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After the college entrance examination, the two families found time to sit and eat a meal together. Mother Chi felt that Yu Mo was calm and smart, and he was good to Chi Fang. Mother Yu also felt that Chi Fang was obedient and sweet, and she did not know how many times better than her cold son. Both were very satisfied with each other’s son and enjoyed a meal together.

On the contrary, it was Chi Fang’s two older brothers who were uncomfortable. They sat silently while drinking, taking a sip and looking at Yu Mo. Seeing this, it looked like they almost regarded Yu Mo as an appetizer.

“Where do you want to report?” Mother Yu looked at Chi Fang and asked with a smile.

Chi Fang replied obediently, “The Department of Finance of Beijing University.”

Mother Yu was a little surprised, “Did you two discuss it?”

Chi Fang was taken aback and glanced at Yu Mo.

Yu Mo rarely avoided Chi Fang’s sight, but he did now because of a guilty conscience.

Chi Fang didn’t say anything in front of his mother. After Mother Yu went to the study to answer a call, Chi Fang just grabbed Yu Mo and asked fiercely, “Beijing University Finance Department?!”

Yu Mo paused, his eyes drifting around, just not looking at Chi Fang.

Chi Fang frowned and let Yu Mo look straight at himself, “Yu Mo, applying for a department is not a trifle. Are you really sure you want to take the finance major?”

If Yu Mo really liked the business world, then Chi Fang would not stop him, but as per his personality or his own interests, Yu Mo preferred to study coding alone.

Seeing that Yu Mo didn’t speak, Chi Fang slowed down, “Why do you want to apply for finance?”

Yu Mo paused and looked at Chi Fang, “You will enter Chi’s company in the future.”

Chi Fang nodded and did not deny it.

Yu Mo looked down slightly, “Code can’t protect you.”

Chi Fang was stunned. Although Yu Mo’s words were a bit brief, Chi Fang still understood what he meant. If Chi Fang entered the Chi company in the future, even if he was guarded by his elder brother and second brother, the first few years would definitely be difficult. If Yu Mo went to apply for computer or scientific research, then he would have nothing to do with the business community, and there would be no way to protect Chi Fang.

Thinking about it this way, Chi Fang remembered that when the previous life was the most desolate for the Chi family, it was also because of the cooperation with the Yuchi Group that made them pull through.

“Really…” Chi Fang shook his head helplessly, “Do you think that I am so weak?”

Yu Mo paused, wanting to say that he didn’t think Chi Fang was weak, but just wanted to protect him. He hesitated for a while, and changed the topic, “Moreover, I can apply for a dual degree.”

Although it was more difficult to apply for a dual degree at Beijing University, it was not impossible.

Chi Fang looked at Yu Mo speechlessly. Applying for a double degree meant that Yu Mo had to take classes in two departments at the same time, but he treated it as simply as…just doing one more math problem.

Learning Tyrant was amazing.

Chi Fang hummed twice, seeing that Yu Mo had thought about it carefully, he didn’t say anything more.


On the third day after the score was released, the application system for the universities was opened. The Chi family carefully checked the information several times and clicked submit after making sure that there was no problem. After handing in the registration form, there was nothing for Chi Fang to do. So, Chi Fang dragged Yu Mo to the villa on the mountain as it was very hot these days.

It was that villa with a swimming pool in the mountains, but the temperature was not much cooler than that under the mountain. When Chi Fang went there, he only wanted to escape from the heat, but within two days after he went there, he found that Yu Mo had begun to hide from him.

When swimming, he was tens of thousands of miles away, and he didn’t look at him when they ate. Even when he went to bed at night, Yu Mo had to wander to the bathroom one or two times.

Chi Fang was asleep, and he felt Yu Mo lying on the bed in a daze. He habitually moved towards Yu Mo, settling himself in Yu Mo’s arms. As a result, it didn’t take long before he felt Yu Mo gently pushing him away, and then… the bathroom light turned on again.

Chi Fang: ???

After a week like this, Chi Fang became angry.

