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If Su Yu knew Lu Ran’s thoughts, he would open his own ten-level taunting skills and ridicule the other party to the outside of the game. He even wanted his lover to remember him. Was he not good at all?

For him to look very affectionate on the surface, when in fact, the **** residue in the end was that he was just slag, it should be a direct kick, in fact he should kill him!

Su Yu was thinking so indignantly when he saw that Cang Qiong had come in from outside, and he had a tray in his hand with a simple meal on it.

“What are you thinking?” Cang Qiong put down the food and went to the bed to sit down.

Su Yu took over and licked the arm of Cang Qiong, acting spoiled: “I missed you, then I thought that if I am not there, will you not be able to hold it for a while, and be turned around by others?”

Cang Qiong touched Su Yu’s hair, and the movement was very gentle. His voice was also very serious, as he said: “No, because I don’t have to hold it until I face you.”

With such awkward tone and saying such awkward love words, Su Yu could not hold it anymore. He pulled the collar of Cang Qiong and gave the other party a warm and deep kiss without restraint.

When Su Yu was still trying to let go of his lover, he saw the green in his lover’s eyes appear unabashedly. Su Yu’s conditional reflection went tight, and he became busy retracting into the bed: “I am hungry, I want to eat.”

“I am also hungry.” The crooked throat rolled and stared at Su Yu.

Su Yu felt that his waist felt sorer, but maybe he should let his lover do more and more in the game, or if he waited until the real world, his body would not be able to afford such high-intensity exercise.

But even if he thought about it, Su Yu did not immediately let his lover succeed. It didn’t take long before he started, but he couldn’t let his lover develop such bad habits.

Although Cang Qiong had gone green, it was impossible for him to really force Su Yu. So, he personally helped him put on his clothes and simply ate something with him.

When the two were about to eat, Su Yu said with some discretion: “Dear, have you ever thought that when I suddenly disappeared before, and when those who left before, where did they go?”

Cang Qiong lifted his head and looked at Su Yu. After a moment of silence, he said some amazing words: “Another world.”

Su Yu was shocked by the answer of Cang Qiong, and his tone became somewhat unstable: “Another world? How did you think of this?”

“Because when you leave, I can’t feel your breath,” Cang Qiong looked at Su Yu’s eyes with a persistent look, with a touch of loss and fear in his tone. “At that time, I couldn’t feel your breath at all. It was like you had disappeared directly.”

This made Su Yu’s heart hurt, and he almost forgot. His lover was the master of this East Magic continent, and he had absolute control over the people and things here.

How could his lover not be aware of it when he left here? He just never said it.

Su Yu took Cang Qiong’s hand with a distressed heart: “Dear, you have to believe me, I will never leave you.”

Cang Qiong was holding the hand of Su Yu, and said with some force: “I know, because you came back.”

Su Yu blinked his eyes and said softly: “Have you ever thought about the world I went to?”

Cang Qiong shook his head: “I don’t know, but I want to know, will you tell me?”

In the heart of Cang Qiong, he and Su Yu had never belonged to the same world. He did not even know what his loved one was like in another world, and what kind of things he was doing, which made him feel a little uneasy.

Even if he was the master of this world, what could he do? Without the person he loved, everything seemed to lose its meaning.

“Of course, we will live together in that world in the future. So, of course you need to know what the world looks like.” Su Yu nodded.

These words made the eyes of Cang Qiong widen, and the invisible expressions on the face followed a few points: “We’ll live together?”

“Yeah, don’t you want to give up being the god of this world, or don’t you want to accompany me to that world?” Su Yu asked with a slight squint and smiled.

Cang Qiong grabbed Su Yu’s hand and solemnly said: “I am willing.”

Then Su Yu and Cang Qiong talked about the real world, what the world looked like, what he looked like in the world, and what their future looked like.

Cang Qiong was very serious and very careful. As if through Su Yu, he had already seen the future of the two, so beautiful and bright.

Su Yu’s mood was also very good. He was worried that it would take a lot of thoughts to raise the issue smoothly. And that it would be difficult for Cang Qiong to accept, but he didn’t expect things to go so smoothly.

Then the next thing was much simpler, they could live together in the real world, or they could swim together in the game, no matter when and where, they would not be separated.

