TCYEC Ch. 89

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All Weibo posts and communications are in bold…

At the end of the year, the entertainment circle was very lively, and people were promoting movies, TV shows, and those who were not promoting anything, brushed up their presence through various news, and so all kinds of drafts were flying on Weibo.

The finalized poster of “Pretending Overload” had been released. It was scheduled for release on the first day of the new year. On the poster, Yu Siyang and Hong Zhehao were in embarrassing positions, but the two faces were clean and handsome, forming a strong contrast. This made the fans keep laughing.

Since the poster came out, the publicity of “Pretending Overload” had also started. The trailer had two versions, and there were several shooting tidbits. This publicity led to a rhythm, which lifted the curiosity of the fans who were following the movie.

Yu Siyang and Hong Zhehao also cooperated very well and were called by Jin Ce to shoot the cover of the magazine “Film and Art”.

In the studio, the two dressed in costumes, holding various props in their hands to meet the photographer’s requirements, and sometimes behaved as if they were in love and sometimes as if they were going to kill each other.

“OK, the two little babies have a rest. Let’s change to a different set of backgrounds.”

“Film and Art” was one of the most authoritative film and television magazines in China. The photographers who had been paid a lot of money were also well-known domestic photographers. When they met, they called the two actors “little babies”, and shocked their bodies and hearts.

The air-conditioning temperature in the studio was very high, so they did not feel cold in thin costumes. Instead, they were sweating because of the wigs they were wearing.

“Here, paper towels.” Hong Zhehao took out two paper towels from nowhere and handed one to Yu Siyang.

“Thanks.” After Yu Siyang took it, he wiped the sweat from his forehead and looked around in the studio but didn’t see Tang Hang who had come in with him.

Hong Zhehao also found that Tang Hang was not there, and said, “Huh, where is your assistant?”

Yu Siyang shrugged and shook his head.

Hong Zhehao looked around, suddenly approached Yu Siyang, and whispered: “When it’s over, let’s go buy skewers. I recently found a small shop whose roasted lamb skewers are very good, and you will regret not eating it.”

Yu Siyang was very cooperative and whispered: “Your agent allows you to eat?”

“You are stupid, of course we are eating behind his back.”

“I feel that this is a bit risky.”

“High risk has high returns.”

“…What is the return?”

“Of course, it is delicious lamb skewers.”

“….”, Yu Siyang’s expression was very hard to describe.

“Go, go, go, go…” Hong Zhehao, who was well versed in brainwashing skills, said “Go” non-stop on repeat, Yu Siyang had no choice but to bear the humiliation and nod his head, and accompany him to eat lamb skewers.

At this moment, Tang Hang put the phone in his pocket and walked into the studio with a steady expression on his face, but somehow, Yu Siyang felt that he was worried from his expression. He was just about to go over and ask, when the photographer clapped his hands and shouted: “Two little babies, come here to take pictures.”

Yu Siyang suppressed the doubts in his heart and worked hard with Hong Zhehao.

The cover was shot until more than five o’clock in the evening. The two of them took off their makeup and changed back to their clothes and walked out of the building where the studio was located. Hong Zhehao was immediately picked up by his facial paralysis assistant in the car. Before getting into the car, he quietly rushed towards Yu Siyang and winked at him, which meant “wait for my call”.

Yu Siyang also quietly nodded, and the two got into their own cars like underground gangsters.

As soon as he got into the car, Yu Siyang asked, “Tang Hang, what happened?”

“Ah?” Tang Hang turned his head to look at Yu Siyang in the back seat, to say hello.

Yu Siyang said: “You went out and came in again during the shoot, but your expression has not been good since then. What happened? If you can’t tell me, just assume I didn’t ask.”

Tang Hang shook his head: “It’s about you. In the afternoon, a Weibo broke the news, saying that you are a rich second-generation, and then there was a marketing account which elaborated the situation of your family, except that your family is bankrupt, Mr. Wei said that someone is leading the rhythm, there is likely to be a back-up plan which is not good.”

