TCYEC Ch. 93

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Onyx TV’s TV series’ ratings had always been among the top, and it only broadcasted high-quality dramas, so it had a good reputation. However, their entertainment programs were not doing very well. Not even one entertainment program had ever reached the top in ratings, and even their ace program “To Tell the Truth” had only average ratings.

“To Tell the Truth” could achieve not too bad results in the same segment of the program, but since it was a live talk show and the program lasted an hour, its effectiveness depended on the guests’ on-site performance and IQ. Once they said something wrong on the show, they couldn’t change it.

Once there was a guest who broke the news about an actress who had cosmetic surgery on the show, and this guest and the actress who was exposed had always been recognized as good girlfriends in the entertainment industry. Regardless of whether the guest was intentional or not, the words were her own. From then on, “good girlfriends in the entertainment industry” broke off, and the two were never seen in the same frame in the same station, and they made a lot of effort not to see each other.

The show was broadcast on time at 10 o’clock on Saturday night. Many people were waiting to watch Yu Siyang stand in front of the TV. After the long commercial, the title of “To Tell the Truth” finally appeared.

“Welcome everyone to watch the high-end, atmospheric and connotative talk show “To Tell the Truth”, which is sponsored by Nongolbao Pure Milk on Saturday night at ten o’clock. I am the host He Youyou.”

He Youyou’s voice just fell, and all the audience gave a warm applause.

“To tell you the truth, it’s the first time in the five years since this show is being broadcast, that I saw the auditorium in the studio full of people… My mood is really complicated.”

The audience was amused by him, the director in the control room immediately cut the picture to the No. 5 camera that took the distant view, and an overhead picture of the entire auditorium appeared on the TV. At a glance, the auditorium was indeed full.

After He Youyou made a joke to stir up the atmosphere, he evoked the topic of tonight-the young star, and specially asked the audience to call out the names of the guest tonight.

The audience was quite cooperative and shouted: “Yu——Si——Yang——”

Yu Siyang was waiting in the backstage to appear. It was his first time to participate in this kind of live show. He had eaten two apples nervously in the dressing room before. Now he heard the voices of the audience, he was suddenly more nervous and needed a third apple.

But there was no time for him to eat the third apple. Hearing the scheduling prompt in the headset, the stage assistant quickly said: “Hurry up, it’s time to go.”

Yu Siyang took a deep breath and adjusted the position of the headset. Then he tried to let himself go out calmly.

The lights in the studio were very bright. On the contrary, the lights in the auditorium were deliberately dimmed. Standing on the stage, the auditorium couldn’t be seen clearly.

This made Yu Siyang relax a lot, and he first greeted the host: “Mr. He, hello.” Then, at the sign of He Youyou, he bowed to the audience, “The audience and friends in front of the TV, good evening, I’m Yu Siyang.”

    “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…” The audience immediately screamed. They were all fans of Yu Siyang, and they finally saw the real person today, and they were so excited that they could not control themselves.

He Youyou waited until the audience’s screams became a little lower, and then said: “You are treated differently. When I came out, I only got a weak applause. As soon as you came out, they screamed so loudly that the roof was about to overturn.”

The audience laughed for a while. But amidst the laughs, there was a crisp voice sandwiched in, and it said loudly: “Yu Siyang looks handsome.”

He Youyou put on an exaggerated expression of “My heart hurts, why do you treat me so different”. He pretended to cover his chest and step back two steps, but it was not too much.

In stark contrast to the “playful” He Youyou, Yu Siyang stood aside shyly, slightly at a loss.

At the same time, Weibo was also very lively. Many viewers who were watching couldn’t send barrage and comment like when watching live streams, so they had to comment on the official Weibo account of “To Tell the Truth” in real time.

After He Youyou made a joke, he asked Yu Siyang to sit on the sofa opposite him. There was a small table in the middle with two cups of hot tea and some fruits on it. The environment was as if they were two friends sitting down and chatting instead of being on a show, so Yu Siyang also relaxed a lot.

He Youyou started with a nonsense question, “What do you think of our studio?”

Yu Siyang turned and looked around, and said, “It’s very spacious.”

“Haha, our studio is really spacious. It’s our station. There is still a relatively large studio.” He Youyou didn’t feel embarrassed at all, and he answered the conversation naturally. He deserved to be a well-known host.

The viewers on and off the TV were laughing crazily, posting a row of “My Yang is so straightforward” and “Mr. He’s inner OS at this moment: Who asked you whether the studio is spacious or not?” on Weibo.

“First of all, I congratulate you on being shortlisted for the Best Newcomer Award,” He Youyou finally entered the topic, “You seem to be the youngest candidate for this year’s Best Newcomer Award.”

Yu Siyang nodded, “I am the youngest and the only one who is not from a professional class. The others are very good.”

