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For the first time, Lu Chengyu came to know that Yan Mu could also drive fast. On the endless highway, he used the methods of drifting and accelerating with perfection. When he turned the steering wheel, he looked so powerful like a man, but he was still following the traffic rules. The appearance of strictly observing the traffic rules was completely different, and he was simply shocked by the opponent’s superb driving skills.

Intuition told him that Yan Mu seemed to be a bit wrong, so Lu Chengyu honestly sat in the passenger seat with his hand on his arm, watching the car he was sitting in speedily overtake one car after another, but he would always stop when they encountered a traffic light. When they stopped with a crunch at the traffic light, he took a deep breath and said, “Brother Mu, are you showing off your driving skills?”

“Cover the wound and don’t move it”. Despite the emergency treatment, there was still blood dripping from his arm. Even the seat cushion was stained red. Yan Mu looked at Lu Chengyu’s increasingly pale face, and the knuckle holding the steering wheel turned white. “The hospital will be here soon.” “

I’m fine, watch the road, or we will both lie in the hospital.” Lu Chengyu smiled. When he was blocked in the alley by a group of people in his last life, he was hurt worse than he is now. Just such a little wound was really nothing.

Yan Mu felt that his heart was blocked badly. The more relaxed Lu Chengyu’s expression was, the more uncomfortable he was, as if something caught his heart, and it was tight and painful. As soon as the traffic light passed, he stepped on the gas pedal, and the car flew out like an off-string arrow, leaving a lot of cars behind.

Zhang Zeyun had already called his hospital, so the emergency doctors and nurses had been waiting at the entrance of the hospital long ago. They saw a black car rushing in. They looked at the car number and hurriedly carried the stretcher towards it. Yan Mu pulled Lu Chengyu out of the passenger seat, and the speed was if it was a race against time.

A middle-aged nurse aunt gave Lu Chengyu a tube of haemostatic medicine neatly, and then the attending doctor took his arm to observe for half a minute and waved his hand: “Bring him to the operating room. The patient has injured an artery and needs emergency surgery.”

Then Lu Chengyu felt that the sky was spinning, and he was carried into the elevator. He looked at the solemn doctors and nurses around the stretcher. He turned his head and saw Yan Mu running behind the stretcher, with his suit crumpled. He was also full of sweat, and there was no presence of his usual domineering side, let alone the usual glamorous, noble and silent atmosphere he carried.

Noting that Lu Chengyu was looking at him, Yan Mu hurriedly squeezed to the side of the stretcher and took his other uninjured arm and said: “Don’t be afraid, it’s just a minor operation, I will be guarding outside.”

Looking at the other party, who was both nervous and worried, Lu Chengyu actually wanted to tell the other party not to be afraid. It was only a matter of getting stabbed by a knife. As long as he didn’t hurt his face and it didn’t make him disabled, he felt that he could still accept it reluctantly.

Before being pushed into the operating room, Lu Chengyu stretched out his hand and patted Yan Mu’s hand, “Brother Mu, don’t worry, I’ll be out later.”

After hearing this, the attending doctor said in a professional tone: “I’m afraid you won’t be able to get out for a while. The patient’s family will probably have to wait a little longer. Don’t worry, someone had an amputated arm last time, and our hospital was even able to reconnect it. With our medical skills, such a small injury is not a problem.”

After that, the attending doctor Sheng felt that Yan Mu’s eyes were very sharp when he saw him, he coughed dryly, turned around and called the anaesthesiologist for administering anaesthesia, then turned around and went into the operating room.

Lying on the operating table, Lu Chengyu looked at the operating lamp above his head and listened to the attending doctor talking about the effect of the amputated arm surgery. This was to let him not be nervous. He was silent for a long time and decided to interrupt the other side’s nagging. “Don’t worry, I’m not worried.”

“Huh? Are you still so awake now?” The attending doctor walked to him and didn’t seem to expect Lu Chengyu to not be affected by anaesthesia. It looked like he didn’t take anaesthesia at all.

Several doctors behind him who were discussing the surgical plan heard what he said and followed the attending doctor to Lu Chengyu’s side. Interested, they began to watch Lu Chengyu fixedly. One of them said: “You are in good spirits, wait for us. During the operation, if you are still awake, remember not to open your eyes.” After all, watching your arm being sewn back and forth, it was still too heavy a taste.

Lu Chengyu blinked. Although his mind was awake, he didn’t feel much on his body. He closed his eyes when he heard the doctor’s words and said that he could still fall asleep after fighting. He didn’t want to be awake and sober and see these types of surgical tools shuttled in his flesh.

When Mu Qihua and others rushed to the hospital, Lu Chengyu had been pushed into the operating room. Seeing the light on the operating room was on, Mu Qihua looked at his cousin who was standing at the door of the operating room and walked to him and said: “Little Brother, has Xiao Lu entered the operating room?”

