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Chi Fang spent a long time in the bathroom facing the mirror, only to realize that the red-faced but smiling boy in the mirror was himself. He reached out and touched his cheek, and he felt a warmth.

Sighing, Chi Fang took some water and wiped it on his face, trying to calm himself down.

After spending almost half an hour in the bathroom, Chi Fang still had not gone out. Yu Mo probably wanted to give him time to calm down, so he never knocked on the door. Chi Fang looked at himself in the mirror, still blushing. Chi Fang wanted to face everything early anyway, so he wiped the water off his face, and turned around and pushed open the bathroom door.

Then he ran into Yu Mo’s arms.

Chi Fang instantly felt the temperature on his face rising, his first reaction was that half an hour of hard work was wasted. He stepped back two steps, pretending to be calm, coughing slightly, “Why are you not talking?”

Yu Mo touched Chi Fang’s forehead, made sure it was not too hot, and then reached out and led Chi Fang to the living room. “Worried.”

After such a long time, the dishes on the table were all cold. The two heated up the meal before finishing the dinner. It was ten o’clock after eating. Fortunately, there was not much homework today. Yu Mo finished the homework in less than half an hour.

With a guilty conscience, Chi Fang quickly finished copying the homework.

When he packed his schoolbag and faced the bed on the side, Chi Fang suddenly remembered that although he confessed to Yu Mo today, they had been sleeping together for almost two months… Did that count as getting on the bus first and then making up the ticket? But it didn’t seem to count, after all, the car hadn’t been driven[1] yet…

Silently dispelling the mess in his mind, Chi Fang tried his best to climb onto the bed with a calm expression on his face, but he just lay down, stretched out his hand and pulled the quilt over himself. Then he shrank into the quilt, leaving only the back of his black head visible.

Although Chi Fang was covered with the quilt, his eyes were open. He could clearly feel that the bed on the other side sank slightly, and even felt the other person’s body move towards the center of the bed. Chi Fang froze and did not move immediately, but then slowly started moving to the side of the bed.

Just as he was about to successfully return to the safe range, an arm came around from behind and gently hugged him from behind.

Chi Fang froze and did not dare to move.

Yu Mo was lying not far behind him, and his warm breath fell gently on the back of Chi Fang’s neck. Chi Fang even felt that he could hear Yu Mo’s heartbeat. Chi Fang didn’t dare to move at all, and was stiff for a long time, only to realize that Yu Mo seemed to just want to hold him.

Chi Fang carefully poked his head out of the quilt, Yu Mo had already turned off the light, and the room was dark. Hiding in the darkness, Chi Fang slowly calmed down.

My heart… Is it going to get out of order?

Afterwards, Chi Fang laughed silently under the quilt, fearing that the voice would be heard by Yu Mo, he could only endure it, twitching his body.

Yu Mo: “Are you crying?”

Chi Fang was startled by the sudden voice. He turned his head sharply and saw Yu Mo looking at him with his eyes open. Although he could not see his expression clearly in the dark, the look in his eyes was quite clear, and it was obvious he had not just been awakened.

Chi Fang was a little embarrassed: “…You didn’t sleep.”

Yu Mo paused. He didn’t know why Chi Fang was so confident in his endurance. He had just gotten together with the person he likes; how could it be so easy to fall asleep?

Chi Fang also found himself asking a stupid question. He coughed and tried to change the subject, “Where’s that doll?” Didn’t he buy a doll for Yu Mo?

Yu Mo silently turned his head and glanced at the doll that was almost the same length, then turned back and said without changing his face: “I didn’t see it, I didn’t bother to find it.”

He didn’t want to hold any dolls, he still held Chi Fang comfortably.

Chi Fang discovered that after successfully being together at night, Yu Mo seemed to have unlocked some seal, suddenly becoming…very shameless, black-bellied and cheeky! It was completely different from the little milk dog that he had believed him to be before, and he had suddenly evolved into a cunning wolf.

