TCYEC Ch. 83

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After the dinner, Luo Peng deliberately re-arranged Yu Siyang’s itinerary and gave him a short vacation to take a break.

Some time ago, due to crazy rushing between the set and magazine shoots, Yu Siyang, who was originally thin, seemed to lose even the fat on his face. He himself felt that he would be more handsome without the baby fat, so he took a lot of his photos. It took ten minutes for them to respond, but Xue Chengxiu and his entire management team didn’t think so.

So, at the end of the year when his kind of artist was busier, Yu Siyang actually took a few days off in his busy schedule, where he could sleep until he woke up naturally, and then do a couple of “tuitions” and go to Master Ouyang’s house to continue learning performance and lines.

The “tuition fee” he made today was called “Dragon Cart for a Beautiful Woman”[1]. In it, the lobster meat was taken out and mixed with the shrimp meat and sliced into thin slices. After slicing and marinating, it was oiled in a salad oil, sauteed with ginger, and then fried with celery and ginkgo. After that, it was put it into the “dragon cart”.

The name of this dish was chosen by the master at will-because he really couldn’t think of a good name.

Lobster meat was easy to fry, as long as one had a good grasp of the heat, the emphasis of this dish was on the carving of the “dragon cart”. The “dragon cart” carved out of pumpkin required extremely high carving skills from the chef. When he was asked to practice, he sculpted hundreds of small pumpkins. When he saw the pumpkins, he was dizzy, but he practiced the carving very carefully.

Anyway, he had nothing to do now, so he took two small pumpkins and carved “dragon cart” early in the morning, one he packed and brought to Father Ouyang as tuition, and the other was sent by the family bodyguard to Mr. Xue as supper, who was so busy.

Yu Siyang didn’t know what Mr. Xue’s reaction was when he received the “dragon cart” supposed to be given to “beautiful” women, but Mr. Ouyang admired his carving and said that he must put this “dragon cart” on a shelf. It would make all the old men and women who come to his house be envious and jealous.

Yu Siyang could only laugh, saying that this was carved from fresh pumpkins, and it won’t last long.

The old man Ouyang couldn’t keep it for too long, so he immediately said that when he went to the square dance in the evening, he must take the “dragon cart” to show off.

During Yu Siyang’s vacation time, the pace of his life had obviously slowed down, but in the same city, the working groups related to him were busy. One of them was “MODE Impression” magazine.

“MODE Impression” was published on the 8th of every month, but considering the issues of logistics and goods transfer, it usually had to be completed by the 6th. During the period before publication, the magazine workers were all overtime dogs, and they were super busy.

And this time for the Christmas special, the cover editor Darcy and the editor-in-chief Xu Yan quarrelled again about the number of publications.

Xu Yan advocated publishing according to the number of publications in the past, but Darcy said that the number of publications should be reduced by at least half. The two people faced each other at the meeting, and the reasons were all justified. Everyone pretended to be a quail and looked at the general manager, waiting for his final decision.

It was reasonable to say that Xu Yan, as the editor-in-chief, had considerable decision-making power over the magazine. However, since the internal reorganization of the magazine, a general manager was parachuted in and his power was reduced by a lot, and the general manager seemed to be interested in pitting Xiong Shubiao and him against each other.

This kind of thing had happened more than one or two times. Many times, Xu Yan felt tired and even thought about giving up the magazine that he had brought up. But then he thought of the passion of that year, the stubborn energy of not giving up and not looking back. With that momentum, their team of eight people had forced a new magazine into one of the top five magazines in China. Xu Yan did not want to give up lightly.

In the end, the general manager made a decision, and decided on a compromised quantity, and published 70% of the average number of publications.

After Xu Yan got this result, for the subsequent meeting he remained silent. When the meeting was over, he returned to his office and closed the door before he revealed a tired expression.

The reason Xiong Shubiao wanted to reduce the number of publications was simple-Yu Siyang has just made his debut, the popularity was too small, there were not too many diehard fans, the magazine was likely to be unsalable.

However, everyone in the conference room seemed to have forgotten that this issue was pushed by the sponsor, and if the number of publications was rashly reduced without communicating with the sponsor and the sponsor seriously investigated the contract written in black and white, it would be considered as breach of contract.

It was just that these people were holding the status of one of the five major magazines and bullying newcomers. Now they were so frantic that they even dared to offend the gold master.

Xu Yan often wondered, how did “MODE Impression” become like this? The original ideas and dreams have been obliterated to the point where there was little left. How far could such “MODE Impression” go? How long could it uphold the status of one of the five major magazines?

On December 6th, the December Christmas Special of “MODE Impression” with the theme of “Colourful Dreams of Teenagers” was printed and shipped out as scheduled and sent to various places. It would be officially sold in major bookstores and newsstands on December 8th. The online purchase channel was also opened at the same time, allowing people who didn’t want to go offline to order directly online, and get express delivery to their door.

And this network channel was another place that made Xu Yan angry. They usually pre-sold online in advance, and the pre-sale period was about half a month.

