TCYEC Ch. 16

Luo Peng felt that Yu Siyang was acting very strange recently.

He only come back around 8 o’clock in the evening every day. He hasn’t made dinner for him for nearly half a month.

 However, given that he was very busy and often couldn’t go back for dinner, Luo Peng decided not to pursue it, graciously.

 But when he asked Yu Siyang where he went at night, he was still vague about it.

 Luo Peng felt bad-was his obedient Xiaoyu being fooled by somebody?

 “Brother Luo, don’t you want to have breakfast anymore, we will be late.”

 Yu Siyang stretched out his hand and shook it in front of Luo Peng’s eyes with a pensive expression.

 He was in a daze early in the morning; he must have been too tired recently.

 Yu Siyang picked up several steamed roe dumplings and put them in Luo Peng’s bowl. He couldn’t be any more considerate.

 Today is the first day of the filming of “Poisonous Delicacy”. As his agent, Luo Peng must be present on set for the whole day. After communicating with the crew, his main task was to take care of Yu Siyang.

 As a newcomer, it’s the first day of shooting, so he definitely can’t be late.

 Luo Peng put aside the conjecture of “some unidentified person being bad to Xiaoyu” and focused on filming first. This is Xiaoyu’s debut work.

 “These steamed dumplings are delicious and pretty. Are there any more? Take some to the crew.” Luo Peng took one bite, his mouth full.

 Yu Siyang nodded, he had already made extra, and filled an insulated food container with them.

 The filming time was scheduled at 8 o’clock in the morning. Yu Siyang and Luo Peng arrived half an hour earlier. The crew was setting up the scene. Peng Zhigao was holding a roll of paper with one hand on his hips, and loudly ordering the prop master about the setting of the scene.

“Director Peng, good morning.” Yu Siyang and Luo Peng walked to Peng Zhigao and greeted him.

 Peng Zhigao turned his head to look over, “Xiaoyu, so early. Oh… and Xiaoyu’s agent.”

 “Director Peng, my name is Luo Peng.” Luo Peng’s mouth twitched slightly, feeling that Peng Zhigao didn’t remember his name. “Has director Peng had breakfast? Xiao Yu made some steamed dumplings and brought them over. They’re delicious.” As he said this, he opened the food container.

 With the opening of the container, a refreshing and non-greasy scent came out. The dumpling skins were made by Yu Siyang. The four coloured- green, red, yellow and purple dumplings were made into the shape of roses. Placed in the thermos, they look pretty.

 “These are steamed dumplings?” This is the first time he had seen flower-shaped steamed dumplings.

 Peng Zhigao had eaten the hibiscus shrimp made by Yu Siyang, and he remembered his craftsmanship. In fact, he had already had breakfast, but as soon as he smelt it, he felt that he was not full. He took the chopsticks and clamps that Yu Siyang handed over. He put a red rose steamed dumpling into his mouth.

 The skin of the dumplings was very thin and crystal clear. When you ate it in one bite, the mellow thick juice melted in the mouth and the mouth became full of liquid.

 Wang Tai had already come by smelling the smell, and without using chopsticks, he squeezed one dumpling with his hands and threw it into his mouth. While eating, he gave Yu Siyang thumbs up: “Xiaoyu, your craft is simply amazing.”

 Watching the director and the assistant director both looked satisfied; the rest of the crew couldn’t help but rush in.

 Those who ate it all looked excited: “Oh, it really tastes better than normal dumplings.”

 Those who weren’t able to squeeze in were so anxious that they yelled, “Give me one, give me one quickly, I fuck, you have already eaten two…”

 When Ji Man arrived with her two assistants to the set, what she saw was a group of people forming a group, acting as if robbing something.

 Seeing Ji Man’s curious and reserved appearance, one of the assistants went over very cleverly and asked someone what was going on.

 “Sister Man, someone brought dumplings which they said were delicious. They were all robbing them.” The assistant said to Ji Man when he came back.

