APY Ch. 203.1: Fight!!!

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“Hey, Yu Xiaoxuan, you eat so much, you’re not afraid of getting fat.” Han Yi watched Yu Xiaoxuan eating the pan-fried buns one after another, without even having the time to talk to him, he couldn’t help but say.

Yu Xiaoxuan raised her head from the fried buns. Han Yi bought fifteen fried buns. Except for the one he just ate, the rest of them all went into Yu Xiaoxuan’s stomach. The last one was in her hand right now.

“I haven’t eaten pan-fried buns for a long time, and anyway now I have to exercise every night so as not to gain weight.”

Han Yi raised his eyebrows, “You exercise every day?” Why did he not believe it?

“Of course, Qinglan said that I should insist on exercising in order to lose weight better.” Since the last time she was admitted to the hospital because of eating too much meat, Linda suddenly relaxed a lot of control over her food, but she also raised a point of requirements, she could eat, if she didn’t gain weight, then…hehe…

Yu Xiaoxuan naturally put in a lot of effort in exercising in order to eat better. She got a private trainer, took two photos of Yu Xiaoxuan exercising from time to time, and asked her to post them on the specially opened Weibo, which was also a means of publicity.

Because of Yu Xiaoxuan’s serious exercise, Linda had not been so strict with her diet recently. Compared with before, Yu Xiaoxuan’s life was much happier now.

Han Yi actually knew that Yu Xiaoxuan was exercising every day. After all, he followed Yu Xiaoxuan’s Weibo. Thinking of this, Han Yi stretched out his hand.

Yu Xiaoxuan looked at the hand in front of her, and looked at Han Yi in confusion, “Why? You still want to grab the last pan-fried bun from me?”

Han Yi’s face turned dark, did he look so greedy?

“Bring the phone.” Han Yi said angrily.

“Oh.” Yu Xiaoxuan handed him the phone obediently. Han Yi took it over, looked at the code lock on it, entered a few numbers, and it opened. He shook his head secretly. Just set his own birthday.

He opened the Weibo on the phone, and sure enough, this girl didn’t pay attention to him, she was a dead girl with no conscience, he hadn’t paid attention to this before. After clicking Follow, Han Yi returned the phone to her.

“What are you doing with my phone?” Yu Xiaoxuan realized later.

“Yu Xiaoxuan, have you always been so slow in your reaction?” Han Yi sneered, she didn’t realize it until he was done, he had never seen such a stupid person.

Yu Xiaoxuan was annoyed, “You’re the one who is slow, your whole family is slow.”

Han Yi smiled and shook his head, knowing that she still had work to do, so he didn’t plan to drag her any longer, “Okay, I have something to do, let’s go first.”

With the car key in his hand, he got up and was about to leave.

“Han Yi, thank you for today.” From behind came Yu Xiaoxuan’s crisp voice.

Han Yi slightly pursed his lips, in a very good mood, but he didn’t turn around, waved his hands behind him, and walked away very chicly.

“Mr. Han.” A female voice sounded from behind, charming and tactful.

Han Yi paused, turned around, and saw a woman standing not far from him, looking at him affectionately.

Han Yi raised his eyebrows. He had seen such scenes a lot, so he naturally wouldn’t think it was a coincidence, and it was most likely that she was waiting for him on purpose.

Seeing that Han Yi didn’t leave, the woman was overjoyed. She walked a few steps quickly, walked up to Han Yi, and smiled softly, “Mr. Han, hello, I’m Su Ling. I’m an artist under Shengxuan.”

Su Ling was the artist who followed Yu Xiaoxuan’s little assistant who accidentally saw Yu Xiaoxuan feeding Han Yi steamed buns just now. She overheard the little assistant’s conversation with others, and became interested in Han Yi, but there were too many people in the company. It was difficult for her to start, and she didn’t know Han Yi’s contact information, so she could only wait for him in the parking lot, and she did.

“What’s the matter?” Han Yi said, his tone was very calm, and she couldn’t see the emotion in his eyes.

Before Su Ling came down, she specially changed her dress to show her perfect figure to the fullest, especially her proud b**t, which flickered under Han Yi’s eyes. No man would dare to see such a picture. He should be indifferent.

Su Ling’s eyes darkened, and she continued to work hard and took a step forward, “Mr. Han, I have wanted to know you for a long time, and I came to Shengxuan because of you. I am very happy to see you today. Can we exchange contact information?”

She said shyly and timidly, anyone who was not a fool could understand the hint in her eyes, let alone a veteran of Fengyue like Han Yi, Han Yi’s eyes flashed a touch of sarcasm, did he look like such a hungry person? He would accept any woman who pounced on him?

“Finished?” Han Yi’s tone was slightly cold.

Su Ling was taken aback for a moment, as if she couldn’t react.

“I’m not interested in women like you. Now that you’ve finished speaking, I can leave.” Han Yi was too lazy to talk nonsense with her.

