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Duan Rulan was soaked, the makeup on her face had caked over, especially the eye makeup which had stuck to her eyelids, in such a way, that she could hardly open her eyes. The beautiful skirt that she wore to welcome the distinguished guests was dripping with water. It was full of mud and dirt, and because of the rain, the mud in the yard had become very soft. Her high heels sank deep into the mud as soon as she stepped on it. She screamed, trying to pull her legs out. But, she almost turned over in a big somersault.

The rain was getting heavier and heavier, and there was no traction in the yard. Ji Wenhan and his wife were soaked in a short while, while the black-clothed bodyguards standing nearby seemed to have expected it to rain and opened the umbrella in time. They were not splashed at all.

Duan Rulan had never been so embarrassed in her life. She was too tired, but she did not dare to stop. After all, there had just been a precedent. Once she tried to let go, the black-faced gods behind would use indifference and ruthlessness. Their voice would tell how much Ji’s market value had evaporated.

Duan Rulan didn’t understand these things, but she glanced at her husband and found that Ji Wenhan’s face was as pale as paper, and Ji Wenhan’s cell phone had been taken away by the bodyguards. There were constant calls coming in. The bodyguards seemed to be deliberate. They turned on the loudspeaker in front of them, so Ji Wenhan heard his assistant report that their business was sniped, the stock price was plummeting, and the board of directors was about to riot. It asked Ji Wenhan to quickly stabilize the company’s spirit, Ji Wenhan’s heart was dripping with blood, but, there were black gun pointed at him all around. Not only could he not walk, he couldn’t even say a word, so, he could only listen to the assistant yelling anxiously over there, and finally the bodyguard simply hung up the phone and said coldly to him, “President Ji, instead of worrying about this, you should speed up and finish the work as soon as possible . Otherwise, the longer the time is, the more your loss will be.” Ji Wenhan only felt dark in front of him, a wave of despair had immediately enveloped him.

This, this was all his hard work! Ji Wenhan suddenly stared at Duan Rulan fiercely, his eyes were dark, he didn’t dare to contend with the Lu family, so, he shifted all the responsibility to his wife, blamed this woman, she couldn’t do little things well, not even pick flowers. Well, there was a lot of bitterness!

Duan Rulan was not feeling well. She blamed her husband for not having the ability. She thought how good it would be to marry into the Ji family, but Ji Wenhan was just bullshit in front of the Lu family, not even worth a fart. He dared to let go, and even hurt her, she even accompanied him to do this kind of rough work, it was a waste of money!

At this moment, the thinking of the Ji Wenhan and his wife strangely reached an agreement.

The two of them worked hard for a long time. From morning to night, the rain never stopped. Duan Rulan used to show off that the gardener filled the yard with flowers. Now, she almost felt like going back to the past and slapping herself. She didn’t care how expensive these flowers were, she just pulled them up and threw them aside. When the two of them finally cleaned up the whole yard, she fell on the ground with a sore back and couldn’t get up. Who would have thought that those black clothed bodyguards would keep a bag of seeds in front of them and say blankly, “The Fifth Master ordered that after you finish turning the ground, continue to plant these seeds.”

Duan Rulan almost fainted, she couldn’t even lift her hand. She didn’t know whether there was tears or rain on her face, and said weakly, “Can we take a break? I really can’t do it…” The voice just fell. The black clothed bodyguard held the gun up extremely quickly, and accurately shot the bullet into the ground an inch away from Duan Rulan’s feet. Duan Rulan was stunned for several seconds, opened her mouth, and even forgot to make a sound.

“Mrs. Ji, if you want to rest, then rest forever.” The black gun pointed at her silently.

Duan Rulan was trembling all over, these people, these people really knew how to do it! An unknown fear gripped her heart tightly. Duan Rulan didn’t know where she was, but she fell to the ground just now. She immediately stood up and grabbed the bag of seeds and started to work. After witnessing all this, Ji Wenhan feared that he would also be reduced to the next target threatened by the gun, he hurriedly followed, and the couple almost fought to share the bag of seeds.

