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Chu Shuangyan felt that her brain couldn’t turn around and bit the tip of her tongue for a long while before reluctantly suppressing the scream that was about to be released.

Zhou Siyu could actually get close to Fifth Master Lu’s body?! Was she dazzled?

Chu Shuangyan remembered that she was still yelling at Siyu before, and confidently saying that the gold master behind her would definitely not dare to confront Fifth Master Lu, and her face went pale with shame.

What kind of sponsor, Zhou Siyu clearly had a close relationship with Fifth Master Lu himself!

Siyu was caught off guard and was pulled in,but she didn’t feel very well. Fifth Master Lu was furious with her. She struggled to leave this person’s arms, but the hands on her waist were like iron tongs. She didn’t have enough energy to struggle like that, and after a while, she started sweating out from exhaustion.

“Why are you in a hurry?” Seeing that Siyu wanted to escape again, Fifth Master Lu frowned unhappily. Just as Chu Shuangyan thought this was a sign of his anger, Fifth Master Lu reluctantly held down Siyu’s small hand. As she wished, she hugged the person from her lap, and put her aside steadily, “Be good, I’m not going to eat you.”

Chu Shuangyan: “…” Did she see a Fake fifth master?

Siyu was sitting next to Fifth Master Lu and she was inevitably bleeding. She just coughed up blood, and Fifth Master promptly took out a towel to wipe off the blood stains for her, reached out and knocked on a hidden compartment in the car, took out a small porcelain bottle, and poured out half of it. The pill was forced into her mouth: “Hold it, don’t swallow it.”

This pill was different from the previous ones, the taste was so bitter, Siyu couldn’t even swallow it, and suddenly her little face wrinkled. But the effect of this pill was extremely overbearing. As soon as it was put into her mouth, the blood in her throat was suppressed!

“Bitter?” Fifth Master Lu raised Siyu’s chin, lowered his eyes, and asked in a soft voice.

Siyu nodded again and again, bitter, too bitter, she has long been used to drinking Chinese medicine, but this taste was still unbearable, which showed that it was really miserable!

Unexpectedly, Fifth Master Lu had a gentle expression in the last second, but in the next second he collected all his emotions, and his tone was cold: “Bitterness is right, let you teach a lesson one by one. If you dare to run around in the future, you will be given these every day.”

Siyu covered her lips, tears were forced from the black and white apricot eyes, her eyes were red, and she seemed to want to rush to pounce on Fifth Master Lu at any time.

“As for you–” Fifth Master Lu was next to the little girl, and the cool temperature passed to him through the clothing and eased the violent mood in his heart. Only then did he release a trace of energy and look towards the standing Chu Shuangyan, who was chilling outside the car window, narrowed his eyes slightly, not knowing what she was thinking.

Chu Shuangyan did not dare to speak out at the thought of the fate her cousin suffered, and quickly grabbed the car window and explained: “Fifth Master, I really admit my mistake, I just lost my mind for a moment!”

After becoming wise, she finally turned her head and said to Siyu again: “Sister Zhou… Si Yu! I shouldn’t get you wrong. I have figured it out now. It is all caused by the bitch Xu Qingwan. It has nothing to do with you. There is nothing between you and A Lin/Wen Yuan…”

When Chu Shuangyan mentioned the names of Ji Lin and Wen Yuan, Siyu felt a terrible chill behind her. A terrifying beast was staring at her, she trembled, and before she could look back, she heard a kind voice coming from behind: “Oh, Ji Lin and Wen Yuan? There are others. Huh…?”

Seeing that Fifth Master Lu finally speak out, Chu Shuangyan said quickly: “Yes, yes, I know that Sister Siyu and the president of Huanyi are also in an ordinary cooperative relationship. I made a mistake by myself. next time I will not be so reckless, Fifth Master…… “

Fifth Master Lu raised an eyebrow, though there was a smile on his face, but his eyes did not smile: “There is Lu Xing Zhou as well, ah…?”