“That…” Chi Fang paused, “Don’t you feel hot?”

Yu Mo raised his head slightly and glanced at the temperature of the air conditioner.

The temperature showed 19°, and it was impossible to be hot, it could even be called a bit cold.

Yu Mo looked at Chi Fang again with a trace of injury, “Are you…regretting it?”

Chi Fang had no idea that Yu Mo would think so. The pair of sad eyes on Yu Mo were awash with beauty. The dizzy Chi Fang directly explained: “No!”

“Then, can I continue to hold you?” Yu Mo asked cautiously. It seemed that if Chi Fang disagreed, and he would let go.

Chi Fang: “…” He always felt that he would feel uneasy if he refused.

After a deep sigh, Chi Fang gave up struggling: “Hug, however you want to hug.”

Chi Fang originally said this casually. He didn’t expect that he had just finished speaking, and Yu Mo who originally just had a hand gently resting on him, suddenly leaned forward, completely encircling Chi Fang in his arms.

“En.” Yu Mo also answered seriously.

Chi Fang: …

Return my soft and cute little milk dog to me!

He didn’t dare to protest against Yu Mo anymore, now he was just holding him, if he resisted the beauty, he would definitely be hugged and kissed afterwards! Seeing Chi Fang actually lay back, a trace of regret flashed in Yu Mo’s eyes, and it was obvious that he was ready for Chi Fang to continue struggling.

Chi Fang didn’t know that he really escaped, he worked hard for a long time before he barely fell asleep.

Then he had that dream again.

In the dream, Yu Mo got out of the car holding a rose, looked up at Chi Fang sitting by the window on the second floor of the hotel in front of him for a few seconds. Although Chi Fang had seen this scene many times, his mentality was a little different tonight. Before Chi Fang saw Grown-up Yu Mo, he still had a sense of strangeness and awe, after all, it was a habit left during several encounters.

But tonight, when Chi Fang saw Yu Mo arranging his tie and walking up with the rose, only joy and happiness were left in his heart.

Yu Mo entered the door alone. Chi Fang had arranged for someone to wait for him on the first floor. Although the man was surprised that the person who came was actually this big man, he still managed to suppress his emotions and bent slightly. He then took Yu Mo up to the second floor.

Chi Fang blinked and stared at the person’s face for a long time, only to think that this person was a bit familiar…

He didn’t have time to think too much, Yu Mo went up to the second floor and approached Chi Fang who was staring at the window in a daze. Chi Fang hadn’t seen him at this time, for a long time. Chi Fang’s black suit looked exquisite, but the gloves on his hands and the burn marks behind his ears still inevitably made people feel depressed.

After waiting for a long time, Chi Fang was in a daze, and then he saw a figure appearing on the glass in front of him. Chi Fang turned around in surprise, and… the expression on his face instantly changed from surprise to fright.

The real Chi Fang looked at the expression on his face up close, and just wanted to hold his forehead.

“…J?” Grown-up Chi Fang stood up straight, as if he was a student who saw the teacher, shocked and full of respect.

Yu Mo didn’t answer, and blankly held the rose in his hand towards the Grown-up Chi Fang. It was right in front of him. The Grown-up Chi Fang was only a few centimeters away from the rose, and he could touch the petals if it moved a little closer.

Grown-up Chi Fang took the flower blankly, wondering: “Huh?”

Yu Mo spoke for the first time, his voice was low and magnetic, and fell on the ears of the two Chi Fangs, “Give it to you.” The two Chi Fangs blushed at the same time.

Chi Fang just woke up blushing, opened his eyes, and met Yu Mo who had also woken up. He didn’t know how he slept last night. He was still facing Yu Mo before falling asleep, but now his whole person had shrunk into Yu Mo’s arms.

“You, you, you, you, you are awake.” Chi Fang didn’t dare to move and whispered.

Yu Mo nodded, and then suddenly asked: “What is J?”

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[1] Euphemism for sex.

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