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When he arrived in city F, Yan Qingchi was determined not to walk out with Wei Lan again. He hadn’t forgotten the grand scene of sending off the plane just now, and he didn’t want to experience such a pick-up scene again. But just as he said this, before Wei Lan could speak, Guan Mei expressed her opinion first, “No.”

“Why?” Yan Qingchi was puzzled.

“Why?” Guan Mei looked at him, “Won’t you rub off on the ready-made hot spot next to you? Do you think you’re too popular?”

Yan Qingchi: “…”

“I and Zhang Zhang[1]‘s hot searches are all arranged here already, you are going to separate from him now, Yan Qingchi, will you pay for the hot search money?”

Wei Lan suppressed a smile.

Yan Qingchi had no choice but to say, “Okay then.”

“That’s right, I don’t care about how many people want to cheat on me, but I’m willing to fly you for free,” Wei Lan squinted at him, “You really don’t have any worries.”

Zhang Zhang looked at his young master who said “don’t have any worries ” speechlessly: didn’t you look in the mirror before saying this? What qualifications do you think you have to say this? Who else in this world is more worry-free than you!    

So, under the supervision of Guan Mei, Yan Qingchi walked out of the airport with Wei Lan again, still full of people, the sound of shutters and the voices of the fans who kept order reminding, “Don’t squeeze, don’t squeeze”.    

After getting out of the airport and getting into the nanny car, Yan Qingchi turned on his phone and found that [Wei Lan, Come fight! Friends!] suddenly appeared at the top of the hot search. He switched to his trumpet[2], clicked in and saw that the program crew of “Come Fight! Friend!” officially announced the guest list before they got on the plane. “The 9th issue invited guests are Wei Lan, Yuan Mingxu, Zhou Tong and Lin Zhi.” The sisters of the Guardians of the Galaxy team[3] who had commented under the official announcement on Weibo were all looking forward to it! Yan Qingchi searched for a long time before finding Yuan Mingxu’s fans and the other two guests’ fans’ comments.

Because of Wei Lan’s own fearlessness and strong background behind him, even though he had been voted first in the “Who do you most want to be on a reality show” in various forums all year round, there were still very few reality show variety shows who dared to invite him, they were afraid that if he got upset, the inside story would be exposed. This time Wei Lan came to record “Come Fight! Friend!”, although not as a resident guest, but just a promotional guest, it still attracted the attention of many people. Many marketing accounts posted on Weibo expressing their great anticipation for Wei Lan’s recording of this issue.

And in the attached picture of the marketing account, there was a photo of Wei Lan and Yan Qingchi appearing together at the airport. Soon someone noticed this photo and asked, “Who is this little brother?”    

Wei Lan’s fans helped to answer, “It’s Yan Qingchi, the resident guest of “Come Fight! Friends!”, and younger brother Wei Lan and him are filming “Mian Mian Cotton Candy” together, and this recording is also to promote this TV series~”    

Wei Lan’s fans were evergreen trees in the fan circle, so how could they not understand the marketing methods on Weibo very well, and the marketing accounts were unified in posting on Weibo, with almost the same text and the same picture, each account having a photo with Yan Qingchi, they didn’t believe that it could be done without the permission of the brokerage company. And without Wei Lan’s consent, the brokerage company wouldn’t dare to do this, so it could only be Wei Lan who wanted to take Yan Qingchi to fly. The elder sisters of the Galaxy team had always been infinitely doting towards their younger brother. Since the younger brother was willing to take someone to fly, they were also willing to help, as long as Yan Qingchi who was made popular like this was not ungrateful.    

So the elder sisters of the Galaxy team took advantage of the opportunity to recommend Yan Qingchi to others after forwarding it, and then found out that their younger brother had posted on Weibo.    

Wei Lan V: I haven’t recorded a variety show for a long time, @Yan Qingchi remember to take care of me.    

Below was a photo of the two of them in the crew and a selfie.    

“What are you doing in a daze?” Guan Mei looked at him, “Forward the post.”    

Yan Qingchi looked at the sentence “Remember to take care of me”, then feeling powerless, he switched to his main account of Weibo and forwarded it with the comment: Don’t worry, leave it to me!    

Then, the two of them went on the hot search together.