 When she was inquiring, she also smelled the refreshing scent, and couldn’t control her salivary glands. If she didn’t still have a trace of professional ethics, she might have joined the army fighting for them.

 Ji Man was actually also curious about the “delicious dumplings”, but the pride of being a popular star made her unable to compete with a group of people, which she thought was too demeaning.

 The two assistants wanted to eat too, but they represented Ji Man’s face. Since Ji Man didn’t move, they could also not move.

 The people in this crew really weren’t understanding, and they didn’t even know that they should take the initiative to send a few to Sister Man. The assistant slandered in his heart.

 “Let’s go and say hello to Director Peng.” Ji Man said.

 The assistant pointed to the group of people, “Sister Man, Director Peng is in the middle.”

 Ji Man: “…”

Is this forcing her to grab dumplings?

 Before Ji Man decided whether to put down her idol baggage and squeeze in the crowd, Yu Siyang, who was squeezed out by the crowd, saw her.

 “Sister Man.” Yu Siyang said hello politely, “Would you like to try the dumplings I made?” 

“Yes, thank you Xiaoyu.” Ji Man’s attitude towards Yu Siyang was obviously different from yesterday. Yesterday it was curious, today it’s kind.

 Yu Siyang called Luo Peng from among the crowd and asked him to hand out the dumplings. Only then did the dumpling grabbers saw Ji Man and came over to say hello.

 She’s a popular star after all, so she can’t be neglected.

 Ji Man and her assistants finally ate the dumplings that were being fought over by the crowd. As soon as a dumpling was put in their mouths, Ji Man could barely maintain her idol image, but the two assistants’ eyes brightened–this! and also! this too! it’s so good! eat Up!

 “It seems that I would have good food while making this movie.” Ji Man smiled.

 In the script, most of the scenes of the second male lead are with the female lead, and there are several cooking scenes. There are not many scenes of second male lead with the male lead.

 The main scene to be filmed today is set in Fei Qin’s home, the scene is where Fei Qin invites the hero and the heroine to dinner, and disdained the hero to make him angry.

 The scene had been set up; the two cameras are in place, the lighting, props, and radio are all in place. The heroine and supporting actor have also put on makeup and are ready, but Hong Zhehao, who plays the actor, is late.

 Peng Zhigao’s good mood after eating delicious dumplings was completely exhausted. He was already dark skinned and now his face was as dark as the bottom of a pot, such that he could play Bao Gong[1] without rubbing powder.

 Hong Zhehao’s assistant kept smiling and apologizing to everyone, complaining about Hong Zhehao in his heart. They all told him to get up early, but the day before, he went to fool around with the prince (A/N: this is the Fengyu prince), which made it impossible to get up in the morning and wasted so much time.

 “If he doesn’t want to act, he can go back immediately. I will ask President Mu to switch to another person to save everyone’s time.” Peng Zhigao said coldly, showing no mercy.

 President Mu being mentioned by Peng Zhigao is Feng Yu’s chairman, Mu Zhifeng. The two have more than ten years of friendship, and the Fengyu Prince whom Hong Zhehao climbed up to work with Peng Zhigao, must also respectfully call him “Uncle Peng.”

 If it weren’t for Mu Zhifeng’s face and Fengyu’s high price, Peng Zhigao’s team would also disdain to take “Poisonous Delicacy” and find two stars who can only act in TV shows to make a movie. Can you even judge the situation!

 Hong Zhehao’s assistant was about to cry, and kept bowing and apologizing to Peng Zhigao.

 Everyone was watching a good show, and no one came forward to help speak.

 They came to the set at six o’clock to set up the scene. Many people didn’t have breakfast. If Yu Siyang had not brought steamed dumplings, they would still be hungry.

 Letting the whole crew wait for you, Hong Zhehao, really treated himself as a big name!