Yu Siyang frowned and said, “Let me see the post.”

Tang Hang sent the first Weibo that broke the news and the subsequent rhythmic marketing accounts to Yu Siyang’s mobile phone.

The Weibo was very simple. It just said, “I was surprised to find that Yu Siyang turned out to be a rich second generation.”

Netizens said that there was nothing strange about this. There were many rich second generations in the entertainment industry.

The marketing account posted a long Weibo about his family’s situation, including his parents’ identity and background, what kind of company Yu’s father started, what kind of business the company was mainly engaged in, and how many shares of Yu’s relatives had been involved. The company’s positions were clearly stated. The seemingly neutral words actually implied that Yu’s father took the money from his relatives, but he suppressed his relatives and did everything possible to prevent them from holding positions in the company.

The content of several marketing accounts was similar, and the navy was driving the rhythm below, sending words like “I didn’t expect Yu Siyang’s family to be like this” and “It is a bit too much to suppress relatives after taking money from them.”

In recent times, Yu Siyang has been particularly popular because of the movie promotion and the Cloud awards. He was almost always in the hot search in the entertainment news. He had a lot of passers-by fans, and the several marketing accounts had immediately attracted a lot of people.

“No wonder the continuous hot search, must be because of the original family money, must be bought [money]”

“Tut tut, did not think his father is such a person, finally know why Yu Siyang has such a bad character.”

“Sunspots, your eyes are not good, your brains are not good, and your character is not good, so you should save others from yourself.”

“Fans and artists are the same, both of them have bad brains, nausea[vomit]”

“I’m not a fan or a black powder. I have no feelings for Yu Siyang, but the artist is an artist, and his father is his father. No matter what his father does, it has nothing to do with him. Cursing is always bad.”

Yu Siyang turned over. After two or three pages of comments, he turned the phone off and said coldly: “It was those of the Yu family who did it.”

Tang Hang was taken aback and asked, “Really, how can you tell this?”

“For my father’s company, apart from my father himself and those from the Yu family, how could outsiders know these details.” Yu Siyang held the phone tightly, his heart ignited, his nose twitched, and he felt short of breath. “Apart from them, how can outsiders slander a dead person like this!”

Tang Hang frowned, one could imagine that what they really wanted to do was not target the dead, but the living.

Ever since Tang Hang knew of Yu Siyang’s relatives, especially those things his second uncle did, he had no affection for this group of people at all. Where were they relatives, they were simply blood suckers. Yu Siyang and his family of three really must have bad luck accumulated from eight lifetimes, to have such a bunch of relatives.

Now, he had even more ill feelings towards this group of people.

Yu Siyang took a few deep breaths, barely suppressed the anger in his heart, took the phone to call Luo Peng, and said all his judgment and thoughts.

Luo Peng was already in contact with those marketing accounts to take down the news, but the communication was not smooth, and the marketing account had opened their mouths like a lion, saying that he still had a lot of news to reveal. If they didn’t want it to explode, they had to give him two million. There was no difference between this and blackmail.

Tang Hang was originally going to take Yu Siyang to the company to communicate with the brokerage team about the next itinerary. After this incident, he was worried that they would be caught by the paparazzi who squatted below the company all year round. The paparazzi didn’t care whether they felt good or not, what topic they used. They did not care if they hurt the person’s heart, so he diverted halfway and sent him back home. The “Upper” part of the city was not somewhere paparazzi could go in casually.

After sending Yu Siyang home, Tang Hang was about to rush back to the company. Before leaving, he told him: “Get a good rest and don’t think too much.”

Yu Siyang nodded, “Thank you, I’m fine. Please be safe on the way. “

Tang Hang smiled and did something that he wanted to do all this time: patted Yu Siyang on the head.