Guan Mei had always disliked going directly to the top ten. She preferred to buy a rank of more than 40 and go up all the way, creating an illusion that this hot search was really searched by others, thereby reducing passers-by’s dislike of hype marketing.

Because Wei Lan’s name was included in the hot search, Wei Lan’s fans kept posting the Weibo, reposting, and commenting to make data. With the help of their zeal, the hot search [Wei Lan Yan Qingchi] quickly rose to the No. 1 spot.

Many passers-by expressed surprise, “Who is this Yan Qingchi? He actually caught Wei Lan’s eyes? Isn’t Wei Lan’s nostrils turned upside down, so no one could enter his eyes?”

Some people said, “This name is a bit familiar. He also looks a bit familiar, why can’t I remember, what works are there?”

Yan Qingchi’s fans immediately reassured: “Lost” filmed with Film Emperor Jiang, “Mian Mian Cotton Candy” filmed with Wei Lan, and “Come fight! Friends!” is still being recorded, you can pay attention to it~”

Yan Qingchi saw that his popularity on Weibo was obviously getting higher and higher, and clicked on the forum, wanting to see the reaction of the forum, he had just entered, when he found that the homepage was full of him and Wei Lan.

Wei Lan is going to record a reality show! The program team is brave enough!

Fuck! See you soon! Someone else’s name appeared on Wei Lan’s Weibo!

Li Tao, what magic power does Yan Qingchi have? From Jiang Mochen to Wei Lan, who is next?

Yan Qingchi looked at it, chose a relatively peaceful title and clicked in: Wei Lan @Yan Qingchi, they have such a good relationship?

The comments in it were full of tongues, “It’s not just @ah, there are also selfies.”

“Not only selfies, but also single-person pictures.”

“The search has been hanging up for so long.”

“It’s not only allowing the trending search to hang up for so long, but also his name is at the front, the fan circle believes by default that whoever bought the hot search, his name must appear first, and if I say that Wei Lan bought this trending search, do you believe it?”

“Upstairs you broke the format!”

“When I came to the main building, not only is his name on the front, but he also walked to the airport with Yan Qingchi.”

“Not only did he walk to the airport together, but he still walked twice!”

“…upstairs, please stop talking, and give me time to think about it.”

“Boom, baby, you’re only 22 years old, and your mother doesn’t allow you to fall in love!”

Yan Qingchi couldn’t help but burst out laughing, unexpectedly someone would actually say that.

“Sister Galaxy upstairs?”

“Sister Galaxy, please tell me, what is us sister’s attitude now?”

“No attitude, our brother’s attitude is our attitude.”

“But our brother’s attitude… …”

“… a little subtle.”

“What’s subtle and not subtle, cp fans just know how to make things up, friends, my brother can’t make friends anymore?”

“Speaking of which, Wei Lan seems to have always been nice to newcomers. Didn’t he speak for a rookie last time?”

“Yes, I remember, when that rookie was hacked and ridiculed by the whole network, Wei Lan went off the court immediately and threw the hammer on the spot. The opponent had nothing to say.”

“Oh, today I also envy Wei Lan by real name.”

“Compared to Wei Lan, I envy Yan Qingchi even more. From Jiang Mochen to Wei Lan, how did he do it? Did he get a Gu?”

“The new generation of Gu King Yan Qingchi.”

“Maybe it’s really about personality, okay? Jiang Mochen met him in the crew of “Lost” and they are from the same company. Wei Lan met him in the crew of “Mian Mian Cotton Candy”. He has worked on two dramas and has a good relationship with the male leads of both dramas. Probably he really has a good personality.”

“Reuters who watched “Come Fight! Friends!”, he seems to have a good relationship with Sun Xun and Chen Xuanlang as well.”

“So whoever is popular, he is good with whom?”

“Can you even see the ones who are not popular? Let me tell you a name, Su Nuan, don’t they know each other? Have you noticed them holding hands in the Nine Palaces grid after Yan Qingchi’s “Lost” was finished? But Su Nuan is not popular, so you all turn a blind eye to her.”

“Sister Oatmeal[4] upstairs? Excuse me, why do you speak for Yan Qingchi? Look at their face? Or do you think it is a potential stock?”

