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The moon was high in the sky, and Bai Ze after turning in his beast form, lay on his stomach in the yard, looking up at the bright moon in the sky. Looking at the moon from heaven, it would always be round.

Fu Li folded his arms, while supervising the children’s drinking. Let the children drink a glass of wine prepared with Sun Essence Stone before going to bed every night. It would not delay doing things during the day, and it could also make the noisy little ones fall asleep earlier.

Li Jing had already had a drink during the day and he couldn’t drink anymore, so he took off his little armor, climbed onto Bai Ze’s back, and fell asleep. Laojun gulped and drank his wine, climbed up on Bai Ze, pillowed his head on Li Jing’s belly, and yawned hard.

Donghua held a jade cup and clinked glasses with Yue Lao: “On a bright moon night, it’s wonderful to drink with the old man under the moon.”

Yue Lao blinked: “Do you want to drink a cup of wine?” There were all kinds of drinking in the sky and on earth.

“Huh?” Emperor Donghua was a little dazed, not knowing how they came to the cup of wine, but it was fun to think about it, “How do you drink it?”

Yue Lao had never had a cup of wine with anyone, so he told Donghua with great interest: “There are three ways to drink, drink with cups together, drink with arms crossed, and drink with necks crossed.”

Donghua’s eyes glowed with curiosity, but he pretended to be reserved: “Then let’s try each of them.”

Bai Ze glanced at the two boys who were playing with each other, feeling a little toothache. Was there something wrong with his kindergarten education?    

Fu Li no longer cared about those two idiots, and walked up to Bai Ze with a glass of wine: “Drink?”

It was really embarrassing. It was better to drink less in the future.

Fu Li sat down by Bai Ze’s front paws and took a sip of wine: “Every time there is a Pantao meeting, there will be some accidents. This seat needs a lot of mana, so you’d better save some.”

Bai Ze put his chin on his front paw: “That’s easy, I’ll carry a jar of wine over there, and when your mana is not enough, I’ll drink it hard.”

Hearing these silly words, Fu Li’s thin lips could not help but hook upwards.

Emperor Donghua couldn’t hold a lot of alcohol, and after drinking a glass of wine, he began to stagger. Yue Lao first climbed onto Bai Ze’s back, and then tied Donghua and brought him up with a red thread.

“Mao?” Donghua rubbed his face on the fur, narrowed his eyes comfortably, tore off the nine-color silk sash around his waist, turned it into a nine-color thin quilt, and fell asleep on Bai Ze’s body. Yue Lao also wanted a quilt, so he got next to Donghua, covered himself with the quilt as well, and fell asleep soon.

The courtyard was quiet, as if even the sound of moonlight pouring down could be heard. Fu Li leaned on Bai Ze’s paw to meditate, and the sun and moon essence flowed into his veins continuously through the marriage line. He slowly drank the wine in the cup, then lightly closed his eyes, Fu Li’s small hands gradually elongated, and then his arms and body extended, and after a while, the handsome Lord Tianzun appeared.

Fu Li had a handsome face that harmed others, but also had an aura of self-importance that made people want to look at it but dare not look at it. Fortunately, Bai Ze hugged Xiao Tianzun every day, so he was no longer afraid of him, and dared to stare at him unscrupulously.

Bai Ze watched without blinking, unable to move his eyes away, then he couldn’t help sticking out his tongue and licking his furry mouth.

Fu Li turned his head to look at him expressionlessly: “Everything is complicated, the child’s body can’t explain clearly, let me tell you to listen.” The deep and melodious voice, like the reverberation of an ancient zither, sounded extremely pleasant.

This was the first time, hearing the voice of the young Fu Li, Bai Ze nodded in a daze: “You say.”

Regarding the preparations for the Pantao Festival, Bai Ze had done his best, and if it would have been someone else, it would have been impossible to lead this group of children better than him. However, as an auxiliary divine beast, there were limits to what he could do. Fu Li then told him some things Bai Ze didn’t know, and asked him to pay attention, “At that time, you will sit with me, don’t leave me even for three steps.”