But this time, because the shooting was delayed, the original time was delayed, and then the cover design was delayed, which delayed the pre-sale period, they finally they had to abandon the pre-sale, and then open the online purchase when the publication was pushed to the aisle.

In fact, during the period before the publication, many people had already asked on the official Weibo why there was no pre-sale, but it couldn’t be said that it was caused by the internal turmoil of the magazine, so the officials could only pretend to be dead.

Fortunately, even though Yu Siyang’s fans were dissatisfied, they didn’t say much, but expressed the hope that the magazine will publish it as scheduled and they would definitely buy it.

Now, the magazine had been sent to various places, just waiting for data feedback.

Xu Yan lay tiredly on the sofa in the office, remembering what Xiong Shubiao and others said when he heard Xiong Shubiao gossip with others outside the pantry just now–

“How much traffic could a young meat who just debuted bring, if magazines won’t sell, won’t it be a hit in our face. Let me tell you, the general manager isn’t used to editor Xu. He is an editor-in-chief but acts bigger than the general manager. Could anyone find him pleasing to the eye? No, it is uncomfortable for everyone to see him.”

“Darcy, if the general manager squeezed out Editor Xu, wouldn’t you be the new editor.”

“How can there be such a good thing.”

“You can still dream; in case it comes true.”

“Well, then I will thank you for your auspicious words.”

Xu Yan put his arm over his eyes, covering the dazzling chandelier lights, and sneered.

If they wanted him to go, they could say it clearly. This way was really disgusting.

Xu Yan was angry in the office, Darcy was being praised by his colleagues, and the general manager was secretly happy because he had used these means to deflate Xu Yan.

However, their respective emotions did not last long, and the internal phone rang happily. Xu Yan was frightened by the sudden ringing of the phone, and almost rolled off the sofa.

He answered the phone weakly. Before he said “Hello”, the manager of the e-commerce department in charge of the online sales platform rang out hoarsely: “Editor Xu, the online orders are bursting!!! The 10,000 copies available online have already been sold out!!! The customer service reception is not able to receive so many customer requests for replenishment!!! How did you decide the number of publications ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah!!!”

Xu Yan was stunned for two seconds before saying: “Wait a minute, I’ll go to your place.” As he said, he hung up the phone, opened the door of the office and ran to the e-commerce department.

Two editors were coming out of the pantry with coffee in their hands and looked at each other when they saw the editor-in-chief running like a gust of wind.

“What happened? Why did the editor-in-chief run so fast?”

“I don’t know, why don’t we follow him?”

The gossipy spirits of the two girls burned immediately, and they put the coffee on a nearby table and followed Xu Yan and caught up with him in the e-commerce department.

The manager of the e-commerce department complained to Xu Yan, dissatisfied: “Who is so inattentive to set the number of publications so low? Is this not an increase in the workload of our department Look at our customer service. There are only three people. Now we have to deal with three hundred people. Personally, I got cramped after replying to so many queries. I asked the company to add people to our department. The human resources guys gave me a bunch of excuses every time. Just think about it.”

Xu Yan did not interrupt the e-commerce department manager’s rant. Because if he interrupted even for a sentence, he might spit out ten more sentences, so it was better to wait until he finished talking.

The two gossipy girls were repelled by the ranting from the manager of the e-commerce department. They hurriedly left the office of the e-commerce department. Anyway, they had heard the most important gossip. They returned to their office, and the two girls were not calm and wanted to find someone to share the news immediately.

“Hey, come here and let us tell you the big news. The Christmas magazine has been selling well on the Internet, and because the number is set low, now the whole e-commerce department is going crazy.”

“It’s really selling out? This is the opening of Internet sales. It sold out in one day.”

“It could not be fake. The e-commerce manager is complaining to Editor Xu. Hey, it’s okay now. As expected, someone got slapped in the face. I heard that, Lao Xiong said that the sales would be cut in half and argued with Editor Xu in the meeting room. In the end, the general manager said that a compromise would be 70%.”

“Shouldn’t the compromise be 75%? The general manager’s math is not good.”

“…What’s happening.”

The girls’ gossip was ended prematurely. It happened that Darcy came out of the office, and they immediately sat down, pretending that they didn’t know anything and said nothing. Then they watched Darcy go to the general manager’s office.

As soon as Darcy left, they immediately discussed the topic of “Old Xiong’s going to the general manager’s office”.

Although the online sales data had exploded, since there was no hope on the Internet, the number set was not large. The real sales data depended on the feedback after the official publication on the 8th.

“It seems that the purchasing power of Yu Siyang’s fans is still good.” Xu Yan casually said.

After the previous P&H advertisement was released, the direct result was that P&H’s sales for the month were more than three times that of the previous six months. This time the magazine was published, and fans quickly maxed out the number of available magazines.

After Xu Yan said this, the e-commerce manager’s face was distorted for a moment. After thinking about it, he said: “The purchasing power of his fans is indeed not small, but a small part of the purchase data is because of those who like to take pictures. I bought it only for the picture with the cats.”

Xu Yan: “…” Is there such an operation?

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[1] Guys, it is a dish created by Yu Siyang.

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