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Chu Shuangyan severely scolded Xu Qingwan bloody, and then only she felt a little refreshed in her heart. Seeing Xu Qingwan holding half of her face and being angry but not speaking, she coldly snorted, “What are you pretending to be! Xu Qingwan? I tell you, if you dare to show up in front of A Lin in the future, I will tear you up!”

Xu Qingwan gritted her teeth. This mad woman hit people as soon as she came, and she was like a mad dog that bit when she saw someone in her previous life as well.

But in front of Ji Lin, not only could she not fight back, she also had to show an aggrieved appearance, so she looked at Chu Shuangyan, weeping: “I don’t know what’s the matter with you, but you suddenly beat someone in such a manner. There should be a reason.”

“Reason? You still want a reason? Isn’t it because you deliberately targeted Zhou Siyu and bought the navy to hack her on the Internet? Do you know who I offended because of this!” Chu Shuangyan was anxious. She raised her hand again as if she wanted to greet Xu Qingwan again. She offended Fifth Master Lu because of the false rumours that Xu Qingwan deliberately released. She didn’t know what revenge she would encounter. Xu Qingwan was courageous enough to ask her for a reason?

“Chu Shuangyan, calm down.” Ji Lin frowned and stopped her. Although Ji Lin hated Xu Qingwan, he still couldn’t watch someone commit violence in front of him or in his home, but Chu Shuangyan’s words caught his attention, “What did you say about Sister Siyu?”

“Yanyan, you know that Zhou Siyu?” Just now Chu Shuangyan’s series of movements were too fast, and Duan Rulan on the sofa could not react. She was very sensitive to Siyu’s name and immediately asked uncertainly.

Chu Shuangyan choked. How could she say this, could it be said that she ran to Siyu and was slapped in the face by pretending to be a paper tiger? This was too cheap!

“Ms. Chu, I think you may have misunderstood me.” Xu Qingwan finally eased up, but even if she had a grievance against Chu Shuangyan, she could only suppress it at this time and pretend to laugh, “I and Siyu are friends…”

If Chu Shuangyan was only angry because of Xu Qingwan’s false information before, at this moment, she really looked down on her. Friend, Xu Qingwan really had the face to say that. She can slander others, and still call the other a friend?

“Yeah, Yanyan, how can you hit someone? Hurry up and apologize to Miss Xu.” Chu Shuangyan looked at Duan Rulan, who had always spoiled her in disbelief, but saw Duan Rulan sigh and say with comfort, ” Zhou Siyu is not a good person, she is not clean, she thinks about Brother Ji all day long, if you know her, Aunt advises you to break off relations with her as soon as possible, so as not to let her hurt you.”

“Mom, enough!” Ji Lin frowned and interrupted Duan Rulan’s words. Chu Shuangyan was already hostile to her sister. When Duan Rulan said this, wouldn’t it be adding fuel to the fire…

But against Ji Lin’s expectation, Chu Shuangyan had a strange look on her face. She asked Duan Rulan, inexplicably, “Auntie, what are you talking about, Zhou Siyu still needs to climb high branches?” The most difficult Gaoling flower[1] was broken by Siyu. What high branch did she still need to climb any other branch?!

Duan Rulan was taken aback and didn’t care at all. After all, in her opinion, Siyu was always the money-losing good that no one was willing to ask for, and there was no chance for her to enter the high stage in this life, so she only regarded Chu Shuangyan as being naive. “Yanyan, you are fooling around again, forget it, you only know that the woman is humble, but her scheming is deep, aunt is saying for your own good…”

Ji Lin couldn’t listen anymore, Duan Rulan was his mother, so even if she was wrong, he couldn’t beat or scold her, but Siyu was also his own sister, and no one was allowed to slander at will!

“Mom, I have something to do, I’ll go first.” Ji Lin picked up his jacket and walked towards the gate without hesitation. When passing by Xu Qingwan, he gave her a deep look and said in a volume that only the two of them could hear. “And you, my warning just now was not empty words, and I can do it by myself.”

“A Lin, A Lin wait for me, I have something to ask you, A Lin!” Chu Shuangyan hurriedly chased him out, but she was a step slower than Ji Lin. As soon as he stepped out of the house, he immediately got in the car and left, she couldn’t help stomping her feet, looking sad. It’s miserable. She originally wanted to ask Siyu for help indirectly through Ji Lin’s mouth, but she got tangled with Xu Qingwan that inconsistent slut, this time it was all messed up!


And Siyu, who was cherished by several people, was just brought back to the villa on the outskirts by Fifth Master Lu tremblingly at this time.

The painful pill that Fifth Master Lu forced her to swallow before seemed to be newly collected from somewhere. The effect was very overbearing. After Siyu had eaten it, she was driven all the way here while being embraced by this psycho. Thankfully, she didn’t vomit blood, which is a miracle.

“What kind of medicine is this?” She couldn’t help but ask.

Fifth Master Lu took her little hand, walked into the villa and replied casually: “It is a medicine that can bring people to life, but it seems to be only one-tenth effective for you.”

Siyu suddenly shut up, and didn’t dare to ask how he could get it. When he bought it, she knew that it was not something ordinary people like her could afford, and only someone like Fifth Master Lu who covered the sky with one hand could get, and he even gave her a whole bottle at once!

What she ate was all money… Fifth Master Lu looked down at the little girl’s expression, knowing what she was thinking, and curled his lips secretly. This time he didn’t stay in the living room, but he directly led her upstairs and walked to the master bedroom.

Realizing that there seemed to be something wrong with the destination, Siyu stopped and asked hesitantly, “Fifth master, shall we go downstairs and sit?” Fifth Master Lu turned a deaf ear to her words and continued to pull her into the room. How could Siyu’s weak arms and legs be his opponent, so she was dragged into the bedroom with almost no resistance. However, Fifth Master Lu did not stay by the bed, but went to the other side of the room, opened a wooden door, and brought Siyu into the bathroom.