Su Ling was really stunned this time, looking at Han Yi who was leaving in disbelief, she instinctively chased after him, and grabbed Han Yi’s hand, “Boss Han.”

His eyes turned cold, “Let go.”

Su Ling shivered, and subconsciously let go of Han Yi’s hand. The aura on Han Yi’s body was really too cold just now.

Han Yi turned around, looked at Su Ling, and looked at this face for the first time, “If you want to become famous then change your method, it’s better to improve yourself if you have this time. Although I have a lot of money, my company doesn’t support idlers.”

Su Ling’s face turned green and pale, especially seeing the disdain in Han Yi’s eyes, which made her even more ashamed, she stood there helpless, it was actually the first time she did such a thing, and she immediately felt very embarrassed.

Han Yi walked away without even looking at the woman.

Su Ling stood where she was, her face was red and purple, she felt ashamed and indignant, she was always held by men, and it was the first time she was stepped on by a man, and she even came here by herself, this feeling made her want to die.

She stomped her feet resentfully, turned around and was about to go up, but when she saw Yu Xiaoxuan by the elevator, her expression changed immediately.

Yu Xiaoxuan came down to deliver the wallet to Han Yi. After Han Yi left, she found that his wallet had fallen on the chair, and hurriedly took it down to him, but she did not expect to see such a scene.

“Why are you here?” Su Ling’s tone was very bad.

Yu Xiaoxuan’s face was a little embarrassed, after all, it was okay to see such a thing, but she was bumped into by the person involved, however Su Ling’s tone made Yu Xiaoxuan unhappy, and she thought, it’s not because of me that you were rejected by a man, why are you yelling at me?

“I’ll be where I like, it’s none of your business.” Yu Xiaoxuan was not polite when she spoke, you are already rude to me, why should I be polite to you, she had always been the type who treated others the same way they treated her.

“Yu Xiaoxuan, didn’t you just see my joke? What are you proud of? How long do you think you can be proud? It’s just a man.” Su Ling hated, Han Yi would save himself like this, it must be him just now seeing Yu Xiaoxuan here, so he deliberately embarrassed her.

How did Yu Xiaoxuan know that she was being angered like this, even Han Yi didn’t know that Su Ling thought so, after all, there was a pillar in front of where Yu Xiaoxuan was standing just now, from Han Yi’s perspective, it didn’t look like he might have seen her.

Although she didn’t know what Su Ling was thinking, but Su Ling’s words made Yu Xiaoxuan very upset. She got into Shengxuan by virtue of her relationship, and also got some resources by her relationship, but she also worked hard. Now what did Su Ling mean? Did she want to say that she betrayed herself?

“Su Ling, keep your mouth clean. If you talk nonsense, believe it or not, I will tear your mouth apart.” Yu Xiaoxuan looked obedient, but it was because others did not provoke her, however she could turn into a small tyrannosaurus in minutes.

“Am I talking nonsense? You know in your heart that no one in the company doesn’t know that you are having an affair with Mr. Han. Otherwise, everyone is a newcomer. How can you be assigned to Linda’s team with a non-film school background? Why do you also get so many resources?”

Yu Xiaoxuan’s complexion changed, “Su Ling, you have to provide evidence for what you say, or I can sue you for defamation.”

“You go and sue, I’m telling the truth, what am I afraid of, at worst, I won’t work in Shengxuan anymore.” Su Ling broke the pot, her manager still had several artists in her hands, and now she didn’t care about her at all, otherwise she wouldn’t be so eager to climb up to Han Yi. Since her development in Shengxuan couldn’t go on, it was better to leave as soon as possible. It would be better if Shengxuan took the initiative to terminate the contract with her.

“You are afraid that people will know that you did such a thing by yourself. In fact, these are nothing in our circle, and you are not the first one, but Han Yi is a famous playboy in the capital. He has slept with many women older than you. There are many, you, you better work harder, lest he kick you away early.” Su Ling said cheerfully, seeing Yu Xiaoxuan’s face getting greener and greener, she felt inexplicably happy.

Yu Xiaoxuan rushed up, waved her hand and slapped her across the face. This slap didn’t hold back at all, and the slap made Su Ling’s whole face turned sideways.

Su Ling looked at Yu Xiaoxuan in disbelief, “You dare to hit me, why did you hit me?”

Yu Xiaoxuan blew her hand, it hurt so much just now, her palms were red, “Am I going to pick a day just to hit you?”

Su Ling’s face was contorted, and she was about to slap Yu Xiaoxuan, she was never a good-tempered person, and it was Yu Xiaoxuan who struck first, it would be surprising if she didn’t fight back. The two of them got into a fight in the parking lot. In the end, the security guard in the monitoring room sensed something was wrong and rushed over to pull the two of them apart.

Fortunately, this was Shengxuan’s parking lot, and the management was strict, ordinary paparazzi couldn’t get in, otherwise the two of them would become a joke in the capital tomorrow.

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