APY Ch. 203.2: Fight!!!

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“Tell me, what’s going on?” Linda looked at Yu Xiaoxuan with a cold face, but she didn’t see it at a glance, Yu Xiaoxuan really caused trouble for her, fighting with an artist of her company in the parking lot, she was really capable.

Yu Xiaoxuan shrank her neck, “She was the one who cursed first.”

Su Ling was sitting on the other side, and her manager Anna was sitting next to her, and her face was also very embarrassed at the moment. Anna was also an old pro in Shengxuan. Although she was incomparable to Linda, she had also brought out many popular artists.

“She was the one who hit me first.” Su Ling pointed at Yu Xiaoxuan and screamed, her face was completely unseeable now, it was bruised and swollen.

Women care about their own faces very much, let alone those who rely on their faces for food. She knew what her face must look like without looking in the mirror. She looked at Yu Xiaoxuan bitterly.

Not to be outdone, Yu Xiaoxuan stared back, “If your mouth wasn’t so stinky, I wouldn’t beat you? Do you dare to repeat the things you scolded me with?”

A guilty conscience flashed in Su Ling’s eyes, she dared to say those words in front of Yu Xiaoxuan, but she would not dare in front of Linda and Anna.

“Yu Xiaoxuan, is it reasonable for you to fight?” Linda was angry, and pointed at Yu Xiaoxuan’s face, “Look at your ugly appearance now, are you still going to shoot the commercial in the afternoon?”

Yu Xiaoxuan was beaten into a pig’s head, but Yu Xiaoxuan herself didn’t take much advantage. There were still a few scratches on her face that were scratched by her nails. Although there was no bleeding, in this way, no matter how much foundation was applied, it could still not be covered up.

Yu Xiaoxuan stopped talking. She was just too angry at the time, and did not consider the consequences of her actions.

Anna didn’t speak all the time. She probably understood what happened. She glanced at Yu Xiaoxuan and knew that this was the newcomer that Linda and Mr. Han had recently favoured. She knew Su Ling’s temper, and it must be Su Ling who said what was going on between the two.

“Sister Linda, this matter is my family’s Su Ling’s fault. We are all adults, so don’t worry about it like her. Su Ling, apologize to Xiaoxuan.” She didn’t like Su Ling, and she planned to give Su Ling a cold shoulder recently, but after all, she was an artist under her own hands, so she couldn’t ignore her.

“Anna, whose manager are you? I’m not wrong. Why did you ask me to apologize? She beat me first!” Su Ling was disappointed, very disappointed with Anna, disappointed with Shengxuan. Why did she want to enter Shengxuan?

Other people’s managers were helping their own artists, but her manager even united with outsiders to accuse her. Look at Linda, although she had lost her temper at Yu Xiaoxuan since she came in, but her words were for her own good, unlike Anna, who asked her to apologize to Yu Xiaoxuan.

Could she tell which side was close and which side was distant? I am your artist, and you can get benefits if I become popular in the future. Are you helping others to bully me now?

How could Anna not understand the meaning in Su Ling’s eyes, she just felt that this person was really stupid and hopeless, she was helping her now, this matter could only be turned into a trivial matter like this, Yu Xiaoxuan and President Han were so close, didn’t she know? If Mr. Han found out about this matter, no matter who was right or who was wrong, Su Ling, would be the one who was unlucky. Couldn’t she understand the current situation?

She had known for a long time that Su Ling’s personality was problematic, and she was very arrogant, but she did not expect her to be so confused.

“Anna, I think it’s better to explain this matter clearly, otherwise people will really think that Xiaoxuan is bullying others. I know our Xiaoxuan’s temperament, she is very docile, if others don’t do too much, she definitely won’t do anything. Xiaoxuan, tell me what happened today.” Linda said.

Yu Xiaoxuan hesitated. What could she say? Although she didn’t think she did anything wrong, she couldn’t say what Su Ling said.

“Explain what?” Han Yi’s voice came from the door, and everyone looked at him.

