KHSW Ch. 233

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Ling Xi pressed the play button, “I’m pregnant, as you heard last time, Brother Jiayang and I have already slept together…”

Hearing this sentence, Ou Mengxue’s face paled even more. Wasn’t this what she said to her on the phone last time?

She could even record this?

Since her position was relatively close to the microphone, the sound from the recording pen entered the ears of everyone present as soon as it was transmitted through the microphone.

Chi Yanbin’s anger had reached the limit, and you only needed to pour some more fuel on it, and it would burn even worse.

The artists under the “Star Charm” whispered, “No wonder Mr. Chi is going to marry Ou Mengxue. It turns out that he is marrying for the child!”

“Didn’t you realize that the relationship between President Chi and Ling Xi is unusual?”

The casual Shen Bingqian didn’t like this kind of occasion at all. She originally thought that as long as Ling Xi wasn’t around, she would have a chance to be with Chi Jiayang. Later, when she learned that Ou Mengxue was going to marry Chi Jiayang, her whole life changed and her heart fell into the ice valley and was shattered.

Seeing their marriage with her own eyes today, she knew that her “dream of marrying into a wealthy family” was shattered just like that.

But the moment she saw Ling Xi, she thought that Ling Xi was here to save Chi Jiayang, and she finally had some expectations for a good show. Compared to Ou Mengxue, she was more inclined to Ling Xi’s side.

“You don’t know this, do you? Ling Xi and I are college classmates. When Ling Xi fell in love with brother Jiayang, it caused a sensation in the whole school!”

“Is what you said true? Ling Xi also had a relationship with our boss?”

“How could this be? Then why has there never been news of Ling Xi’s love affair?”

“The news must have been suppressed.”

“Let me just say, our boss used to be too kind to Ling Xi. He gave her so many good resources, so there is still such a relationship!”

“Then why did he marry Ou Mengxue again?”

They immediately turned their attention to Shen Bingqian, “Didn’t you all hear that? Ou Mengxue slept with Jiayang.”

Just a simple sentence led their thoughts to Ou Mengxue, “Could it be that… Manager Ou is a mistress? In front of outsiders, she pretends to love Ling Xi deeply, but in fact, she has long since… hooked up with Sister Ling Xi’s boyfriend.”

Shen Bingqian raised one corner of her lips, she did not say this.

Perhaps this was the woman’s jealousy at work.

The news that “Ou Mengxue is the mistress” quickly spread among the guests.

Chi Yanbin slapped his legs angrily, they were completely ashamed today.

Wang Suping wanted to say a few words, but was interrupted by Chi Yanbin, “This is the good son you raised.”

She didn’t dare to speak anymore, for fear that Chi Yanbin would get angry in public.

“If I were Ling Xi, I would definitely splash a glass of water on Ou Mengxue’s face, tsk…,tsk…”

“Is this kind of woman still ‘responsible to each other’? I think it’s more or less ‘breach of faith’, is she being slapped in the face now?”

Chi Jiayang looked at Ou Mengxue with something unknown in his eyes.

Ling Xi realized her “mistake” “behind the clock”, “I’m sorry, I was using a voice recorder when you called me last time, and I forgot to turn it off.”

After finishing speaking, she was about to change the next one, but Ou Mengxue immediately stopped her and said, “No, I remembered.”

Ling Xi was waiting for her next words, only to hear her continue: “Can I give it to you tomorrow?”

Ou Mengxue gritted her teeth. She regretted it to the core. She was definitely out of her mind to let Ling Xi come to their wedding. Now not only did she not see Ling Xi’s embarrassment, but she herself became a joke in everyone’s eyes.

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