TCYEC Ch. 15

On the way back, Yu Siyang was still wondering if he had mentioned yesterday that he was going to be filming today. “Lao Lin, I really told you yesterday, that I am going to film today?”

“Mr. Xu told me that you are here today.” He also said, “That kid is stupid, and he definitely doesn’t know how to come back.” Lao Lin felt that he should not tell Xiaoyu this, so as not to undermine the child’s self-confidence.

“What Mr. Xue told you?!” Yu Siyang was stunned, how could he know!

 Lao Lin nodded firmly—Mr. knew everything.

 Yu Siyang sullenly nestled in the car seat, very depressed.

He thought he could sneak away today, using the excuse that he didn’t know how to go to his home and thus not cook for the creditor today.

 However, the creditor’s hands and eyes are everywhere, and he can’t run away from him.

 He now finally realizes the feelings of those who jumped off the building after being chased by loan sharks. It’s really pervasive!

 The pervasive Mr. Xue returned home and saw the boy obediently preparing food and waiting for him to come back to eat. He was very satisfied. He would be more satisfied if the boy did not try to always make the dishes into a “zoo”.

A lover of the “zoo”, the child Xue Yunmu admiring his Brother Yangyang in particular, raised the small snack in his hand, and happily ran to his father to show off: “Dad, look at the Flower.” The “Flower” in the little guy’s hand is a small flower-shaped cup made of cornflour by Yu Siyang. The small dough of cornflour is steamed, and then filled with fried cucumber, zucchini, carrots, and oyster mushrooms to make corn buns.[1] The shape of the buns looked like a half-open flower.

Xue Yunmu didn’t like to eat vegetables. Yu Siyang thus specially made it like this. The steamed corn buns are glutinous and slightly sweet. With addition of refreshing vegetables, it looked good and tasted delicious, along with balanced nutrition.

 Xue Chengxiu leaned over and ate the “flower” in his son’s hands.

 Xue Yunmu looked at his empty chubby hand blankly, and accused: “Dad, you’re bad.”

 “Why is Dad bad?” Xue Chengxiu teased his son.

“Dad ate Mumu’s flowers.” Little Fatty’s face was wrinkled into a bun.

 Xue Chengxiu squeezed his son’s bun face and said, “Daddy works hard every day to make money to raise Mumu. Can’t you even let your dad eat a flower?” The little guy thought for a while with a serious face, and nodded: “I will give Dad the flower.”

Xue Chengxiu laughing, picked up his son, and walked to the dining room, as expected, it was another table “zoo”.

“Xiaoyu, can you not make food into various animals in the future?” Xue Chengxiu expressed his protest for the tenth time.

 Hearing this, Yu Siyang took this opportunity to pluck up the courage to put forward his own protest. “Mr. Xue, I will not come over to cook from tomorrow…”

 “No.” Xue Chengxiu refused.

 “…” Yu Siyang was blocked before he could finish speaking, his eyes widened, and his face was unconvinced. “I will be in the film crew for shooting tomorrow. I won’t have time.”

 Xue Chengxiu put his son in the children’s dining chair. After sitting on his own seat, he said, “I have read your script, you don’t have many scenes in the movie, you will have time.”

——Contract workers also have human rights!

 YuSiyang had a eureka moment, and he changed the excuse, “You see, I have to shoot, and also attend classes, and also run on a moment of notice. I have to work hard for the money to be paid back to you as soon as possible. So, I do not have time.”

 Even if he likes to cook, he doesn’t like the commute at the end of every day to cook for his creditor.

 It is true that he owes him money. He will try to pay it back, but he can’t charge interest like this.

 Xue Chengxiu was amused by the child’s righteous and brave appearance, and said: “Let’s do it this way, if you cook me a meal, you will offset 1,000 yuan of debt. It is fair and reasonable.”

 Yu Siyang counted on his fingers. Forget it, a meal of 1,000 yuan, even if he cooks three meals a day, it will take more than 140 years to pay off his debts, how could he live for 140 years.

 “It’s not fair at all.”

 “What’s unfair, you provide labor, I pay, fair and reasonable.” Xue Chengxiu raised his eyebrows and comfortably used his chopsticks to put a piece of fish into his son’s small bowl. This child cooks very meticulously. Ingredients like fish would be carefully deboned before being put into the pot, so there is no need to worry that children will get bones stuck in their throats when eating fish. This is what Xue Chengxiu really liked about the boy.

 “Then I have to cook for you for a lifetime?” Yu Siyang was angrily. “Moreover, the chef of the Jade Hotel charges 50,000 yuan for a table.”

 Xue Chengxiu asked, “Are you a chef of the Jade Hotel?”

Yu Siyang: “…”

Xue Chengxiu asked again: “Are you preparing a banquet?”

 Yu Siyang: “…”

Xue Chengxiu gave Yu Siyang the last blow, KO: “I bought all the ingredients, you are just providing the craftsmanship. If you cook three meals a day, and you convert it into a salary, you would be earning an annual salary of one million. Do you still say that I am being unfair?!”

 It sounded like Yu Siyang was getting a big bargain?! Yu Siyang was stunned by this gangster logic, always feeling that something was wrong, but he couldn’t tell exactly what.

 “If you feel that three meals are too little, I can let you also cook afternoon tea and midnight snacks.” Xue Chengxiu smiled secretly, with a generous look on his face, “rest assured, I will calculate it for you at the price of three meals. I won’t discount your salary just because afternoon tea and midnight snacks are simpler.”

 Yu Siyang picked up his chopsticks for dinner, even if afternoon tea and midnight snacks were added, he would still have to pay off for 80 years. What’s the difference between this and cooking him food for a lifetime.


 He is now an actor, and not a cook.

