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Wei Lan didn’t speak anymore and typed quickly with his head down: This distance is pretty good, what’s the problem, I think Wei Lan is handsome and…

His text was not edited, because Yan Qingchi reached out and snatched his mobile phone, then Yan Qingchi glanced at the text he had edited, “You do not feel guilty while saying that.”

He deleted the text, and replied to Jiang Mochen: Are you eating dumplings again?

Jiang Mochen: Answer my question directly.

Wei Lan leaned over, Yan Qingchi took the phone aside, and pressed the voice note button calmly, “You have one more chance to tell Brother Jiang that you don’t want to be a mistress.”

Wei Lan snorted coldly, “Just hit him, he called my brother to ask me not to appear in this variety show, but I didn’t say anything.”

“Didn’t your brother let you come?”

“Nonsense, that’s my brother, not his brother, of course he followed my wishes.”

“So do you have any thoughts about me?”

Wei Lan looked disgusted, “Are you crazy? You think you are Jack Su[1], everyone in the world likes you, I also have morals and aesthetics, let’s not talk about whether I like you, if I become a mistress, my brother will beat me to death.”

Yan Qingchi released the voice button, and the voice was automatically sent out, then he lowered his head and typed: Okay, now you heard it.

Wei Lan was shocked, “What did you send him?”

He quickly reacted, “You just pressed your voice note button, Yan Qingchi, you are too treacherous!”

Yan Qingchi smiled slightly, “This incident teaches you to be more cautious in what you say and do in the future.”

Wei Lan was so angry that he pointed his finger at him, “You, you, you…” He didn’t say the rest for a long time.

Yan Qingchi ignored him, looked down at the phone, and saw Jiang Mochen replying, “I heard, tell him to be more obedient, and don’t cause trouble for you.”

Yan Qingchi smiled, Wei Lan looked down, and angrily “hummed” on the spot, “Tell him, he should be more peaceful, and don’t provoke any more rotten peach blossoms.”

The three chatted back and forth like this. After a while, they saw that the time was almost up, and went to the conference room notified by the program group. The two sat together for more than ten minutes, and the talents arrived one after another. Chen Xuanlang was still the last to come. He seemed a little tired, but he still listened carefully to the director’s talk about the key points of this recording.

The recording this time was not the same as the previous two recordings. Yan Qingchi participated in two recordings in the past, and one day counted as one session, but this time, two days counted as one session. Yan Qingchi didn’t understand why at first, and he would only find out after watching the process later, this time, some content was also added. In addition to grabbing wooden cards, there were some additional competitions, which led to the extension of time.

The director briefly explained to everyone the fixed tasks and the jokes that must appear in this recording, and then said to Yan Qingchi, “Just record as before, don’t change.”

Yan Qingchi nodded, “Okay.”

The director explained a few more words, then the meeting ended, and everyone went to their rooms one after another. Yan Qingchi and Wei Lan were walking together. He had just gone a few steps when he heard Yuan Mingxu, who was walking in front, ask Sun Xun, “Would you like to have some supper together?”

Yuan Mingxu, who had a gentle and harmless look in front of him, made him feel a little embarrassed now. When he got to know that Yuan Mingxu was coming to record, he felt a “thump” in his heart. He secretly thought something was wrong. He thought Yan Qingchi would disagree, or maybe Jiang Mochen would stop Yuan Mingxu, and he even thought that maybe Jiang Mochen would come together with Yan Qingchi, after all, Jiang Mochen had two appointments with the program team. He thought of everything, but he didn’t expect that Yuan Mingxu came, Yan Qingchi also came, but Jiang Mochen didn’t come.

Well now, as the only person who knew Yuan Mingxu and Yan Qingchi at the same time, Sun Xun felt a little stressed.

“Let’s go,” Yuan Mingxu said with a smile, “We haven’t seen each other for a long time.”

Sun Xun had always had a good temper, not to mention that Yuan Mingxu had a good relationship with him because of Jiang Mochen, so Sun Xun nodded, “Okay.”

Seeing that Sun Xun agreed, Yuan Mingxu smiled softly, and walked to the restaurant with him.

Wei Lan watched them leave together, and put his hands on Yan Qingchi’s shoulders, “I thought he would call you out, but he didn’t. Didn’t he come for you?”

Yan Qingchi shrugged, “Who knows.”

“Tsk, trouble.” Wei Lan said with emotion.

Yuan Mingxu sat opposite Sun Xun, the two of them ordered some food and two bottles of wine and ate quietly.

“I thought it would take a while for you to come back.” Sun Xun said.

Yuan Mingxu smiled, “That’s what I planned to do. Later, I felt that there was no need, so I came back early.”

“Does Zhou Yixing know that you have come back?”

He did send a message to him to ask why he left? And why didn’t he tell him himself?

Yuan Mingxu found it ridiculous that he had been gone for so many days, and Zhou Yixing only found out now and asked him why. But he felt sad again, he left Zhou Yixing because of Jiang Mochen, but now, Jiang Mochen was completely avoiding him, so what was the point of him coming back?

