TK Ch. 21: Jiuying

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When the immortals saw what the Jade Emperor said, they didn’t dare to say anything more, and they all said that the elixir was delicious.

After eating the elixir, it was time for the immortals to offer gifts. Starting from the lower immortal ranks, all kinds of treasures, such as the pearls of the four seas and the spiritual grasses of the five continents, were presented to the queen mother one after another.

Bai Ze was still happily watching the excitement, but he slapped his head and suddenly remembered that he had no congratulatory gift for the Queen Mother. These days he had been busy helping the children prepare for the Pantao Festival, and he had completely forgotten what to prepare.

Seeing that Emperor Donghua was about to take the stage, Bai Ze could only grope around in his Qiankun bag to see what was available. The ancient god tree seeds, this one couldn’t be given away, he still expected Cangze Mountain to be planted after the catastrophe was over; the East China Sea spar, this one couldn’t be given away either, it was temporarily stored with him on behalf of the Dragon King of the East China Sea, saying its auspicious energy was used to protect the East China Sea, so he… looked left and right, but couldn’t bear it, Bai Ze was very embarrassed.

Feeling the uneasiness of the furball behind him, Fu Li put down his cup, took out a crystal clear sapphire from his sleeve, and put it in Bai Ze’s palm.

“What is this?” Bai Ze blinked, picked up the stone and looked carefully. This stone was round and smooth, reflecting the light, and you could see the dark lights in the stone, as if the entire star curtain was converged into the gemstone, it was very beautiful.

“Star Curtain Stone.” Fu Li stretched out a finger, tapped on the stone, poured a little bit of immortal power into the fingertips, and immediately there were many stars falling on Fu Li’s clothes, which looked like stars falling from the sky generally. If more mana was infused, it would definitely look like the entire star curtain was falling.

“This is fun.” Bai Ze picked up the stone and looked left and right.

“If there is no congratulatory gift, just present this thing.” Fu Li said lightly. This was just a small gadget, not a high-level magic weapon, but it was the only one in the sky and on the earth, which was quite surprising, and it was reasonable to give it to the Queen Mother. After all, the Queen Mother wouldn’t care about what Bai Ze gave her.

Bai Ze nodded with sparkling eyes, like a little beast who got a new toy, holding the stone and not letting go. Fu Li couldn’t help reaching out and touching Bai Ze’s hair, Bai Ze didn’t notice anything wrong with this action, and rubbed his head against Fu Li’s palm in a beastly way.

Fu Li withdrew his hand as if nothing had happened, hid it in his wide sleeve, and held it slowly.

Over there, Emperor Donghua had already got up and walked to the Queen Mother’s table. The nine-color Yunxia fairy clothes were shining brightly under the sun, making that handsome face like the scorching sun look even more dazzling. In his hand, he was holding a basket woven from Polygonatum odoratum[1], which was full of hibiscus fruits.

Immortals with special products growing on their own land had no worries about giving gifts. Emperor Donghua would give hibiscus fruit every time the Pantao Festival was held. Originally, there were many things that could be bought on the mountain of Bai Ze, such as the xunmu flowers that bloomed once in a hundred years, and the danmu seeds that sprouted once in a thousand years… Unfortunately, Cangze Mountain was now flooded, and Bai Ze had become a poor and homeless beast.

Emperor Donghua presented the hibiscus fruits to the Queen Mother, and the Queen Mother was very happy to take it: “The Emperor has heart.” After that, she gave Donghua a basket of 9,000-year-old flat peaches in return.

The atmosphere was just right, Bai Ze got up and was about to present his gift, but suddenly the Heavens started churning, the ground was shaking and the mountains were shaking. Bai Ze was unsteady and fell backwards but was caught firmly by Fu Li, who hugged him in his arms.

“Fu Li…” Bai Ze yelled in panic, before he could stand still, there was another violent shock, and the jade pillars behind them both collapsed.

Fu Li hugged Bai Ze tightly and propped up the Liangyi Hunyuan Knot around his body. When the jade pillar came into contact with the transparent barrier, it turned into powder, which did not hurt them at all.

The others were not treated so well. The Queen Mother fell off the seat, and Donghua fell directly down the jade steps. A mouthful of the essence of the sun and the moon dissipated just like that, and the dazzling and handsome Emperor Donghua disappeared, replaced by a little child wearing the nine-color cloud fairy clothes.

