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Yan Yueluo’s words were even more shocking than the name he suddenly called just now.

Someone even said that they were not free when facing Yan Yueluo’s invitation?

This completely aroused the curiosity of netizens, and soon a large wave of people flooded into Yan Yan’s live broadcast room.

The live broadcast platform didn’t expect such an unexpected situation, so they hurriedly sent someone to collect Yan Yan’s information, hoping to seize this opportunity to buy another trending search.

But before they could finish writing the draft, related topics were already sent to trending by netizens, and because there were too many people searching, they quickly squeezed into the front row.

Yan Yan over there was still a little dazed. He looked at the microphone icon that appeared behind his name several times before he was sure that Yan Yueluo had really called him just now, and he also miced him.

Hearing Yan Yueluo’s words, the tips of his ears turned red, and his voice was so soft that he could barely hear: “I really didn’t have time just now…”

As soon as his voice came out, the barrage in Yan Yueluo’s live broadcast room became more intense.

Fortunately, he was only on the microphone in Yan Yueluo’s live broadcast room, otherwise everyone would have seen him with his long eyelashes drooping guiltily and not daring to look at the camera.

Yan Yueluo had planned to end the live broadcast just now, but he unexpectedly saw Yan Yan coming in, so he turned on the microphone for him.

There was a rare smile in his eyes, “Are you free now?”

Yan Yan nodded quickly: “I’m free.”

Yan Yueluo had been live broadcasting for a long time today, which was longer than before, and it was already time for the next broadcast.

But he intentionally brought more traffic to Yan Yan, pondered for a moment, and said, “Can you read some barrage questions for me?”

Knowing that Yan Yueluo wanted to help him, Yan Yan felt a little moved in his heart, and immediately agreed.

He picked out a few standard barrages, mostly asking Yan Yueluo about his work, such as when a new song will be released.

As for the questions about personal issues, he pretended not to see them.

After reading a few barrages, an invitation box popped up on his screen, blocking half of the barrages.

Although Yan Yueluo couldn’t see it, the fans in Yan Yan’s studio could see it clearly.

They immediately recognized that this was the anchor who had rejected Yan Yan’s invitation several times before.

“Damn, do you have to be so shameless?”

“Isn’t this the busy person who refused the invitation of our anchor brother earlier? Now he is free again?”

“Yo, he really knows how to pick his time.”

The new viewers saw that the barrage suddenly started to look strange, and they all became curious and asked what happened.

The fans were also not polite, and told the new audience what happened just now, and the bullet screen became livelier in an instant.

Over there, Yan Yueluo frowned when he heard Yan Yan suddenly get stuck, “What’s wrong?”

The assistant next to him had entered Yan Yan’s live broadcast room after Yan Yan connected to the microphone, in case any accident happened.

Now the assistant found out about the situation in Yan Yan’s live broadcast room, and immediately told Yan Yueluo what happened.

Yan Yueluo had debuted for so many years, so he naturally quickly understood the twists and turns.

He glanced at Yan Yan’s live broadcast room on the assistant’s computer screen and saw that Yan Yan hadn’t clicked on reject for a long time, and still had an embarrassed expression on his face.

“Xiao Yan.”

Hearing these words, Yan Yan raised his head slightly, “Huh?”

“I’m going to go offline in five minutes.” Yan Yueluo paused deliberately, “Is your friend in a hurry? Or should I go offline first?”

Immediately, a large block of words appeared on the barrage, and at the same time, some fans sensed that something was wrong.

Why did they seem to smell a touch of green tea?

But seeing Yan Yueluo’s serious expression, they felt that it was just their own illusion.

Hearing what he said, Yan Yan immediately felt a little guilty, and quickly shook his head, “It’s okay, there’s no rush.”

He rejected the anchor’s invitation, and sent him another private message, asking him to wait a while before continuing to read the barrage for Yan Yueluo.

Five minutes later, Yan Yueluo stopped the live broadcast on time.

Yan Yan withdrew from Yan Yueluo’s live broadcast room and went back to his own live broadcast room and was taken aback by the number of viewers and fans.

After Yan Yueluo stopped broadcasting, more people flooded into Yan Yan’s live broadcast room.

Originally, it was just out of curiosity and gossip, but after seeing Yan Yan’s face, most people couldn’t move their feet.

Before Yan Yan could say hello to the new audience, he received a message from the live broadcast platform.

During that period of time, the topic between him and Yan Yueluo had become the top trending topic, bringing a lot of traffic to the live broadcast platform.

The live broadcast platform was now contacting Yan Yan to discuss future marketing activities with him. The main idea was to let him mention more things related to Yan Yueluo in future live broadcasts, and the live broadcast platform would provide him with the best promotion positions.

Yan Yan rejected the live broadcast platform’s suggestion without thinking too much.

It was okay for Yan Yueluo to take the initiative to help him like today, but he didn’t want to keep Yan Yueluo’s enthusiasm **** in the future.

After politely rejecting the live broadcast platform, Yan Yan went to watch the barrage in his own live broadcast room.

His old fans were still in shock, and kept asking him how he knew Yan Yueluo, and why he let them worry so much for nothing.

Yan Yan remembered that the fans kept giving him ideas just now, but he didn’t get to send a single barrage in the end, so he smiled a little embarrassedly, “Thank you for your ideas.”

After speaking a few words with the fans, he went to invite the anchor who he had teamed up with. This time, the anchor accepted the invitation very quickly, but he didn’t seem very good-looking.

