FESM Extra 12.2: Benjamin × Li Xin

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Benjamin changed into a suit. Li Xin saw him wearing this, so he also changed into a light-colored suit. Standing next to his man in this way would not appear too disobedient.

Benjamin gently held Li Xin’s hand, looked at the two in the mirror and said, “It’s a perfect match.”

Li Xin felt a little embarrassed and followed the man with his head down.

Benjamin took him to a high-end revolving restaurant. Standing in front of the transparent floor-to-ceiling glass windows, he could see the most spectacular night view of the capital city, as if he had stepped on this brightly lit and bustling city and it was now under his feet.

Li Xin has also heard of this restaurant. It was a member-only restaurant, and one must make an appointment in advance to enter, especially in the chef’s restaurant on the highest level. The famous chef personally cooked the dishes and only received guests once a day here.

Today, there were only two people, Li Xin and Benjamin, in the chef’s restaurant on the top floor. Obviously, Benjamin had put a lot of thought into this meal.

Standing in front of the window, Li Xin was a little touched: “I heard that it is very difficult to make an appointment in the chef’s restaurant. When did you make an appointment?”

Benjamin said: “It was the day you left the military area.”

That was a month and a half ago.

Benjamin actually planned this romantic dinner so early, this alpha was so attentive to him, did he really love him?

Li Xin’s heart beat a little fast, and he didn’t know what to say when he met the Alpha’s deep eyes.

Benjamin gently took his hand and sat down at the dining table: “Let’s eat first.”

Of course, there was nothing to say about the dishes in the chef’s restaurant. Every dish was like a handicraft worthy of collection. The two chatted while eating, and Benjamin also opened a bottle of red wine and clinked glasses with Li Xin to celebrate their reunion.

It was said that a small parting was enough to make a couple better than newlyweds. After drinking a glass of red wine, he didn’t know if he was drunk or if the atmosphere was too romantic, but Li Xin’s face gradually turned red.

The handsome and gentle alpha man was sitting opposite him, it was like shooting an idol TV series.

Li Xin’s mind was dizzy, and at this moment, Benjamin suddenly smiled and said, “Li Xin, have you forgotten what day it is today?”


Come here.

“It’s your birthday.” Benjamin suddenly took out a box from his pocket as if by magic. Under Li Xin’s shocked gaze, the Alpha walked up to Li Xin with slender legs, knelt down on one knee, and said with a smile, “Happy birthday, please accept my gift.”

He opened the red velvet box and Li Xin saw a delicate men’s ring in the box.

Under the light, the diamonds on the ring shone brightly.

What did it mean? Could it be… Benjamin knelt in front of him on one knee, looked up at him, his gaze was gentle but firm: “Li Xin, marry me, will you?”

Looking at Benjamin, he didn’t know how to react.

“Actually, I adjusted the rest time with the other generals to rush back. I wanted to formally propose to you on your birthday.” The Alpha’s voice was low and gentle, “Li Xin, I’m serious about you. It’s the kind of seriousness where I want to be with you for the rest of my life. I know all your worries and concerns, please rest assured that I will solve all those difficulties. All you have to do is follow your own heart.”

“Promise me, be my real family member, okay?”

“…” Li Xin’s eyes suddenly became sour, and the alpha in front of him gradually became blurred in his vision, he didn’t want to shed tears, but Benjamin’s tenderness had moved him to tears.

He was just an average beta.

No one had ever been so kind to him.

Seeing Li Xin’s red eyes, Benjamin smiled slightly, and said softly, “Accept the gift and I will be yours from now on.”

Li Xin’s heart trembled slightly. Marrying Banjamin was something he only dared to think about in his dreams. Now, this alpha actually knelt down to propose to him, he couldn’t believe it was real.

Facing Benjamin’s gentle gaze, Li Xin blushed even more, lowered his head and said, “But your family…”

Benjamin said softly: “Don’t worry, my family has known about your existence for a long time and will not object to our marriage. Tomorrow, I will accompany you home to visit your parents and try to get their consent, okay?” Lin Xin didn’t expect that Alpha was so fully prepared.

Benjamin took his hand and said, “If you don’t object, I’ll put the ring on for you?”

Li Xin didn’t object but nodded lightly. After nodding, his ears turned red immediately. He thought that one day in the future he would kneel on one knee in front of a beta girl and put a ring on the girl he loved, but he never thought that on this day, a handsome alpha would kneel in front of him and put a ring on him instead.

