SLDH Ch. 72.2: Car Accident

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Mi Wan saw that Fan Chen seemed to want to personally send the little white fox to the kindergarten. After thinking about it, she decided to go with him. On the way, she could also ask Fan Chen how to control the demon’s power. And she had no class in the first two sessions in the morning. If it went well, it would not be too late to go back to class after going to Popcorn Kindergarten.

So she gave her brother’s assistant a call, and then took Fan Chen’s car to the kindergarten.

On the way, Mi Wan glanced at the little white fox sitting in the back seat and asked: “Little white fox, are you also being bullied at school?”

Little White Fox glanced coldly at Mi Wan, but thinking about what his uncle said last night, he nodded reluctantly.

“Shouldn’t be, you are a full charm white Fox, and you also have your own natural charm in your bones, you should be able to make people like you with just a smile.” Mi Wan said strangely.

“… I don’t like to smile.” The Little White Fox gritted his teeth and replied. And he didn’t even have to smile, even if his demon power was sealed, wouldn’t it even be enough to play with the weak chicken cubs in kindergarten?

“You’d rather be bullied and transfer schools than smile, you are also very persistent.” Mi Wan admired the small white fox’s perseverance.

“…” The little white fox was a little bit embarrassed. He turned himself into a fox and put his head directly onto the tail. He should not talk to the culprit that had made him transfer.

Mi Wan saw that the little white fox didn’t care for her, but she was not angry, instead she turned to chat with Fan Chen about the demon power seal: “By the way, the few fish fry in the aquarium are not yet able to control the demon power, do you have any way? I can also seal their demon power, but I am a demon hunter, if I place the seal, it may affect their cultivation in the long run.”

If the demon clan was sealed by the demon hunter’s power for a long period of time, it would have a great impact on their growth and practice, so Mi Wan did not want to do it herself.

“I’ll solve this,” Fan Chen replied. In fact, he had already sent the bracelet that controlled the demon power to the fish frys of the aquarium yesterday.

“That’s good.” Mi Wan nodded.

The car came to a crossroads, the signal lights in the distance began to flash, and it showed that there would be a red light for another two seconds. Fan Chen’s feet were about to lift and step on the brakes. When suddenly, a huge force of anti-bite burst out of his demon core, after which Fan Chen spit out blood, and then the whole person planted forward, and the foot he was going to place on the brake was not even able to leave the throttle. With his falling foot, the foot stepped on the throttle again.

With a loud noise, the car rushed out of the crossroads and collided with the big truck coming across the road.

“Fan Chen!” Mi Wan looked at Fan Chen in horror. Then, the car was rolled over by the big truck.

On the occasion of the sudden collision, countless small vines suddenly appeared in the car, and they enveloped the entire car. Because the little white fox was wearing a seat belt, even though the whole fox was hit by a huge force, it only moved by less than ten centimeters before he was caught by countless small vines. Even Mi Wan was wearing a seat belt, but when the car turned over, her head still rammed into the door uncontrollably. Just when she was about to grit her teeth in pain, a vine pulled her back and then circled her firmly in order to protect her.

After the violent collision, Mi Wan only felt that she was rolling back and forth for several laps before the car finally stopped. After a brief silence, there was a noise outside.

“A car accident.”

“Quick, hit 120.”

“To see if the people inside are still alive, pull them out first.”

Because of the car accident, the traffic at the crossroads was instantly paralyzed, and the truck driver and pedestrians panicked and ran over from the distance to try to save people.

In the car, Mi Wan couldn’t move because of the dense vines. She struggled to look in the direction of Fan Chen: “Fan Chen, how are you ~~”

Because of the vines, Mi Wan couldn’t see Fan Chen’s face. She only remembered that before the car had crashed, Fan Chen had suddenly spurted blood and the whole person had fallen down.

As the ordinary people outside the car ran closer and closer, Fan Chen withdrew his demon power with his last bout of consciousness. Suddenly, the vines in the carriage quickly retreated and disappeared instantly. And Mi Wan finally saw the appearance of Fan Chen at this time. His mouth was covered with blood, his eyes were closed, his face was pale, and the power of the whole body was looming. The whole person seemed to have passed out.