But after seeing the number of people in Yan Yan’s live broadcast room, the anchor’s face softened again.

Yan Yan gave a brief introduction to the fans, and mentioned the event he signed up for, hoping that the fans would support it.

After the introduction, it was almost time for him to stop the broadcast.

He didn’t extend the live broadcast time because of the large number of viewers in the live broadcast room, and he stopped the broadcast neatly.

He took out his phone and started sending messages to Yan Yueluo.

[Brother, thank you for taking me along today!]

[Star Eyes.jpg]

Yan Yueluo was probably in the car and thus replied to him soon.


[You can cut today’s live broadcast into a video to participate in the event.]

Yan Yan blinked and replied to Yan Yueluo imitating the tone in the barrage.


In the car, Yan Yueluo suddenly chuckled, which caught the attention of the assistant next to him.

The assistant turned to look at him in horror, then turned back silently.

He knew that the person in today’s live broadcast room was Yan Yueluo’s younger brother, and he also caught a glimpse of Yan Yueluo’s note on the chat interface and shook his head secretly in his heart.

Who would have thought that a superstar who was always indifferent in front of outsiders was actually a hidden brother-con in private. Even he himself didn’t realize that.

Topics related to the live broadcast had been on the hot search for a whole morning, and the popularity did not drop even a little until the afternoon.

Although Ji Juechuan didn’t pay much attention to these topics, Lu Ji saw the hot search when he was eating at noon, and immediately showed it to him.

Seeing all kinds of speculation about the relationship between the two from netizens, Ji Juechuan frowned and scrolled down again.

Unexpectedly, after sliding a few times, he saw someone talking about Yan Yueluo and Yan Yan’s CP, and it even formed a new topic.

Ji Juechuan gripped the phone tightly, his thin lips pursed into a straight line.

“Has Yan Yueluo not clarified yet?”

After eating melons all afternoon, Lu Ji had already figured things out a long time ago, and quickly told him: “Yan Yueluo just finished his concert abroad, and he must be returning home after the live broadcast. He should still be on the plane now.”

Ji Juechuan didn’t speak.

He took out his phone and wanted to send Yan Yan a message, but he didn’t know what to say.

He knew that Yan Yan had signed up for the event on the live broadcast platform, and that Yan Yueluo could bring him popularity and help him gain an advantage in the event, so he had no reason to stop it.

In the end, he still didn’t send a message to Yan Yan, and just continued to devote himself to his work, but he was obviously absent-minded.

After returning home at night, Ji Juechuan didn’t mention the trending topic, but just asked Yan Yan how the preparations for the event were going.

Yan Yan rolled his eyes, looking relaxed.

“Today I live broadcasted with my brother, and the video will be edited tomorrow.”

Ji Juechuan gave a soft “hmm” and asked again: “How many videos do you plan to make for this event?”

Yan Yan snapped his fingers and calculated: “The event lasts for a month, so if I cut one video in three or four days, I should make at least seven.”

He thought about it again, “And I have a teammate to help cut the video, so seven or eight should be fine.”

“Have you thought about the theme yet?”

Yan Yan felt a little strange, he didn’t expect Ji Juechuan to care about this, but he still answered him: “Not yet.”

Ji Juechuan moved his fingers and pretended to ask unintentionally, “Would you like to come to our company for a live broadcast?”

“Huh?” Yan Yan blinked, feeling that Ji Juechuan was a little abnormal, “Is it okay?”


Yan Yan knew that videos in the form of vlogs were very popular recently, and Ji Juechuan’s company was one of the largest companies in the country, and countless people were trying to get in.

If he could broadcast live in Ji Juechuan’s company, and then edit it into a vlog video, there should be many people who were interested.

He nodded without thinking, “Okay.”

Ji Juechuan’s jaw, which had been tensed all day, finally loosened, “Well, come with me to the company tomorrow morning.”

Yan Yan agreed, and while Ji Juechuan was not paying attention, he pecked lightly on Ji Juechuan’s lips, “Thank you husband!”

After the kiss, because today’s coquettish plan hadn’t been finished yet, he stayed in Ji Juechuan’s arms for a while before getting up.

In the early morning of the next day, Yan Yan packed his equipment and got into the car with Ji Juechuan.

He was thinking about his daily coquettish plans, and when he was in the car, he kept sticking to Ji Juechuan’s body, as if he had no bones.

When he arrived at the company, when he wanted to keep a distance from Ji Juechuan, he was pulled back by Ji Juechuan, and he was not let go until they entered his office.

After entering the office, Yan Yan greeted Lu Ji who was preparing coffee, and then opened the live broadcast software, wanting to adjust the camera first.

Ji Juechuan sat on the office chair and asked casually, “What are you doing?”

Yan Yan raised his white wrist and shook the phone at him, “Getting ready to adjust the camera.”

He thought for a while, then sat down on Ji Juechuan’s lap, treating Ji Juechuan like a chair, and nestled comfortably into his arms, allowing him to see the phone screen.

“We can try out the camera effect before the live broadcast, like this.”

He took the phone away, and a picture of him nestling in Ji Juechuan’s arms appeared on the screen. The two posed intimately, and Yan Yan still had his eyes half-closed, like a cozy cat.

He glanced at the screen, raised the phone a little higher, and half of Ji Juechuan’s face was captured.

After Yan Yan finished speaking, he didn’t hear Ji Juechuan’s words, and thought he wasn’t interested. Just as he was about to get off his lap, he heard Ji Juechuan ask:

“Well, when you test the effect of the lens, is there always a barrage in the lower right corner?”

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