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On the day of the college entrance examination, the Chi family and the Yu family were dispatched.

After the admission ticket was issued, the Chi family found an apartment near the examination center. Originally, they wanted to buy it directly, but the purchase procedures were too troublesome. In the end, the Chi family could only choose to rent it for a year.

The rent was for the entire year, and the deposit was non-refundable.

After all, Chi Fang had the soul of an adult, and it was the second time he was taking the college entrance examination, so naturally there was no sense of tension. As for Yu Mo, the only things that could make him nervous were Chi Fang crying, Chi Fang getting angry, Chi Fang missing, Chi Fang… Anyway, it was impossible for him to be nervous just because of an exam.

But before entering the examination center, Yu Mo still seized the time and told Chi Fang to pay attention. Chi Fang looked at Yu Mo amused, wondering whether he should remind him that his taciturn person image was about to collapse.

When he was sitting in his seat, Chi Fang felt a little nervousness in his heart, but he became excited soon. When Chi Fang from the previous life was sitting in the examination room, his mind was empty, and he couldn’t do anything except write his own name.

And now…Chi Fang confidently picked up the pen and began to write the answers one by one.

Chinese, mathematics, English, science comprehensive…

When the bell rang at the end of the last exam, Chi Fang looked at the exam paper in front of him, suddenly a little at a loss. The people around him had already started discussing where to go after the exam, but Chi Fang sat in the examination room by himself until Yu Mo came to look for him.

“Are you not going?” Yu Mo walked to Chi Fang’s table and asked in a low voice.

Chi Fang returned to his senses, stared at Yu Mo for a while, smiled, “Well.”

His high school life was over.


There was no mountain such as the college entrance examination over his head anymore. The mountain pressed overhead had been settled. On the third day after the exam, Chi Fang and Yu Mo went out to travel. The Chi family gave Chi Fang an off-road vehicle, and Chi Fang took Yu Mo for a road trip. It took them more than half a month to reach Tibet.

When the two of them came back, even Yu Mo was tanned twice over.

When the results were to be issued, both Chi Fang and Yu Mo had forgotten about them completely. But as soon as Chi Fang woke up on the day of the results, he went downstairs and saw his parents and elder brothers sitting on the sofa, staring at the mobile phone on the coffee table.

Chi Fang: …

If this phone was conscious, it would have exploded after being stared at like this.

“Mom?” Chi Fang went downstairs blankly and sat next to Mother Chi, “You are…”

“Hush.” Mother Chi suppressed Chi Fang’s voice and listened carefully to the voice on the phone.

“Examinee, Chi Fang. Exam number, xxxxxxx. Chinese, 142, Mathematics, 135, English, 147, Science Comprehensive, 272, total score 696.”

Chi Fang blinked, and it took a long time to realize that this was his college entrance examination score.

The living room of the Chi family was quiet for a while.

“696 ……” Mother Chi muttered, “What was the admission score for Beijing University last year?”

Chi Zheng looked down quickly and flipped through the information, “672!”

“In other words, even if the score line is 20 points higher this year …”

“Brother can definitely go!” Chi Zheng had turned on his mobile phone and sent a message to Xu Guang to announce his good news.

All the Chi’s mobile phones started to ring non-stop. Chi Fang watched them smiling happily without interrupting. Then he slipped to the corner and checked Yu Mo’s results.

He had both Yu Mo’s admission ticket number and ID card, and Chi Fang inputted it bit by bit according to the voice requirements.

“Examinee, Yu Mo. Exam number, xxxxxxx. Chinese, 147, mathematics, 150, English 146, science comprehensive 297, total score, 740.”

Chi Fang held his breath, hearing the final total score, and then only slowly breathed a sigh of relief. He didn’t call Yu Mo either, but turned around and went out.

When he arrived at Yu’s house, he heard the phone inside, and it was Mother Yu who was talking. Chi Fang knocked on the door obediently, and after a while Yu Mo came over to open the door, also answering the phone in his hand.

Seeing Chi Fang, Yu Mo’s expression improved, and his impatience with the person on the other end of the phone was much less. The person on the phone said a lot, and Yu Mo only responded coldly once in a while. After hanging up the phone, seeing that Chi Fang was a little curious, Yu Mo explained, “It’s the Dihua Admissions Office.”

Chi Fang suddenly realized that the two schools of Beijing University and Dihua had been competing with each other for many years. Naturally they would come to fight in advance.

After thinking about it, Chi Fang was only happy for Yu Mo. Although others had always said that Yu Mo was smart, Chi Fang knew that every time he was anwering question late, Yu Mo never slept earlier than him. He was a smart person who worked harder than others.

“Then guess how much I got?” Chi Fang asked with a smile.

“696.” Yu Mo didn’t hesitate.

“Hey, how do you know…” Looking at the call just now, it should have been going for a long time, and he thought that Yu Mo didn’t have time to check his results.

“Because this kid didn’t check his own.” Mother Yu hung up the phone, she happened to hear what Chi Fang said, and answered, “He checked your grades, and heard his own results from others.”

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