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Because of Pei Jin’s appearance, the relationship between the He family’s father and son unexpectedly eased. After several one-on-one teaching lessons, Pei Jin also learned most of the swimming skills, and she finally didn’t need He Xun to support her underwater.

It would be the exam day in a few days. Pei Jin and He Xun made an appointment for the last one-on-one teaching lesson in the swimming pool.

When Pei Jin went to the dressing room to change her swimsuit, she realized that her black one-piece swimsuit looked a little different for some reason. She hurriedly took out the swimsuit and took a look, only to realize that although they were both black swimsuits, this one was obviously not the same one as the previous one.

This black swimsuit was still a conservative one-piece, but it was a little sexier than the previous black one. The top was a thin suspender, there were small broken flowers printed on it, the waist was very tight, and the bottom was in the shape a lotus leaf. She turned the swimsuit over and glanced at it again and saw that the front of the swimsuit was quite conservative, but the back was wide open, and most of the back would probably be exposed.

Pei Jin bit her lower lip and recalled carefully. She went home yesterday and brought some more clothes from home to school. When she was packing up yesterday, she seemed to have seen this black swimsuit. Maybe she accidentally mixed this swimsuit with other clothes and brought it to school. Then, by accident, she accidentally thought that this swimsuit was the previous one and brought it to the swimming pool. The two swimsuits were the same color, both were black, so it was easy to get confused if one didn’t look carefully.

Pei Jin held the swimsuit in her hand and hesitantly changed into it. Going back to the dormitory to change a swimsuit was too much trouble, and although this swimsuit was a bit sexy, it was still too conservative compared to a bikini. Thinking like this, she changed her clothes and walked out.

When she went outside, He Xun had already swam a few laps in the pool.

Pei Jin warmed up first and waited for a while before diving into the water.

As soon as she stepped out of the water, He Xun swam to her side with a vigorous posture from the water several meters away.

Before Pei Jin could react, He Xun jumped up from the water, throwing some water on her face.

Pei Jin hadn’t put on her swimming goggles yet, and her eyes were splashed so she couldn’t open her eyes. She muttered in a low voice, “He Xun, what are you doing?”

He Xun laughed twice, as he reached out to help Pei Jin wipe his eyes, and said helplessly, “Peipei, what should I do?”

Pei Jin blinked, there were still a few drops of water on her eyelashes, and the water in her eyes made them look hazy, such that she looked a bit innocent, “What should I do?”

“I want to push my hips, this kind of thinking makes me want to die.”

Pei Jin was shocked by this sentence. Her face flushed, “He Xun! Why are you so…”

He Xun asked playfully, “So what?”

Pei Jin said the following words reluctantly, “So lustful.”

He even said that he wanted to push his hips, was he always thinking like this!

He Xun laughed again in a low voice, “Peipei, it would be abnormal if I didn’t want to have sex with you.”

This seemed to make sense.

And boys of this age were quite impulsive.

Pei Jin didn’t dare to raise her head, so she kept her head lowered. She said in a low voice, “Then you come.”

“Huh?” Her voice was so soft that He Xun couldn’t hear it clearly for a while.

Pei Jin was a little embarrassed, and stammered, “Didn’t you say you want… what?” Pei Jin was too embarrassed to say those two words.

He Xun was stunned, he slowly got closer to Pei Jin under the water, “Peipei, are you sure?”

Pei Jin nodded with a blushing face.

Looking at Pei Jin’s soft head, He Xun’s heart softened. Seeing that she was so good, he couldn’t bear to bully her.

He took her into his arms, “Good girl, I’ll hug you and I won’t do anything else.”

The water waves swayed around them, just like He Xun’s mood at the moment, a little turbulent and a little satisfied.

After returning to the dormitory, Pei Jin looked at the several strawberry prints left by He Xun on her shoulder in the mirror, and couldn’t help but stomp lightly.

He Xun also said that he would not do anything else, and that he would just hug her. What was up with these strawberry prints then?

Men were really big liars!

When Pei Jin changed into her pajamas and got into bed, the villain He Xun sent her a WeChat message.

Great Demon King: Peipei, I finally realized the suffering of the world.

Pei Jin was startled and thought that He Xun was in conflict with his family again. She asked cautiously, Xiaowu: What is the suffering in the world?

Great Demon King: Missing you is the suffering in this world.

After Pei Jin saw it, she felt relieved. He Xun didn’t quarrel with his family. But she felt a little angry when she thought of the strawberry prints on her shoulder, which she had just seen.

Great Demon King: You do not miss me?

Pei Jin was a little shy, so she wrote: Why do you have to ask so clearly?

She didn’t answer directly, Xiaowu: It is late and I’m going to bed.

He Xun did not let her go easily, and continued to ask, Great Demon King: Peipei, do you want to miss me?

Pei Jin was so troubled by He Xun that she could only write back.

Well, she admitted that she did miss him a bit, and when she thought of He Xun’s kiss just now, Pei Jin shyly hid under the quilt.

The big liar.

At this time, He Xun sent her a video call request, and Pei Jin shook her hand and pressed the reject button directly.

But He Xun persevered and sent another video call request.