Yan Mu nodded, without speaking, his eyes still fixed on the door of the operating room.

Mu Qihua saw that he didn’t want to speak, so he forced him to sit down on a chair. He couldn’t stand in front of the door of the operating room, all the time. What would it look like, “Don’t worry, Xiao Lu’s arm will be healed.” Speaking of this, his face sank, “I will find out about this and give you an explanation.”

Yan Mu looked up at him, a coldness hidden under his calm expression, “I will check too. Since those people dared to do it, they must consider the consequences.”

Mu Qihua’s heart jumped, looking at his cousin like this, somehow, he remembered the look in his eyes when he saw the bastard being dragged away. At a young age, he ignored all the verbal abuse and anger. Seeing a person looking at an object without emotion, was calm as well as chilling.

After so many years, the past had passed for a long time. The young cousin had long since become a calm and rigorous man, and he had never seen his cousin look like this, after that incident when he was young. Today, he felt all those emotions of the other party again, and he remembered those things back then, and suddenly realized that he remembered those things so clearly.

After his face changed countless times, he finally just nodded: “I understand.”

Yan Mu glanced at him, then turned to look at the door of the operating room, there was a certain feeling in his glance that until Lu Chengyu came out, he would not remove his eyes from the gate of the operation theatre.

The three people next to Zhang Zeyun frowned upon seeing this scene. Zhuang Yu lowered his voice and said to Zhang Zeyun, “Zeyun, there seems to be something wrong with Brother Mu.”

Looking at the lights on the operating room, Zhang Zeyun also whispered: “Don’t talk too much, just wait for Xiao Lu to come out.” He hadn’t seen Brother Mu like this for a long time, and as a friend, he didn’t want to see it either.

Mu Qirong glanced at the two of them, walked to the side in silence and sat down, watching the doctors and nurses go in and out, and even saw a nurse taking a bag of blood from the blood bank. He frowned and said nothing.

A few hours later, the lights in the operating room went out, and several doctors walked out. Before the chief surgeon had time to take off the mask, he saw the young son of the hospital owner and a few other extraordinary young people approaching.

Upon seeing this, he hurriedly took off the mask and said: “The operation was very successful. With careful care, the arm will recover as before. Lifting 100 catties of rice will not be a problem. There will be no sequelae. The patient has not yet woken up. Patient was sent to the intensive care unit. In order to avoid wound infection, try not to have too many people around the patient in next two days.”

“Thank you”, Zhang Zeyun smiled at the surgeon and others, and then saw Lu Chengyu being pushed out. While coming out, there was another nurse holding an infusion bottle over him.

Several people exchanged looks, and finally Mu Qihua said, “Xiao Yan, go with Xiao Lu. Let us check today’s affairs first…” Noting that no one was paying attention to him, he looked back and saw that there were people beside him.

“Brother Mu has already followed”, Zhuang Yu smiled and pointed to the front, Yan Mu was following behind the surgery cart.

Mu Qihua was silent for a moment and continued: “This time there are some things that came for our Mu family. I am sorry that it hurt you. However, our Mu family will definitely give you an explanation and will not let you be attacked in vain.”

“We are all friends, there is no need to say these kind of words”, Zhang Zeyun said with a smile, “But the mastermind behind the scenes must still be found out. Otherwise, the knife that hit Xiao Lu would have been in vain, we were really frightened. If we feel like this, how can he not feel aggrieved.” They are all of the same faction. If there was any turmoil in the Mu family, it would also have an impact on their families. Therefore, they couldn’t just be uninvolved as Mu Qihua said. But things couldn’t just go on like this, otherwise how would they gain a foothold in the capital in the future.

“Anyway, this time I asked for a big favor.” Mu Qihua thought that there was no problem with the younger brother who had been a special soldier. There should be no problem. How could he know that his opponent was so courageous and almost brainless this time, he sighed. He said, “If we don’t find out about this matter, I don’t know how Xiao Yan will turn the entire capital city over.”

When the other people heard this, they fell silent. Although Yan Mu usually didn’t like to get angry, and he was not like other people in the capital, but if he was really provoked, it was a bit scary. You know, people who usually don’t get angry were no different from volcanic eruptions.

When Lu Chengyu woke up, it was still dark outside the window. The pain in his arm made his mind unclear. Looking at the arm with the cut, he took a breath, and now the pain was better than at the time of entering the hospital. It still hurt sometimes.

“Are you awake?” Yan Mu had been sitting on the side of the bed, because he was wearing a mask, his voice seemed a little dull, as if he was forcibly suppressing something.

“Brother Mu”, Lu Chengyu looked at Yan Mu wearing a mask, hat, and gloves. He remembered that he had been stabbed in the back in his previous life, and he had randomly found a clinic doctor to sew him. When he went home that night, what did he do? Well, now the other party’s solemn attitude makes him really uncomfortable, “Is there any water?”

