KHSW Ch. 231

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Chi Jiayang frowned slightly, and when he was about to ask whether he could skip this question, Chi Jingyu seemed to have read his mind, “This question is the standard to test the beginning of your love!”

In desperation, Chi Jiayang tried his best to keep smiling, “Two months ago.”

“Okay, next question, Ms. Ou, do you think you are a person who loves your family and treats your friends with all sincerity?”

The smile on the corner of Ou Mengxue’s mouth never disappeared, although she felt that Chi Jingyu’s words were not suitable for her, “Yes.”

“Mr. Chi, are you willing to marry the woman beside you who loves her family and takes care of her friends? No matter how beautiful she looks, how ugly she is inside, how cruel her methods are, how split her personality is, how bad her quality is, are you willing?”

When she heard him say “no matter how beautiful she looks”, Ou Mengxue raised her head proudly, but after hearing the last few words, her face hardly tensed. Could this little uncle speak? She just didn’t expect that Chi Jingyu did it on purpose.

Wang Suping’s expression darkened immediately, “What is Jingyu talking about? How could he be the vice president of the Xu Group with his level of speech? Yanbin, why don’t I tell the master of ceremonies to change with Jingyu and let him come down?”

Chi Yanbin waved his hand nonchalantly, “Don’t be so nervous, today is Jiayang’s wedding, just be casual, I think Jingyu is presiding over it very well.”

Reluctantly, Wang Suping returned to her seat, knowing that Chi Jingyu was his favourite.

Chi Jiayang’s mind was not on this wedding, he just said “yes” perfunctorily.

Listening to the whispered discussions of the surrounding guests, Wang Suping clenched her hands even tighter, hoping that nothing would go wrong in today’s wedding.

“Miss Ou, are you willing to marry this man in front of you who doesn’t even know when you first hugged and kissed? No matter what kind of person he is, whether he is poor or not, are you willing?”

Ou Mengxue still kept a smile on her face, but she had cursed inwardly for countless times, “I am willing.”

“Okay, I believe your loving vows will accompany you for the rest of your life, please exchange rings between the two newlyweds.”

Chi Jingyu glanced at the door unobtrusively, his sister-in-law should have arrived.

Just when they were about to exchange rings, the door at the entrance was suddenly pushed open, and a crisp and pleasant voice came in, “Sorry, I’m late.”

Everyone looked back one after another, “Huh? This is Ling Xi, right?” The few media outlets pointed their cameras at Ling Xi.

Both Wang Suping and Chi Yanbin’s expressions were not very good, Chi Yanbin frowned his eyebrows into the word “one”, “Why is she here?”

“I asked Jiayang before, and he said he didn’t invite this woman?”

As soon as Wang Suping saw her, her eyelids twitched, “Yanbin, let me ask her out first, so as not to spoil Jiayang’s wedding.”

Chi Yanbin nodded displeased.

The corners of Ou Mengxue’s lips curled up slightly, she finally came.

When Chi Jiayang saw Ling Xi appearing at the door, he was taken aback for a moment. He saw that Ling Xi was wearing a wine-red slim dress, which made her skin seem as white as snow. He couldn’t move his eyes away from her.

But Wang Suping walked over and lowered her voice, “Ling Xi, Auntie has something to say to you, let’s go out first.”

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