Seeing the delicate ring being put on his ring finger slowly, Li Xin was in a complicated mood. He always felt that he had been trapped by this alpha for all his life.


He liked it.

To be able to meet an alpha like Benjamin, even if he was eaten to death, he was willing.

Putting the ring on the blushing Beta, Benjamin stood up and said, “There is another birthday present for you.”

Li Xin was puzzled: “What else?”

Benjamin held his hand with the diamond ring on, interlocked their fingers, brought him to the floor-to-ceiling windows, and said, “Look over there.”

Li Xin followed the Alpha’s gaze, and was stunned—

He saw that the Imperial Capital Building, the tallest building in the Capital Star, was suddenly illuminated by gorgeous lights and a line of words appeared on it: “Li Xin, happy birthday. I love you.”

The 3D special effect giant screen characters were like fireworks thrown directly into the air.

Li Xin’s head almost exploded with a “boom”.

Was it okay to show love so publicly?!

This was the tallest skyscraper in the entire empire, and the lights on this building could be seen by almost all the residents of Capital Star!

Looking at the huge three words “I love you” in the sky, Li Xin’s face was burning hot, and he said in a panic: “You you…you are too, too high-profile…it’s just a birthday. No, there is no need to do this…”

Benjamin hugged the Beta’s waist with a smile, and looked at him tenderly: “Because I want everyone in the empire to know how much I love you, this is my determination and my promise, I will only love you after we get married, trust me, okay?”

Li Xin wiped his eyes indiscriminately and threw himself into Benjamin’s arms vigorously.

He had decided that this alpha would be his from now on, and he would never let him go!


That night, #Local Tyrants in the Capital Star Show Love on the Skyscraper# #Who is Li Xin?# #Li Xin I Love You# these several topics became trending on Weibo in a row.

Whether they saw it on the Internet or happened to pass by and saw the light, everyone was curious—who was Li Xin? And who was confessing his love to him in such a romantic way? As a result, more and more people began to search for Li Xin’s news, and the topic was constantly posted on the homepage.

Li Xin, who was always on the trending search because of the artists he brought, this time – personally made a trending search.

Seeing his name on the homepage of Weibo, Li Xin was really in a mixed mood.

His phone was about to explode.

Xiao Zhuo gloated and said: “Hahaha, Li Xin, today I saw someone confessing his love in the capital star skyscraper, with a giant light and the subtitle which said Li Xin, I love you, look, the person with the same name as you is so happy, how can you still be single…?”

Li Xin interrupted him with a blushing face: “The Li Xin who is being confessed to is me.”

Xiao Zhuo: “Huh??”

Qin Yize said flatly: “There is a confession in the capital star skyscraper, and the person who is being confessed happens to have the same name as you, do you think it’s a coincidence?”

Li Xin went crazy: “…that’s me!”

Qin Yize said calmly: “Don’t be kidding, weren’t you looking for a beta girl? How can there be such a bold and rich beta girl?”

Li Xin was about to scratch his head in embarrassment: “What if I said that I found an alpha, and he is someone you know?”

Qin Yize was startled: “An alpha I know? Who?”

Li Xin: “Ben, Benjamin…he made the confession light.”

Qin Yize seemed to be frightened and hung up the communicator directly.

Immediately afterwards, his Mom and Dad also called to express their condolences: “Li Xin, someone confessed with lights today. I saw the photos on the Internet. It’s really romantic. The person who confessed happened to be called Li Xin, who has the same name and surname as you! You too hurry up and bring back a daughter-in-law for parents.”

Li Xin was about to cry: “Mom and Dad, this was done by me for my boyfriend, I, I will bring him to visit you tomorrow!”

Li Xin’s parents looked at each other: “Boyfriend? Didn’t you say you were looking for a girlfriend?”

Li Xin bit the bullet and said, “I found an alpha.”

Li Xin’s parents: “………”

Li Xin, who had gone on the trending search in person for the first time, was very busy, but his heart was sweet.

Because someone was declaring to the whole empire how much he was loved.

Benjamin showed his love in such a high-profile manner, and now everyone in the empire knew that there was a man named Li Xin who was held in his hands and loved.

It was as happy as a dream.

He didn’t dislike such hot searches at all.

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