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His hands and feet were inconvenient, his documents and passport were not with him, and there was no one around him who could help him, which made him unable to even leave the villa alone.

Alan and Luni lived in the villa, and they would cook for him on time, and they didn’t treat him badly when it came to food and drink, which was truly suited to a rich man’s level.

It was just that this kind of treatment didn’t make Si Zhihan happy but made him feel even more uncomfortable. He couldn’t figure out what Si Huang meant.

It wasn’t until the next day when he saw the news on TV that he realized how crazy Si Huang was.

The reporters reporting the news were also obviously surprised, and they couldn’t hide the shock in their tone of voice every time they said a word.

“Fenghua Entertainment was sold at a low price overnight…”

“The ownership of all the works of Li Lisi, which used to be the signature of Fenghua Entertainment, has been transferred to Fenghuang Entertainment…”

“According to recent news, most of Fenghua Entertainment’s talent resources have also been poured into Fenghuang Entertainment…”

“Not keeping the old and stable Fenghua Entertainment, and doing this kind of thing is tantamount to killing the chicken and picking the eggs, what does the strongest newcomer Si Huang think as the leader…”

The host on the TV was excited and as he spoke, Si Zhihan’s expression became more and more ferocious while watching TV, and his eyes had become bloodshot.

It turned out that they deliberately pushed him to the living room to watch TV in the morning, just to show him this!

He had miscalculated too much, no matter what, he never thought that Si Huang would do such a thing, just because he never thought that Si Huang would be able to withstand the temptation of Fenghua Entertainment’s huge interests, so naturally he couldn’t guess that she would make such a ruthless move – so ruthless that it pierced his heart, making him wish to strangle her immediately and smash her to ashes!

This was Fenghua Entertainment. It was the painstaking effort he spent most of his life fighting for. It was really comparable to his heart and blood. Even a little damage to it could make him go crazy.

Si Zhihan also suddenly understood why Si Huang was so forthright when he signed the contract, which stated that Fenghua entertainment must be passed on to a child surnamed Si, and must have his Si Zhihan’s blood… probably at that time she had already planned everything, as long as Fenghua Entertainment was gone, what was the use of that contract agreement?

“Call Si Huang, I have something to say to her!” Si Zhihan roared angrily, his voice was hoarse and unpleasant, indicating that he could no longer control his emotions.

However, just as he finished speaking, Aunt Luni’s cell phone rang, and the caller happened to be Si Huang.

Aunt Luni showed a happy expression, and answered the phone, “Young Master.”

Si Huang sent a video call request, and her exquisite smiling face appeared on the phone screen, “Aunt Luni, is Si Zhihan already watching TV?”

“Yes.” Luni turned on the loudspeaker and pointed the screen at Si Zhihan, “He just said to call the young master.”

As soon as Si Zhihan saw Si Huang’s smiling face on the screen, his anger soared to the highest point, “You are cruel enough…” He obviously had a lot to say and wanted to question and roar, but when he really saw the other party with his own eyes, he blurted out these words. The four words revealed his powerless struggle.

On the screen of the mobile phone, Si Huang’s eyebrows and eyes did not hide his coldness behind playfulness at all. She squinted her eyes halfway, as if she was savoring Si Zhihan’s words carefully, enjoying the pleasure brought by his pain. After two or three seconds, she said softly: “I’m very glad to get this acknowledgment from you.”

These light words and her casual expression completely broke Si Zhihan’s nerve called reason. He reached out to grab the phone, but Aunt Luni dodged him. Due to excessive force on his upper body, he fell from the wheelchair in embarrassment, and sat on the ground with his legs twisted and weak. Alan and Luni who were present did not help him, and Si Zhihan supported the ground with trembling hands, trying to stand up by himself, but it was useless.

“It was painful for you to see, it means I did the right thing.”

“The chess piece in your hand is out of your control. At first you thought it was a good start, but it turned out to be the source of disaster that ruined everything. It was your most important effort that was destroyed. How does it feel?”

Si Zhihan didn’t answer. But just by looking at the trembling of his body, you could know how angry, resentful and painful he really must be feeling.

What Si Huang wanted to see was his desolate and painful appearance. The physical torture was only intuitive pain after all, but the spiritual torture was the most unforgettable.

“Why on earth are you doing this?” Si Zhihan raised his head again, his pale face captured by the mobile phone video, “Fenghua had already been given to you, it belonged to you, why did you do this!”

Seeing him still caring about Fenghua, Si Huang didn’t know whether to say he was persistent or not repentant, “Since it’s my thing, is it not normal for me to play with it as I want.”

Not normal! How can this be normal! How many people in the world would destroy such a big cornucopia!? Si Zhihan didn’t make a sound, and the meaning revealed by his expression was easily understood by several people.

