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On the crew’s side, because Lu Chengyu knew that Yan Mu would not be at home for lunch at noon, he mingled with the crew to eat authentic peasant meals, and He Long behind him saw that Lu Chengyu looked happy eating, and finally realised that this assistant Lu is very easy to feed and can eat everything happily.

Lu Chengyu sat with Zhang Shuo on the left and Zhong Zhenghan on the right. Although his right hand was inconvenient, he was happily eating with the help of two people around him while using a spoon.

Zhong Zhenghan used the public chopsticks to put some fragrant bacon in his bowl, while contemptuously saying: “You can throw yourself like this into a bowl, you are really good!” His familiar behavior seemed to show them to be good friends. In fact, it was to make the group of people believe the lie that was told before the media. Anyway, he didn’t believe that a fox-like Lu Chengyu would cut himself off for taking a bowl, as it was inconsistent with the IQ of Lu Chengyu’s brain.

Wang Song next to him nervously glanced at Zhong Zhenghan. Was it really okay to make fun of Big Golden Leg like this?

“What’s this, it’s better than someone who can bite his own finger when you gnaw on a cucumber,” Lu Chengyu raised his eyebrows and looked at Zhong Zhenghan, “Don’t talk about stupid with me, I can’t beat you.”

“Hehe, I see. Your left hand is quite flexible, so you can pick it yourself.” Zhong Zhenghan put the chopsticks on the table and decided not to help Lu Chengyu pick dishes. It was impossible to have a pleasant conversation.

Wang Song sighed silently. It turned out that Big Golden Leg had been paying attention to Zhenghan silently, and he even knew the trivial matter of biting his hand. Was this true love in the legend?

The table was full watching the male protagonist and the investor happily bickering, the speed of picking up the rice spontaneously slowed down, they were watching others quarrel which looked the most interesting.

“Tsk tsk,” Lu Chengyu picked up the chopsticks, and flexibly picked up the slippery noodles using the chopsticks into the bowl, “You don’t please me, be careful, else I will ask the director to reduce your role.”

Zhong Zhenghan watched Lu Chengyu flexibly use the chopstick with his left hand, he remembered that he was serving him foolishly just now, and suddenly said: “Has anyone ever said that you are shameless?”

After, Lu Chengyu ate the noodles into his stomach, he said slowly: “No, but I don’t care about it. “

Zhong Zhenghan: “…” Ha ha, I really appreciate your magnanimity.

Zhang Shuo next to him watched the two arguing. After listening for a long time, he finally said: “Mr. Lu, I think there is a role in the movie that suits you.”

Lu Chengyu looked at Zhang Shuo suspiciously: “No, not again. Find a suitable role and find me in order to save the pay?”

“You can’t say that. I would like to invite a heavenly king to play this role with friendship. Unfortunately, this friendship is not in place and others are unwilling to come, so I can only retreat. Secondly, it’s up to you to play this role.” Director Zhang worried that Lu Chengyu would not agree, and said in a hurry. “There are not many shots of this character, it can be done in a few days.”

Lu Chengyu pointed to the arm in his hand: “Do you think I can film now?”

“It’s okay, this character in the play doesn’t have a right arm,” Zhang Shuo didn’t care, “There are two left-handed close-ups in the play, and you can even save money as a substitute.”

Lu Chengyu: “…”

Should he thank Zhang Shuo for saving him money?

In the end, Lu Chengyu agreed to play this role with few shots. It happened that he was free these few days, and Yan Mu was going to work again. It was also very interesting for him to join the crew.

Therefore, after eating at noon that day, Zhang Shuo asked the makeup artist to take Lu Chengyu to set makeup. After Lu Chengyu came out wearing an old-style Chinese tunic suit and stepping on leather shoes, Zhang Shuo happily said, “Sure enough, it is most suitable for you to play this kind of role, Mr. Lu.”

Lu Chengyu played a high-achieving and arrogant student in this play. Because of an accident outside, he broke his arm, so he decided to return to a small town in the country to become a teacher. However, he, who considered himself talented, so he despised the vulgar villagers, and after having conflicts with the male protagonist, at the end of the film he was killed in a mudslide in order to save a child.