Yan Mu poured him a glass of glucose water, carefully lifted him up, put a pillow on his back, and passed the water to him after he had settled, “The doctor said, you have a deep wound in an artery, and you have lost a lot of blood. You need more support.”

After drinking a few sips of water, Lu Chengyu felt that his throat was not that uncomfortable. He took a look at the ward environment and said, “Is it that serious?” If ordinary people suffered from this kind of injury, they could go home to recover after getting their stitches.

“It’s better to pay more attention,” Yan Mu looked at his gauze-wrapped right arm, thinking that the injury was caused by himself, and his heart became even more uncomfortable. He finally said what he had kept in his heart for a long time. “Take care of yourself.”

“It just a cut on my hand, it’s not that I can’t move my hands and feet. Mu Ge, you are too exaggerated”, Lu Chengyu smiled, who knew that the movement was a little bit bigger, causing the wound on his arm to hurt. He twitched the corner of his mouth and inhaled a cold breath, “You are talking in such a tone which almost made me think that I can only spend the rest of my life in bed.”

“That’s not what I meant.” Yan Mu saw his wound hurt and took the cup from him hurriedly. With the cup in his hand, he said seriously, “I mean…”

“Mr. Lu is awake?” The attending doctor walked in with two nurses. Seeing that the two people in the ward looked a little wrong, he stopped and asked, “Am I disturbing the two of you?”

Yan Mu glanced at him blankly, and Lu Chengyu smiled at him. The doctor glanced at the two of them suspiciously. What do these two different attitudes mean?

He stepped forward to perform some routine checks on Lu Chengyu and then nodded: “Except for some excessive blood loss, Mr. Lu’s health is normal. If the wound does not become inflamed in these two days, you can go home and recuperate in three days. Just go to the hospital to change the dressing on time. This Mr. Lu, we have used the best cosmetic thread in the hospital. Not only do you not need to get the stitches removed, but it was also almost impossible for a scar to be left at the site of injury.”

“Thank you”, Lu Chengyu smiled at the doctor. After the doctors and nurses left, he looked at Yan Mu with a smile, “What were you going to tell me?”

Yan Mu was silent for a moment, and when he had the courage to speak again, the door of the ward was knocked again. Qi Jingfeng walked in hurriedly from outside, and when he saw Lu Chengyu’s pale face, he said, “Oh my God, how come you got so badly hurt?”

They were attacked after attending a banquet in the Qi family. If this matter was not investigated clearly, he was afraid that his family would also be implicated. After he inquired about what happened, he exclaimed fortunately. Fortunately, the Mu family boss insisted on going with Mu Ge, and fortunately Xiao Lu had good skills. If people were assassinated or kidnapped soon after they left the gate of the Qi family, they would not be able to cleanse the Qi family even if they jumped into the Yellow River.

At this moment, he was extremely thankful that he had invited Xiao Lu to the reception. But now that he saw the pale face of the opponent, he felt a little guilty. If he didn’t ask Xiao Lu to come to the banquet, Xiao Lu would have been spared from this innocent disaster.

Qi Jingfeng felt a little embarrassed, kept the fruit in his hand aside, walked to the hospital bed to look Lu Chengyu up and down, and finally put his eyes on Lu Chengyu’s arm, and laughed: “Look at this trouble… if I knew it, that something like this would happen, I wouldn’t have invited you to the banquet.”

“If Brother Qi knew about this, then this would be troublesome.” Lu Chengyu smiled and let Qi Jingfeng sit down.

“This is also true, fortunately you were there, otherwise this would have turned out to be a big incident.” Qi Jingfeng sat down on the stool on one side, presumably the mastermind did not expect such a big turn of events, and the source of misfortune for him was that he invited Lu Chengyu to the banquet.

If he didn’t invite Lu Chengyu to the banquet, Mu Ge would not come. If Brother Mu did not come to the banquet, Brother Hua and Brother Rong would not come like Brother Mu. If they didn’t go with Mu Ge, they would return in the opposite direction. At that time, the two of them would be attacked on the road…

Thinking of the possibility after the event happened, Qi Jingfeng burst into a cold sweat. However, the relationship between Brother Mu and Xiao Lu was really good, and Brother Mu was willing to attend a banquet that he did not like for Xiao Lu.

“There was so much blood from the wound, but now it’s okay,” Yan Mu gave Qi Jingfeng a faint glance, then turned to Lu Chengyu and said, “Since Xiao Qi is here, I’ll go and buy you porridge.”

Qi Jingfeng looked at him with a horrified expression on his face. Mu Ge never left the ward from beginning to end, that’s impossible right? He glanced at the two of them suspiciously. Was there something he didn’t know that happened?

Lu Chengyu nodded, and after tossing for so long, he was also hungry. Looking at this luxurious ward, he sighed with emotion, life was so different this time.

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