Si Huang shook her head lightly, “From the time you used women to get everything, you should have thought that you would get retribution.”

“As expected, you know! But how did you get to know? Did they tell you?” Si Zhihan glared at Luni and Alan, and then his face became stiff, “No, everything was normal for you half a year ago, if you knew it before, you couldn’t have borne it all the time. Or did you just get to know about it half a year ago… This is even more impossible…” In half a year, how could a school student with no influence annex and destroy Fenghua Entertainment!

Si Huang’s smiling expression made Si Zhihan understand everything she wanted to express – nothing was impossible, and the results that had happened so far proved everything.

In half a year, she became the hottest newcomer in the entertainment circle, won the appreciation of Yu Shulan and her husband, met a group of top people, quietly won Fenghua Entertainment, and then severely ruined it.

This was definitely not something that could be done by just luck. It took a terrible mind, charm and courage to accomplish it.

But how old was Si Huang? She was not even seventeen years old half a year ago!

Si Zhihan’s heart was severely impacted. He hated Si Huang and wished to destroy her, but couldn’t help regretting it… If he had chosen Si Huang in the first place, everything would have been different. This outstanding child could have led Fenghua Entertainment to the highest peak!

Si Huang was not in a hurry to speak, and quietly admired Si Zhihan’s distorted expression. Human eyes were the windows to the soul, and they would reveal your inner and soul-deep emotions. The vicious resentment and beast-like struggle seen in Si Zhihan’s eyes made Si Huang feel a sense of joy, and this joy made her feel that all the hard work these days was worth it, “You think I know what…let me guess.”

The young man on the small screen kept his smile undiminished and his tone was always elegant, “You deceived Li Lisi’s feelings, used her to build up Fenghua, and locked her in Yuhai Bay Resort when she was most vulnerable, and hooked up with Bai Qinglan, and I’m Li Lisi’s child.”

Every time she said a word, Si Zhihan’s complexion became worse, and it was clear that even though the other party’s gorgeous voice was soft and pleasant, but Si Zhihan’s heart felt like a knife was being twisted by her words.

Si Zhihan’s silence did not make Si Huang angry. Instead, she changed her sitting position and continued, “I also know that you are no longer a man.”

“You did it!?”

Si Huang smiled deeper, “Your limbs are disabled. You are not even a man, Si Zhihan, you are no better than a cripple now, in fact you are just a parasite fed by others.”

Since becoming the president of Fenghua Entertainment, Si Zhihan had never been insulted on his face like this. After being insulted, his face turned red again, “No matter what, you can’t change the fact that I am your own father. If you do this, you will suffer retribution!”

“Retribution? I am not afraid.” She had even experienced death, so what retribution would she still be afraid of, “But you are right, you are my own father, so I will take good care of you and let you live a good life. See how I will use Fenghua as a pedal to develop my career. The longer you live, the better.”

The gentle tone did not reassure Si Zhihan but made him show a horrified expression. From the young man’s expression, he knew that the other party was not lying, and that she had decided to imprison him for the rest of his life, “If a person wants to die, no one can stop him.” He said coldly, staring at Si Huang’s reaction.

In the end, Si Huang smiled even more happily, “You won’t commit suicide, Si Zhihan, you are too selfish, so selfish that you are afraid of death, let alone doing it yourself. Also, you still have hope in your heart, is it Si Hua or the Bai family? Or the opponents I may meet in the future, this glimmer of hope is enough to keep you alive, even if you suffer from spiritual torture every day and night. Regarding your spirit like a cockroach, even if you live, I admire the fact that you have to continue to struggle while eating garbage from the garbage dump, and I am even more glad that you can persevere.”

“Because the longer you struggle, the longer you will be tortured, this will be a little joy in my future life. Why do you think I can pull you and Bai Qinglan off the horse, but Si Hua is still fine?”


Facing her question, Si Zhihan couldn’t make a sound, and his lips had lost all color.

Si Huang said: “He is the hope I have left for you, your lifeline. I will keep him, just like you, living in my shadow forever, struggling every day but in vain.”

What was worse than watching your enemy live better, stand higher and higher, and have everything you desire? But he himself was always shrouded in the shadow of the other party, not to mention revenge, what was even more tormenting to a person’s body and mind was if he couldn’t even touch the height of the other party? Jealousy was the original sin that led to man’s depravity, asking for nothing could make man crazy, and resentment would make his appearance even uglier.

Both Si Zhihan and Si Hua would endure this long-lasting torture. As for Si Hua, will he turn over one day? Break through himself? Si Huang chuckled, as long as she stood taller and walked farther than Si Hua, the other party would not be able to escape her? Not paying attention? OK? Unless Si Hua became a caveman, in this society where the Internet was everywhere and the news was so well-circulated, Si Huang, as an entertainer and star, would always appear in his eyes with an absolutely high profile.

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