JHTW Ch. 35

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The scorching sun burned the wide playground, there was no shade on the open ground, and it was windless and hot.

Xiao Jing herself didn’t know how many times she had fallen from the high wall. She lacked physical strength, stamina, and explosive power. She was still stupid.

Every obstacle was not worth mentioning in the eyes of other team members, and it could be completed perfectly in one go.

But in her eyes, it was like a steep mountain, and it was difficult to walk even an inch.

These years in the 525 regiment, these high-school students were completely just eating and drinking. Except for the necessary morning class meeting every day, the other training was just to have fun.

Sweat drenched her clothes, Xiao Jing got up from the ground again, panting and looked at the front, under the baking sun, the whole ground was billowing with heat.

“Xiao Jing, come down quickly, if you continue like this, you will suffer from heat stroke.” Lin Qi grabbed his small body that fell down again and wiped his face with a wet towel.

Xiao Jing herself was very white, and under the high temperature, her fair face blushed intermittently. She shook her head, put her hands on her knees, and panted heavily.

Lin Qi opened the bottle and handed it to him, put the towel directly on his head, and asked, “Do you feel better?”

Xiao Jing smiled wryly, “Am I particularly useless?”

Lin Qi slapped his back, smiled and said: “Those who can enter the special forces are never useless people, you should believe in yourself.”

Xiao Jing raised her head and glanced at the sun above the sky that she couldn’t look directly at, and grinned: “I think so too, yes, I was able to enter the Special Forces because of my ability, not my background, although I am weak now, but thirty years in Hedong and thirty years in Hexi[1], ups and downs, I believe in myself.”

Lin Qiqing gently patted him on the shoulder and said solemnly: “Yes, I have never missed anyone. I think in a few years, I will only be far behind you.”

“Lieutenant Colonel Lin is joking.” Xiao Jing stood up again and had just taken two steps when someone grabbed her wrist.

Lin Qi took his hand, frowned and said: “Don’t practice, now is the time when the sun is the strongest at noon, practice later.”

“I once told the captain that hard work can make up for one’s weakness. If you can’t do it once, I will do it ten times. Ten times won’t work, I will do it a hundred times, but he told me to go back after a hundred times, I think he was wrong, I failed a hundred times, I can continue to work hard one hundred and one times, until I have a clear conscience, I won’t stop!”

Xiao Jing walked back to the playground without looking back, her petite body looked even thinner and smaller under the sunlight, so that people mistakenly thought that when the wind came, he would disperse, fly, and disappear…

As the night fell, a cool night breeze blew past the playground that had faded from the heat.

An off-road vehicle galloped into the camp area, and the sergeant ran over in a hurry, opened the door, held his head high, and said in a grand voice, “Sir.”

Shen Chengfeng was as meticulously wrapped as before, no matter whether it was cold winter or summer, almost no one had seen him shirtless before.

Seeing the figure of his captain, Mu Xichi ran over in a hurry, panting and said anxiously, “Captain, you are back.”

Shen Chengfeng walked up the steps, and threw the folder in his hand directly on Mu Xichi’s body, and asked: “What are you running here in such a hurry? Have Jiang Xin and the others come back?”

“It’s not their business, it’s Xiao Jing’s accident.”

Shen Chengfeng stopped his feet suddenly, turned his head, his eyes were blurred, staring at the follow-up figure behind him, he said: “He was fine when I left, what happened to him in the blink of an eye?”

“He suffered from heat stroke, it was Lin Qi who carried him back from the playground, but when the medical staff wanted to give him first aid, he was just about to take off his clothes when Xiao Jing choked his throat, and now the medical staff are resuscitating him.”


Shen Chengfeng strode towards the infirmary without asking any more questions.

In the infirmary, Xiao Jing was lying on her side on the bed, her two big eyes were staring blankly at the fluctuating leaves outside the window, and her cheeks were flushed, which was typical of sunburn.

Lin Qi handed him a bottle of ice water, and whispered, “Drink some water to replenish water.”

Xiao Jing raised her eyes upon hearing the sound, but she didn’t move.

Lin Qi coughed lightly and continued: “The medical soldier has been rescued, you don’t have to blame yourself.”

“Boom.” The closed door was pushed open from the outside.

When Xiao Jing saw the person standing outside the door, her heart skipped a beat. Did her behavior today constitute a violation of military regulations? According to discipline, she should be locked up.

“You all go out.” Shen Chengfeng closed the door of the ward with his backhand expressionless.

In the entire space, the remaining two looked at each other silently.

Xiao Jing sat up in embarrassment, and organized her words, trying to defend herself one or two times.

Shen Chengfeng took off his coat, put it flat on the drying rack, walked around the hospital bed, and finally stopped in front of Xiao Jing, looking at his red and hot face with burning eyes.

Xiao Jing swallowed her saliva, her voice was hoarse, and she said, “I thought someone was attacking me.”

“The medical soldiers of the Special Forces are all well-trained. They all belong to the elite forces, and it is almost glorious for such an elite to be locked up by you, it can be seen that a person will definitely do his best in the face of life and death, and even break through himself.”

Xiao Jing’s body couldn’t bear it. She couldn’t help but retreat, because Shen Chengfeng approached her purposefully while talking.

Shen Chengfeng leaned down, keeping a distance of only ten centimeters from him, and he said again: “You seem to be very afraid that others will take off your clothes.”

“Captain, everyone has their own weaknesses. I worry about people seeing my scars.”

“Really?” Shen Chengfeng raised his hand, and gently lifted his chin, his eyes fell on Xiao Jing’s thin body without hesitation.

Xiao Jing sensed the obvious intention in his eyes, and subconsciously made defensive movements.

“Take it off!” Undoubtedly, the powerful voice echoed in the infirmary.


“Hiss…” Shen Chengfeng grabbed a corner of the clothes, pulled hard, and the clothes began to tear from the corners.

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[1] Idiom meaning times always change.

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