ARIETT Ch. 69 Confession

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Chi Fang was stunned for a moment.

Seeing that Yu Mo was still looking at him seriously, Chi Fang also recovered, and shook his head with a helpless smile, “You trust me too much.”

Yu Mo narrowed slightly. He squinted and looked dissatisfied with Chi Fang’s answer. “You can.”

Chi Fang blinked and couldn’t help asking, “Do you believe in me that much?”

His current grades were still moving up and down the line, and that was not even the key line, but still Yu Mo believed that he could go to Peking University in the capital and was so confident in him.

Yu Mo nodded seriously.

“All right,” Chi Fang sighed, “Since you made this wish… Then I will try my best.” He lowered his head and took a bite of the cake, but saw Yu Mo still looking at him, “Is there something else?”

Yu Mo: “So, don’t take the test with others.”

Yu Mo’s palms tightened slightly, and his fingertips unconsciously tapped twice on the table, but he still kept looking towards Chi Fang.

This sentence had profound meaning. The smile on Chi Fang’s face dimmed slightly, suddenly a little nervous.

“Well, I know, I’m a man who is going to Peking University!” Chi Fang coughed lightly and replied with a smile.

Yu Mo’s eyes dimmed slightly, Chi Fang seemed to have understood what he meant, but he didn’t answer him. Sure enough, in Chi Fang’s eyes, he was probably the same as Pang Zifei, no… he thought about how the Sports Committee member had said before that Chi Fang had confessed to Pang Zifei, so he might not even be as good as Pang Zifei.

Chi Fang looked at Yu Mo who was opposite him, his eyes getting sadder and sadder, his whole person was like a little wolf dog that had been poured on by a heavy rain, very pitiful. Chi Fang felt a little helpless, he just discovered Yu Mo’s mind now, so he took some time to think about it, but he didn’t expect Yu Mo to be so anxious.

“So, I have worked so hard for your birthday wish, then can I advance my wish in advance?” Chi Fang asked.

Yu Mo returned to his senses slightly. Although the confession was rejected, Yu Mo nodded, “Okay.”

He didn’t even ask Chi Fang’s wish first.

Chi Fang said helplessly, “You are not afraid of me asking you to go to another school with me…”

Yu Mo was serious, “Yes.”

Chi Fang was anxious, “Eh, eh, I just talked about it casually. If you dare… dare not get the first place, I will…” Chi Fang paused, “I will tell Pang Zifei that I was bullied by my boyfriend. And ask him to help me hit you.”

Yu Mo didn’t respond. Then he leaned over and said, “But Pang Zifei can’t beat me.”

Chi Fang: “…”

Brother, was that the point?

Seeing the complex expression on Chi Fang’s face, Yu Mo hesitated a moment, then said: “I mean really, Pang Zifei a man alone cannot win from me in a fight, you need to look for at least a dozen people, only ……”

Yu Mo’s voice became lighter and softer, and Chi Fang’s words flashed in his head time and time again.

I will tell Pang Zifei that I was bullied by my boyfriend, and ask him to help me hit you…

I was bullied by my boyfriend, and ask him to help me hit you…


Yu Mo fixedly watched Chi Fang it was as if he had an immobility spell cast over him. Chi Fang was originally very nervous, but when he saw him like this, his mentality became stable. He smiled and asked, “What’s the matter? Can I beat you?”

He shook his head hesitantly, and Yu Mo subconsciously said, “Yes …You alone are enough.”

After speaking, his eyes lit up, Yu Mo got up from the chair, and walked two steps with his long legs to the side of Chi Fang, with one hand resting on the back of the chair behind Chi Fang. He trapped Chi Fang in his arms, then he lowered his head slightly, leaned closer to Chi Fang, fixed his eyes on Chi Fang’s expression, and lowered his voice: “What you said is true?”

Chi Fang held the chair inexplicably and was still a little confused. Yu Mo leaned a little closer, and he subconsciously hid from him. Hearing this, he deliberately asked: “What is true? That you need a dozen people to beat you? “

Yu Mo was no longer affected by these words. He lowered his head a little further, only a few centimeters away from Chi Fang’s lips, and he could even vaguely feel Chi Fang’s breath falling on his cheeks. Chi Fang was stunned. Before Yu Mo was cold and abstinent, and ignorant of the world like a little milk dog, how could he suppress him in a blink of an eye?

Chi Fang couldn’t help but stretch out his hand and gently push Yu Mo.” You, you, you, you, you, you move far away, let’s talk well, okay.”

Yu Mo looked at the blush behind Chi Fang’s neck and down the base of his ears. Not only did he not move back, but instead reached out and grabbed Chi Fang’s wrist, his body pressing him down again and asked him, “Is it true?”

Chi Fang felt that Yu Mo’s breath was overwhelming him, and even the heat on his wrist seemed to burn him, but in this silence, another voice was clearly visible.

Thump Thump Thump Thump…It was his heartbeat.

Thump Thump Thump…There was also Yu Mo’s heartbeat.

Knowing that Yu Mo was also very nervous, he suddenly calmed down. Chi Fang nodded with the momentum of broken glass[1], “It’s true, what’s wrong? You want to fight…”

The last few centimeters disappeared.

Chi Fang opened his eyes wide, and drew back subconsciously, but the chair behind restricted his movements. Yu Mo just tapped it lightly, and then backed away. His face was red as if he had run 3 kms, but his eyes were staring at Chi Fang, as if a wild beast was staring at his prey.

“You, you, you, you, you…” Chi Fang didn’t know what he was going to say anymore.

Seeing this, Yu Mo didn’t want to stimulate him anymore, stood up silently, and let Chi Fang out of his hold.

Chi Fang seemed to be holding back his anger for half a minute. After taking a few breaths, his eyes fluttered crazily to the left and right, but he didn’t dare to look at Yu Mo: “You took advantage of me!”

Yu Mo nodded, “Well.”

“You, you, you, you, you still admitted it!” Chi Fang was actually not angry, as much as shy.

“En.” Yu Mo still answered.

Chi Fang gritted his teeth and looked up at Yu Mo. For the first time on Yu Mo’s expressionless face, a real smile appeared. The always calm eyebrows were bent down, his eyes were full of smiles, and the corners of his lips were raised. That look was absolutely impossible for people to ignore as it could dazzle anyone.

Yu Mo just smiled and looked at Chi Fang, while Chi Fang lowered his head, and finally Chi Fang silently pushed Yu Mo aside, “You are blocking me from eating cake.”

Yu Mo got out of the position obediently and returned to his chair to sit down. It was just that he didn’t eat anything but continued to look at Chi Fang with a smile.

Chi Fang originally pretended to be calm and ate two bites of the cake, but he became more and more unable to eat the cake as Yu Mo kept staring at him, so he silently put the cake down and urged: “You eat the food, or it will get cold.”

Yu Mo responded. But did not go to get the chopsticks, instead he reached out and touched Chi Fang’s face. Yu Mo’s finger lightly swept across the corner of Chi Fang’s lips, and then he slowly retracted it.

Chi Fang reacted slowly, and the color of his face returned to its red color. He looked at the white cream on Yu Mo’s fingertips, his ears became hotter and hotter, and he didn’t know what to think, so he suddenly grabbed Yu Mo’s hand and licked the cream from his fingertips.

Just after this action was done, Chi Fang was thoroughly ashamed with his actions. He jumped up directly from the chair and dropped a sentence: “I, I, I, I am going to the bathroom.” He just slipped away.

Yu Mo was left alone looking at his fingertips in a daze.

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[1] Since something is broken, then break it completely.

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