 When Hong Zhehao came out of the dressing room, seeing this scene, he felt unhappy. But, he knew that he was wrong, so respectfully apologized to Peng Zhigao: “Director Peng, I’m sorry for the delay.”

 Although Peng Zhigao was not happy, but he didn’t say any more. The rent of the studio is expensive, and the cost will increase for every additional minute. “Every unit is in place, and the first scene of Act 15 is prepared.”

 While waiting for Hong Zhehao to arrive, Peng Zhigao had talked to Ji Man and Yu Siyang about the scene. The main camera of this scene follows Yu Siyang, and will include some of the shots of Ji Man. As for Hong Zhehao, Director Peng didn’t want to talk to him, let him understand it himself.

 Yu Siyang observed the position of the camera, took a deep breath, sat down in his seat, closed his eyes and subdued the tension in his heart.

 Chang Ji shouted: “Scene 1 of Act 15, action.”

 Yu Siyang opened his eyes and looked at the pair of men and women sitting side by side opposite him in an intimate manner, with complex expressions that were difficult to distinguish.

 The four-sided dining table separated the three of them, and they were clearly distinguished. On the opposite side were his beloved woman and her lover. He sat alone on one side, looking a bit lonely and pitiful.

 “I heard…” Fei Qin faced Han Shantian with an arrogant expression. He looked at him as if he was looking at an ant. “Police officer Han was suspended for sabotaging a crime scene.”

 Song Zhao saw that her lover’s face did not look good, and she explained anxiously. “Fei Qin, that’s because Shantian was framed by others.”

 Fei Qin smiled softly at Song Zhao, his eyelashes drooped, and his eyes filled with ridicule were covered in it. He gracefully cut the steak on his plate, showing off in every move his good background and elite education.

 Of course he knew that Han Shantian was framed, and he even knew why the bottle of capsules left on the scene disappeared.

 Just a stupid little policeman, Song Zhao’s vision of people got even worse.

 “Zhao Zhao, you believe that Police Officer Han was framed, but his superiors don’t believe it.” Fei Qin smiled and turned his eyes to Han Shantian, with a hint of malice, “Besides, was Police Officer Han really framed?”

 Han Shantian rose up against the accusation, and said angrily: “What do you mean!”

 “Ka—— “

 Peng Zhi held up the loudspeaker and called a cut, “Hong Zhehao, the scene requires you to stand up, not to lift the table.”

 “Sorry, sorry, Director Peng, let’s do it again.” Hong Zhehao re-arranged the plate that was almost thrown away.

 Originally the shot was going smoothly, but he NGed. Ji Man secretly despised Hong Zhehao, looking at Yu Siyang with differently since this morning.

 Although she doesn’t want to admit it, she was indeed taken into the scene by the newcomer. She has been filming for so many years, but she has not really been immersed in the scene more than a few times, and that had also happened with the old pros in the circle.

This newcomer was really amazing, this feeling is really hard to describe.

 Peng Zhigao sat back behind the monitor and waved to let Chang Ji clap the board.

 A few minutes later, there was another NG, “click–”

“Hong Zhehao, you are angry? Do you have a mask on your face or something, can you have a little more expression on your face!” Peng Zhigao roared, never before having been seen this angry. Hong Zhehao is really going against the sky[2].

 Taking advantage of the gap between NG, the makeup artist hurriedly stepped forward to repair the makeup on the three of them, and the prop artist came over and replaced the steak that was more than half cut from Yu Siyang’s plate with a new one.

 Yu Siyang stretched his head to see that there were several hot steaks in the heat preservation box that the prop master was carrying, and he suddenly had an ominous premonition-he wouldn’t have to eat them all, right!

 The same ominous premonition was being felt by Peng Zhigao-the first day of shooting was so unsatisfactory, can he finish the film in this lifetime, or does he have to lower the standard?

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[1] A Chinese politician of the Song dynasty who is often portrayed as dark-skinned.

[2] Challenging something he couldn’t actually face.

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