“He texted me, asked me how I left, and I said I had something to do, so I came back first, and he didn’t say anything.” Yuan Mingxu said calmly.

Sun Xun said “Oh” but did not answer.

If Yan Qingchi was here now, he would have guessed that according to the original book, Yuan Mingxu had come to the point where Yuan Mingxu finally left, and Zhou Yixing felt lost. As long as Yuan Mingxu waited, the next step would be for Zhou Yixing to repent and return home chasing after him. It was a pity that Yan Qingchi was not here, so both Yuan Mingxu and Sun Xun could only remain silent, not knowing what to say for a while.

“I came back this time, only to realize that the changes are quite big.” Yuan Mingxu said in a low voice, “I thought that even if Mochen got married, he would continue to be friends with us, but it seems,” Yuan Mingxu smiled, but there was some bitterness and helplessness in the smile, “I was thinking too much.”

Sun Xun’s heart skipped a beat, and he could only maintain a smile, saying, “It’s okay, I don’t think Mochen has changed much since he got married.”

“Really? That might be aimed at me alone.”

Sun Xun: …what the hell should I say now?

Seeing that he didn’t speak, Yuan Mingxu had to smile again, “I’m sorry, I’m in a bad mood recently, so I can’t help but think wildly. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself.”

Yuan Mingxu nodded.

Sun Xun looked at him, not knowing what to say, so he lowered his head and continued to eat the food.

“By the way,” Yuan Mingxu looked at him, “I have a question I want to ask you.”


“You and Yan Qingchi have been in contact many times now, can you tell me what kind of person he is?”

Sun Xun felt that he had a headache, he had never thought that any meal could be so difficult to eat.

“Qingchi is quite nice.” He put down his chopsticks, took a sip of his wine and said, “good tempered, smart, and doesn’t like to trouble others.”

He thought for a while, and added, “It’s a good match for Mochen.”

“Really?” Yuan Mingxu said softly, “That’s pretty good.”

“Yeah.” Sun Xun nodded, “So they get along pretty well now. Qingchi came to this show, and Jiang Mochen was afraid that he would get hurt. He was also afraid that he would be bullied by others due to his lack of fame, so he kept telling me to take good care of him, until even my ears could hear calluses.”

Yuan Mingxu heard the words and thought that he was also participating in this recording, but Jiang Mochen didn’t say anything. He was sure that Jiang Mochen would know about his participation. After all, the program team would inform the resident guests of the promotional guest candidates in advance. Even if Yan Qingchi didn’t tell Jiang Mochen, Sun Xun knew he was coming, and he would definitely tell him. But Jiang Mochen didn’t say anything or do anything. Thinking of this, Yuan Mingxu couldn’t help feeling a little sad in his heart. In the past, Jiang Mochen would be afraid of him being hurt, afraid of him being bullied, and would let his friends take care of him, but now, all of these had been given to someone else.

Yuan Mingxu felt a little uncomfortable and felt a little wronged. Why, he thought, why did he just leave the country and everything changed when he came back? If he hadn’t left at that time, and he hadn’t chased after Zhou Yixing, then would his care and concern still belong to him, or would there be no such thing as Yan Qingchi now? Yuan Mingxu felt even more sad when he thought of this.

Seeing him, Sun Xun suddenly became depressed, looking like he was about to cry, and was a little frightened, “What’s wrong with you?”

“It’s okay,” Yuan Mingxu smiled dryly, “Even thinking about the past, Mochen also took care of me like this. I just feel a little sad for him doing this to me.”

Sun Xun was a little helpless, “What’s the point of you saying this now, he’s already married.”

“I know,” Yuan Mingxu whispered, “But, I I think we are still friends, it’s not like we can’t be friends if we are married.”

Sun Xun didn’t speak.

Yuan Mingxu looked up at him, his eyes a little wet, “Sun Xun, you know? I tried to contact him many times, calling, texting, and even calling his agent, I even went to the production team to look for him, but it was useless. He refused to answer my calls and deleted me on WeChat. His agent said that we are not from the same company, so we should not contact each other in the future. I went to the production team to find him, but he didn’t see me either, just let the assistant come and tell me to let me leave, and not to affect the shooting. I don’t understand, we have been friends for so long, even if we are not lovers, we can continue to be friends, right? How can he be so cruel? I have only a few of you friends in the circle.”

Sun Xun sighed, “It’s useless for you to tell me these things.”

“It’s useful. I know he cares about you friends. You can persuade him for me. I don’t know why everything changed so much after Yan Qingchi appeared, but even if Yan Qingchi appeared like this, according to what you said, Yan Qingchi is a good-tempered person, so he should be able to understand and accept it, right? After all, we were the ones who stayed with Mochen before he appeared, and we are also an indispensable part of Mochen’s life.”

“It can’t be said like that, “Sun Xun was a little embarrassed, “This couple is married and living together, I don’t want to go in and meddle.”

“How can this be called meddling? It’s just a misunderstanding between them. We are all friends, and don’t friends help each other. When one friend misunderstands another friend, their common friends should persuade them, resolve their estrangement, and help them get back together?”

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[1] Male version of Mary Su.

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