowned when he pinched him, thinking that Ji Juechuan was really unhappy, it hurt him so much.

His skin was too fair, and it was easy to leave marks, thus a faint red mark soon appeared.

Ji Juechuan stared at the red mark for a while, rubbed it with his knuckles a few times, and finally withdrew his hand.

Yan Yan breathed a sigh of relief, pulled the quilt over his shoulders, and fell asleep peacefully.

After becoming engaged, their lives returned to the way they were before.

Early the next morning, Ji Juechuan went to the company, and Yan Yan quickly woke himself up and started preparing for the live broadcast.

He sat in front of the computer, and as soon as he opened the live broadcast website, he saw a particularly conspicuous live broadcast room on the homepage, with an astonishingly large number of viewers in the lower right corner.

This location was originally used to promote the live broadcast room of popular anchors. Usually there were six live broadcast rooms, but now there was only one live broadcast room. It was clear that the live broadcast platform had specially arranged the location.

Yan Yan glanced at the subject of the live broadcast curiously and found that it was Yan Yueluo who was broadcasting live.

Yan Yueluo had just finished his last concert yesterday, and today he was casually chatting with fans from the hotel, but the live broadcast platform refused to let go of this opportunity, and immediately put the live broadcast room on the homepage, attracting more people.

Because Yan Yueluo seldom broadcasted live, this live broadcast quickly became a hot search, and was reposted by marketing accounts many times.

Although it was only morning, many people had already entered the live broadcast room, and many well-known anchors were also watching the live broadcast.

Yan Yan wanted to watch Yan Yueluo’s live broadcast, but his own live broadcast time was coming up, so he could only open his own live broadcast room first.

He didn’t know if it was affected by Yan Yueluo’s live broadcast, or because he asked for leave too many times, but fewer people came into his live broadcast room, and most of them were familiar faces.

Yan Yan greeted the fans as usual, thinking they would complain about his leave, but unexpectedly the barrage was talking about another thing.

“Why do my two male gods want to start the live broadcast at the same time?!”

“I had to open two webpages and jump repeatedly between the two live broadcasts. It is too difficult TAT.”

“Fortunately, I have two mobile phones, so it won’t bother me.”

Yan Yan watched for a while before realizing that they were talking about Yan Yueluo.

He didn’t expect to live broadcast at the same time as Yan Yueluo by such a coincidence, and smiled, “You guys should go to his live broadcast room, I will just talk to you today and there is nothing to say.”

“Stupid boy, how can someone let someone go to someone else’s live broadcast room?”

“I have a rebellious mentality, I won’t go.”

“Yan Yueluo was looking at his phone and didn’t speak, so I came over to take a look.”

Seeing the last barrage comment, Yan Yan was a little surprised.

In his impression, Yan Yueluo was a very dedicated person. Even if this live broadcast was just casually chatting with fans, he wouldn’t be looking at his phone in front of so many people, right?

Just as he was thinking about this, his cell phone rang.

The mobile phone was placed next to the computer. He glanced at it and was a little stunned.

Brother: [Do you want to live broadcast together?]

It turned out to be a message from Yan Yueluo.

Yan Yan had seen other people’s live broadcast rooms and knew that the two live broadcast rooms could interact with each other, and Yan Yueluo also told him before that he could invite him during the live broadcast.

Just considering that it took Yan Yueluo a long time to start a live broadcast, and this time it was only for chatting with fans, he better not bother him.

He picked up his phone, quickly replied to the message, and then continued to look at the screen.

“Good guy, why are you looking at your phone here, what’s going on?”

“Hey, just as the anchor brother put down his phone, Yan Yueluo’s phone rang.”

“Is it such a coincidence?”

The barrage talked about Yan Yueluo for a while, and then quickly turned the topic to Yan Yan.

“It’s outrageous to only live broadcast on weekdays, and it’s too much to ask for so many days off!”

“Even if you have a mine at home, you can’t do this if you want to make money from live broadcasting.”

“If you hadn’t gone to get married these days, you wouldn’t be able to justify it.”

Yan Yan felt a little guilty.

It’s not about getting married, but it was about the same.

He quickly changed the subject, “I signed up for the platform’s event yesterday.”

