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Su Yu quickly patted the shoulders of his lover and appeased: “Dear, you can rest assured that I will not betray you, certainly not.”

Cang Qiong who was holding the hand of Su Yu: “I know.”

After a pause, he was a little sorry: “But maybe you can pretend to do this and we can try.”

“…” How could he think that such a cold and upright lover would have such a bad taste? However, it seemed to be a little stimulating.

Seeing that the two people were so ruthless, even directly forgetting his existence, Lu Ran was angry and at the same time he was heartbroken, so he could only take the initiative to say: “You really… aren’t him?”

“I have said it very clearly. You can stand here alive, it is enough to show that I am not the same person as you think.” Cang Qiong turned to look at Lu Ran, and his voice was full of disdain. “But even though I am not him, still there is a saying that I want to tell you that people like you are really not worthy of having a lover.”

The tone of the words was too cold, and Lu Ran subconsciously stepped back two steps, looking at Cang Qiong with a pale face, although he was very reluctant to admit it, but what he said might be true. People like himself were truly not worthy of having a lover, right?

Lu Ran recalled a memory fragment that had been buried in time.

At that time, the things between the two of them had just been discovered by his family. His heart was in a panic, and he didn’t know what to do. His lover just smiled softly and said: “In fact, we are going in the right direction. I think, since we have decided to go forward together, we would have to face these things one day, it’s just this test came early, maybe it is not a bad thing?”

How did he respond at that time? He felt that his lover did not care about his feelings at all and did not consider it from his side. Now, in retrospect, it should be that he was right.

It was because his lover wanted to walk with him until the end of their lives, that he saw this thing so optimistically, and the reason why he was so flustered was because he couldn’t even make up his mind at that time. Going together with two people?

The smile, which had already become blurred, became so clear at this moment that it filled every corner of the mind, so that he could no longer control his face and screamed and cried silently.

Perhaps from that time on, he had already pushed his lover away, so that that series of things would happen later.

Even if he had been carefully running the game designed by his lover, even if he designed the game as a mirror to express his love for his lover, even if he copied his lover’s brain into the game, it still could not negate the fact that his lover had finally left him.

Everything he did was destined to be in vain, because he was wrong from the beginning.

Lu Ran’s crying gradually turned from silent to low crying, and it became sobbing and then eventually became a long-squeezed out cry.

Su Yu did not feel that this person would be chasing the past anymore and determined that this person would not entangle his lover again, so he continued to go shopping with Cang Qiong.

The two were having fun, when a few forced screens popped up in front of them.

[** Suzha **, ** actually turned white to help my brother, to bully the weak what kind of hero! **** Come and die!!!]

[Without morals, anything is possible! Suzha ** bullying, the heavens will not allow this!!!]

[Qitiange a group of garbage, to bully and count what a hero! ******kill you!!!]


Suddenly seeing so many asterisks, Su Yu’s brows were pumped out uncontrollably: “Dear, ban them together, they are making me annoyed.”

In a flash, the whole world became quiet.

Then naturally it was Su Yu’s counterattack moment, but he did not personally counterattack back, but let the men put the evidence of the gangsters of [Flashy Dreams] that he had previously collected and started to slap their faces.

Some of these evidences were chats of the World Channel, some were chat records inside the guild chats, and some were videos where they bullied the crowds of players, put them out in a pile, and just caused them to be scolded by those people. The content was exactly the same.

Finally, the elders of [Qitiange] released the whole process of the previous conflict. Although the one who suffered was indeed the Flashy Dreams guild, but it was also them who deliberately picked faults first. They ended up in such a position, it was completely their own fault.

Then, it was another powerful forced screen message appeared.

I have a little secret: “Ha ha ha ha ha ha, [Flashy Dreams] comrades, do you think this wave is not cool? Is it not good? Is it unexpected? Surprise?”

I have a little donkey: “As a new member of [Qitiange], I am honored to have done a good thing today to help those who have been bullied by the bad guys to fight forever!”

Why do you solve the problem: “Why do [Flashy Dreams] people not talk? Is it too shameful, so they all indented into their tortoise shells?”

