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Zhou Xu was originally Li Er’s mount Qing Niu[1], who had already opened up his spiritual enlightenment, but had been ignorant and at a loss. After Li Er took him as his mount, he often accompanied Li Er to listen to his preaching before he embarked on the road of spiritual practice. Later, the Zhou royal family declined, and the books under Li Er’s administration were brought to Chu by the princes. Li Er was dismissed from office. In frustration, he took him west out of Hangu Pass, and traveled to preach by himself. In order to gradually increase his influence, after the death of Li Er’s centennial immortal, he finally transformed into a human form.

Calculating the time, it had been more than two thousand years.

At that time, he was still a little demon who had just transformed into human form. The Zhou Dynasty was declining, the heroes were competing, and Qin dynasty finally ruled the world. After the first emperor reunified the world, he returned from outside the pass and passed through the Pengcheng area of Surabaya. There, he was fortunate to meet Ying Long.

That was about after twenty-eight years of the reign of the first emperor. The first emperor intended to imitate King Yu’s “Li Ding in Yangcheng” and sent a large number of people to find the whereabouts of Jiuding[2]. Later, he learned that the lost place of Jiuding was in Pengcheng, Surabaya. So after the fast prayer shrine on the side of Surabaya, more than a thousand people were sent to search for Jiuding. But just when Jiuding was finally found, a Ying Long suddenly appeared in the water, biting off the rope that bound the Jiuding, and set off violent wind and waves, which prevented the First Emperor from searching for the Jiuding.

The first emperor was the emperor of the human race, the ninety-five-year-old supreme, and had great fortune. Ying Long was a **** of the lower realm, unpredictable and unruly.

The two sides confronted each other in Surabaya for more than ten days. In the end, the First Emperor gave in and gave up Jiuding, while Ying Long swept the Jiuding and sank into Surabaya again.

That was the first time he saw Ying Long. At that time, he was just a glimpse, but he was convinced by the tyrannical aura of the ancient shaman god.

Later, while he was practicing, he paid attention to Ying Long’s news, only to realize that the Ying Long he saw was not the one in the legend that helped the Yellow Emperor defeat Chi You in the Lower Realm.[3]

The Yinglong clan was originally a heavenly godly clan. Because of the battle between the Yellow Emperor and Chi You, Ying Long Geng Chen led a group of dragons to assist in the battle, slaying Chi You, and killing Kuafu. However, due to the exhaustion of his divine power, he could not return to heaven, and was eventually forced to stay in the lower realm and live in a daze in the south.

The Yinglong he saw in Surabaya was a small dragon who followed Geng Chen to the lower realm.

Geng Chen had great righteousness in his heart, and later helped King Yu to control the waters, beheading the helpless Qi…Finally, his divine power was exhausted, and he completely dissipated between heaven and the earth.

It was said that before completely dissipating, he injected his last dragon soul into the Jiuding cast by King Yu.

Later, Jiuding moved three times, went through the Xia, Shang and Wednesday dynasties, and was finally lost when the Zhou dynasty was destroyed by Qin. After decades, it was found by Yinglong in Surabaya.

After that, neither the Ying Long nor Jiuding, nobody knew where they were.

On the other hand, Zhou Xu gradually cultivated into a big monster from a little demon who had just cultivated a human form.

And his first meeting with Ying Long was not long after the establishment of the Ministry of National Security of China.

In the Age of Domination, faith did not exist, and countless shaman gods had dissipated. Monster races and practitioners were struggling. The only shaman gods in the world existed in name only. So, they stepped out of the altar and no longer claimed to be gods.

Ying Qiao was also among them.

In order to survive under the path of heaven, both the big monsters and the practitioners began to actively cooperate with the Ministry of Security and formed the earliest demon management bureau and special management bureau, seeking a way to coexist peacefully with mankind.

Zhou Xu was transformed by Li Er’s great favor, and when he was young, he was touched by Geng Chen’s actions and actively participated in it.

Because of his early years and his admiration for Geng Chen and Yinglong clan, he had taken the initiative to approach Ying Qiao.

But gradually he discovered that although Ying Qiao and Geng Chen were of the same family, their ideas were completely different.

Geng Chen had a heart for the earth and the human race and was even willing to sacrifice himself; but Ying Qiao probably hated this land and even the human race.

—This was actually his guess after contacting Ying Qiao.

Ying Qiao was very powerful. At first, the Ministry of Security had invited him to serve as the director of the Demon Administration Bureau, but he refused without hesitation. After many invitations from various parties, he reluctantly accepted the position of the deputy director of the Jiangcheng Demon Administration Bureau.

But it was said that he rarely participated in the management of the Demon Administration Bureau.

Like other great monsters, he seemed to have gradually integrated into human society, opened a company, and lived in a human city. Sometimes when the country was in trouble, they could invite this great **** to take action.

However, during the few meetings with him, Zhou Xu found that his eyes never changed.

Under the appearance of indifference, there was a deeper disgust.

He had been trying his best to disguise it and create the illusion of peace.

Zhou Xu didn’t tell anyone about his discovery, but there was always a vague worry in his heart. A few years ago, he retired, and the reason why he went from Beijing to Jiangcheng to take care of the elderly was precisely because of this inexplicable worry.

Although he retired, he knew a little bit about the news of the demon management bureau.

For example, Ying Qiao’s temper had become more and more irritable these years, and even the great monsters who had been close to him didn’t dare to provoke him easily.

Fortunately, even though he had a bad temper but Zhou Xu’s most worrying situation did not appear.

This somewhat relieved Zhou Xu.

But he never expected that Ying Long, who he had been observing secretly, would suddenly appear in the small street office, and would call him “Uncle Zhou” politely.

It was not so much like the Yinglong he knew.

Zhou Xu was a little bit flattered while also being frightened.

He looked at Jiang Lan, and then at Ying Qiao, keenly aware of something from Ying Qiao’s implicitly threatening eyes, and immediately obediently followed Ying Qiao’s words and said, “So it’s Xiao Jiang… Jiang Lan’s brother, welcome.”

The smile on Ying Qiao’s face became more sincere, and he even took out a box of tea leaves from another bag. He said, “Jiang Lan said that you like to drink tea. Just because there is a lot of tea at home, I brought you a box of tea.”

When Uncle Zhou heard him say the respectful “you”, the smile on his face almost couldn’t keep up.

He had to restrain himself from not bending over to pick it up.

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[1] Qing Niu is the blue ox who serves as a mount for Heavenly Lord Li Er.

[2] The Nine Tripod Cauldrons or Jiuding were, in Ancient China, a collection of ding that were viewed as symbols of the authority given to the ruler by the mandate of heaven. They had been cast, according to the legend, by Yu the Great of the Xia dynasty.

[3] The Battle of Zhuolu was the second battle in the history of China as recorded in the Records of the Grand Historian, fought between the Yanhuang tribes led by the legendary Yellow Emperor and the Jiuli tribes led by Chiyou.[1] The battle was fought in Zhuolu, near the present-day border of Hebei and Shanxi. And even the Classics of Mountains and Seas “Classics of the Great Wilderness: North”. quote: “應龍已殺蚩尤,又殺夸父,乃去南方處之,故南方多雨。” translation: “The Responsive Dragon already slew Kuafu, and also slew Chiyou; he then went to the South and dwelt there, that’s why in the South it rains so much.”

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