After thinking for a while, he showed a faint smile again, “And I’ve teamed up with other anchors, I’ll introduce you to him later.”

When he woke up this morning, Yan Yan saw that the anchor who he formed the team with yesterday had sent him a message, saying that he wanted him to mic with him during the live broadcast today, so as to increase his popularity.

Glancing at the time, Yan Yan clicked on the list, saw that the anchor was online, and sent an invitation.

Just don’t know why, his invitation was quickly rejected.

Yan Yan thought he had made a mistake, so he sent another invitation, but was still rejected.

The barrage has already started raising question marks.

Yan Yan was also a little puzzled, so he had to tell the fans: “He may be busy, I will invite him again later.”

At this time, a bullet screen floated over:

“I went over to take a look. The anchor was watching Yan Yueluo’s live broadcast. Everyone in his live broadcast room saw that he declined the invitation.”

The barrage instantly boiled over, everyone was complaining about the anchor, and the barrage was arguing for Yan Yan.

Then, they started urging Yan Yan to also go to Yan Yueluo’s live broadcast room.

It was not because of the anchor, but just wanting Yan Yan to gain some popularity.

Yan Yueluo was watching the barrage right now, occasionally drawing a few barrages to respond with a few sentences, and those who were drawn would immediately take screenshots and post them on Weibo, attracting a lot of people’s attention.

Yan Yueluo responded to another anchor’s barrage just now, and the live broadcast platform immediately bought a trending search and played the screen recording, and the anchor’s fans quickly began to skyrocket.

This was also the reason why many anchors had been staying in Yan Yueluo’s live broadcast room.

The fans in Yan Yan’s live broadcast room were more worried about his lack of popularity than himself, and they were now working together to persuade him to go to Yan Yueluo’s live broadcast room to try his luck.

Seeing that the barrage was asking him to go to Yan Yueluo’s live broadcast room, Yan Yan hesitated for a moment, but clicked in anyway. It was just that his own live broadcast room was still open, and he only intended to use Yan Yueluo’s live broadcast as the background sound. The barrage started urging him to post barrage in Yan Yueluo’s live broadcast room again, Yan Yan bit his lip and asked cautiously, “What should I post?”

There was a brief blank screen in the barrage, as if they were a little speechless at him, and then they quickly began to give him moves.

After a while, the fans saw that Yan Yan still didn’t move, and they all began to hate iron for not becoming steel[1].

“Baby, I’ve told you the answer, can’t you even copy it?”

“I’m so anxious!”

“Oh, what a fool (pet)”

It was not that Yan Yan didn’t see the barrage, it’s just that the sentences taught to him by the barrage were a bit embarrassing, and he was typing each word on the keyboard slowly.

While typing, he prayed in his heart that Yan Yueluo wouldn’t see the barrage he posted. If he was seen posting such a shameful barrage, he would be ashamed to see anyone again.

Before he could finish typing, he heard Yan Yueluo, whom he used as the background voice, suddenly speak:

“Xiao Yan?”

Yan Yan was taken aback, then turned his head to look at Yan Yueluo’s live broadcast room and found that the barrage in the live broadcast room over there had exploded, and everyone was guessing who Yan Yueluo was calling.

It was just that he wasn’t sure if Yan Yueluo was calling him, because there were so many people in the live broadcast room, it was almost impossible for Yan Yueluo to see him.

Not only did Yan Yueluo’s live broadcast room blow up, but Yan Yan’s live broadcast room also exploded with barrage.

There was a word “Yan” in his anchor name, which made his fans stunned for a moment.

“Did he just call ‘Xiao Yan’??”

“It scared me to death, I thought he was calling the anchor little brother.”

“Hahaha, what are you thinking, the anchor hasn’t even posted a barrage in Yan Yueluo’s live broadcast room until now?”

Yan Yan nodded in his heart.

That’s right, he hadn’t sent out the barrage yet, so he shouldn’t be the one who Yan Yuelao had shouted for.

In the next second, the name he hung in Yan Yueluo’s live broadcast room suddenly came to the front, and a microphone sign lit up behind it.

On the screen, Yan Yueluo’s eyebrows stretched a little, “Didn’t you just say you’re not free?”

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[1] Not living up to expectations.

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