Xiaojia Biyu: “What does that sentence say? Good and evil have a report, heavens have a good reincarnation; do not believe to look up, who has surpassed Cang Qiong. It is really retribution, hahahahahaha…”

Everybody’s Lady: “Jasper, although this is really funny, but we are ladies, to be laughable, take your laughter back to 233333333333”

Yushu Linfeng: “The two upstairs showing love, your death will be fast, hehe! But today we really are proud, this is the boss’s credit, being with the boss, you will have meat, this is really the truth.”


For a time, the world channel and the barrage didn’t have much else to say. Everyone was actively commenting all kinds of evils done by the [Flashy Dream], especially those players who had been bullied by them before. At this time, they felt very proud.

As for those who were from [Flashy Dreams], they couldn’t even speak now. It was just dumb to eat Huanglian[1]. They couldn’t say anything, but this bitterness was also their own blame. No wonder others were mocking them.

After this incident, the just re-raised number of helpers in the “Flashy Dreams” suddenly began to smash down, it was terrible.

When everyone was in trouble, Su Yu jumped in the air and sent a big and powerful forced screen: “Jumping clowns are really not afraid, and still want to make trouble.”

As soon as the screen hit, it was immediately followed by a bunch of [Boss is mighty and domineering, Qitiange is domineering!]

Onlookers saw the whole process of this incident, but they did not say a word for Flashy Dreams, after seeing these barrage screens, Flashy Dreams would have to retreat directly from the game, thinking of the experience of this time, more and more they felt that this game couldn’t be played at all!

Then thinking of the initiators who led to all these things, Yiqu Huahua was even more angry and red, he was afraid that he could not even eat rice.

The person who he had offended was like a huge bug in the game. He didn’t have any way to take him. He even went to the official channel to report it, and he didn’t get any useful feedback. This was simply playing him deliberately!

No matter how angry Yiqu Huahua was now, Su Yu had directly thrown him away after solving this problem. Now the problems in the game had basically all been solved. Now it was necessary for him to consider bringing Cang Qiong into the real world as soon as possible.

Before the Ball had already prepared the most suitable body for Cang Qiong according to his requirements, what he needed to do now was to tell Cang Qiong and then implement the plan.

“Dear, how do you think this looks like? Except for hairstyles and clothes, everything else is the same as you are now.” Su Yu pointed to a picture for Cang Qiong.

Cang Qiong looked seriously for a while, hesitated for a moment, then nodded: “Yes.”

Su Yu secretly sighed and leaned on the shoulders of Cang Qiong and asked: “When do you think you would be in the best mood? I think we should choose the time when you are in the best mood and go to the new world.”

The words of Cang Qiong immediately became dull: “When you are in the best mood, I should let you know? Because it is every time, I am only with you.”

Su Yu felt a little stunned, only to reflect on the meaning of the words said by Cang Qiong, then his face suddenly became somewhat unnatural: “That time is not the best time to choose the mood, it’s fine as long as the mood is good.”

“But I really want to choose the best time, isn’t that the most beneficial?” Cang Qiong stared at Su Yu, and one hand had already landed at Su Yu’s waist.

Su Yu reluctantly opened the hand that wanted to be chaotic: “We are to go to a new life together, how can we choose that time? No, no, no.”

“But I hope that in the new life, we can do that kind of thing often, isn’t that good?” In some things, Cang Qiong did not know how to hold back.

Especially at this moment, he still used his very obvious eyes to smear Su Yu, such that his meaning couldn’t be clearer. Su Yu rolled his eyes in his heart: “In short, absolutely not! Since you don’t want to choose, let me replace it. You have chosen.”

Cang Qiong was silent for a moment and nodded with some grievance. “Okay, but what we have to do next must be decided by me, otherwise I will be very unhappy.”

“…well.” The thoughts of the lover were written in his eyes. What else could Su Yu say? Anyway, he would not be able to get out of bed for the next few days, but he could only comfort himself.

The author has something to say:

[Little Theater]

Su Yu: Except for hairstyles and clothes, everything else is the same as you are now.

Cang Qiong: Is the ability in that aspect the same?

Su Yu: …may not be the same.

Cang Qiong: _ (: з) _ not happy.

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[1] A bitter herb used for quenching heat.

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