KHSW Ch. 241

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Secretary Yang came in and put the teacups on the table respectfully.

Ling Xi glanced at him indiscriminately, what Auntie said just now was too timely, “Yizhi, Auntie said she wanted to see where Jingyu works, so we came together, can Secretary Yang take us for a visit?”

Ling Xi’s purpose was to get rid of the trouble before Yizhi knew about it. After all…Yang Wei’s ability was good, but he just trusted the wrong person. If Yizhi got to know that he had done something like steal business secrets, according to his personality, it was very likely that he would choose the most heartless way.

What she has to do now was to solve the problem in the simplest way.

The thoughtfulness and depth that flashed in Xu Yizhi’s eyes was fleeting, “Yes.”

“This is the meeting room where we hold regular meetings, and the one inside is the emergency meeting room.” Yang Wei opened the curtains, and the meeting room was finally brightened.

Seeing the high-end conference tables and chairs and the simple and generous decorations inside, Yang Huilin sighed inwardly. It was just a conference room, but it was simple yet luxurious.


Just when Yang Wei was about to say something, Ling Xi interrupted: “Okay, let’s have a small meeting too!”

After finishing speaking, seeing that Chi Jingyu had already pulled out the chair, “Mom, you sit first.”

Then he opened another one, “Sister-in-law, please sit down.”

Ling Xi saw that Yang Wei was still standing aside, “Secretary Yang, there are only four of us here, you don’t have to be so restrained, sit down.”


“By the way, Auntie, I haven’t introduced Secretary Yang to you yet. Look at my memory.” After teasing herself, Ling Xi continued, “This is Yizhi’s secretary, named ‘Yang Wei’.”

When Yang Wei heard the president’s wife introducing him to others, he immediately lowered his head, “Hello.”

Yang Huilin suddenly opened her eyes wide, and asked in shock: “You know Yang Jianxiong?”

Hearing her mention “Yang Jianxiong”, Yang Wei also had a hint of disbelief in his eyes, “It’s my father.”

When he entered the president’s office just now, he heard the vice president’s mother say that her name was “Yang Huilin”, but… his aunt was no longer alive, so he didn’t connect them together.

But now…he began to doubt.

Chi Jingyu looked bewildered. Hearing his mother’s tone, they seemed to know each other?

Tears welled up in Yang Huilin’s eyes, suppressing her excitement, “Weiwei, I didn’t expect you to grow so big!”

“You… are my… aunt?”

Aunt? Chi Jingyu was even more confused, why did they become relatives in the blink of an eye?

When he looked at Ling Xi, he saw her sitting beside him calmly, with no trace of surprise on her face. Did she even expect this? Sure enough, she was an expert.

Yang Huilin seemed to be immersed in her own memories, “I remember when you were young, your parents were busy with work, so they threw you to me, and after they brought you to the United States, there was no news, to think we met again today.”

“Auntie, didn’t they say that you are… gone?”

Yang Huilin was sobbing.

Chi Jingyu hadn’t calmed down yet. He thought his sister-in-law was going to threaten Yang Wei with those evidences, but he didn’t expect it to be a show of recognizing relatives.

Ling Xi said calmly: “Those are just lies they told you. If it is true what ‘they’ said in your mouth, who is this person in front of you?”

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