TBVSR Ch. 42: Green Tea Skills!!!

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Jiang Yu went to the logistics department to change her dormitory, and settled half a month’s accommodation fee at one time.

Three thousand dollars for half a month was more expensive than living in a high-end hotel. It was no wonder that the Esmera Art Center could build such a large park in the Science City.

Fortunately, she and Lin Miao shared the same dormitory, which was convenient for her to complete the task of [Saving Cinderella].

Lin Miao was very happy when she saw Jiang Yu dragging her luggage in, and eagerly helped her in spreading the sheets and quilts and tidying up the desk.

After the luggage was unpacked, the several girls in the dormitory got together to discuss the topic of beauty and hairstyle. Lin Miao also took out two wigs she treasured and tried them on in front of the mirror.

After Lin Miao wore a wavy wig, her temperament changed greatly. Moreover, she was slim and tall, so as soon as she wore the wig, her goddess temperament came out. She didn’t look like the “tomboy” they saw every day.

Jiang Yu couldn’t help but sigh, she really had the potential to be “Cinderella”!

Another short, well-behaved girl with bangs and a princess cut, Mu Zixian asked curiously, “You look so good with long hair! Why did you cut your hair as short as boys? It’s rare that girls cut their hair so short nowadays.”

Jiang Yu actually wanted to ask this question at first, but when she saw Lin Xuan’er, she didn’t need to ask, she had already guessed it.

Sure enough, she heard Lin Miao explain: “It’s my sister Lin Xuan’er, she doesn’t allow me to have long hair, not even a normal bob, it must be cut very short, as short as a boy’s.”

Mu Zixian exclaimed: “My mother! What kind of weirdness in the world is this, this is too much! Your sister…is it your own sister! How can this be!”

Lin Miao said helplessly: “She is the child brought by my stepmother, the daughter of my stepmother and her ex-husband, and has nothing to do with my father.”

“Then you are really…” Mu Zixian and Jiang Yu looked at each other, and three words popped into their minds at the same time: “A Cinderella.”

Wasn’t that right, Cinderella just let her stepmother and step sister occupy the magpie’s nest, obviously having the right of the Lord but becoming the servant and maid of the family.

Wasn’t Lin Miao now the maid serving Lin Xuan’er?

“You have to resist!” Mu Zixian said excitedly: “The more you tolerate her and let her go, the more she will just take a mile after you give an inch, you have to learn to resist.”

Lin Miao sighed: “Her mother says nothing at home, if I resist, maybe my living expenses will be deducted, I won’t be able to eat let alone learning ballet.”

“What about your father?” Jiang Yu asked curiously: “Does he care about your stepmother? How can he allow people to bully you like this.”

“My father loves my stepmother very much. My stepmother is a full-time wife and is in charge of all the finances. Lin Xuan’er is very good at acting like a spoiled child. I quarrelled with my dad once, and as a result our relationship… has become very bad, I haven’t talked to my dad for a long time.”

Hearing Lin Miao’s statement, Jiang Yu held her forehead, deeply feeling… Lin Miao was putting herself in a poor state.

Originally, the stepmother did not work full-time, which meant that the father had the financial decision-making power, and Lin Xuan’er was just a stepdaughter without any blood relation, while Lin Miao was the only daughter in the family.

Instead, she let this pair of foreign mother and daughter dove occupy the magpie’s nest.

It was a typical modern version of Cinderella, but without the prince.

Jiang Yu made up her mind that she, the “fairy godmother”, must help Lin Miao change the status quo.

She held Lin Miao’s shoulder and asked her earnestly, “Do you want to change and stop being bullied by Lin Xuan’er?”


Lin Miao looked embarrassed and hesitated: “What can be done? The way, Dad listens to that pair of mother and daughter, I can’t do anything.”

“If you want to change, I can help you. But if you are satisfied with your current life, outsiders can’t interfere.”

Lin Miao frowned and fell into a deep tangle.

At this moment, outside the dormitory, Lin Xuan’er’s bluffing voice came, “Where’s Lin Miao! Lin Miao, get out here! Lin Miao!”

As she spoke, she had already rushed into the dormitory: “Lin Miao, did you hide my phone on purpose when you were packing my luggage for me!”

