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Xuan Ming laughed for several minutes at the door of the laboratory, but fearing that he would miss out on more exciting confrontations, he cleared his throat, put on a serious expression, and returned to the little curly hair by steering the wheelchair again.

Zhuang Li was sticking electrode sheets one by one to his forehead, eyebrows, temples and other places.

Inducing anti-virus programs to attack the system’s consciousness was just a tactic to deceive the system. What he really wanted was not to torture the system but find out the series of commands that appeared in the system’s management background after each format.

Without having to do more deciphering work, he had already guessed that these instructions were the codes that the system relied on to control all programs, and they were the same type of product as the C language that ran the computer.

They were waveform diagrams, but the positions of the crests and troughs were slightly different from the one mastered by Zhuang Li, much like the cuneiform characters of some ancient country.

As before, Zhuang Li simulated these graphics one by one with his own brain waves during meditation, imported them into the EEG screen and memorized them.

He didn’t need to know the logical relationship and grammatical connection between them, and he didn’t need to decipher their deep meaning. He could simply copy them into a long series of meaningless characters and overwrite the original core instructions of the system.

Ultra-long data would completely occupy the storage space of the system and squeeze it out of the core area. This was a common method used by hackers to invade a computer, called implantation. So, one second 7480 was crying and pretending to be a poor system, and the next second he was locked in a small dark room.

“Ahh! Why did the lights go out? Master, what did you do to me? How could I leave the Lord God’s space? It’s impossible!” It screamed in fright.

Zhuang Li was lying on the sofa with his eyes closed, with a ballpoint pen spinning and jumping at his fingertips, as if completely out of the control of gravity, and seeming as if it would not fall no matter what angle it was spun at.

Xuan Ming sat quietly at the side, looking at the little curly hair intently.

At this moment, a magnificent space was appearing in his mind, with all kinds of luxurious furniture and European-style curtains inlaid with gold silk hanging in it. A vision led him to walk in this space, when, a white hand stretched out from below, and casually pulled the curtain, making a disgusted click.

There was no doubt that this vision belonged to Little Curly, and his consciousness had occupied the original residence of the system, which was the so-called main god space.

It was just a place to rest, nothing to see, so Zhuang Li quickly withdrew and continued to take over other programs.

“Huh?” He whispered in his head.

Goosebumps immediately appeared on the back of Xuan Ming’s hands. It wasn’t until this moment that he realized that the little curly hair was not only sexy in brain power, but also had a lazy magical power in his voice.

“This interface seems to be an instant messenger?” Zhuang Li carefully browsed through an unfamiliar page.

At the same time, a window also appeared in Xuan Ming’s mind. The system number 7480 was marked on the top of the window, and there was a chat box below. Three numbers were arranged on the left side of the box, namely 169, 248, and 367.

Zhuang Li tried to click on these numbers, and asked casually: “System, what is this?”

7480 quietly hid in the darkness.

“This is the linker between your systems? Three numbers represent three systems, and you still have companions?” Zhuang Li slowly analyzed according to everything in front of him.

Xuan Ming’s spirit was lifted.

He didn’t expect that the little curly hair could even discover this secret. Everything in the world seemed transparent to him.

7480 covered his mouth and shrank into a darker corner.

Zhuang Li smiled lightly, “No, not companions. The purpose of your coming to this world should be the same, that is to conquer Xuan Ming.”

Xuan Ming thought helplessly and amusedly: It’s rare that you still remember me.

Zhuang Li quickly made a judgment: “So you are competitors. But since the Lord God let you know about each other’s existence and installed tools for you to communicate with each other, to some extent, you should be allowed to cooperate.”

Xuan Ming applauded silently in his heart.

7480 said in frustration: “You have already guessed it, then why are you asking!”

“I’m not sure that I can remove you without any damage to my brain.” Zhuang Li closed his eyes and sighed contentedly: “It’s really like sending a pillow just when you are feeling sleepy. I just needed a few test items.”

7480 immediately shouted: “Don’t mess with us, the Lord God will know! He has great powers, and he will definitely send taskers to kill you!”

“He won’t.” Zhuang Li asked back: “What do you need to do to support a god?”

7480 babbled and didn’t dare to answer. As soon as the host asked him a question, he trembled with fright, which seemed to have become a conditioned reflex for him.

Xuan Ming thought about this question seriously, but he had no clue.

Zhuang Li smiled and sighed: “It takes believers to support a god, not just one or two, but tens of thousands, even all over the universe. You systems are the believers of the Lord God, and the hosts controlled by you are his slaves. Each of you is in a pyramid, and it is absolutely impossible to cross the strict hierarchy, and only the main god is allowed to stand on the top of the tower.”

Zhuang Li opened his eyes and asked slowly: “System, you can guess how many believers and slaves like you are at the bottom of the pyramid?”

The system whimpered sadly.

Zhuang Li placed the ballpoint pen on the table, put his hands on the top of the tower, pressed against his chin, and said in a soft voice full of pity: “System, there are countless little things like you in the hands of the Lord God. Humans believe in God, but can God really hear the voice of human prayer?”

The system knelt down and begged for mercy: “Master, I was wrong, I will never lie again!”

Zhuang Li said softly: “It’s okay, you can lie as much as you want, I like the stupid way you think you can fool me.”

The system suddenly cried until it collapsed.

Xuan Ming: “…cough cough cough cough cough cough!”

Xuan Ming choked on his own saliva when he couldn’t help laughing.

Zhuang Li glanced at him, his slender brows half raised, as if he also disliked his stupidity.

Xuan Ming’s cheeks flushed slightly, and he felt a rare bit of shyness.

He quickly picked up the cup and went to fetch water from the water dispenser beside him.

Zhuang Li then withdrew his gaze and looked into the void with his forehead propped up. He seemed to be in a daze, but Xuan Ming, who was not more than ten meters away from him, could see the picture in his mind.

He was sending messages to the three systems. The content was composed of a series of waveform diagrams that he had mastered before. The specific meaning was not even clear to him, and its nature was probably similar to garbled characters. But it didn’t matter, as long as the opposite system was interested, it would respond.

7480 murmured: “They won’t talk to you. Although the systems can communicate with each other, the specific situation must be determined by the Lord God.”

Zhuang Li took off the electrode pads all over his head and said casually: “The Lord God will not personally judge your situation. At most, he will set some scenarios in your program. When your situation matches these scenarios, you will reach the standard by which you can communicate with each other.”

Zhuang Li glanced at Xuan Ming and said in a firm tone: “The four systems are lurking around, but Xuan Ming has not been captured yet. I think this situation should be in line with the judgment of the main god.”

7480 covered his face, full of despair. The host was so smart that he could crack all the secrets in minutes, so what else could it say! Damn it, if it weren’t for the fact that Xuan Ming was too difficult to conquer, there wouldn’t be four systems in this world at the same time!

While thinking about it, Xuan Ming, the culprit, slid over with two cups of hot water, and said in a warm voice, “Take a rest, there is no rush to do the experiment.”

“Thank you.” Zhuang Li took two sips from the water glass.

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