This movie borrowed various characters from remote small towns in the 1930s to describe different human natures, but in general it revealed the hidden good human nature. And the role of Lu Chengyu was one of several supporting roles.

There were not many shots of this role, but it was very pleasing, and the main scenes were with the opponent Zhong Zhenghan. After watching it, he became somewhat interested, because Lu Chengyu’s time was limited, he took a shot of Lu Chengyu at the entrance of the village carrying a suitcase that afternoon.

There was no one at the entrance of the village where the chastity archway stood. Because it was autumn, there were a lot of dead leaves under the archway. As the footsteps approached, a pair of grey leather shoes appeared in the camera, and a suitcase was put down by his feet. The white gloved hand flicked the dust off the leather shoes.

“After so many years, this place is still so shabby,” The lens moved to the young man who was taking a shot, only to see the young man wearing elegant glasses, he looked very gentle, but he was full of disdain for this shabby village.

Zhang Shuo looked at Lu Chengyu’s performance from behind the camera, clutching his heart and feeling a little heartache. Why should such a good actor go to be an assistant to a president? It’s a violent thing! A waste of resource!! A sin that cannot be forgiven!!!

“This set of shots has passed,” Zhang Shuo waved his hand, but didn’t think about it, the more you think about it, the more uncomfortable he got.

The expression on Lu Chengyu’s face suddenly collapsed as soon as the clapboard was hit. He ran to He Long, unscrewed a bottle of water, tilted his head up and drank it. After eating too much bacon at noon, he felt thirsty no matter how much water he drank.

He Long was still caught up in Lu Chengyu’s disdainful expression. Now that Lu Chengyu rushed to him and started drinking, he suddenly couldn’t react. After a while, he said, “Sir, Mr. Yan just called and said that he is coming to the crew to pick you up.”

Lu Chengyu put the empty drink bottle aside and wiped off the water stains on the corners of his mouth: “How long until he will be here?”

He Long glanced at the time, “He’s about ten minutes away.”

Lu Chengyu nodded and turned around to continue shooting. In the next scene, if he didn’t NG several times, he could go home with Yan Mu without waiting long.

The following shot showed the character played by Lu Chengyu. After commenting on the village, he found a pile of dead leaves falling. He was full of disgust. He looked up and saw a person sitting on the tree next to him. He did not quarrel with the other person, but coldly spit out one word: “Vulgar!”

Chen Qiuhe naturally sprinkled a handful of leaves on the tree and threw it all over his body. He was so angry that he picked up his suitcase and entered this backward village.

After Yan Mu rushed to the crew, he happened to see Lu Chengyu’s expression when he was standing under the tree and talking about vulgarity. The corners of his mouth were slightly bent, and he stood beside Zhang Shuo. It was only after seeing the person who played the opposite role with Lu Chengyu, that his face fell down a little.

He Long carefully looked at the boss’s face, and silently moved aside two steps.

After taking this set of shots, Lu Chengyu saw that Yan Mu had arrived, so he could not change his clothes and remove his makeup. He took off his non-prescription glasses on the bridge of his nose and walked to Yan Mu. He smiled and said, “Brother Mu, you didn’t go to the company today?” Otherwise, why come here so early?

“I went to see Grandpa in the morning, and came out in the afternoon and knew that you were on the set, so I came over.” Yan Mu saw that there were some dead leaves on his hair, stretched out his hand to help him take it off carefully, “Go and change clothes, I’ll wait for you here, we’ll go back together.”

“Okay, wait for me for a while, and I’ll be right back.” Lu Chengyu turned and ran towards the dressing room, unbuttoning the tunic jacket as he ran.

He Long hesitated, but still followed Lu Chengyu in the direction of the dressing room.

Qu Lingbei next to him looked thoughtfully at Yan Mu. When he saw that the other’s eyes were all falling on Lu Chengyu who was running away, his eyes became more complicated.

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