“Ah! I… I don’t have it!”

“I can’t find my phone, it must have been hidden by you, bitch! Get up! You have bad thoughts all day long, and I don’t know how you want to hurt me!”

After speaking, before everyone could react, Lin Xuan’er slapped Lin Miao’s face.

Lin Miao’s head was turned to one side, her cheeks were aching, and she was dumbfounded.

The girls in the surrounding dormitories were also dumbfounded. They didn’t expect Lin Xuan’er to be so powerful that she would directly attack her sister.

It was… terrifying.

The girls gathered around the door and whispered.

Jiang Yu said coldly to Lin Xuan’er, “Are you a pig, aren’t you holding the phone in your hand!”

Lin Xuan’er immediately reacted when she said this.

She was holding the phone in her left hand, but she didn’t even notice it, and was still looking for it.

“It’s… really, it’s alright, it’s alright.” Lin Xuan’er knew that she was wrong, and said with a sarcastic smile, “It’s all done, there’s nothing fun to watch.”

“Lin Xuan’er, you have innocently wronged others, even raised your hands. Don’t you need to apologize?” Jiang Yu pulled her back with all her strength: “Everyone is watching, you slapped her and you won’t even say sorry?”

“How’s this your business?” Lin Xuan’er said angrily.

“She didn’t even ask me to apologize, what qualifications do you have to stand out?”

All eyes fell on Lin Miao. Lin Miao began to sob in a low voice because of her grievance.

Jiang Yu stood beside her, held her wrist gently, and pressed it.

Whether or not to resist, the decision would always rest with her, and others had no right to force her.

Whether Jiang Yu could help her or not depended entirely on her.

Lin Miao felt the warmth and strength in Jiang Yu’s palm, she loosened her lower lip, looked up at Lin Xuan’er, still fearful, and while trembling: “You…you have to apologize to me, it was you who did something wrong.”

Lin Xuan’er sneered: “I will apologize to you, you are dreaming, I will never apologize to you!”

After speaking, she strode out of the bedroom, ignoring Lin Miao behind her.

The girls around had seen enough of the excitement, and they all dispersed.

Lin Miao squatted down holding her knees, sobbing as she said, “It’s been like this since I was a child, it’s always been like this… Why does every time she do something wrong, it’s me… She never apologizes, as if she was born to never apologize.”

Jiang Yu patted her on the back lightly: “It’s good, at least, you asked her to apologize. It’s good to take this step.”

“But she still won’t apologize, even if it’s her who has wronged me.”

“She will apologize, and one day, she will pay the price she deserves for everything she has done.”

Lin Miao raised her head, looked at Jiang Yu with tears in her eyes, and said forcefully, “I…I thought about it! I want to resist, I can’t go on like this, why doesn’t she let me grow my hair long, why does she get into class C and I have to enter class F!”

Jiang Yu’s hand touched her shoulder and she said, “I will definitely help you.”

“I will too!” Mu Zixian also quickly said, “We will all help you!”

“Thank you.”

Lin Miao wiped her tears, and after a rhetoric, she started to panic again: “But what should I do?”

Jiang Yu thought for a while and handed the phone on the table to her: “Call your father first.”

Lin Miao was stunned: “I haven’t called him for a long time. What would I say? It’s embarrassing… Our relationship is very bad.”

“Call him.” Jiang Yu coaxed: “From now on, you have to repair the relationship with your father, because he is the person in this family who can really help you.”

“If it is because of this, will it be too much? Is it utilitarian?” Lin Miao frowned and said, “I don’t want to use him.”

“He is your father, not Lin Xuan’er’s.” Jiang Yu was a little unhappy: “Lin Xuan’er has used him for so many years and squeezed you to the point of looking down at you. Can’t you see that you are living such a life in an invisible corner because of this?”

Lin Miao listened to Jiang Yu’s words, and suddenly she seemed to have become a little sober.

That’s right, it was precisely because he was not Lin Xuan’er’s biological father that Lin Xuan’er was able to act like a spoiled brat to him so unscrupulously, to please him, and to use him to squeeze her right to live.

And she let her do it.

She could only blame herself for being so stupid!

