FESM Extra 10.2: Benjamin × Li Xin

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Every night, Benjamin would send a video call to Li Xin to report his safety around seven o’clock, but the topics they talked about were very casual. Li Xin tried his best to control the expression on his face, for fear that the other party would see something. Benjamin’s attitude was still gentle, sometimes there was nothing to talk about, just a few words of concern, but Li Xin didn’t know why he was so persistent.

After a week like this, Benjamin’s report of safety had become a daily task.

At seven o’clock that night, after eating, Li Xin sat on the sofa and waited for General Benjamin’s report on his daily life.

However, the communicator did not ring on time as usual.

Seven thirty, eight o’clock… the communicator still didn’t ring, and Li Xin began to fidget. He wanted to take the initiative to call, but he was afraid of disturbing the general. The anxious Li Xin almost made a hole in the communicator by staring at it. After waiting until ten o’clock in the evening, he finally couldn’t bear it and took the initiative to call.

The other party didn’t answer at all.

Benjamin smiled and said to him last night, “Go to bed early, see you tomorrow.” Today, he suddenly didn’t send a video call or answer the communication. Was it because he had something to do in the military? Or… did something happen to him?

The war on the front line, artillery fire, corpses everywhere… The bloody images in various movies kept shaking in his mind, Li Xin was startled, jumped up from the sofa, quickly ran to get the optical brain, and opened the Empire’s military event news channel.

Then he saw the female announcer say with a serious expression: “At 6:30 tonight, a gang of star bandits of unknown origin suddenly hijacked the interstellar passenger spacecraft on Planet Ryan, and Major General Benjamin of the Hydra Legion was in command as they moved out to wipe out the gang of star bandits in one fell swoop. According to the news we are getting, there were no casualties among the people of the empire on the spaceship…”

Li Xin stared blankly at the briefing on the news channel.

At this moment, his communicator suddenly rang. Seeing Benjamin’s name, Li Xin picked it up immediately, his voice trembling with excitement: “Are you okay? I read the news that you just wiped out a gang of star bandits? Are you injured?”

Li Xin really wanted to fly to his side immediately and hug him tightly.

Seeing that Li Xin’s eyes were red as if he was about to cry, Benjamin was startled, and hurriedly comforted him: “I’m fine, don’t think too much about it. A few years ago, the Imperial Army wiped out the largest star bandit gang, and the remaining star bandits are all miscellaneous fish, not good enough. Today, only a few soldiers from the Special Operations Department were enough to deal with them. I am not injured. It’s okay, don’t worry.” Being soothed by his soft voice, Li Xin’s heart ached but he felt better.

In Benjamin’s view, solving a few star bandits was like solving a few useless miscellaneous fish, which was extremely easy. But after all, Li Xin was an ordinary person who dared not even touch a gun. When he heard the news, he was almost afraid of death. So, it was normal for him to worry too much.

Now that he had calmed down, Li Xin also found that he was making a fuss, so he couldn’t help but blush, and said awkwardly: “It’s good that you are fine.”

Benjamin looked at him with a smile: “Are you so worried about me?”

Li Xin’s face became even redder: “I just don’t know much about your military affairs, and I thought the star bandits were terrible…”

Benjamin’s smile deepened: “You should believe me, no matter how terrible the enemy is, there will be no way out in front of me.”

Li Xin: “…”

The Alpha’s self-confidence almost overflowed through the holographic screen. After all, he was a descendant of the Behe family, a military family, and that kind of soldier’s aura and arrogance were almost innate, so gentle and confident. This thoughtful and powerful General Alpha really was completely irresistible to Li Xin.

It seemed, what should he do if he started liking him more and more?

Seeing that Li Xin blushed and did not speak, Benjamin said softly: “If you are worried, you might as well come and see me.”

Li Xin was stunned: “What?”

“Anyway, family members are allowed to visit during this period.”

Li Xin’s face turned red suddenly: “I’m not your family member…”

Benjamin slipped his mouth, and immediately changed his words: “Friends can also visit. Do you want to come over? I’ll arrange it for you.”

He would love to go, he really kind of missed this man. Since the other party took the initiative to invite him, so what if he went to see him as a “friend”?

After making the decision, Li Xin happily bought the ticket, and boarded the spaceship to Planet Ryan the next morning.

In the afternoon, he arrived at Planet Ryan, and as soon as he stepped out of the space station, he saw a suspension vehicle with the logo of the Hydra Legion parked there. Two tall beta officers walked towards him and said politely: “Mr. Li, the General sent us to pick you up.”

Li Xin was a little embarrassed, but still pretended to calmly get on the suspension vehicle and was taken to the army base by the two officers.

The base on Planet Ryan was very large, and the neat buildings were particularly spectacular. There was a strict defense network outside the base. Before entering, there were layers of checks. Li Xin also went through the security check routinely and followed the two to a building.

The two brought him to the lounge, poured him a cup of hot water, and said with a smile: “Mr. Li, please wait a moment, the general should be in a meeting, and he will come to accompany you soon.”

Li Xin’s cheeks went hot, he always felt that these two people had misunderstood…

He was not a family member, he was just a friend, how about a friend?!

The two served him tea and water very attentively, obviously treating him as a distinguished guest. Li Xin sent them away in embarrassment and sat in the lounge alone in a daze. After an unknown amount of time, the door was suddenly pushed open. Li Xin thought it was the two soldiers who came to pour water for him again, and couldn’t help but say, “Don’t bother me, I…”

As he was talking, he suddenly met a pair of smiling eyes.

An Alpha in military uniform strode up to him, and before Li Xin could speak, he was hugged tightly by the other party.

Suddenly falling into the warm embrace of the general, Li Xin, who was feeling a little cold because of the lack of clothes, warmed up, and his face turned red instantly.

He wanted to push Benjamin away for fear of being seen. But as soon as he stretched out his hand, it was gently held by the general’s big hand. Then Benjamin asked softly: “It’s very cold here, isn’t it freezing? Look at you blushing.”

Li Xin: “…”

His blushing was not from cold at all, but because of suddenly being embraced by someone he liked, and he was a little embarrassed…

Benjamin found the blushing Beta in his arms very cute, so he couldn’t help reaching out his hand and gently pinching his cheek, then he smiled and leaned into his ear and asked, “Did you miss me?”

Li Xin’s head exploded with a “boom”, and he immediately lowered his head guiltily.

I really missed you, every night I dreamt of you kissing me, but Li Xin dared not say it at all.

Seeing that he didn’t speak, Benjamin smiled slightly, and changed the subject: “It’s good if you can come here to accompany me. Let’s go, go and put down the luggage first.”

Li Xin hurriedly asked: “Where am I staying?”

Benjamin said: “The application I sent to the military department was for family visits, which is easier to get approved. Therefore, I can only wrong you by letting you live with me temporarily.”

Li Xin: “…”

Family visits? No wonder the soldiers who came to pick him up looked at him respectfully as if they were looking at “the general’s wife”.

Li Xin blushed: “You are like this…what if others misunderstand you?”

“It’s very difficult to get it approved if it was a general request, so I just wrote down family visit for convenience, don’t mind it, we both have a clear conscience.”

Li Xin looked away awkwardly. Had a clear conscience? He obviously had ghosts in his heart…

Benjamin looked at Li Xin’s nervous and shy look and knew in his heart that the beta in the pot was almost cooked.

Should he eat it?

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