KHSW Ch. 234

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Everyone looked at Ou Mengxue with strange eyes, they really didn’t expect her to be such a person.

Ling Xi’s assistant’s eyes flickered with a dim light…

Chi Jingyu glanced at the media reporters nearby, and whispered a few words to the bodyguard.

He had said a long time ago that other than him, no one else was allowed to bring electronic products in. Unexpectedly, these media reporters took advantage of it.

“Sorry, you are not allowed to record, we will keep these cameras temporarily.”

The reporters let out a sigh, but still handed them the camera.

“Ding—” A video was sent to Xu Yizhi’s phone.

Although he was holding a document in his hand, he was still a little absent-minded. When he heard the phone beeping, he immediately went to watch the video Chi Jingyu had sent him.

When he saw Ling Xi’s attire today, he felt a little apprehensive. He knew that her purpose of doing this was to steal the show, but…he didn’t want others to see such a beautiful look of his Ling Xi.

However, when he saw Ling Xi playing the recording, the corners of his mouths on both sides could not help but raise into two arcs.

Her way of smashing the field was unique, but the way Chi Jiayang looked at Ling Xi made him feel extremely disgusted.

When she heard Ou Mengxue ask if she could give her the money tomorrow, Ling Xi was already laughing from the bottom of her heart. It was the first time she did such a shameless thing, but she also managed to reveal some information. As for what other people thought, how the public opinion would be guided and suppressing the news was Chi Jingyu’s business.

The purpose of her coming here was to make Ou Mengxue and Chi Jiayang unhappy, and what the Chi family feared most was losing face. She was afraid that after today, the Chi family would not be at peace.

“Of course. Now that I’ve finished speaking, I’ll take my leave first. I wish you…never get divorced.”

Ou Mengxue held her breath in her chest, feeling a dull pain. Damn Ling Xi, if she dared to hit the field in public today, she would pay back twice as much in the future.

The moment Ling Xi turned around, Chi Jiayang, who had not spoken all the time, held Ling Xi’s arm.

Ling Xi looked back faintly, and said two words indifferently, “Let go.”

Seeing Ling Xi’s alienated eyes, Chi Jiayang let go of her hand dully, and was about to say “I’m sorry”, but Ling Xi had already turned around and left, raising his eyebrows at Chi Jingyu without a trace.

Chi Jingyu wailed for a while, his sister-in-law felt happy for a moment, but he was the one who had to take care of the aftermath.

Kindergarten entrance.

After Ling Xi disguised herself, no one recognized her at all.

A mother and daughter walked up to each other, “Tiantian, we have a model shoot for a while, can we go to dinner after the shoot?”

“Okay.” The little girl was like a “little princess” in the same class as Xu Nuo.

Hearing a familiar voice, Ling Xi paused, was it Yao Ru? Her daughter was also in this school?

It seemed she had to be avoided as much as possible in the future.

Yao Ru suddenly turned her head to look at her back, she looked like she knew this person, but she didn’t think much about it because of time constraints.

Xiao Nuo recognized her the first time he saw her, “Teacher, my mother is over there. Goodbye, teacher.”

“Xu Nuo goodbye.”

Ling Xi was walking distractedly, when a small dumpling threw himself into her arms, while his two small arms hugged her waist tightly, “Mom, Xiao Nuo missed you.”

Ling Xi squatted down, “Mom missed Xiao Nuo too, yesterday mom didn’t go to grandpa’s house to look for Xiao Nuo, is Xiao Nuo angry?”

“Xiao Nuo is not angry, because Xiao Nuo knows that his mother is working hard to make a little brother with his father.”


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