FESM Extra 11.1: Benjamin × Li Xin

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Benjamin brought Li Xin to his dormitory. Because Benjamin would be in the dormitory every night when he made a video call to report his safety, so Li Xin was already very familiar with the layout of this dormitory. Li Xin went to the bedroom to put down his luggage, and then went to the bathroom to wash his face with cold water.

The scene of being hugged by Benjamin just now was replaying repeatedly in his mind. Li Xin splashed cold water on his face with both hands and washed his face several times in a row. Finally, his heartbeat slowed down and he calmed down completely.

——He came to visit Benjamin as a “friend”, but he couldn’t show his feet and let the other party find out what he was thinking.

Li Xin took a deep breath, adjusted his expression in the mirror, and walked out of the bathroom.

When he came out, Benjamin was on a voice call with someone, and he didn’t know what the other party said. He just heard Benjamin say indifferently: “I have applied for a family visit… Who is the family member? What do you think?”

Li Xin’s heart skipped a beat, and he immediately hid himself, pricking his ears to listen.

Li Xin couldn’t hear what was being said on the other end of the phone, but he could hear Benjamin’s voice very clearly: “The influence is not good? What’s so bad about it? These officers of the Hydra Legion have followed me for many years, they are all my most trusted brothers, they know what I mean, so naturally they won’t talk too much…Okay father, don’t worry, I will take care of it.”

After hanging up the phone, Benjamin turned around and found that the beta was hiding behind the bedroom door to eavesdrop, his body was well hidden, but one foot was exposed. When Benjamin saw his feet, he walked over with a chuckle and asked in a low voice, “Did you hear it?”

Li Xin, who was caught at the scene, looked down in embarrassment and said, “I just happened to hear it, it was your Father on the call?”

“Yes.” Benjamin nodded, and explained gently, “The management of the military headquarters on the front line is very strict. Although visits are allowed in theory, under normal circumstances, the military department will not approve it, for fear that spies would sneak in. In order to pass the review smoothly, I wrote ‘family visitation’ when I wrote the application, and it was indeed approved. Unfortunately, my father found out about it. He called me just now and asked me where this family member came from.”

“…” Li Xin, who pretended to be a family member, was very embarrassed, and his ears went slightly red, “Will this have a bad influence on you? How about I explain to your father that we are good friends, and I I just came to see you…”

“No need.” Benjamin smiled slightly, stretched out his hand to gently press the Beta’s shoulder, and looked at him tenderly, “I’m an adult now, if it’s business, my father is my superior and I need to report to him. But I can make my own decisions about personal matters. Besides, my father has no objection, he just muttered a few words, and in the end, I didn’t listen to my father.”

“Your father?” Li Xin was a little confused, how did this have something to do with Benjamin’s father again.

“Let’s go, I’ll take you to dinner.” Benjamin, who had slipped his tongue, cleverly bypassed the topic, put his arm around Li Xin’s shoulder, and led Li Xin to the door. Before the door opened, he suddenly came over again, and whispered in Li Xin’s ear, “I made a report to apply for family visits. Everyone in the Hydra Army knows that, if the superiors find out that I am lying, I may be severely punished.”

“Then what should I do?” Li Xin also became nervous when he said that.

“I can only wrong you to act as my family member for a while, and help me lie, okay?” Benjamin said shamelessly.

Li Xin was stunned: “How should I cooperate?”

Benjamin said straightforwardly: “You just pretend to be my lover.”

Li Xin’s ears turned red when he heard this. The Alpha’s scorching breath was right next to his ear, making his entire face almost burn. He stood there bewildered, with his head down, not knowing how to react.

Play his lover? Was this appropriate?

Before he had time to react, Benjamin opened the door, gently took his hand and walked out of the dormitory.

Li Xin’s fingers trembled violently, and his whole body was extremely stiff.

Benjamin looked calm, and said as he walked, “The cafeteria is about to open, let’s have dinner first.”

Li Xin was awkwardly led by the alpha, his cheeks burning badly, and his feet were a little unsteady, as if he was floating in the clouds. His mind had long been a mess, so Benjamin held his hand in a daze and led him all the way to the cafeteria.

Benjamin brought Li Xin to the officer’s canteen. Apart from Major General Benjamin, there were brigadier generals and colonel-level officers from the Guards Battalion, Pioneer Battalion, Special Forces and other sub-departments who ate here. In military uniform, each figure was tall and straight, and they walked with long strides, looking particularly energetic.

It was inconvenient for everyone in the cafeteria to salute while eating food, but when they saw Benjamin, all the officers stopped eating and said hello, and most of them looked at Li Xin curiously, but there was no disrespect in their eyes.

Benjamin greeted everyone with a smile and led Li Xin to a corner to sit down.

A carefree alpha came over, sat opposite Benjamin, and said, “General, I heard that your lover came to see you? Is this your lover?”

Benjamin smiled and introduced: “Well, his name is Li Xin.” Then he leaned over and introduced to Li Xin softly, “This is Brigadier General Bruno, the battalion commander of the Guards Battalion of our Hydra Legion, and also a good buddy in my dormitory when I was in college.”

Li Xin looked at him with embarrassment. Then he smiled and said to the other party: “You, hello.”

Bruno said boldly: “Hello, sister-in-law.”

Li Xin: “…”

Seeing that Li Xin was so embarrassed that he was about to bury his face in the bowl, Benjamin coughed lightly, and said: “Don’t yell like this, Li Xin and I are not married yet.”