 Peng Zhigao paid 300,000 yuan for the filming of “Poisonous Delicacy”. After deducting the company’s commission and taxes, he would receive a payment of 100,000 yuan. He would set 20,000 yuan aside for living expenses. The rest would be used to repay the debt.

If he workd hard and gained achievements as an actor as soon as possible, his salary would be higher, and he would definitely be able to pay off his debts sooner, instead of doing a lifetime contract.

 After figuring it out, Yu Siyang finally understood what was wrong before.

 “Mr. Xue,” Yu Siyang put his chopsticks back on the table, and declared righteously: “I am an actor signed by All Star. I will work hard and make a movie to try to return the money owed to you as soon as possible, so “…”

“No.” Xue Chengxiu rebuffed again, and said in a particularly rascally manner: “I only accept cooking as a way of paying off debts.”

 Yu Siyang’s eyes widened in disbelief, “There is no such thing.”

 “I am the creditor, I have the final say.”


 Yu Siyang glared at Xue Chengxiu.

 He has seen all kinds of people, and it’s not like he hasn’t been bullied, but this is the first time he has seen such a rogue.

The boy looked like a cat with its fur ruffled, all flustered. Xue Chengxiu looked in his eyes and wanted to pinch the boy’s face.

 As soon as he thought about it, he did it.

He pinched the boy’s cheek.

 Well, it feels great.

 Yu Siyang looked at Xue Chengxiu, and Xue Chengxiu looked at Yu Siyang.




 Yu Siyang’s fur was ruffled even more severely, and he pushed Xue Chengxiu’s hand away with a “pop”, “Mr. Xue, a man’s head can’t be touched.

“I touched the face, not the head.” The hand was beaten red, how much energy did this kid use.

“Isn’t the face part of the head!” Yu Siyang was angry.

 Xue Chengxiu changed his argument: “You are still a minor, not a man.”

 “You are not a man.” This is simply a huge provocation, and Yu Siyang’s anger exploded. If he were a knight, he would have thrown his white gloves[2] now.

 Xue Chengxiu leaned closer, pinched Yu Siyang’s chin, and smiled dangerously, “Xiaoyu, do you want to verify if I am a man?”

 Yu Siyang’s animal instincts made him feel danger, and he went so stiff that he did not dare to move. He did not dare to provoke perverted creditors again.

 “Dad, are you kissing Brother Yangyang?” Xue Yunmu, who was eating happily, said suddenly, staring at the two people who were close together with big eyes.

 Yu Siyang blushed, and hurriedly avoided Xue Chengxiu, telling the little fat kid solemnly: “Mu Mu, only boys and girls can kiss.”

 “No.” Xue Yunmu shook his head vigorously, “Uncle Teng Teng kissed an older brother, Mu Mu has seen it, and Uncle Teng Teng said that boys can also kiss boys.”

 “Mu Mu is right.” Xue Chengxiu touched his son’s head with appreciation.

 Yu Siyang felt that his three views were broken, and his whole person did not feel good.

 How can a father teach his son like this?

 “Why, do you discriminate against homosexuals?” Xue Chengxiu raised an eyebrow.

 “No, no.” Yu Siyang shook his head. Sexual orientation is just a personal preference, just like some people like spicy food and some people don’t.

 “Then you are gay?”

 “How is it possible!” Yu Siyang shook his head fiercely.

 “You haven’t been in love yet,” Xue Chengxiu said: “How can you be sure that you are not.”

 Yu Siyang looked tangled, “But, I don’t think I like men.”

 “Then do you like women?” Xue Chengxiu asked.

 Yu Siyang shook his head.

 In the past, he was rushing around for three meals, to learn as soon as possible, and to have his own restaurant. He had been working hard and studying hard. In his life plan, there was no such thing as marrying a wife and having children.

 Some girls had confessed to him, and more than one. He politely refused. Although he has never liked a woman, it does not mean that he likes men.

 Yu Siyang inexplicably became confused about his sexuality, stupidly confused whether he likes the same sex or the opposite sex.

 Xue Chengxiu said with a smile: “So, you are still a virgin.”

 “What’s wrong about being a virgin?” Yu Siyang smiled, feeling that he was being laughed at.

 What if he has been a virgin from birth to death to rebirth! He did this without hindering the rotation of the earth[3], what is there to laugh at!

 “Nothing.” Xue Chengxiu said happily: “Being a virgin is very good.”

 Yu Siyang: “…” He still feels ridiculed, and unhappy.

 “Let’s eat,” Xue Chengxiu picked up his chopsticks, “If you don’t eat now, the food will be cold.”

The food is going to be cold, who is to blame for it? Yu Siyang silently slandered.

 Xue Chengxiu picked up the chopsticks and put it down again, smiling like a big villain, and said to his son: “Mu Mu, let’s get Brother Yang Yang to live with us at home, cook for you every day, eat five meals a day, OK? “

“Good!” Mu Mu raised his hand and cheered.

 “Cough cough…” Yu Siyang choked on the rice he had just eaten, coughing constantly, his face flushed.

 “Look, Brother Yangyang is flushed with joy.” Xue Chengxiu distorted the facts.

He was happy? Yu Siyang coughed even harder.

 Xue Yunmu asked his father to let him down from the children’s dining chair, ran to Yu Siyang and hugged him, “Brother Yangyang and Mumu can sleep together.”

 Yu Siyang was relieved, and Xue Chengxiu was about to speak slowly as a reminder: “I am the creditor, I have the final say.”

 “…” Capitalists are indeed sucking blood!

A/N: Poor Yu Siyang, being brainwashed by a capitalist and not even realizing it…

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[2] This is a sign of declaring war in knights.

[3] It means that it did noo affect anybody else but himself.

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