Fu Li said in a deep voice, looking at the Tiangong in the distance with deep eyes, he didn’t know what he was thinking.

Bai Ze nodded obediently, Tianzun must want him close in order to prevent accidents, so that he could provide the essence of the sun and the moon at any time.

Fu Li pursed his thin lips lightly, glanced at the furry Bai Ze, and sighed slowly.

“Are you tired? Come lean on me and sleep for a while.” Bai Ze stretched out his claws very generously and embraced the sitting Tianzun into his arms.

Fu Li was stretched crookedly by him and fell unsteadily on Bai Ze’s furry chest. A certain divine beast, who didn’t know the severity of the earth and the sky, clasped its paws happily, put Fu Li in the middle of its paws, and rubbed his head with its chin: “When your mana recovers in the future, don’t become an old man.”

“Why?” Fu Li let the big fur ball rub against his neck.

“It’s so pretty.” Bai Ze stuck out his tongue and wanted to lick it.

Fu Li turned his head to look at him, just in time to see that big tongue that was stuck out halfway. Bai Ze froze immediately, his tongue sticking out, looking stupid.

“If I don’t become an old man, will you come to listen to my sermon?” Fu Li raised his eyebrows and stretched out his hand to tug at Bai Ze’s big tongue.

“Hmm…yes…” Bai Ze said vaguely, unable to retract his tongue.

Fu Li let go of his hands, and stopped bullying him, relaxed his body and leaned against Bai Ze’s chest, looking at the bright moon in the sky, the fine moonlight fell into his eyes, staining those beautiful eyes with a little smile: “Okay.”

With such stumbling preparations, the day of the Pantao festival came in the blink of an eye.

Nine heavenly gods and Buddhas, scattered immortals from all over the world, all gathered in the Heavens. The peaches were everywhere, the fairy music was sounding, and Chang’e was dancing, this was a scene too beautiful to behold.

The children of Yuqing Kindergarten insisted on drinking Tianjun wine for so long, and finally managed to regain their original appearance.

Emperor Donghua woke up early in the morning and turned into a young and handsome man. He combed his hair for a long time in front of the water mirror. In the past, Emperor Donghua sometimes liked to become an old man. An old man wearing nine-color fairy clothes looked too fancy, and he was often laughed at by Bai Ze. However, when he turned into a young man, the nine-color fairy clothes no longer looked weird on him.

He was originally the Sun God of the Eastern Pole, with a handsome face like the scorching sun, coupled with that arrogant and elegant expression, it really made people unable to take their eyes off him. In this world, there was no one more suitable for the Nine-Colored Immortal Clothes than Emperor Donghua.

Four Seas Immortals must first go to the East China Sea to meet Emperor Donghua, and then follow the Emperor to the heaven.

The Immortal of Nine Heavens could go directly to the Ninth Heaven and visit Tianzun first, so Fu Li had to go early and sit in the Immortal Palace.

Laojun returned to Tushita Palace with a bag of elixir refined recently and asked the fairy boy to put the elixirs on a jade plate and gold plate and present it to the Jade Emperor and Queen Mother.

Taking advantage of his grown size, Yue Lao hurriedly ran back to Moonlight Immortal Palace to connect the red lines and didn’t come back until the banquet had started.

The Queen Mother changed back to her graceful and luxurious appearance, sat beside the Jade Emperor, and greeted everyone with a smile.

Everything seemed to be going well, Bai Ze sat next to Fu Li, gnawing on flat peaches, feeling bored. There were thousands of auspicious auras all over Tianzun’s body, and they merged with the auspicious light around Bai Ze, creating an unexpected harmony. As an auspicious ancient beast, Bai Ze had a high status in the fairy world, and it was understandable for him to sit next to Tianzun. No one would say anything, but some guys who had healed their scars and forgot to hurt still came to find trouble.