“Fifth Master, if you have something to say–” Siyu couldn’t get rid of his hand. After walking into the bathroom, she took a closer look and found that there was a wooden barrel just large enough for an adult to sit in. The wooden barrel was filled with warm water that was dark brown in color, with a white mist rising up from it, exuding the smell of Chinese medicine familiar to Siyu.

“Your physique is too weak, so you shouldn’t soak in the medicated bath for too long. I will call you in fifteen minutes, change your clothes and sit in, otherwise the effect of the medicine will evaporate.” Fifth Master Lu finished slowly and looked down. The little girl was still staring at him sillily, so he asked gently, “Why, do you still need me to teach you?”

Siyu shook her head again and again, she just didn’t expect Fifth Master Lu to bring her up to let her soak in the medicinal bath! Thinking about the previous pills and the barrel of medicated bath, Siyu had no daring to calculate how much these medicinal materials cost.

It was just a careful estimate. From the beginning to the present, the medicinal materials she had obtained from Fifth Master Lu had probably already cost an astronomical amount. Although Siyu was afraid of him, it was undeniable that the medicines were indeed very useful. Moreover, she had no way to buy it herself. Siyu was upset that she owed this favour to him, how could she pay it back in the future?

Don’t talk about paying for wages, even if she sold herself to repay her debts, she couldn’t pay it off, right?

Light clothes were already prepared in the bathroom. After Fifth Master Lu went out, Siyu changed her clothes and slowly sat down in the wooden bucket. The water temperature seemed to have been specially adjusted, and it was just right, neither cold nor hot. The whole body wrapped in the liquid medicine felt very good, Siyu leaned against the wall of the wooden barrel and let out a sigh of relief.

She also remembered that Fifth Master Lu said that she could only soak for fifteen minutes, but within a few minutes of sitting in, she was drowsy by the strong medicinal effect, and almost buried her head in the water little by little and it didn’t take long for her to lose consciousness.

Just when Siyu’s body was almost submerged in the water, Fifth Master Lu held her with both hands in time, and easily lifted her whole person out of the water. Siyu seemed to feel something, but the effect of the medicine made her too sleepy. She didn’t open her eyes, just arched her back into the opponent’s arms and found a comfortable posture, as if satisfied, her brows were slowly stretched out, and her breathing gradually lightened, and she fell asleep.

Because of the heat in the bathroom, Siyu’s face had a little more blood in it, but her hands and feet were still not warm, and she still brought the coolness that Fifth Master Lu liked most.

Fifth Master Lu looked at the little girl who was sleeping dimly in his arms. For some reason, he couldn’t help but sigh. He had estimated the wrong amount of medicine. Fortunately, he was waiting in the bedroom outside and caught Siyu’s breathing becoming inaudible, so he came in early, and that the stupid rabbit didn’t fall into the water.

Because Siyu had just soaked in the water, her clothes were soaked, and she clung to him tightly at this time, drawing his attention to her slender and soft body. While Fifth Master Lu was holding her, the water on her body naturally wetted him. His white Tang suit was drenched in water.

If it were someone else who dared to do this, he would never show mercy, but when it was this little girl, Fifth Master Lu felt a little bit helpless.

This feeling was very fresh and special. He had lived for all these years and had always liked to keep everything in his palm. Even if he was at a disadvantage, he knew what to do to win. Only when facing Siyu, there would always be various reasons to interrupt his actions, so that he couldn’t bear to hold the little girl too tight at once, so he just backed down like this, he suddenly turned around and found that the way he was treating Siyu had long exceeded his usual bottom line.

This was not a good phenomenon. It was very dangerous to keep lowering his bottom line for the funny little animals he was raising, he clearly knows it, but he didn’t want to stop.

Siyu’s shirt was so wet that he could vaguely see the white as jade skin inside, but Fifth Master Lu turned a blind eye to this. He ordered a towel, then took off her wet clothes without squinting, and covered her whole body with a towel. The man wrapped it up and put her on the bed.

Siyu felt that she slept particularly comfortably during this sleep. Most of the body pain was eliminated, and she was lazy and didn’t want to move, but when she opened her eyes, she realized that she seemed to be held tightly in someone’s arms. As she woke up, she smelled the light sandalwood scent, and then she caught a glimpse of the lines on the Tang suit that Fifth Master Lu often wore.

So close, what’s the situation?!

Siyu’s brain couldn’t process it, she felt the bed under her, and the person holding her, she moved subconsciously, trying to break free from this iron embrace, but as soon as she had this intention, the person holding her seemed to be aware of it. Siyu only felt that the sky was spinning, and her whole person was pushed into the bedding, casting a shadow on the top of her head and Fifth Master Lu’s hands, which were as beautiful as works of art, held her slender neck.

Fifth Master Lu’s strength was amazing, but even in such an unconscious state, he still had amazing self-control. Siyu had no doubt that he could squeeze her neck immediately, but he had controlled himself at a critical juncture.

Siyu looked up a little flustered, only to see that the person covering her had vicious eyes, which were filled with some impatience because of being awakened, as if a devil, who had just woken up from a deep sleep, it was frightening.

“Fifth, fifth master?” Siyu tremblingly yelled, not daring to move at all. Could this master be angry about getting up? It’s terrible, completely different from the indifferent appearance she usually saw. On the contrary, it had become very hostile.

Fifth Master Lu stared down at the petite girl under him. After a long time, he seemed to finally wake up completely. He recognized Siyu, and his fingers slowly and little by little released Siyu’s neck.

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[1] Flower growing on a high hill, inaccessible to normal people.

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