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It wasn’t until Fifth Master Lu’s hands completely left Siyu’s neck that she recovered her breath, and then she was surprised to find that in the short moment, she actually experienced cold sweat and her entire back was wet.

Faced with the fifth master in this state, the evil spirit on his body suddenly pressed down towards Siyu like a mountain. Siyu turned her head and coughed heavily. The blood fell on the snow-white sheets, like red plum blossoms in full bloom.

It was dangerous… Siyu was sure that Fifth Master Lu could really have choked her to death with one hand just now. If he hadn’t restrained himself at the most critical moment, maybe she should lie down now. The hostility was real. Yes, a sickle of god of death was placed on her neck, and Siyu almost thought that her life was in danger.

And Fifth Master Lu, who had completely awakened from sleep, stared silently at Siyu who was pressed by him on the bed. The little girl had long black hair scattered on the bedding, her small face was pale, and her apricot eyes were covered with mist. There was still panic and fear in her eyes that would not easily dissipate in the future, reflecting his extremely cold face, and at this time the little girl was coughing up blood, while sneaking looks at him with the remaining energy, looking at him as if she had seen a ghost. She looked unspeakably pitiful and delicate… as if she would be broken if one pressed harder, she was too delicate and soft, like a porcelain doll.

After a long while, Fifth Master Lu closed his eyes and pressed down the violence caused by being disturbed during his sleep. He turned over from Siyu, sat on the edge of the bed, and put the buddha beads, which never left his body onto his wrist, and started turning them quickly between his fingers.

This was a habit inherited from his childhood sojourn in the Buddhist temple. In order to keep him calm at all times, the host of the temple deliberately searched for a thousand-year-old Bodhi and took the Bodhi seed from the tree to create such a string of hand beads for him. When he felt uneasy, he turned the prayer beads and chanted a pure heart mantra.

The self-control that he had developed since childhood was very strong. Under normal circumstances, there was basically nothing that could make him loose it completely, but today he felt that it was not enough after silently reciting it once, and his heart still couldn’t calm down completely.

“Well, Fifth Master…are you okay?” Siyu looked from the side, only seeing Fifth Master Lu turning the Buddha beads and moving his lips up and down. She didn’t know what he was doing, so she asked cautiously. Because at this time Siyu found out that she was wrapped in a thick towel, but she was not wearing any clothes underneath!

She didn’t know what happened during the medicinal bath yesterday. She had no impression of being taken to bed by anyone, and she didn’t know who took off her clothes… The most important thing was that she did not remember all night yesterday. Sleeping with Fifth Master while being hugged was too frightening! It was more terrifying than this psycho pinching her neck when she got up early!

Hearing Siyu’s soft voice, Fifth Master Lu moved his hand and glanced sideways at her. This little girl may not realize that she was not very honest when she slept, the towel on her chest had a faint downward trend, and a large area of the delicate collarbone had been exposed.

“I’ll have someone prepare your clothes for you, and you will come down when you change into them.” Fifth Master Lu looked away lightly, but subconsciously clenched the Buddha beads with his hands. The uneven surface of the beads hit his fingertips before he realized that it seemed to be in vain to recite the Heart Mantra just now.

Siyu nodded hurriedly, and when the master finally left, she immediately bounced off the bed, ran to the bathroom and threw the towel in the dark, and then softly put on the new skirt sent by the servant. It was a miracle that she actually spent the night with Fifth Master Lu and was still alive!

When Siyu went downstairs, Fifth Master Lu was already waiting in the living room. She didn’t know if it was an illusion. Siyu always felt that his expression seemed colder than usual. Siyu wondered who caused the Fifth Master to be upset and asked carefully if she could go back.

“The medicinal bath you took last night should have been absorbed. Your body needs supplementary food. What do you want to eat?” Fifth Master Lu, who was proficient in medicine, glanced at her and asked.

Siyu instantly thought of Fifth Master Lu being a picky eater who didn’t eat this or that. To be honest, she still remembered that meal. It was a disaster to be at the same table with someone who was picky in taste. In order to avoid a repeat of the disaster, Siyu hurriedly waved her hand, “No, I’ll go home first. I still have something to eat at home. I can cook it myself.”

Unexpectedly, this time Fifth Master Lu didn’t force her to obey anymore, nodded slightly, and led her out of the villa. Normally, Siyu could always see a large group of bodyguards accompanying Fifth Master Lu, but this time he turned back all his subordinates uncharacteristically, and personally drove a sports car with a flamboyant colour from the garage.

