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Chi Fang was shocked in his heart, “Huh? What?”

Yu Mo didn’t notice his panic, but his expression was a little puzzled. “When you were talking in your sleep, you said a J… what is that?”

Chi Fang thought madly for several reasons, “Just…I am actually memorizing vocabulary! Yes, you don’t think I’m focusing on English, but I’m actually relying on my vocabulary. Isn’t it the end of the term? I had a dream yesterday and was still memorizing words!”

Yu Mo didn’t speak but stared at Chi Fang for a while.

Chi Fang blinked, “We will be late if we don’t get ready for school.”

Yu Mo reacted a little, but didn’t let go of Chi Fang, but moved closer, whispering: “Morning.”

After that, Yu Mo got up to wash.

Chi Fang was lying on the bed half-heartedly, the blush in his ears reacted slowly, and then spread down the base of the ears to the neck bit by bit.

After getting together, the lives of the two had not changed much. After all, they were still students and had to go to classes. In addition, the final exam was already closing in, and they couldn’t even finish the questions every day.

At this time, Chi Fang was quite fortunate that he had chosen the position he had in the classroom. To the left side of them was the wall, and from the window you couldn’t see the situation under the table, and the other side of the window was the playground. Although there was a window on the back door, the window was very high and very small. The difference between the height of Chi Fang and the back door window must be at least 2 meters tall.

Recently, because it was the end of November and it snowed a few days ago, the back door of each class was also locked and not allowed to open, for fear that the temperature would be too low, and the students would become ill.

Therefore, no one could see what he did with Yu Mo under the table.

It was just that Chi Fang had been a little worried recently, not because of other reasons, but because of Yu Mo. Before, he was a pure and innocent boy who knew nothing. Who knew that since he agreed to be together, Yu Mo’s study… Forget it, Yu Mo’s rogue value began to soar exponentially, even Chi Fang couldn’t resist it anymore.

Chi Fang thought it was an alien who had taken over Yu Mo’s shell.

However, …in fact, it was just because Yu Mo had an entire forum behind him. After knowing that the great god had succeeded in chasing his friend, the forum was already boiling, as if he was about to drive to the northeast with the car. Yu Mo watched their planning along the way, as if about to plan his and Chi Fang’s life till after retirement.

It was rare for Yu Mo not to feel irritable, but to read everyone’s replies with great interest. The knowledge he didn’t understand was expanding so quickly…

Then it was Christmas in the blink of an eye.

Chi Fang was still a single dog at Christmas last year, and this year he already had a boyfriend. Chi Fang also sighed in his heart. Maybe next year he would become single again…Bah, bah, what was he thinking about!

Chi Fang shook his head fiercely, throwing away his bad thoughts.

This year’s Christmas was not as good as last year, it just happened to be on Thursday. Although Yu Mo was very unhappy, he couldn’t let Chi Fang follow him to skip class. What made Yu Mo even more upset was that Chi Fang actually received more apples than last year. Those girls also knew that Chi Fang paid attention to distance when getting along with others, so when Chi Fang who they were looking for was not there, they ran to Chi Fang’s desk to put the apple, and occasionally two people ran into each other doing the same thing, and they even looked at each other and smiled together.

In the afternoon, Yu Mo faced the dozens of apples in the desk of Chi Fang, and his face turned as black as the bottom of the pot.

Chi Fang looked helpless, but no one noticed around him, so he took the initiative to hold Yu Mo’s hand, and coaxed: “Okay, I know not to eat, don’t be angry.”

“Throw it away!” Yu Mo replied angrily.

Chi Fang smiled and glanced at the pile of apples. If it was one or two, it would be fine to just throw it away, but it would be a waste to throw so many away. Chi Fang wanted to give it to the classmates like last time, but he suddenly saw Yuan Yun sitting in the front row.

If he sent it out, it must be to the whole class, but if he dared to send Yuan Yun apples, Yu Mo would definitely perform a muffled explosion for him.

It just so happened that the English teacher was walking through the window on the side. Chi Fang’s eyes lit up and he pushed Yu Mo: “Are there any boxes?”

Yu Mo hesitated, brought out a cardboard box and handed it to Chi Fang: “What are you going to do? “

“Send apples to the teachers.” Chi Fang took it smoothly and put the apples in the box on the table. After making sure that there was no mess of letters in the apple, he reached out to move the box.

Yu Mo stretched out his hand and grabbed the box before Chi Fang. Seeing that Chi Fang was still stunned, he was puzzled: “Don’t you want to give out apples?”

Chi Fang smiled, retracted his hand, and took Yu Mo to the teacher’s office so as to distribute the apples in the box to the teachers.

Teacher Fan looked at the apple in his hand, then took another look at the teachers who praised Chi Fang and Yu Mo, and pushed his glasses, “You are clever by offering borrowed flowers to praise Buddha[1].”

Chi Fang smiled, “That’s better than waste.”

“Okay.” Teacher Fan didn’t want to teach him either. He also thought that Chi Fang’s handling was quite good, but he still couldn’t help but exhort, “You are now at an important time for your studies. Don’t let these things delay your results.”

Chi Fang nodded calmly.

Coming out of the office, Yu Mo couldn’t help frowning, and said, “I didn’t delay your studies.”

Chi Fang was taken aback by his words, looked around subconsciously, and then reached out and led Yu Mo to the stairs. When they reached the lower corner, he said, “I know, but…you can’t just refute what the teacher said, right?”