After sowing the seeds again, it was already two hours later. Ji Wenhan and Duan Rulan were driven back to the villa by the bodyguards. The clothes on their bodies were so dirty that they could not be seen, their hands and feet were covered with mud. If the two of them were thrown out now, no one would doubt that they were scavenging beggars, no one would be able to imagine their exquisite and rich appearance of the past.

Because it was raining outside, it was very cold. When Duan Rulan returned to the bright living room, her hands and feet gradually warmed up, and she felt a little bit better. Then she found that her ten fingers had been pricked and were bleeding, and her face was distorted by the pain.

Duan Rulan was dragged back into the room. She raised her head and found that the imposing Fifth Master Lu was sitting on the sofa, sipping tea. His sipping techniques set off his exquisite appearance, just like a picture. However, Duan Rulan didn’t want to appreciate the moving picture, because when she turned her gaze, she saw her most disgusting daughter sitting next to Fifth Master Lu.

Unlike her embarrassed clothing, Siyu wore a fluffy cloak, which looked very warm. The fluff was whitewashed around her neck, making her extraordinarily cute, and now, Fifth Master Lu was pouring tea for her. It was all poured into the small porcelain cup she was holding, and she sipped her tea, her face was blushed by the heat, and her apricot eyes seemed to be moistened with water.

Duan Rulan was surprised, why didn’t Zhou Siyu, the money-losing good, leave? Didn’t she ask the butler to drive people out? !

In the face of Fifth Master Lu, Duan Rulan could not be arrogant or even dare to make trouble. Even though Fifth Master Lu was the culprit who made her so embarrassed, Duan Rulan didn’t dare to blame him at all, but facing Siyu, she was different. This dead girl was not embarrassed and was sitting and drinking tea in a leisurely manner?

Duan Rulan became angry all at once, she could lose face in front of anyone, but she couldn’t lose face in front of Siyu!

“Fifth Master Lu, Fifth Master Lu, this dead girl is not part of our family, I will kick her out, don’t let her get in your way… Zhou Siyu!” Duan Rulan wanted to step forward and pull Siyu away, but just after taking a step, she was immediately caught by the bodyguard behind her and pressed to the ground. She thought that Fifth Master Lu didn’t know Siyu’s identity, and quickly explained, “Fifth Master Lu, you don’t know, this girl is here to corrupt our house. For this she has been pestering my son…”

Speaking of this, Duan Rulan suddenly realized that, by the way, why wasn’t Ji Lin in the living room?

When Siyu heard her words, she couldn’t help but twitch her lips. As for Ji Lin, the silly boy went out in the rain. After he was pulled back by someone, she immediately went to the kitchen to cook a bowl of ginger soup. The result was that she was inattentive and didn’t look at Fifth Master Lu, so this master added something to the ginger soup. Ji Lin drank the medicine and soon he was carried to the room to fall asleep.

Otherwise, he could not help but rush out in the rain to find Duan Rulan.

“You said, she is not from your family?” Fifth Master Lu glanced lightly at Duan Rulan, who was forced to press on the floor, and asked with a smile.

Sitting on the other side of the sofa, Chu Shuangyan, who was far away from Fifth Master Lu, couldn’t help but tremble, watching her nose, and began to pray for Duan Rulan in her heart.

After all, Ji Wenhan was an old fox. He had an unpleasant feeling from Fifth Master Lu’s smile, but before he had time to save him, Duan Rulan next to him replied very confidently, “Right, she’s kind of person. I’ve seen a lot, who just want to climb the dragon branch and become a phoenix and doesn’t even want face.”

Fifth Master Lu squeezed Siyu’s mellow and cold fingertips to play, and said lightly, “She really has nothing to do with you, this is my person.”

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