Probably because the positive impact of this incident on Su Yu was too great, even when he received a private chat from [Yushu Linfeng], who said “Flashy Dreams” had come wanting to destroy their guild building, Su Yu’s mood was not compromised.

Since someone came to get embarrassed, and it was even an old acquaintance, Su Yu naturally had to treat him well, so Su Yu only returned four words: “Kill them.”

Since the last round of the whirlwind incident, the people of [Flashy Dreams] had become more honest, and the number of the so-called first guild had dropped to less than 500 in a short period of time, but their recruiting ability was still very strong, hanging the name of the first guild in the game, in a few days, they had rushed to more than a thousand again.

Probably because there were too many newcomers, and the members of this guild had long been used to bullying others, they regrouped so quickly after the humiliation, and put the object of bullying on [Qitiange].

They were very courageous, and they were destined to die very badly. Because Su Yu said that they were killing them, it was not to kill one thing, but to continue his previous style and to turn all those who were looking to die into things.

However, this time Su Yu did not intend to let his lover do it again. Anyway, he did not intend to watch it in the past. It didn’t matter after a long time, so let those NPCs serve it.

After letting Cang Qiong give the order, Su Yu planned to take him out to go shopping, but unexpectedly, they met Lu Ran again.

Su Yu was mentally prepared to meet this person, or it should be said that he was looking for a chance to abuse this slag.

Lu Ran was obviously prepared, and there was a bag in his hand: “Cang Qiong, these are the crystals I collected for you. Haven’t you always liked collecting crystals all the time? These are for you.”

Lu Ran smiled and reached out as he looked at Cang Qiong seriously.

Su Yu glanced at Cang Qiong and took the bag from Lu Ran’s hand. Then he smiled and said: “Since you have taken the initiative, then do we just have to make it clear? I hope that you will not entangle Cang Qiong again, because he already has a lover, and that person is me, understand?”

Lu Ran’s eyes looked at Su Yu in a dull manner, clenching his fists. “He really thinks that you are his lover, but it’s only now, because he lost his memories, do you understand?”

“I understand, but what about it? Even if he really forgot me, it is still my lover,” Su Yu deliberately misinterpreted the meaning of Lu Ran. He knew that Lu Ran said that because he wanted to bury the seed of suspicion in his heart, how could he let the other party do what he wanted? “It is Mr. Lu. Since you have done something wrong, you shouldn’t have any extravagance because you are the least qualified person to appear in front of him. Do you understand?”

Lu Ran’s heart was awkward and inexplicably scared. This person really knew the past, but even so, Lu Ran still insisted on calmly saying: “I don’t understand what you are saying, I only know that I was the closest to him. And it will be the same in the future, and you, you are just a passer in his life… Hey!”

When Lu Ran’s words were not finished, he suddenly squirted out blood, and the whole person took two steps uncontrollably and almost fell directly.

“Cang, you actually hurt me for him?” Lu Ran’s eyes were so big that he couldn’t believe what happened in front of him. “Did you forget? I am your lover! You spent five years to design this game for me…”

“Shut up!” Cang Qiong’s voice was low, and his words were cold. “I know who your lover is, but I am not him. My lover has only been one from beginning to end, it is him.”

When he said this, Cang Qiong slightly grabbed Su Yu’s shoulder and his eyes were deep.

Su Yu turned his head and looked at Cang Qiong in a strange way. Did his lover actually know the story?

Lu Ran looked at Cang Qiong with the same sorrow, some panic, and a faint look of expectation: “You…have you remembered?”

“I am not that person, but when I was awake, I really saw the memory of that person.” Cang Qiong looked at Lu Ran with obvious disgust, and his voice was indifferent. “He is a very weak person, spending all the blood of his heart, only to receive the betrayal of his lover, and eventually even his end was tragic. Are you looking for that person?”

Lu Ran’s eyes brightened, but they quickly faded. And his mouth slowly condensed out a bitter arc: “You really remembered it, but you refuse to forgive me, don’t you?”

Hearing, the obvious disgust in the eyes of Cang Qiong appeared again: “I have already said, I am not that person. If I were that person, you could never live at this time. How could I allow my lover to betray me? If he truly dares to betray me, I will lock him up, so that he can only see me and can only feel my existence.”

When Cang Qiong said the last half of the sentence, his eyes fell on Su Yu, although Su Yu felt that the lover who said this kind of words was really handsome, but why did he inexplicably feel a little cold on his back?

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