“I’m not Oatmeal, But I really think that Yan Qingchi’s future development should be good, but I’m not a fan of male stars, so I won’t turn into his fan.”

“Click to open the comment record and read it, it turned out to be a fan of Zhao Qiang, no wonder you followed the crew of “Lost”. Is “Lost” finished yet?”

“No, it will be finished in November, next summer, everyone is welcome to go to the cinema~”

“Let me do a rough calculation for everyone, “Come Fight! Friends!” would broadcast by the beginning of December, “Mian Mian Cotton Candy” should also be a summer release, and then “Lost” is also a summer release, I think Yan Qingchi is expected to explode next year.”

“If he performs well in “Come Fight! Friends!” It won’t be until next year, but this year itself he will blow up. If the performance is not good, we can save it till next year.”

“The current inventory looks reliable. The director, screenwriter and starring roles of “Lost” have won awards, and the posters are also very textured. “Mian Mian Cotton Candy” has an IP foundation, and book fans recognize it. Wei Lan’s previous TV dramas also received good ratings. He didn’t take the lead in these two. If it explodes, he can follow the soup, and it doesn’t matter if he rushes. Just watch “Come Fight! Friends!”

“How is it?”

“Speaking of which, is the first episode of “Come Fight! Friends!” recorded by Yan Qingchi being broadcast soon?”

“Yes, it’s this Saturday, whether it’s a mule or a horse, this week we’ll see the result at six.”

Yan Qingchi looked at the speeches in the post and realized that his variety show was about to be broadcast. He felt that it hadn’t been long since the end of the last recording, and he didn’t expect it to be broadcast so soon. Thinking of this, Yan Qingchi was inexplicably nervous, but he quickly comforted himself: “It’s all recorded anyway, so it’s okay to be nervous.” He should just do his best to obey destiny.

He and Wei Lan arrived at the hotel arranged by the program group before 7 o’clock. At this point, three or five people had already arrived one after another. Everyone greeted each other politely, and then went back to their own business.    

Wei Lan was a character who couldn’t sit still. After putting his things in his room, he ran to Yan Qingchi’s room again, sat on a chair and asked him, “You’re about to see Yuan Mingxu, are you nervous?    

“There is no fluctuation in my heart.”    


Yan Qingchi looked at him, “I think you are more excited.”    

Wei Lan said honestly: “I do have a little bit of excitement.”    

Yan Qingchi was speechless.    

Wei Lan called him, “Don’t worry, I’m on your side, Jiayou.”

“Thank you so much.”    

“You’re welcome.”     

Yan Qingchi was packing when he heard the WeChat notification sound, as soon as he opened it, he saw that Jiang Mochen had sent him a photo. In the photo, he and Wei Lan were walking out from the crowd, and Wei Lan had put his arms around his shoulder.    

Jiang Mochen: Pay attention to the distance between you.    

Yan Qingchi looked up at the sky, and handed the phone to Wei Lan, “Come on, I’ll give you a chance to tell Jiang Mochen that you don’t want to be a mistress.”    

Wei Lan took the phone and looked at it, “He’s still going to be jealous! Why is he so small-minded!”    

“All men in love are like this.”    

Wei Lan said “Oh” and elongated his tone, “So you two have passed the stage of marriage first, and love after entering?”


“Has Jiang Mochen confessed to you?”    


“Then you’re thinking too much, right?”    

Yan Qingchi sat down on the chair, pointed to his eyes and asked him, “What are these?”


“So I can see it.”

“Aren’t you afraid that you are being self-indulgent?”

“Look at the phone in your hand and say it again.”

Wei Lan looked down at the phone, and saw the WeChat interface, Jiang Mochen had already started to ask, “Why don’t you talk? What’s your attitude?”

Wei Lan: “…”

“I’m just pretending to be passionate. Is it?” Yan Qingchi laughed.

Wei Lan: …It’s really uncomfortable to feel like you can’t take a step back.

“Hmph,” Wei Lan looked at him, “You’re so confident, I want to see when Jiang Mochen will confess his love to you.”

Yan Qingchi thought for a while, “To be honest, I’m curious too.”

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[1] WL’s manager.

[2] ALT account.

[3] Name of Wei Lan’s fan group.

[4] YQ’s fan group name.

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