Bruno widened his eyes: “Then how do you say it’s a lover who came to visit?”

“Although we’re not married, we’re almost there.” Benjamin looked at Li Xin and said, “We are in love, and it will be a matter of time anyway, right?”

“…” How should he answer? Facing Bruno’s suspicious gaze, Li Xin had no choice but to bite the bullet and nod: “Yes, it’s like this…”

Bruno laughed and said, “That’s right! Then I can catch up with a glass of wedding wine, and I’ll tell our brothers the good news later!”

He smiled and walked away with the plate.

Li Xin blushed in embarrassment and looked at Benjamin: “If you say that, they will misunderstand.”

Benjamin shrugged: “If they misunderstand, just let them misunderstand. Anyway, these people are just worrying about my marriage when they are idle. It’s good to take the opportunity to shut their mouths.”

Li Xin didn’t know what to say, so he could only eat with his head down with a complicated mood.

He was a little sad because he was just acting with Benjamin, and it wasn’t real. A beta like him was destined not to become the general’s wife, and he never expected to be Benjamin’s lover, he just wanted to keep his love for this alpha in his heart, continue to be friends in the future, and see Benjamin occasionally, that much was enough for him.

It was just that he didn’t expect things to turn out like this. Benjamin’s subordinates seemed to have misunderstood things. Ever since Brigadier General Bruno spread the good news, officers one after another came to greet Li Xin under the pretext of “saying hello”. Because Bruno called him sister-in-law and was scolded by Benjamin, everyone didn’t dare to call him that, so they respectfully called him “Mr. Li” or “Brother Li”.

The atmosphere of the Hydra Corps managed by Benjamin was very harmonious and business-like, but in private, they were more like a group of good friends of the same age. Benjamin was the boss, so other officers naturally regarded Li Xin as “sister-in-law”.

Li Xin felt like he was sitting on pins and needles, not knowing what the food tasted like.

The attitude of Benjamin’s brothers towards him made him blush to the point of exploding, and he wished he could run away immediately with oil on his feet.

Counting the time by minute and second, after finally finishing the meal, Benjamin naturally took Li Xin’s hand and brought the blushing beta back to the dormitory.

As soon as Li Xin returned to the dormitory, he hid in the bathroom to take a shower, while Benjamin sat on the sofa and waited for him. At this moment, he received another video call, which was from his father. Benjamin looked at the bathroom and found that Li Xin hadn’t come out yet, so he entered the bedroom and closed the door to connect to the video.

In the picture, Aidean was wrapped in a blanket and sitting beside the bed, as he asked with a gentle voice: “I heard from your father that you took Li Xin to the military base?”

Benjamin rubbed his nose: “Hey, the news is true, it spread very quickly……”

Aidean raised his eyebrows: “How could you hide it from your father when you reported it to your superiors? He just nagged me for half an hour, saying that the older you are, the less sensible you are becoming, and you actually took people who you haven’t confirmed your relationship with to the military region, and lied that it was a family visit!”

Benjamin smiled and said, “Don’t worry, Dad, I brought him here just to confirm the relationship.”

“Are you confident?”

“Of course. I’m already preparing the bride price.”

Aidean looked at his son helplessly: “Are you really sure you want to be with this beta?”

Benjamin’s gaze was very firm: “Yes, otherwise I would not have brought him to the Hydra Legion and introduced him to the officers. Dad, you should understand me. I don’t care about emotions. I will only do this if I recognize him.”

Aidean sighed softly: “Okay, you should control yourself.”

Speaking till here, the sound of the bathroom door opening suddenly came from behind him. Benjamin hung up the video call and turned to go out——Li Xin was blowing his hair in front of the mirror, and there was still a trace of moisture on Beta’s body after taking a shower, and his skin looked smoky from the heat. It had a beautiful light red color, especially his fair ears, which looked extraordinarily cute after being dyed blush, making people want to take a bite.

Benjamin forcibly resisted this impulse, stood at the door of the bedroom, staring deeply at Li Xin’s back.

It wasn’t until Li Xin dried his hair that Benjamin walked over with a smile and said, “I’m going to take a shower too, and we’ll go to bed early after washing.”

Li Xin nodded, turned and went to the bedroom.

He walked to the side of the bed and stared blankly at the double bed in front of him. This bed was much smaller than the bed in the room he rented in Capital Star. Benjamin was so tall, two men squeezed into one bed, was it really good? Why doesn’t he just sleep on the sofa…

Li Xin was struggling, and Benjamin had already finished taking a shower quickly.

General Benjamin was used to putting on a loose bathrobe after taking a bath, with only a belt around his waist. Li Xin saw his strong chest at a glance and thought of the warmth when he held him in his arms. Thinking this, his heart started beating wildly, and he immediately looked away.

Benjamin walked over with a smile: “This bed is a bit small, you can make do with it. I have good sleeping habits, and I will leave enough space for you.”

Li Xin wanted to say that he would sleep on the sofa, but looking at the gentle look of the general, he swallowed his words again. There were not many opportunities to sleep with the person he liked, so he should cherish it. Thinking of this, Li Xin took a deep breath, pretending to be calm and said: “It’s okay, I sleep very honestly.”

Benjamin laughed in his heart: You are not honest when you sleep, you just go in a deep sleep, and you can’t wake up even after me kissing you so many times.

With their own thoughts, the two lifted the quilt and went to bed.

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