“Oh my god, Lord Bai Ze, congratulations.” Qian Liyan came over with a smile to have a drink with Bai Ze.

“Congratulations on what?” Bai Ze asked angrily.

“Congratulations on your wedding with Lord Tianzun.” Qian Liyan leaned into Bai Ze’s ear and whispered.

Although Qian Liyan spoke in a low voice, all those present were high-powered immortals, so they could all hear clearly. The entire palace went silent for a moment, and everyone turned their heads to look over.

It was only then that Bai Ze remembered that there was still a red thread connecting his hands with Fu Li, and now the gods at the Pantao Festival could see it as long as they gathered their power in their eyes. The fair and handsome face quickly turned red, and Bai Ze hid the wrist tied with red thread in his sleeve: “Don’t…don’t talk nonsense…”

“Hey——” the crowd let out low exclamations in unison. It was not because of seeing the red line, but because of the handsome and extraordinary Tianzun beside Bai Ze!

“Master Tianzun actually looks like this?” Several celestial maidens exclaimed.

“Isn’t Tianzun an old man with white beard and hair? Why is he more handsome than Emperor Donghua?”

“Who said that the emperor is more dazzling.”

Fu Li raised his eyes and glanced around the crowd lightly, the excited immortals all lowered their heads, not daring to look any more. It was very rude to look directly at Tianzun.

The excitement in the palace once again resumed, Fu Li glanced at Qian Liyan who was still holding Bai Ze to drink. Qian Liyan felt the back of his head turn chilly, and turned his head to meet Tianzun’s gaze, feeling the weight of the gaze on his back, he laughed dryly and ran away in desperation.

“I’m sitting next to you, and I’m still tied by a rope. No matter how you look at it, I look like a mount.” Bai Ze moved to Fu Li’s side, so as to hide the red line of the two of them behind the table.

Fu Li looked at him, stretched out his hand slowly, held the wrist tied with the red string, and rubbed it lightly with his thumb: “If you become a small beast the size of a palm, you will be more like it.”

Warm fingers sweeping the tender meat between the wrists brought an indescribable numbness, and Bai Ze’s entire beast body froze: “Fu…Fu Li…you…”

Before Bai Ze could recover, the big hand with defined joints moved away. Fu Li picked up the wine glass, poured himself a glass of fine wine, and sipped it slowly. It was as if the superficial intimacy just now had never happened.

Bai Ze shook his head, forced himself to be more sober, and poured a glass of fine wine from the wine glass. At the Pantao meeting, everyone drank jade liquid, and only Tianzun served fine wine.

He pushed and changed the cups, and the banquet was now in full swing.

The fairy boy presented Laojun’s elixir to the Jade Emperor, and the Jade Emperor smiled and let the immortals share the offering. The immortals each got one piece, and a plate will be placed in front of the Jade Emperor.

Only during the grand festival of the Nine Heavens, the immortals could easily eat the elixir made by Laojun. So, everyone cherished it very much, and put it in their mouths as soon as they got it.

“This year’s elixir tastes a bit strange.” Giant Spirit God whispered to Qian Liyan.

Qian Liyan didn’t speak, but stuffed the elixir into his sleeve and didn’t eat it. This was made by Laojun after becoming smaller. Who knows what dangers there will be if he ate it.

The Jade Emperor picked up an elixir and put it in his mouth, the sweet taste spread in his mouth, but the aura was minimal. The corners of his mouth hidden under his beard couldn’t help twitching, he took a deep breath, narrowed his eyes, and twirled his beard lightly: “Laojun’s elixir has improved again, wonderful, wonderful.” He looked like he was enjoying it.

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Goddess C: Husband, I want to give birth to a monkey for you!

Bai Ze: Next up is Tianzun Fuli

Goddess A: What does the old man have… ahhh, so handsome!

Goddess B: This is my husband whom I have admired for 30,000 years, ahhh

Goddess C: Husband, I want to hear you talk about the way of heaven!

Bai Ze: …This seems to be the first time you’ve seen his face, isn’t it?

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