Yu Mo spent two hours in the bathroom again, thinking that Chi Fang should be asleep, and then he came out of the bathroom, and as soon as he pushed the door, he faced Chi Fang’s angry gaze.

Chi Fang sat on the bed, holding a pillow in his arms, with a hint of grievance on his face: “Are you going to break up with me?”

“What are you talking about?!” Yu Mo suddenly said to Chi Fang. His trembling mind went blank for a moment. After he recovered, he stepped onto the bed in two steps, ignoring the water stains on his body, and reached out to hold Chi Fang’s arm.

Chi Fang shuddered due to the coolness on Yu Mo’s hand, and subconsciously shook his arm back. Although he was only avoiding him because of the cold, this action when it fell in Mo’s eyes, became, Chi Fang not wanting to be touched by him.

Yu Mo used some strength on his hands to prevent Chi Fang from breaking free. Pushing Chi Fang forward, Yu Mo’s eyes fixed on Chi Fang, “Why?”

Chi Fang was suppressed by Yu Mo and blushed subconsciously. He only reacted when he heard Yu Mo’s words. With a hint of grievance, he looked at Yu Mo, “You don’t even look at me when you eat.”

Yu Mo’s anger and sorrow were halted, and his eyes were blank: “Huh?”

Chi Fang continued to recount his grievances, “Nor kiss me.” The last time they kissed was on the day of the college entrance examination results!

Yu Mo pulled the corner of his mouth and looked at Chi Fang.

Chi Fang didn’t care about him and continued angrily: “Don’t hug me when I go to sleep!”

Every time he got up in the morning, Yu Mo had already gotten up. If it weren’t for the position of the quilt on the side, he would think that Yu Mo was not even home!

Yu Mo watched Chi Fang’s voice whimpering, but sighed, “I don’t.”

Chi Fang didn’t believe it, still holding the quilt, he didn’t even look at Yu Mo.

Upon seeing this, Yu Mo also knew that his words were useless, and he could only be thankful that what he had prepared was quite adequate.

Chi Fang was still sitting on the bed, not worrying about what Yu Mo was doing. As a result, Yu Mo actually let go of him, got out of bed and looked for something while flipping in the cupboard beside the bed. Chi Fang was curious, and looked over there quietly, only to see Yu Mo holding something in his hand and putting it next to the pillow. What was this?

Chi Fang quietly moved to the side of the pillow, taking advantage of Yu Mo’s carelessness to reach out and take the thing into his hand, and looked down, it seemed to be ointment? Chi Fang turned a half circle in doubt and saw the name of the ointment.

Chi Fang:…

Starting from the smooth and white neck, his blush spread little by little and went upward, and finally his whole face was red. Chi Fang only felt that his hands were shaking, and when he looked up, he found that Yu Mo was about to turn his head, and Chi Fang subconsciously stuffed things into the quilt under his body.

Chi Fang:…

Ah, what was he doing!

Because it was hidden too deep, it took a long time to find another thing. Yu Mo put the box in his hand by the pillow, only to find that the ointment he just put was gone. Looking at Chi Fang again, he blushed as if he had been cooked himself.

With a smile in Yu Mo’s eyes, and while Chi Fang was not paying attention, he gently pushed him onto the bed.

“You, you, you…” Chi Fang exploded in an instant. Before he could finish his question, Yu Mo lowered his head and kissed him tenderly.

Although they had been together for more than a year, because they had been busy studying, this was only the third time the two kissed. Chi Fang had no experience at all, and the waves were raging in his heart. If Yu Mo hadn’t stopped and reminded him to breathe, Chi Fang would have become the first person to die of suffocation due to kissing.

Chi Fang’s soul was tricked out, so he didn’t notice the bad intentions in Mo’s eyes. Yu Mo waited for a while, seeing Chi Fang calm down, and whispered in his ear, “Do you like me?”

Chi Fang nodded subconsciously.

The corner of Yu Mo’s mouth slowly raised, “I know.”

Chi Fang looked at Yu Mo blankly, not knowing what he knew.

Then he knew soon.

The next day Yu Mo was rushed to sleep in the guest room and had time to think about it.

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