Yu Mo was still a little unhappy, but he had to nod his head.

They were eager for Christmas night, where the evening self-study happened to be occupied by the chemistry teacher, and this teacher liked to drag the class the most. By the time the two of them left school, it was almost nine o’clock.

Chi Fang left the teaching building, and had just stepped on a few footprints in the snow on the ground when he was dragged back by Yu Mo. Yu Mo carefully wrapped his scarf around the person tightly before letting go of Chi Fang.

During this process, Chi Fang smiled motionlessly at him, and when Yu Mo was satisfied, he joked: “Grandma Yu?”

Yu Mo glanced at Chi Fang lightly and did not respond to his death seeking behavior.

It was already so late, and the two went straight back home. After arriving home, Yu Mo took a shower first, and while Yu Mo was taking a shower, Chi Fang took out the box hidden in the desk.

Because the two people usually lived together, they would only be separated only when they went home on the weekend. However, he would still go to Yu Mo’s home to study on Saturday. Although Yu Mo did not need to tutor him now, this habit was still retained.

As a result, he did not have time to prepare gifts for Yu Mo except the last day of the weekend.

Fortunately, he had long thought about what to buy for Yu Mo, otherwise he would have no gifts for the first holiday after getting together, and he would have wronged Yu Mo too much.

What Chi Fang prepared for Yu Mo was a wallet, the same style as his wallet, only in a different color. Hearing Yu Mo coming out of the bathroom, Chi Fang raised his eyes and saw that Yu Mo’s hair was wet and he walked out, with a towel in his hand.

Since he wiped Yu Mo’s hair that time, every time Yu Mo took a bath, he had to ask him to help wipe his hair, and his own hair also needed to be wiped dry, and Yu Mo must wipe it with his hands.

He didn’t know how they developed this strange habit.

Chi Fang handed the small box to Yu Mo, reached out his hand and took the towel, took Yu Mo to the bed, let him sit down on the bed, and stood behind Yu Mo and wiped his hair.

Yu Mo looked at the small box in his hand incomprehensibly, “What’s this?”

“Your gift.” Chi Fang replied, and the movements of his hands continued on.

Yu Mo was taken aback, lowered his head and opened the box. He knew Chi Fang quite well, and naturally recognized Chi Fang’s wallet. Yu Mo held the wallet, “You…”

“I have a purpose.” Chi Fang smoothed Yu Mo’s hair twice, making sure that it was dried, then put down the towel. He half-leaned on Yu Mo’s back, took out his wallet with one hand, and motioned to Yu Mo to look at the place where the photo was put in the wallet, “Shall we go click a couple photo?”

Yu Mo’s hand holding the box tightened slightly, and then nodded.

“So, don’t be jealous.” Chi Fang sighed deeply. Although Yu Mo was behaving normally these past two days, Chi Fang could still clearly feel that he was in a bad mood. It was just that Yu Mo, even if he was in a bad mood, won’t lose his temper with Chi Fang, but he would bear it alone.

Yu Mo nodded, touched the wallet in his hand, suddenly got up and went to the side to take out a box. The box was beautifully packed, and Chi Fang saw the logo on the box at a glance.

He took the box carefully and opened it. It turned out to be the latest sneakers. Chi Fang usually liked to run, but these sneakers were very expensive, so he rarely bought these particularly expensive ones.

Of course, this was particularly expensive even when compared to Chi Fang’s family background.

Chi Fang touched the top of the shoe, helplessly: “If I put these shoes on… I won’t dare to walk on them anymore.”

Yu Mo didn’t care much. He wanted to buy it for Chi Fang before, but it wasn’t suitable then.

When resting at night, Chi Fang was still a little awake, lying on the bed in a daze facing the curtains. Because he didn’t move much, Yu Mo thought he must have fallen asleep long ago, so he moved quietly, hugged Chi Fang carefully in his arms, and helped Chi Fang turn around.

Chi Fang: “…”

No wonder he was on Yu Mo’s side every time he woke up.

Chi Fang didn’t resist either, and let Yu Mo turn him over, and then looked at Yu Mo with bright eyes and a smile: “En?”

Yu Mo’s movements gave a sharp pause.

“You…Why didn’t you sleep?”

It was a little uncomfortable to lean on his side so Chi Fang took the initiative to fall to Yu Mo’s side and said: “I can’t sleep.”

“What’s wrong?” Yu Mo pulled the person in his arms, “Because of the exam?”

Chi Fang thought for a while and shook his head. He really cared about the exam now, but he was no longer as panicked as he was at the beginning. A good test was naturally good, but a bad test was just an exam.

“You say… what will the future look like?” Chi Fang couldn’t help asking Yu Mo, just because he had seen the darkest future, and the happy days during this period of time felt too unreal.

In Yu Mo’s mind, the cars that the people in the forum had drove[2] flashed in his mind, but he blinked, and put those learning materials back to the depths of his memory. Yu Mo thought for a while and said, “I will buy a house close to where we go to work. The person who gets off work first will pick up the other, and then we will go shopping and cook together, maybe we will have a cat or a dog, and we will wait until the weekend, when we can read at home, or go out to play together, and we will wait until there is a holiday to travel.”

“We will be very happy.” Yu Mo concluded.

However, the Chi Fang in his arms did not speak. He lowered his head slightly and found that Chi Fang no longer knew when he fell asleep. Yu Mo tightened his arms slightly and closed his eyes.

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[1] By using borrowed items to raise goodwill for oneself.

[2] Euphemism for sex.

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