“Fan Chen!” Mi Wan felt a palpitation. She pulled on her seat belt and wanted to rush over to check on Fan Chen’s injury. But the ordinary people who had come to rescue that had already rushed to the side of the car. And Mi Wan was pulled out of the car.

“Girl, don’t worry, you come out of the car first, someone will save your boyfriend.” The passerby comforted.

Mi Wan broke away and pulled the passerby and ran towards the other side of the car. On the other side, Fan Chen was also pulled out of the car by two kind-hearted passers-by.

“120 there’s been an accident, this person looks very hurt.”

“Why, there’s still an animal in the back seat, it’s actually a fox.” The little white fox who later couldn’t change back to a human shape after the accident could only be cleverly hugged.

Mi Wan rushed to Fan Chen’s side and inserted her spiritual power into his body to start her inspection. Only when her spiritual power had just moved, her wrist was suddenly grasped.

“I’m okay ~~” After a short coma, Fan Chen woke up quickly. He just couldn’t resist the powerful demon power to bite back. After a moment of loss, he stopped Mi Wan and said, “Notify Quan Juncai.”

Mi Wan stared at him for a while, and saw Fan Chen’s pale face slowly recovering, and the weak demonic power on his body was also getting stronger and stronger, seeing this she was relieved. She knew it was not time to ask more, so she nodded and took out her mobile phone to call Quan Juncai.

At this time, the fox demon was at the airport. He had bought a nine o’clock flight ticket to country M and was preparing to board the plane. When he received a call from Mi Wan, he was still cleverly covering up his boss: “Hey, Master Mi, I am at the airport now, and I will fly right away, Xiao Rui …”

“Fan Chen was injured.” Mi Wan directly interrupted the fox demon.

“What?!” Quan Juncai’s complexion changed greatly, and he directly walked out of the airport.

In the hospital, in addition to the little white fox that was too late to become human, Mi Wan and Fan Chen were inspected from top to bottom, and the doctors were surprised that even though their car had been deformed so badly by the collision, but there was nothing seriously wrong with these two people who were present in the car.

The female had only scratches on her skin, and the male only had a slight concussion. Yes, he had vomited so much blood, but the test result showed only a slight concussion. Even so the doctors were not at ease, so Fan Chen was repeatedly checked several times, but the results did not change.

“You are lucky and have no internal injuries. You can stay for a day in the hospital for observation. If you are fine, you can be discharged tomorrow.” The doctor said to the two of them.

“Thank you doctor.” The two thanked.

“Have a good rest.” The doctor nodded and left the ward.

Fan Chen was sitting on the hospital bed, his face had recovered a lot, but there was still some haggardness in his expression. He turned to look at Mi Wan by the bed, looking at the girl’s forehead scratches, a trace of annoyance crossed his eyes: “Sorry.”

As soon as he recovered, he turned into a vine cushion, but he was still a step slower.

Mi Wan touched her forehead and said indifferently: “It’s okay, just a minor injury.”

Her bruises were not serious, and if it wasn’t for the doctor noticing, she would have recovered quickly just after circulating her spiritual energy twice.

“What happened to you just now, why did you vomit blood suddenly?” Mi Wan asked.

“I was counterattacked by my own demon power and was injured.” Fan Chen replied calmly.

“Demon Power Counterattack? What did you do?” Fan Chen was the demon king. His strength was extremely powerful even if he was placed five hundred years ago. How could he easily be hurt by a demon power counterattack.

“I imposed a seal and it was just broken.” Fan Chen replied.

“Seal, what did you seal?” Mi Wan curiously asked.

“Peng Yan.” Fan Chen spit out a name gently.

“Demon King Peng Yan?” Mi Wan shouted silently.

Peng Yan was the former demon king who initiated the war five hundred years ago. He was also the demon she was determined to kill but failed to kill.

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