Han Yi didn’t look at them, but looked at Yu Xiaoxuan, and when he saw Yu Xiaoxuan’s face clearly, his face turned cold, and there was an imperceptible distress in his eyes.

No one thought that Han Yi would come back suddenly, didn’t he leave?

Han Yi did leave, but halfway through the drive, he found that his wallet was left here, so he came back. As soon as he entered the company, he heard others talking about Yu Xiaoxuan fighting with someone.

“Who will explain what’s going on?” Han Yi said in a cold voice, asking everyone, but Yu Xiaoxuan was the one who saw it.

Yu Xiaoxuan had kept her head down since Han Yi came in, trying to reduce her sense of existence, so what, she didn’t know why things had developed like this.

“No one will speak?” Han Yi’s eyes turned around the crowd, and finally fell on Su Ling, “Who are you?”

Su Ling froze. They had just met half an hour ago. But Han Yi immediately forgot, “Mr. Han, I’m Su Ling.” The word Su Ling was bitten hard.

Han Yi immediately remembered that it was the woman who recommended herself to him.

Seeing Han Yi remembering, Su Ling’s eyes lightened with joy. It seemed that President Han did not have no impression of her at all.

“Tell me, what’s going on, why did you do it?”

“Mr. Han, I didn’t do it first,” Su Ling explained, pointing, “She did it first, I was just protecting myself. That’s all. Didn’t you see how I was beaten by her, Mr. Han, take a look, this is a tigress, you quickly dump her.”

“Tigress” Yu Xiaoxuan didn’t say a word. Even when she faced Su Ling’s accusation, she didn’t refute it as she did in front of Linda just now. This incident was entirely caused by Han Yi, and he was the culprit.

“Mr. Han, there is a reason for this.” Linda stood up and explained that she couldn’t let Han Yi feel that Yu Xiaoxuan was being arrogant because of his favour, “Although it was true that Xiaoxuan did it first, but Su Ling said some words that slandered Xiaoxuan, Xiaoxuan only did it when she is accused for nothing.”

Han Yi’s eyes turned cold, “What did she say?”

Linda was at a loss for words, how did she know that, she was going to find Yu Xiaoxuan to explain to shoot the commercial in the afternoon. As for the matter, she disappeared, and when she was found, she looked like a ghost.

Han Yi looked at Su Ling, and Su Ling lowered her head guiltily. If Han Yi knew those words, she would definitely have nothing to eat.

“Mr. Han, Su Ling has been beaten like this now, and she has learned a lesson, so let’s just forget about it.” Anna couldn’t help but speak.

“Forget it?” Han Yi chuckled, although he was laughing, but no one present would think that he was in a good mood, “Forget it, do you know the profit Yu Xiaoxuan can bring to the company now? Now her face has become like this, and she will not be able to attend any activities for at least a week, do you know the loss?”

Han Yi asked, but it was not as exaggerated as he said, Yu Xiaoxuan was now Shengxuan’s newcomer, but the commercial value was far less than what Han Yi said. Even if she couldn’t attend the event for a week, it won’t cause much loss. At most, the commercial shooting in the afternoon would have to be postponed.

This was to stand on Yu Xiaoxuan’s side. The people present were not fools. Naturally, Su Ling twisted her face. The meaning of Han Yi’s words was that she had no commercial value at all.

“Boss Han.” Su Ling said.

It was just that Han Yi hadn’t finish talking, so he interrupted her. He gave Su Ling a cold look, and then looked at Anna, “Su Ling is too impetuous and needs to be tempered. When will she change it? What? It’s time to close the contract, and we can’t make people think that our Shengxuan’s artists are of poor quality.”

This was to freeze Su Ling, Su Ling’s face turned pale, Anna’s eyes darkened slightly, but she nodded without saying anything, “Got it, Mr. Han.”

“Mr. Han, you can’t treat me like this, you can’t help Yu Xiaoxuan just because she is your woman.” Su Ling refused to accept, if the contract was terminated directly, she would change companies at worst. Sooner or later, her abilities would show up one day, but if she was frozen…

Han Yi snorted coldly, “I don’t know if Yu Xiaoxuan is my woman, but I do know that half an hour ago, someone came to me to recommend herself as a pillow seat.”