Lin Miao picked up the phone without hesitation, dialled her father’s number, and turned on the speakerphone.

Jiang Yu and Mu Zixian looked at her expectantly.

“Hey, Dad…”

Lin Miao hesitated a little, and silently mouthed to Jiang Yu: “What should I say?”

Jiang Yu also reminded in a low voice, “I care about you.”

Lin Miao’s father seemed to be a little surprised, as he hadn’t expected that the daughter, who had always been estranged with him, would take the initiative to call him, so he asked, “What happened in the art class?”

“No, Dad, I just told you that I already reached here.”

“Oh, okay, study hard.”

“Dad, how are you doing? How are you? I heard that your joints hurt again when you left. Are you feeling better now?”

Lin Miao’s father heard his daughter’s concern, and he was a little overwhelmed.

Since his remarriage, his daughter seemed to be a different person, withdrawn, indifferent, to family affairs, as if she was not his own daughter…

This concern caused Lin Miao’s father to have mixed feelings, suppressing the sadness in his throat, he said: “It’s alright, just a small problem.”

“Have you seen the doctor, what did the doctor say?”

“The doctor gave me medicine and said it was chronic rheumatism, he said to just take good care of it.”

“Then you must pay attention to your body, don’t be too tired.”

“Okay, okay, Dad will pay attention to his body, and you should also do the same. If you need anything in the art class, call Dad as soon as possible, get along well with your sister, and stop bullying her.”

“When did I bully her?”

Seeing that Lin Miao became emotional again, Jiang Yu quickly held her hand and told her not to conflict with her father.

Lin Miao controlled her temper, held back for the time being, and said, “Dad, I know, I won’t have a conflict with her again.”

“Okay, good girl, everything is prosperous with your family and talents, you are father’s daughter, Lin Xuan’er came to our house to stay with us, so please let her go.”

“I see, Dad, I won’t let you down again.”

Lin Miao waited for her father to hang up before she hung up. Not long after, the mobile phone text message reminded her that she received a transfer from her father, and her father transferred 10,000 yuan to her as pocket money.

Lin Miao looked at the mobile phone transfer in surprise, it was a little unbelievable.

It had been a long time since her father had given her pocket money in person. All the money in the family was managed by her stepmother. The pocket money and living expenses her stepmother gave her was limited to her food and clothing. Compared to Lin Xuan’er, it was not even a fraction.

And every time she complained to her father, her stepmother would cry, make trouble saying she would hang herself, saying she was lying and talking nonsense.

Her father looked at Lin Miao’s indifferent expression, and at the stepmother’s “performance” with real feelings. Naturally, he believed in the stepmother.

After going back and forth, Lin Miao became the “problem child” in the family, and she gradually stopped complaining to her father, because she knew it was useless.

This time, her father took the initiative to give her pocket money, which was a very good start.

“How was my performance just now?” Lin Miao quickly asked Jiang Yu.

Jiang Yu thought about it and said, “You barely passed, you just scored 60 points.”

“I just barely passed?” Lin Miao was a little disappointed: “I thought I played very well, my father has given me pocket money for the first time ever.”

“Please don’t be so humble, okay? You are his biological daughter, and Lin Xuan’er is his stepdaughter to put it bluntly. It’s only natural that he treats you well.”

Lin Miao frowned, “Then you say, where did I not perform well?”

Jiang Yu glanced at Mu Zixian who was eager to try, and said, “Student Mu Zixian, come and show her the real green tea art.”

She pulled Jiang Yu’s sleeves, as she cried and said, “Dad, it’s all my fault, I shouldn’t have fought with my sister before. Woo…, she’s not your daughter, she’s an outsider after all. As the owner of the family, I should take more care of her. She has a bad temper, and she always lies and bullies me. I know that as a sister, I should be tolerant, and I should not expose it casually… Dad, I was wrong, you must not blame my sister, instead you should blame me.”

Lin Miao was stunned.

Also… could she still do this!

Jiang Yu smiled and patted Lin Miao’s forehead: “Have you learned it?”

“This…this is too…that!”

“For a straight man like your father, this trick has been tried and tested. If you don’t believe it, you can try it.”

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