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Xu Maomao was too sensitive to the word transformation, so he exclaimed: “Is it the transformation I’m imagining!”

“Yes, but it’s not that magical, and you need to practice after eating it.” Black Lightning explained, “I’m here this time to tell you about it. After a while, you will be able to change shape without relying on the transformation potion.”

“The method of cultivation is very simple, I will send it to you now.” The black cat entered the chat group again and he did not know how but it sent a compressed package to Xu Maomao, and he did not know what secret formulas were inside.

It really was that the times were advancing, and the secrets of cultivation these days were all passed on in red envelopes!

“You have to practice according to the above summary every day, and you will soon be able to speak human words and then transform into a human form.”

Xu Maomao was almost stunned by this big surprise, and he always thought that he would be able to transform back into a human being without hesitation every day. He worked so hard to earn love points just for the meager time-effective transforming potion, and finally a cat gave him this big gift?!

Xu Maomao was so happy that he almost passed out!

“Oscar?” Black Lightning looked at him blankly, a little puzzled and worried, “Don’t be afraid, there are no side effects, and it’s easy to practice…”

“Thank you so much!” And he got up and hugged the big black cat. This habit was a human habit. Putting it in the cat clan was like looking for a fight, but the black cat was the black cat and he got it. It understood the meaning of this hug very well, so he who always had a cold face, had a look of embarrassment still flash across his face.

After Xu Maomao finished being excited, he quickly let go of it, hesitated and asked cautiously: “Such a good thing must be very precious?”

“The water from the Wish Lake and incense ash is condensed for seventy-seven days to make this.”

What kind of incense ash, and the water from Wish Lake sounded very powerful, and Xu Maomao suddenly became a little uneasy: “It’s too precious, how can I repay you, Hei Mang?”

The black cat shook his head: “Although it is precious, it is useless to me. Seeing you snatch Dr. Mi’s transformation potion in the group every day, I wanted to give this to you.” In fact, if it wasn’t for Xu Maomao, it would even forget itself that there was such a thing, it had practiced for a long time, and it had always been a breeze for it.

Xu Maomao was still very uneasy, and whispered, “Why did you give it to me? We are obviously not familiar with each other.”

The black cat froze, and was a little depressed by his unfamiliar words, and wanted to tell the forgetful ragdoll cat: We’ve known each other since a long time ago, Silly Cat.

Xu Maomao was still babbling and hanging his head guiltily: “I’m sorry, you gave me such a valuable thing, but I didn’t know it, and I thought it was poisoning…Brother Hei Mang, tell me how can I make it up to you, I can do whatever you want.”

The black cat listened to his words, its cat eyes turned extraordinarily bright in the night, and after a while, its voice suddenly changed, it was no longer a meow, but in human language as he said: “I like you, Oscar.”

Xu Maomao raised his head abruptly, his eyes widened in surprise by this sudden confession, almost jumping out of their sockets!

“Brother Heiheimang, I…” I, Meow, am I really a blue-faced disaster in the cat world, a single public nuisance! What did I do? When I was a human, there were not even a few decent peach blossoms, but after turning into a cat, I became a favorite?!

Xu Maomao couldn’t help but say: “We just met!”

“It’s not just that we met… I saw you dancing in the pet shop,” the black cat finished speaking, seeing that his face was still full of disbelief, he sighed inwardly, and added, “I like the way you dance. You must dance better when you become a human, so I am willing to help you.”

Xu Maomao, who was originally very nervous and frightened, heard the explanation behind it and suddenly realized, it turned out to be my little fan!

This cat was scared to death, that’s what I said, where could I get so many debts of love! But maybe this black cat confused love for idols and love for lovers? Hey, no, I should make it clear before he gets obsessed.

Xu Maomao patted the black cat’s head solemnly, and taught earnestly: “Brother Lightning, I understand.”

The black cat’s eyes lit up: “Oscar, you…”

“You are just obsessed with my dancing posture, maybe no other cat has played like this, so you think it is very fresh, you treat me like a little human girl is obsessed with Ouba, but my dance is actually very ordinary, my human dance is the scene of a car accident,” Xu Maomao smiled embarrassedly, “But I have accepted such a precious gift from you, so I will definitely practice dancing hard, and try to bring more excellent dance works to everyone.”

Black Cat: “…No, Oscar…”

“Ah? No? Don’t you want to watch the special performance!” Xu Maomao suddenly realized, “Okay, then I will let you take the first look at the dance after I learn it.! I can still teach you, many cats and dogs want to learn from me and I ignore them, but as long as you open your mouth, I will be ready to teach you at any time, if you want to do it on the spot, and at the far end, you can do it at the far end.”

Xu Maomao said eloquently, but he felt that it was not enough, and he clenched his fist and said, “If you have other difficulties, I will do my best to repay you!”

Black Cat: “…”

It felt a little internally injured.

But looking at Oscar’s serious face, he couldn’t say anything disappointing, and he had seen some of the daily life of Oscar and his shit shoveling officer, so he could probably guess what Oscar was thinking.

But inter-clan love could never have a good end, human life was too short, Oscar was just fascinated by ghosts for a while, when he walked like himself and got a longer time, he would know what kind of partner was worth being with… Thinking this, the black cat lowered his eyes, he already had a plan in his heart, and he nodded without provoking Xu Maomao too much: “Okay, you have to show me.”

Xu Maomao asked carefully again: “Want to dance?”

The black cat shook his head: “But the most important thing for you now is to cultivate.”


“For better cultivation, I suggest you move in and live with me.”

It could be said that his words were very bold and made it seem like he had ulterior motives!

Xu Maomao was stunned, and almost subconsciously refused immediately: “No…”

He didn’t want to leave Shen Yu.

The black cat tried to persuade him: “Cultivation is important.”

Xu Maomao wrinkled his little nose, and finally told the truth: “My master is also very important.” Shen Yu lost Oscar in the first place, and if he ran away again, he would be really sorry for him. And live with a cat? Even if it was a good cat, it was not a real person!

Besides, if it continued to be unclear, the fans’ love would deteriorate!

The black cat wanted to persuade him, but Xu Maomao hurriedly said: “It’s very, very late, my master will worry about me, I, I’m going back…”

Unexpectedly, there was a faint sound in the huge and quiet Forbidden City.

There was some noise!

The ears of the two cats trembled at the same time, and their hearing, which was more sensitive than humans, could easily distinguish the sound of footsteps in the distance and the sound of human voices approaching rapidly!

Black Cat said: “Follow me!”

Xu Maomao took a deep breath, and his eyes were firm and clear: “Brother Lightning, I’m sorry, I can’t go with you, my master is very important to me, your kindness I will surely repay, but not in this way.”

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