Siyu felt the arms of Fifth Master looped on her thin waist tighten. The strength seemed to be almost breaking her bones. The car was filled with a dangerous breath of wind and rain. Although she didn’t know why this psycho suddenly became angry, it did not hinder Siyu. There was an alarm in her mind immediately, and this time it was her turn to wait to cover Chu Shuangyan’s mouth that babbled out everything.

However, Fifth Master Lu gently shook his chin. He didn’t know what method he used, Siyu was completely silent, and could only watch Chu Shuangyan say a lot of “good things” to her in order to repent for her crimes. She wanted to scream:

Chu Shuangyan is a fool, if success is not enough, this is more than failure, you can stop, don’t say it!

When he got the information he wanted, Fifth Master ignored Chu Shuangyan’s yells and directly ordered his subordinates to drive away. He did not know when he hugged Siyu back to his lap again. The little girl felt his anger. She shrank into a ball very obediently, and didn’t dare to resist strongly this time, Fifth Master Lu stroked her cold long hair and smiled faintly.

Don’t worry, it took a lot of money, do it slowly!

And Chu Shuangyan, who was left in place, stood for a while, and when her driver drove to pick her up, she still felt a little unbelievable.

She, she had saved herself from the front of Fifth Master Lu? She is still alive?!

At this time, the driver asked her where she was going. Chu Shuangyan originally wanted to go back to Chu’s house and find her parents to cry out about today’s thrilling experience, but after another thought, in case Fifth Master Lu really sent someone to inform her father and told him all the stupid things, she was afraid that it would not be condolences, but scolding, that greeted her if she went home to meet her parents.

Thinking about this, she didn’t dare to go home, and instead said, “Go to Ji’s mansion and I will find A Lin.”

Chu Shuangyan remembered that Siyu and Fifth Master Lu had been very close just now and thought that maybe Siyu could help. She begged for mercy, but without Siyu’s contact information, she could only go to Ji Lin.


It was just that Ji’s family was equally uncomfortable at the moment. Ji Lin was called back by Duan Rulan, and she urged him three times, but he was a little reluctant when he entered the house.

Since he went to enter the entertainment industry, he had rarely set foot in this house. This house was cold and impersonal. All the bad memories of his childhood were hidden here. If it weren’t for Duan Rulan’s pressing, he surely won’t come back.

Ji Lin hadn’t forgotten that it was his mother who wanted to drive away his sister when she withdrew the investment!

That incident had always been a thorn in Ji Lin’s heart. He didn’t understand. If Duan Rulan didn’t want to cause trouble to the Ji family because of Siyu’s identity, then just stay away from her and leave her alone. Why did she want to do such a thing as a withdrawal of investment?

However, when he walked into the living room and saw the other person sitting opposite Duan Rulan, his expression fell cold.

“A Lin, you can count as coming back, why, what do you do with a stern face?” Duan Rulan smiled and waved towards Ji Lin, completely motherly, she said kindly, “Come here and sit down. This is mother’s chance. I know a friend, Ms. Xu Qingwan, Miss Xu. I remember you two have worked together. Then you should be friends too.”

Ji Lin walked over in silence, but did not sit next to Duan Rulan. He only chose a single sofa to sit down and look towards Xu Qingwan with a tight look, then Ji Lin asked, “Why are you at my house?”

“A Lin, how do you talk to the guests!” Duan Rulan was a little dissatisfied with Ji Lin’s indifferent attitude.

“It’s okay, I came to visit suddenly. I was the one who interrupted.” Xu Qingwan pulled up her hair and smiled decently. “Auntie Lan, don’t blame Brother Ji. He recorded the program so hard and rushed home. He must be too tired now.”

Ji Lin didn’t say a word , but looked at Xu Qingwan coldly, with a defensive expression. He didn’t know what happened. His mother was so enthusiastic about Xu Qingwan and invited people back home as a guest, but he secretly had a bad premonition in his heart.

Sure enough, Duan Rulan symbolically cared about his recent situation, and seemed to inadvertently mention the conversation: “A Lin, you are the heir to the Ji family, even if you are in a big dyeing tank[1] like the entertainment circle, you must remember to clean yourself. Don’t keep close contact with those who are inconsistent.”

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[1] It means that entertainment circle can dye anybody in its messy color.

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