“I heard that you were a school tyrant[1]. You dropped out before you finished high school. You regret it?”

“Unfortunately, I didn’t go to college because I had to repay the debt and the school tuition fee could not be paid before I dropped out.”

“Can’t afford the tuition? Was the tuition expensive at that time?”

“Yes, it was expensive.”

“I saw your uncle and aunt on the Internet. Didn’t they subsidize your college entrance exam?”

“You know I didn’t go to college.”

He Youyou and Yu Siyang, one asked the other answered. Slowly, Yu Siyang lost his nervousness, and he would even tell a joke or two.

The audience, especially Yu Siyang’s fans, felt distressed at such questions and answers.

It was so pitiful for such a well-behaved boy to have such unlucky relatives. Those unscrupulous relatives must be sentenced heavily, and the culprit, the illegitimate child of the Xue family, must be sentenced for life!!!

On Weibo, countless angry people rushed to discuss the topic, and while the show was still on the air, it was already on the hot search.


Xue Chengxiu leaned on the sofa at home, and Aunt Wang was with him. They watched the teenager being interviewed on TV and ate the snacks the teenager made yesterday.

“Can’t eat anymore, I have gained weight recently.” Aunt Wang reluctantly put down the small silver fork in her hand.

“Aunt Wang, you must exercise more after eating, so as not to gain weight.” Xue Chengxiu continued to eat.

“Huh—” Aunt Wang snorted dissatisfiedly. She was now in menopause, and she would get fat even if she drank water.

On the TV, after the three-minute commercial, the picture was cut back to the studio. The host He Youyou asked a very sensitive question: “What do you think of the rumor about you being kept that was circulating a while ago?”

As soon as this question came out, it was immediately caught on Weibo. Numerous audience members were overwhelmed-

“Fuck, what’s in it? Will it be hosted, how does the host interview [scream]”

“You are being raised, and your entire program group is being raised.”

“Why ask this? Is it not to sprinkle salt on the wound of my male god, so angry.”

“I want to send a blade to the program group, no one should stop me [angry][angry][angry]”

In the “To Tell the Truth” program group, the network specialist who always observed the network trends roughly categorized the netizens to Weibo and informed the program director.

The director’s mood was really complicated after hearing this. This question was communicated to the artist management team, and it was put on the question list specifically, and he waited for the right time to ask it. They never imagined that netizens were so fierce that the program group would be scolded dead by them.

“That’s nothing.” With a right smile on his face, Yu Siyang said: “Mr. Xue is my benefactor, as well as President Wei, and my manager Luo Ge. They are all in hot water because they helped me.”

He Youyou asked: “You and Mr. Xue are just friends?”

“Of course, not just friends.” Yu Siyang deliberately sold it.

“So, what else is the matter?” He Youyou asked very cooperatively.

Yu Siyang said: “The relationship between the creditor and the debtor.” He Youyou couldn’t help but laugh, and the audience also bowed forward and backward with laughter.

Yu Siyang waited for them to laugh enough, and then said: “At that time, I was running tricks in various crews, rushing to pay off debts. The work intensity was very high, and the diet and life were irregular. Once I even played a melon-eater in the crowd in a movie …”

“Haha, were you really eating melons?” He Youyou asked while smiling.

“It’s really eating melon.” Yu Siyang nodded, “The weather was not too hot at the time, and the crew asked me to eat watermelon to watch the emotional drama starring the male and female actors. There were a lot of group performances in that drama, and the on-site scheduling was not good, and there were many people. I NGed frequently, so I kept eating watermelon, and afterwards I couldn’t help but vomit.”

Yu Siyang talked about the hospitalization at the time, and how later Wei Xiaofeng acted as guarantee and Xue Chengxiu personally took the money out of the company’s account and went up and paid the debt for him.

There was a sentence buried in his heart, but because of shyness or other reasons, Yu Siyang did not dare to speak directly to Xue Chengxiu. Therefore, through this program, he happily said what he had always wanted to say, “Mr. Xue, he is a very gentle and kind person. How lucky I am in my life to meet such a good person.”

“This is what is called blessings come after suffering a misfortune?” He Youyou teased.

Yu Siyang smiled and said, “That is true.”

The audience was moved by Yu Siyang’s remarks, and everyone had the thought that everything was “good for others”, but the company and the boss of other people were indeed different.

The people who were eating melons immediately picked up the topic of #China’sGoodBossXueChengxiu# on the Internet, and quickly sent the topic to the hot search list, and it was next to the topic #YuSiyanghassomethingtosay#.

At this time, the “China’s Good Boss” stared blankly at the young person talking on TV, with a rare dysfunctional expression on his face, but his heart seemed to be overflowing slowly.

He really wanted to hug the boy on the TV. It would be better if he kissed him more.

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[1] Top student.

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