The smaller Emperor Donghua got up, jumped up the jade steps, and snatched the basket of hibiscus fruit: “I only have one tree for this fruit, but your garden is full of them, so I won’t exchange it with you.” After finishing speaking, he put the hibiscus fruit back into his Qiankun bag and threw those flat peaches to the Queen Mother.

“Who cares about your broken fruit? My husband is the Jade Emperor. I will ask him to order to take away all your hibiscus fruits.” The queen mother pursed her mouth and said angrily.

“Brothers are like siblings, women are like clothes, you can ask the Jade Emperor, will he harm me for you clothes?” Donghua stroked the silk belt around his waist, proudly raising his small chin.

When the Queen Mother heard that she was just clothes, she burst into tears: “Woo…”

At the same time, the immortals who got up found that not only the Queen Mother and the Emperor, but Laojun and Li Jing had also become children. They all exclaimed. The Jade Emperor ran over anxiously, hugged his wife and coaxed her.

“Yeah—” There was a sharp roar, and with another shock, countless blue and white flames struck the sky and covered the sky.

“Barrier!” Nezha jumped into the air and shouted.

The heavenly soldiers guarding the heavens quickly set up a barrier with their hands, forming a dense dome to block the terrifying flames. However, after only blocking it for a moment, the barrier was burned by the flames.

A gigantic beast with a height of one hundred feet appeared in front of everyone. The giant beast has nine heads, each of which was extremely ferocious, showing long red fangs, howling at the immortals.

“Jiuying[2]! It’s Jiuying!” A fairy exclaimed.

Jiuying was an ancient fierce beast, very powerful, who fed on immortals and demons. It had devoured countless gods before, and Bai Ze was almost eaten by it back then.

This beast could not be killed, it could be revived like a phoenix, so it could only be locked in the cold water pool of the Nine Heavens, and sealed with the power of the primordial spirits of several great gods. Now, the mana of the several immortals weakened, and the seal on the water pool was cracked. The ancient beast escaped by itself and ran to the Heavens looking for the immortal energy.

The new immortals had never seen such a fierce beast, and they sacrificed their immortal weapons one after another. “Evil animal, how can you be wild in this place!” A new immortal who had just entered the immortal class sacrificed three immortal swords, rose into the sky, and faced Jiuying.

The older immortals took a few steps back without any trace.

“Jiu…Jiuying…” Fairy Baihua turned pale with fright, lifted her skirt and hid behind the Jade Emperor, and Lord Yuheng Xing also ran over and hid beside Fairy Baihua.

The Jade Emperor glared at Yuheng Xingjun: “What are you hiding from!”

Before the Jade Emperor could kick Yuheng Xingjun off, Tianshu Xingjun, the head of the Big Dipper, floated over, grabbed Yuheng Xingjun by the collar, dragged him away, and threw him into the Big Dipper formation.

As soon as the new immortal got close to Jiuying, he was burned by a mouthful of blue and white flames, and he froze his body and couldn’t move. One of Jiuying’s heads opened its mouth and pounced, trying to swallow the half-cooked food.

“Enter the formation!” Tianshu Xingjun gave an order, and the Big Dipper launched their strength together, and the azure blue starlight instantly filled the audience, resisting the second wave of flames.

Nezha leaped into the air on the hot wheel, stretched out the Huntian knot, rolled back the seriously injured immortal, threw him to the ground, and threw himself forward, transforming into his three headed six armed form to fight Jiuying.

“Woo…” Seeing the terrifying Jiuying, the Queen Mother was so frightened that she crawled into the arms of the Jade Emperor and wept endlessly.

“Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid.” The Jade Emperor had no choice but to pat her on the back and coax her softly as he winked at Tianzun beside him.

Nezha would definitely not be able to deal with Jiuying alone, and Jiuying was also very dangerous, so he still needed to be shot by a great immortal. Looking around the audience, both Laojun and Donghua had turned into children, that guy Bai Ze didn’t know how to fight, so only Tianzun was reliable.

Fu Li was surrounded with the Liangyi Hunyuan Knot all over his body, his clothes were not messed up, and he was still holding the dazed Bai Ze firmly in his hands. Then he put Bai Ze down and covered him with an enchantment bubble: “Wait for me here.”