Yu Siyang watched Tang Hang leave, turned around and entered the house, and sent a WeChat message to Hong Zhehao: [Sorry, I can’t accompany you to eat skewers today.]

Hong Zhehao responded quickly: [Although I am disappointed, I accept your apology. Let’s go another day if we have a chance.]

Yu Siyang: [Thank you]

Hong Zhehao: [What is there to thank for, of course, if you want to thank me, you can replace it with a substantial thank you, such as… something delicious]

Yu Siyang didn’t see this sentence. After sending the “Thank You” out, he quit the WeChat interface and reopened Weibo. He had a hunch that it won’t be long before the Yu family’s successor would come out, otherwise the rhythm that he finally brought would sink.

“Aunt Wang, I will trouble you to cook today.” Yu Siyang found Aunt Wang on the terrace.

Aunt Wang said: “What’s the trouble with you? You don’t look good. If you are tired, go back to your room and rest. I will call you when it is time to eat.”

Yu Siyang grudgingly smiled and said thank you. He returned to his room and laid on the bed as if exhausted, waiting for Luo Peng to tell him the rest of the Yu family’s lies.

The bodyguard picked up Xue Yunmu and did not take him home first, but sent him to Hengsheng Building, so the little guy accompanied his father to work for a while, and then went home with his father.

When they got home, the little guy ran to the kitchen with his short legs, and shouted “Brother, I’m back”, but didn’t see Brother Yangyang in the kitchen.

“Grandma Wang, where’s brother?”

“Your brother Yangyang is tired. I let him go back to his room to rest. Today, you will have the meal made by grandma, okay?”

Xue Yunmu’s two small hands were tangled together, and he was chubby. His face was full of hesitation, it looked like it was difficult for him to make up his mind.

Aunt Wang was amused by his little appearance, and deliberately said: “What? You don’t think grandma’s cooking is delicious?”

The little fat man wanted to nod, but he felt that it seemed bad and would make Grandma Wang sad. But Grandma Wang’s rice was not as delicious as Yangyang brother’s.

He was really tangled.

Should he lie to Grandma Wang? Meimei had said that sometimes it was okay to tell some kind lies.

No way! A good boy can’t lie.

Meimei was not a good boy, and he could not learn from him.

After thinking about it, the little boy decided to avoid this problem, and said: “I’ll go to brother.” Then he ran away.

As the little fat man was running around, Xue Chengxiu had changed into his home clothes, opened the door and walked out of his room. Then he saw his son knock on the door of Yu Siyang’s room again and again.

“Brother, I’m back.” Xue Yunmu knocked on the door happily.

Xue Chengxiu walked behind his son and rubbed the little guy’s soft head. The door of the room opened from the inside, revealing Yu Siyang’s pale face.

“What’s the matter? Why is your face so bad?” Xue Chengxiu asked immediately.

Yu Siyang looked at Xue Chengxiu nicely, and the other side’s eyes were completely concerned and worried.

“Mr. Xue.” Yu Siyang spoke, his voice so dumb that he was startled.

“Are you sick?” Xue Chengxiu touched his forehead and compared the temperature with his own forehead. “I’ll call the doctor over.”

Yu Siyang took Xue Chengxiu’s hand and shook his head, “No, I’m not sick, I’m strong.”

Xue Chengxiu was not relieved, “Why is your face so pale if you are not sick? Your voice is also not right. It’s good to avoid illness at a young age.”

Yu Siyang pulled the corners of his mouth to make himself laugh as naturally as possible, but he was in a bad mood and he really couldn’t laugh.

Mr. Xue was really a very gentle, nice and good person. To meet him, Yu Siyang felt that he had used all the luck of his previous life and this life, and he would never allow anyone to maliciously slander him.

“What the hell happened? Can you tell me?” Xue Chengxiu asked softly.

Yu Siyang looked down at the short and chubby boy Mu Mu, who also raised his hands and wanted to hold him.

He said: “Let’s eat first, and I will tell you after the meal.”

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