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After the leader’s wife and Tang Tang finished talking about the shop, she pulled Tang Tang back into the room with the excuse of doing needlework, making sure no one could hear her, she whispered to Tang Tang, “Tang Tang, I I’m here today not only to tell you about the shop, but also something very important, I still decided to tell you in advance after much deliberation.”

Speaking of this, the wife of the team leader paused, and her voice became softer, “I I heard your group leader come back and whispered to me that the candidate for this promotion and transfer has been determined, have you heard about this?”

Tang Tang subconsciously became nervous when she heard this, so she shook her head and said, “Sister-in-law, we got home just now, I haven’t heard about this matter, has the candidate really been decided?”

The leader’s wife nodded slightly, “Your head inquired about this matter in advance, and the real paperwork hasn’t come down yet, but it’s just what happened in the past two days, let me tell you, the person who was promoted this time is Wen Changyi, not only was he promoted to the deputy battalion commander, but also his military rank was promoted.”

Tang Tang’s heart skipped a beat, and she couldn’t help feeling nervous as she bit her lip. She didn’t know if this was the original result or if someone had done something to it, but she subconsciously leaned towards the latter, because in her opinion, her Ji Yan was much better than Wen Changyi.

Moreover, she couldn’t help but think of the Liu family’s threats to her once again. Last time they made the Liu family suffer so much. Although they didn’t fall out, the Liu family must hold a grudge against them. She didn’t know if this was any of their handwriting. But the candidates had been decided, which meant that the result had been decided, who could tell how the process was like? Even if there was something tricky in it, people won’t admit it.

Tang Tang couldn’t help picking at her fingers, but she didn’t feel any pain at all, “Sister-in-law, is there something tricky?”

The leader’s wife shook her head, with a sigh in her tone, “I don’t know about this, the above made a decision, and the specific process is beyond our knowledge. But sister-in-law, to be honest with you, your regiment leader said that in terms of meritorious service and personal military quality, Ji Yan is definitely better than Wen Changyi, and ah…”

The head’s wife hesitated for a while when she said this, and after a while she leaned into her ear and said, “Their actions of Ji Yan at this time are very important. The reason why Ji Yan was so seriously injured is because one of them was almost exposed. It was Ji Yan who blocked the gun for him and endured it until the end without saying a word, which allowed the mission to be successfully completed, otherwise the consequences would be disastrous. Not to mention the previous missions, this time the credit is supposed to be the biggest for Ji Yan, but…”

Tang Tang didn’t even know that Ji Yan was injured like this. He didn’t mention a word to her. If this was the case, did it mean that the result this time was not so fair.

Tang Tang’s thoughts were completely disturbed by this incident, and she became absent-minded when doing things. She was accidentally poked by a needle several times when she was sewing clothes. Such a thing had never happened before.

Even Ji Xiaoying and Nuonuo found that something was wrong with her. Ji Xiaoying thought it was because he wanted a younger sister and caused too much pressure on his mother. He felt very guilty and hugged Tang Tang’s hand to comfort her, “Mom, don’t worry. Although I want a younger sister, I’m not in such a hurry. I know it’s not so easy for a younger sister to grow into your stomach. I will wait slowly. You just need to have a baby before I grow up and start working. My sister will be fine, so don’t be stressed.”

Tang Tang couldn’t help but twitch her mouth, and look at Ji Yan speechlessly, what did he say to the little guy?

Seeing this, Ji Yan forcefully explained to Ji Xiaoying, “Mom is fine. Mom just didn’t sleep well. It’s not because of your sister. Don’t worry. By the way, Xiaoying, Grandpa has been out for a long time. He is not familiar with our compound, you can take Nuonuo to find him, if you find him, bring him home, don’t let Grandpa get sick.”

Grandpa Ji couldn’t stay at home and fall asleep just after eating so he went out for a walk. Although the old man was not familiar with the compound at all, the old man was a scout, and there was no such thing as getting lost. Ji Yan just wanted to send the two little guys away. Ji Xiaoying could see that Tang Tang had something on her mind, so he could see it even more.

Ji Xiaoying was also very worried that his grandfather would get sick from the cold, so he was immediately distracted, and he pulled Nuonuo and ran downstairs.

When the children left, Ji Yan removed the needle and thread from Tang Tang’s hands, hugged her into his arms and asked softly, “What’s wrong with you? Tell me what’s the matter.”