Bai Ze frowned and pulled Fu Li’s sleeve: “You don’t want to go.” Even if Fu Li had more sun and moon essence than Donghua, he couldn’t help in the fight with Jiuying. If he became smaller halfway and lost mana, Fu Li would definitely be seriously injured.

“Drink some Tianjun and help me hold on.” Fu Li pinched Bai Ze’s fingertips, turned around and leaped into the air, forming lotus seals with both hands, and a huge Liangyi Hunyuan enchantment was quickly formed, enveloping Jiuying inside. Jiuying was hundreds of feet tall, so the enchantment had a radius of hundreds of feet.

The essence of the sun and the moon was exhausted immediately, Fu Li pursed his lips, and his fingertips trembled.

Bai Ze immediately took out the Tianjun Jade Altar and gulped down a few mouthfuls of wine. The dazzling sun and moon essence was quickly passed on to Fu Li through the marriage thread. The enchantment, which was originally somewhat dim, suddenly became radiant.

The Big Dipper once again played a set of azure blue formations, which merged into the Liangyi Hunyuan Knot, and Nezha, who was not afraid of fire, never came out of the barrier, and raised his flaming spear to chop off one of the beast’s head.

Jiuying roared, and another head grew out of the severed neck, but it was smaller than the others.

“Nezha come out!” Fu Li said, his deep voice resounding like thunder.

Nezha quickly rushed out of the barrier. The reason why the Liangyi Hunyuan Knot was the most powerful barrier in the Nine Heavens and Ten Earths was because, as long as Fu Li had enough immortal power, everything that entered the barrier would be controlled by him. The Big Dipper array hovered in the barrier, gradually expanded, and suddenly attached to Jiuying.

At the same time, the barrier began to freeze from bottom to top, freezing Jiuying in place.

His essence of the sun and the moon was exhausted again, Fu Li gritted his teeth and forced out the reserve stored in his dantian. Bai Ze was already a little drunk, and when he saw blood dripping from the corner of Fu Li’s mouth, he panicked, raised his neck and drank the whole jar of wine. The sun and moon essence poured into Fu Li’s body, only for the others hear a loud bang, the Liangyi Hunyuan Knot quickly closed, crushing the ice crystals, the hundred-foot-tall Jiuying shrank to three feet, roaring in a low voice, he kept hitting the barrier with his head.

The Jade Emperor breathed a sigh of relief, and hurriedly sent someone to clean up the mess, and imprison the quietened Jiuying back into the water pool. The immortals restored the jade pillars, tables and chairs, and Xian’e came out to clean up the fallen fruits and drinks, and the Heavens returned to calmness again. It was just…the fact that the immortals had become smaller could no longer be hidden, and the Jade Emperor covered his face in horror.

“Ah, Marshal, show me your little pagoda!” The giant spirit god picked up the little Li Jing and made a gesture to grab his pagoda.

“Laojun, hahahaha!” The Big Dipper looked around Laojun in amazement.

“Ah, Dijun, give me a hug.” Baihua Fairy squatted in front of Donghua Dijun, stretching out her arms excitedly. Other immortals also gathered around, scrambling to hug the emperor, and some reached out to pinch his face.

Nezha walked over rubbing his sore wrist, watched his father waving his short hand while being held in the hands of the giant spirit god, and didn’t bother to care, he just picked up a flat peach and ate it.

Fu Li walked over slowly, hugged the dizzy Bai Ze into his arms, and touched his hot cheek.

“Hehehe…” Bai Ze drank a whole jug of Tianjun fine wine, he was already so drunk that he couldn’t tell the difference between east, west, north, east, and west, he could only smile smirkingly.

There was a little smile in Fu Li’s eyes, so he hugged Bai Ze, looked at the immortals who were having a great time playing with the immortals, and said coldly: “When they become children, their memories will not disappear. When they recover their mana, they will still remember what you said today.”

After saying that, he hugged Bai Ze and walked back to Yuqing Palace, leaving behind a group of despicable gods, messing around in the wind.

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[1] Polygonatum odoratum, the angular Solomon’s seal or scented Solomon’s seal, is a species of flowering plant in the family Asparagaceae, native to Europe, the Caucasus, Siberia, the Russian Far East, China, Mongolia, Korea, Nepal and Japan.


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