In a word, the way Anna looked at Su Ling changed, and there was nothing she didn’t understand now. Everyone present knew it well, and Yu Xiaoxuan felt a little uncomfortable looking at Su Ling.

Su Ling’s face was pale, how could she know that Han Yi would just say that.

Han Yi didn’t look at her anymore, took Yu Xiaoxuan’s hand, and left without paying attention to everyone’s eyes.

Yu Xiaoxuan followed Han Yi and went directly to Han Yi’s office. His office was decorated just like his home, very luxurious. Although Yu Xiaoxuan had been to Shengxuan for a long time, it was the first time to visit him office.

“Sit down.” Han Yi said in a cold voice. Yu Xiaoxuan saw that he was not in a good mood, so she didn’t dare to refute, she just obediently sat down on the sofa and lowered her head.

Han Yi walked into the lounge, and soon came out again, holding a small medical kit and an ice pack in his hand.

“Raise your head.”

Yu Xiaoxuan raised her head.

Han Yi’s face was very cold, seeing the bruises on Yu Xiaoxuan’s face, his mood became more depressed, he left for half an hour, and she tossed herself into this state.

“Don’t you know how to fight back after being beaten?” Han Yi took out alcohol and disinfected the wound on Yu Xiaoxuan’s neck. Although the scratches on her face did not bleed, the bruises on her neck did, and the red marks looked really dazzling.

“I fought back.” Yu Xiaoxuan muttered in a low voice, didn’t he see that Su Ling’s face was more serious than hers?

Han Yi laughed angrily, “Are you still reasonable? I’ve never seen you so stupid, you just do it if you can’t say it? I don’t know if you are the most stupid? It’s better not to do it in public. Fortunately, it happened in the underground garage. If it was outside, do you still want your image?”

“Hiss, take it easy.” Stimulated by the alcohol, Yu Xiaoxuan snorted softly.

“Now that you know it hurts, what did you fight back then? Fighting, you are really brave.” Han Yi sneered, but his movements subconsciously relaxed.

“Then if you don’t fight back, let her scold you, I can’t do it.”

Han Yi really wanted to press the alcohol cotton heavily on the wound, until it hurt her to death.

“If you encounter this kind of situation again in the future, don’t do it in front of others, let alone do it first. You who were originally reasonable will become unreasonable.”

“Then should I just bear it, forget it?” If this was the case, she would definitely not be able to do it. She was not the Virgin Mary, so why should someone bully her, and she couldn’t bully back.

“It’s not for you to bear it.” Han Yi rolled his eyes, really feeling speechless about her IQ, it was said that the child’s IQ followed that of his mother, what would his child do in the future?

Han Yi was very worried about his future children.

“Don’t you know a word called Autumn Settlement? There are so many things you can do behind her back, why do you want to get caught in the open? Are you stupid?” Han Yi stretched out his hand and tapped her forehead.

Yu Xiaoxuan pouted, her face full of grievances, “I can’t help it.” There was a hint of coquettishness.

Han Yi’s heart softened, and he sighed, “In the future, if you encounter this kind of thing again, call me and tell me, and I will teach them a lesson for you.”

“Forget it, I can solve it myself.” Yu Xiaoxuan refused, today’s matter, it was because of his provoking, if she asked him for help again, she would really not be able to speak clearly in the future.

Han Yi felt helpless, this dead girl, was it so difficult to accept his kindness?

“Put the ice pack on.” Han Yi handed the ice pack to Yu Xiaoxuan, “Rest at home for a few days.” It was really impossible for her to work like this.

Yu Xiaoxuan also knew that her image was bad, so she didn’t refute it, she just accepted the suggestion, “Salary deducted?” She glanced carefully at Han Yi.

“No deduction.” Han Yi was upset, obviously he had never lived a hard life, so he was so stingy.

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