Tang Tang didn’t intend to hide it from him at all. Flattening her mouth, she hugged his neck and buried her face in his chest and said sullenly, “The head’s wife told me a message, she said that the person who was promoted this time was Wen Changyi and not husband.”

Tang Tang was about to cry while talking.

Ji Yan kissed her on the head funnily, “Just because of this? I thought it was such a big deal.”

Huh? Tang Tang raised her head and looked at him in surprise, “Husband, did you already know?”

Ji Yan said “um”, he got to know about this from the group leader in the morning, and he didn’t want her and grandpa to worry about it so he kept it secret and didn’t say it, but he didn’t know that the head’s wife would tell her.

Tang Tang muttered depressingly, “Why didn’t you tell me when you found out, I was so worried, is it because I helped Nuonuo which caused the Liu family to act?”

Ji Yan gently pressed his index finger on her lips to stop her from continuing, “Now no one can prove that someone has tampered with this matter, maybe the original candidate was Wen Changyi.”

Tang Tang also knew this truth, but in her heart, she just didn’t believe it. She was really unconvinced. It was not that she was selfish, but from the perspective of a human being, Wen Changyi was not as responsible as Ji Yan. Wasn’t it that someone who was more responsible should be promoted? So she couldn’t help but say, “Husband, you are obviously so good, I don’t believe you can’t compare with Wen Changyi. So, let’s talk to grandpa, grandpa may have a way to investigate, let’s check if there is something tricky, okay? If the real result is this, then we won’t say anything.”

How could Ji Yan be unhappy when his wife affirmed his abilities so much, so he hugged his little wife into his arms and kissed her hard, if time allowed him, he would really want to hug her into the room and love her again.

Tang Tang was about to die of anger, she was still like this at this time, so the person who rarely lost her temper was so anxious that she thumped his shoulder twice angrily, but the strength was like loosening the muscles and bones.

Ji Yan didn’t dare to really piss off his little wife, so he grabbed her little fist and kissed her, “Okay, okay, I was wrong, I’ll stop making trouble, let’s talk about business, I don’t plan to tell grandpa about this, I will just solve it, grandpa is old, don’t let him worry as an old man, I am in my thirties, how can I rely on grandpa for every little thing.”

Tang Tang thought it was right, getting angry was not good for the health of the old man, so she nodded, “Okay, let’s find a way to find out by ourselves.”

The two of them planned not to tell Grandpa Ji about this, but they both ignored the importance of Ji Yan in Grandpa Ji’s heart, since the last time Tang Tang said that she was threatened by the Liu family, the old man had kept this matter in his heart and sent someone to watch it specifically. Although he did not move any hands and feet, the person would send the news from the front to him.

Therefore, Grandpa Ji, who had gone for a walk, received a call about this matter as soon as he went out. He was so angry that he almost punched a hole in the ground with his crutches, and said calmly, “This matter must be investigated! If Wen Changyi’s overall quality is better than that of Ji Yan or the other person is strong, then I’ll be convinced, if I get to know that someone inside dared to do something, I will not spare him! Just clean up the garbage for the People’s Army!”

The person on the other end of the phone broke out in cold sweat, thinking it was going to be a big mess. It was estimated that someone had tampered with it. Now it was really that the Tathagata Buddha couldn’t be kept, and it was over.

Who would have thought that Ji Yan was actually the grandson of General Ji? If the old man hadn’t said it himself, no one in the army would have known about it. He was yhankful about the hands and feet that had been passive, otherwise he was afraid that the old man would probably stab the sky.

Although old man Ji retired a long time ago and didn’t care much about military affairs, every year the country’s leaders would personally invite the old man to attend the country’s major military meetings. Regardless of the status of the old man, 80% of the current military leaders in their country were soldiers led by the old man and promoted step by step. They respected the old man even more than their parents. If the old man gave an order, they would be willing to do that.

It would be too bad to dare to provoke the old man. One could imagine how terrible this time would be.

After Grandpa Ji hung up the phone, although he was very angry in his heart, he still held his breath in the end. He didn’t plan to do anything before the result came out, so he went home like a normal person, and it was impossible for people to see that he had just sent such a message. It was a big fire, so Tang Tang and Ji Yan didn’t know that the old man already knew about it.

Until two days later, when the old man answered the phone on the sofa, and then this silent volcano erupted completely, and the special military area was almost overturned by the old man.

It was also the first time Tang Tang saw how powerful their old man was, and it was at this time that she realized that she had married a man with such a prominent family background.

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