Pei Jin accepted it. The lights in the bedroom had been turned off, so the background for both of them was dark, and nothing could be seen clearly. But just listening to He Xun’s breathing made her feel at ease.

Yu Yuan and Xu Lulu were already asleep, and her forth roommate was reading a book with a flashlight on.

The light of the flashlight was too weak, and Pei Jin and Yu Yuan had persuaded her many times that she should read less books and work less hard for a while, but she didn’t listen to them, so Pei Jin and Yu Yuan could only give up persuading her. After all, everyone had their own aspirations, and their eyes and hands grew on them, so they couldn’t force her not to read by flashlight.

Although there was still some faint flashlight light on her bed, when it came to Pei Jin, there was no light. She lowered her voice and said into the earphone, “He Xun, it’s so late, why are you still video calling me?”

He Xun was already lying on the bed, he turned over and smiled, “I miss you, so I just I want to see you.”

Pei Jin laughed, “The light is so blurry, what can you even see?”

“Even if I see a vague shadow, it’s good. At least I see you.”

Pei Jin snorted very softly.

He Xun knew that she was shy again, so he didn’t force her to say anything, anyway, he was okay, he showed her his love every day.

“Are you sleepy?”

Pei Jin shook her head, “It’s okay.”

“Good, go to bed, you have to get up early tomorrow.”

In fact, Pei Jin didn’t really want to hang up the video call, and neither did He Xun.

Seeing that Pei Jin didn’t hang up, He Xun smiled, “You don’t want to hang up, eh?”

Pei Jin slowly got up from the bed, wrapped her arms around her knees, looked at the phone, and hummed honestly.

Yu Yuan and Xu Lulu were both sound asleep, and the other roommate was busy reading and didn’t have time to pay attention to her, so she sat up on the bed, but no one noticed.

“Then I’ll sing for you?”

Pei Jin nodded, “Okay.”

“What do you want to hear?”

“Whatever you sing, I will listen to it.”

“Then I will sing some old songs?”


Without any accompaniment, He Xun sang a cappella.

In the quiet night, his sexy and gentle voice clearly rang in her ears.

The song he sang was “Stay With Me”.

After the song was over, He Xun’s voice sounded, “Peipei, stay with me forever, okay?”

A small dimple formed on the corner of Pei Jin’s lips.

She blinked her eyelashes lightly and said OK very slowly.

Senior year of high school went by very fast.

Because of He Xun’s private teaching, Pei Jin passed the swimming exam smoothly.

It was almost the last day of December.

This was not only Pei Jin’s first New Year’s Eve after transmigrating into the book, but also the first New Year’s Eve after getting together with He Xun.

Every New Year’s Eve was like a carnival for the people.

This New Year’s Eve, Pei Jin spent time at school with He Xun, Zheng Li, Fatty, Yu Yuan and Xu Lulu.

They sneaked out of the dormitory, bought glow sticks, snacks, and beer from the stand outside, and then waited for the new year with the cold wind blowing on them in the playground.

Such a young, frivolous and wanton youth only came maybe once in a lifetime.

After being a good student for so many years, this was the first time that Pei Jin had done such a crazy thing. Now that she had sneaked out, she would definitely not go back to the dormitory in a while. Judging by what Zheng Li and others meant, it seemed that they were planning to stay out overnight.

The wind was very cold at the end of December, and she was wearing a long down jacket with the zipper pulled to the top, and she had almost buried her face in the clothes.

He Xun took off the scarf around his neck and wrapped it around half of her face, only revealing her extremely beautiful eyes.

As soon as the scarf with He Xun’s breath and body temperature wrapped around her face, Pei Jin blushed a little.

How could this boy be so warm?

Yu Yuan watched from the side, and couldn’t help laughing out loud after seeing it, “Come and see, this is the baby brought out by grandpa hahahaha.”

Others hurriedly followed after hearing the words and laughed out loud when they saw it.

The baby brought by grandparents was a joke, because grandparents loved their grandchildren, and they always dressed their grandchildren very strictly, from head to toe, showing only a pair of eyes, which was similar to how He Xun dressed up Pei Jin now.

He Xun didn’t care about other people’s jokes, but Pei Jin was a little embarrassed. When they said this, didn’t they mean that He Xun was the “grandfather”, and she was the baby brought out by He Xun? But she was reluctant to take off the scarf.

He Xun held Pei Jin’s hand and pulled it into his coat pocket, “Peipei, are you still cold?”

Pei Jin shook her head, “I’m not cold anymore.”

It had snowed just yesterday morning, and the snow was still thick on the ground. But Pei Jin really didn’t feel cold at all. She glanced at He Xun’s uncovered neck and asked, “Aren’t you cold?”

He Xun hooked his lips and smiled, “If you kiss me, I won’t be cold.”

Pei Jin leaned forward and kissed him without hesitation. He Xun’s lips twitched.

It just so happened that the bell rang for twelve o’ clock at that time.

The new year was here.    

He Xun lowered his head, he looked at Pei Jin’s beautiful star-like eyes, and said with a smile, “Pei Pei, I love you.”    

It was already the new year after midnight.    

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