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“Yes, Fifth Master Lu you can see through a glance…” Duan Rulan reflexively responded, all stuck in the middle.

What? What did Fifth Master Lu just say Zhou Siyu, the short-lived ghost who was born lowly and sick, was Fifth Master Lu ‘s person?!

Duan Rulan couldn’t believe it at all, and the whole person froze in place.

Siyu heard this, just drank saliva, almost choked, and involuntarily coughed blood, covering her lips and frowning, she seemed very uncomfortable, Fifth Master Lu turned his head to look at her, and said quietly, “You just took the medicine, why did it happen again?” As he said this, he was about to pinch Siyu’s veins. Siyu used her hands and feet to drill into the sofa, trying to avoid his stretched hand. No, these words were too horrible, when did she become a member of the Lu family!

Fifth Master Lu was very displeased with her resisting attitude. He simply encircled her slender ankles, dragged the person back, hugged her in his arms, and carefully wiped off the spilled blood for her, “What are you running, it’s not that I blame you.”

Such an intimate action fell in Duan Rulan’s eyes, like a hammer that hit her head, making her dizzy and losing her ability to think. Zhou Siyu… and Fifth Master Lu were like that. In a relationship? Impossible, how could a man with high authority like Fifth Master Lu fall in love with this kind of sickly person?

Ji Wenhan was also stunned, but he came back to his senses before Duan Rulan, and his back was immediately sweaty. He didn’t forget that he was very rude when throwing the girl out, and now Fifth Master Lu made it clear that everything was to protect Siyu, and maybe even the series of orders to fix people to death just now were all venting for this girl!

Ji Wenhan vaguely remembered that his wife complained to him that a girl named Zhou Siyu pestered Ji Lin all day, and asked him to show Siyu a little bit of color. At that time, Ji Wenhan thought it was just a trivial matter, and he didn’t even bother about it. Duan Rulan did it. Looking back now, this was nothing short of dying!

Wow, it turned out that it was caused by this stupid woman Duan Rulan! Ji Wenhan panted heavily and immediately stared at Duan Rulan firmly. If he hadn’t been slapped, he would rush over and slap her. She caused the trouble and dragged him into the water with herself!

“Fifth Master, no, Miss Zhou, we have eyes but no knowledge. I apologize for Rulan, and I ask you to raise your hand and forgive her once.” Ji Wenhan was able to stretch out and figure out the cause of Fifth Master Lu ‘s troubles, and he immediately responded. He begged Zhou Siyu for mercy, and no matter how high he was before, his attitude was very humble at this time.

Duan Rulan listened to her husband’s low-pitched request, her expression seemed to be in a daze. No, where was the money-losing daughter that she had always looked down on, when was it actually her turn to look up at her?

Duan Rulan couldn’t understand why Fifth Master Lu didn’t even look at them? He just stared at Siyu intently, and whispered in her ear, “Look, they have been forced to honour you. Are you happy?”

Siyu: “…” Happy, if Fifth Master Lu didn’t hold it so tightly, she would be even happier.

Siyu didn’t say a word, but Fifth Master Lu seemed to have got the answer from her expression. He chuckled and stroked her long hair, and said softly, “It seems that you are still not satisfied.”

Duan Rulan and Ji Wenhan: “!!!”

“Xingzhou.” Fifth Master Lu asked Lu Xingzhou, “I heard that Ji family is planning to develop the land in the western suburbs?”

Lu Xingzhou obviously did his homework and nodded, “Yes, that piece of land is predicted to be the future king of Jiangcheng, and many companies are eyeing it. The Ji family is the most powerful competitor among these people.”

“It won’t be anytime soon.” Fifth Master Lu smiled, “You take it. Go, just treat it as a gift from me. Speaking off which, you came to Jiangcheng to take office. I haven’t officially congratulated you, so I have the right to make it up.”

Lu Xingzhou was stunned and said with joy, “Thank you, Fifth Master Lu!” He had also coveted that piece of land for a long time, but after the Lu family kicked him out, everything depended on himself. The liquidity he had on hand was really not enough to take the land, but with the promise of Fifth Master Lu, it was different, even his dad would dare not say anything!

Ji Wenhan paled and almost collapsed.

This was the end, he was determined to win this project, even in the case of the board of directors being less optimistic bent, if it did not pan out, how would the board look at him, the company had invested huge amounts of money, how to do ……

Ji’s group would certainly be badly hurt!

Siyu whispered to Fifth Master Lu inexplicably, “I didn’t say that I was not satisfied?”

Fifth Master Lu squeezed her finger, his expression unchanged, “You said it.” Anyway, he would not be wrong.

Siyu: “…I am happy.” When the goal was achieved, Fifth Master Lu took Siyu away without any delay. The Lu family’s car completely ignored that this was their yard, from the gate of the yard. They drove in and stopped at the door of the villa to pick up people. Although it was still raining outside, Siyu didn’t get a drop of rain on her at all.

The evil spirit left, and Chu Shuangyan recovered from the state of holding her breath and concentrating. She patted her chest with lingering fears. She watched the miserable situation of the Ji couple the whole time, and she couldn’t help but rejoice that she was still clever at that time. Otherwise would she also fall to this end?

After digging for a whole day, the business was ruined again, and they felt miserable even thinking about it.

Chu Shuangyan glanced at the couple who were paralyzed on the ground, and silently helped them to the sofa. She didn’t dare to stay any longer. After doing this, she hurried away. She had to go home and tell the family members that the Ji’s had offended Fifth Master Lu!

In the blink of an eye, everyone left, and the villa was quiet again. After sitting for a long time, Ji Wenhan felt that his hands and feet had recovered a bit of strength. The first thing he did after regaining his senses was to slap Duan Rulan. The strength of this palm wasn’t restrained, and he immediately threw Duan Rulan into the sofa!

“Look at the good things you did!” Ji Wenhan looked at her with hatred in his eyes, “Duan Rulan, besides shopping and attending gatherings, what else do you do for business? Now, you have caused such a big disaster for me. I married you only because my brain was flooded! Prodigal woman!”

That slap was fierce and quick, and Duan Rulan was stunned for a few seconds before reacting. She looked up at her husband who was always gentle in disbelief, “Ji Wenhan, do you dare to beat me?”

Ji Wenhan sneered, “Why can’t I beat you? You made me humiliated for no reason, and ruined my business. If you hadn’t offended Zhou Siyu, Fifth Master Lu wouldn’t have looked at the Ji family. What good things have you done, you know in your heart!”

“Didn’t you agree to those things! Are you going to blame me now?” Duan Rulan wanted to jump on him and pinch him, “Wow, Ji Wenhan, you do have the skills to come and blame me?”

Duan Rulan rushed to Ji Wenhan with punches and kicks, and the couple who usually loved each other suddenly started scuffling with each other. They were not at all soft on each other and made each other’s injuries worse, but in the bedroom on the second floor, Ji Lin slept soundly because of drugs, and knew nothing about it.

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