KHSW Ch. 232

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Chi Jiayang subconsciously looked at Ou Mengxue, “You invited Ling Xi here?”

Ou Mengxue smiled cleverly at Ling Xi, “Yes, brother Jiayang, Ling Xi is my best friend.”

Chi Jiayang glared at her, as if there was a flame burning in his eyes.

Ou Mengxue was not frightened by his eyes, but smiled even more charmingly, leaning close to his ear, “Brother Jiayang, you must be careful, there is media here.”

Chi Jiayang’s clenched fists gradually loosened, and his eyes became hollow.

Ling Xi avoided Wang Suping’s hand indiscriminately, “No need, Auntie, Ou Mengxue invited me to her wedding today.”

There was still an assistant behind her, and Jiang Shu immediately handed over the prepared wedding gift.

Ou Mengxue invited her? Wang Suping’s face was a little uncomfortable. It seemed that the woman deliberately wanted to embarrass the Chi family, so she had to go back to her seat.

“Anyway, I used to be an artist of ‘Xing Mei’. One was my former boss and the other was my former manager. No matter how busy I am, I will come to bless them both.”

After explaining her intentions, the several media outlets felt regretful. They originally thought that there was some big news to dig out, and they made a good trip. Tomorrow’s headline could be written as “Ling Xi Appears at Former Manager’s Wedding”.

“Of course, I have one more important thing to do here.”

Hearing her say the word “important”, everyone cheered up.

Seeing Ling Xi approaching step by step, Chi Jiayang’s heart tightened.

Chi Jingyu secretly took out his mobile phone from the audience, and quickly typed on it with his fingers, “Do you want me to record a video of my sister-in-law smashing the field for you to watch?”

Within half a minute, the phone vibrated, and when he saw someone replying with the word “no”, Chi Jingyu smiled mysteriously, and he knew that the duplicitous person was embarrassed to ask for it, so he secretly picked up the phone and started recording.

When Ling Xi stood still in front of Ou Mengxue, Ou Mengxue was still smiling calmly, but Chi Jiayang put down his hand holding the ring, not daring to look into Ling Xi’s eyes.

The assistant stood behind Ling Xi, looking at Ou Mengxue who was dressed extremely beautifully, a strange light flashed in her eyes, her fingertips tightly pinched the corner of her clothes, and then suddenly relaxed, she could no longer recognize herself…

“I just came here to ask, when are you going to pay me back the 60 million?” Ling Xi looked directly at Ou Mengxue who thought she had won everything.

Everyone was surprised when they heard Ling Xi’s words.

Chi Jiayang looked suspiciously at Ou Mengxue who was close at hand.

Ou Mengxue was a little dazed, she thought that Ling Xi would pay attention to her identity because of the presence of the media, but she didn’t expect that she would say this in front of so many people…

“What money?” Since Ling Xi wanted to be ashamed, she had no choice but to cooperate.

Ling Xi didn’t waste a word, just took out the recording pen she often used from her pocket, and raised her eyebrows slightly.

Ou Mengxue was startled, how could she have forgotten that Ling Xi had the habit of recording conversations because of her face blindness?

Her face turned pale in an instant, and even the thick makeup on her face could not hide it.

Chi Yanbin supported his forehead, then rubbed his temples, with an impatient expression on his face, Wang Suping glanced at Chi Yanbin, then at Yang Huilin who was just eating on the other side, her heart felt cold, after this woman came, bad things started happening to their family one after another.

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