Siyu was stunned. She was accustomed to seeing Fifth Master Lu’s simple and elegant clothes. She always felt that such bright and dazzling colours did not match this person, but Fifth Master Lu was very accustomed to it and drove the car to Siyu’s house. Seeing her stunned, the corners of his lips couldn’t help but bend, “Do you still need me to invite you up?”

Siyu sat up like a sleepwalking person, until the sports car was driving on the road, and she felt the hustle and bustle on the mountain road. She grabbed the handrail and was a little nervous, “Fifth Master, why did you suddenly remember to drive by yourself?”

Fifth Master Lu’s driving speed could be described as wild. He never seemed to know how to drive slowly. Right, but in contrast to this, his expression had always been very calm. Hearing Siyu’s question, he seemed to smile, and answered kindly: “Because I am not happy now, and if someone follows, I will be even more unhappy, understand?”

Siyu suddenly fell silent.

So, this blatant sports car soared all the way back outside Siyu’s community at a terrifying speed. Siyu was worried all the way, for fear that Fifth Master Lu’s steering wheel could not be held securely, and she would become a soul on the road. The gate of the familiar community immediately filled her with excitement. She hurriedly said, “You can just let me down outside. It’s an old community. The roads are very narrow and there is no room for cars.”

Fifth Master Lu simply stopped by the road, turned off the engine, got out of the car, walked to the passenger seat, and said to Siyu, “Then walk over.”

Siyu was dumbfounded, he believed that the car couldn’t get in, but he still wanted to walk?

Siyu felt that today’s Fifth Master Lu seemed a bit strange, but she couldn’t tell where the strangeness was coming from?

“It’s still troublesome. There is a breakfast stall opposite. I also want to get something packed to take back. You don’t need to worry about me, really.” Siyu hurriedly thought of an excuse. She was really afraid of tangling with this person who always went against common sense.

Unexpectedly, Fifth Master Lu looked in the direction of Siyu’s fingers and walked over with her while holding her hand.

That breakfast stall was a well-known old shop nearby. The peak business period was usually between 6 and 8 in the morning. When Fifth Master Lu sent Siyu back, it was almost 10 o’clock, and they were preparing to close the stall. Seeing the man with extraordinary temperament, who was still holding a pale but beautiful girl in his hand, coming across, the old couple did not dare to neglect them, and hurriedly greeted, “Sir, what would you like to order? Our buns are already sold out, only thing left is a little porridge…”

Fifth Master Lu looked down at the stall, the smell of oily smoke was still there, and it was cleaned up, but the food presented was not very good, and even a little shabby. It was not similar to what he had eaten before. One thing was in the sky and the other underground, but the little girl he led had already answered first, “A bowl of porridge is enough. Put more mustard and I will eat it here.”

“Eating here?” Fifth Master Lu looked around. At a glance, there were four or five small tables scattered around the stall, as well as many small benches. They were located on the side of the road and the environment was naturally not very good.

Siyu took the hot porridge that the old couple handed over. Seeing that there were two of them, the enthusiastic shopkeeper put an extra spoon. Siyu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Fifth Master Lu was very picky. Why would he eat it?

“Yeah, yeah, I will leave after I eat. You still don’t want to wait for me. I eat slowly, and maybe it will take too much time.” Siyu wished to send this person away immediately, so she deliberately said that she would eat there. She didn’t believe that the mentally ill Fifth master Lu could tolerate eating here, he who regarded pickiness as the principle of adult life?

However, Siyu made another mistake in her judgment. Fifth Master Lu nodded and took the lead to find the cleanest wooden table. After sitting down, he rapped on the table with his knuckles: “Not enough?”

“…” Siyu, once again was convinced that today’s Fifth Master Lu was indeed very abnormal.

She walked over and sat down with the porridge, and slowly drank the clear porridge in the bowl under Fifth Master Lu’s watch. Fifth Master Lu stared at her movements on the opposite side. After watching for a while, he suddenly put away the Buddhist beads, grabbed the extra spoon, scooped half a spoon, and lowered his eyebrows to take a sip.

“!!!” Siyu was startled and didn’t react at all.

Fifth Master Lu only scooped half of the spoon, then set the spoon aside, and looked at Siyu’s surprised expression, and said lightly: “…The taste is okay.”

Siyu: “??” No, he suddenly stopped being picky, she was not used to it!

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