FESM Extra 15.2: Benjamin × Li Xin

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The two communities were very close to each other. So, Li Xin walked directly to the door of the villa where Yize lived and rang the doorbell.

Qin Yize opened the door with his child in his arms – he was now a full-time babysitter. Li Xin couldn’t believe that this man holding his child was the former aloof actor.

Luo Ning smiled and invited Li Xin into the room: “We were just saying if you are used to it in the military area, why are you back?”

Li Xin explained: “Something happened with Xiao Zhou here, so they let me come back to deal with it.” He put down the gift and looked at the two cute babies in Yize’s arms. He couldn’t help but stretch out his hand to pinch the baby’s tender face and said, “These two children are really cute.”

Luo Ning said to the children: “Good children, call him Uncle Li.”

His daughter Qin Yue was very good and called out in a milky voice: “Uncle Li.” However, his son Qin Zheng kept yelling: “Grandpa Li.”

Grandpa Li Xin couldn’t laugh or cry. He looked at the little guy and said, “Zheng Zheng still can’t recognize people?”

Luo Ning was also helpless: “Well, he called Yize sister this morning.”

Qin Yize frowned. Then he said: “This child may have been in the incubator for a long time, so he did not learn to speak as quickly as his sister.”

Li Xin looked at Zheng Zheng, who looked innocent, smiled slightly, and said, “He looks quite good. Quite like Yize, don’t be in a hurry when teaching him to speak, just let him take his time.”

Speaking of this, Li Xin suddenly felt a little disappointed – not long after Yize and Luo Ning got together, they had two lovely babies. However, it was different for him and Benjamin. If the alpha marked an omega, it would be easy for the other party to get pregnant, but if combined with beta, it was destined to be difficult to conceive.

While he was thinking wildly, he heard Qin Yize ask in a low voice: “Is Benjamin good to you?”

Li Xin, who came back to his senses, quickly said: “Well, he is very good to me. After our honeymoon, I followed him to the military area family home for a month. Recently, Xiao Zhou’s affairs were too difficult to deal with, so I came back. Tomorrow I will go back to the military area to be with him again.”

Luo Ning said with a smile: “It seems that you two have a good relationship.”

Li Xin’s face blushed slightly, and when he thought of his alpha, he couldn’t help but feel a hint of sweetness in his heart.

Luo Ning brought a plate of sweets over and said, “This is made by Yize’s mother. Brother Li, you can eat some casually first. We will invite you out for dinner later.” Li Xin picked up a piece of pastry and brought it to his mouth, but suddenly he couldn’t help feeling nauseated again. He rushed to the bathroom and vomited for a while. Luo Ning heard the violent vomiting sound and immediately followed him worriedly: “What’s wrong, Brother Li?”

Li Xin looked pale and waved his hand: “I haven’t had a good appetite recently. Maybe I’m too tired. It’s okay…”

Just as he said “It’s okay”, his head suddenly became dizzy. Then Li Xin fell straight down. Fortunately, Luo Ning was able to help him with his quick eyesight.

Qin Yize also followed nervously: “What’s going on? Why did he faint suddenly?”

Luo Ning said: “He said he was too tired… I think something is wrong, so we’d better send him to the hospital.”

Qin Yize picked up the two children one by one, while Luo Ning supported Li Xin and asked Cang Luan to take them to the hospital for examination as quickly as possible.

They arrived at the hospital soon, and the two pushed Li Xin into the ward. Luo Ning asked Uncle Snow to come and see for himself.

After checking, Snow said calmly: “Don’t worry, he is just pregnant.”

Luo Ning and Qin Yize looked at each other.

Qin Yize asked doubtfully: “Isn’t the probability of beta men getting pregnant very low? Are you sure?”

Snow said: “It’s very low, but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Li Xin is indeed pregnant, and the baby is exactly one month old.”

Qin Yize felt very awkward. Brother Li had taken him under his wing for so many years and was like an older brother to him. Brother Li had always been talking about finding a girlfriend and starting a warm family, but now he was pregnant…

Imagining Li Xin’s pregnant belly, Qin Yize felt even more awkward.

Luo Ning was very happy and immediately sent a message to Benjamin: “Your Li Xin is hospitalized, please take the time to come over.”

Benjamin was planning to have a video chat with Li Xin in the military area to ask him if the matter was settled. Now, as soon as he turned on the communication device, he suddenly received this message from Luo Ning. Benjamin’s heart suddenly tightened, and he immediately asked for personal leave and flew directly to Capital Star Central Hospital.

When he arrived at the hospital, Qin Yize and Luo Ning were accompanying Li Xin in the ward. Benjamin strode into the ward, came to the bedside and gently held Li Xin’s hand. Looking at the pale man on the hospital bed, Benjamin felt extremely distressed. He touched Li Xin’s hair tenderly and asked Luo Ning in a low voice: “What’s wrong with him? Why did he faint suddenly?”

Luo Ning said: “Don’t worry, he is just pregnant.”

Benjamin was startled, then looked back at Luo Ning: “What did you say?”

Luo Ning said with a smile: “Brother Li is pregnant. It has just been confirmed that he is one month pregnant.”

Benjamin’s face was filled with ecstasy, and he couldn’t believe it at all.

Qin Yize said with a stern face: “How did you take care of your lover when he was pregnant, where you didn’t even know he was pregnant?”

Benjamin responded unceremoniously: “You have the nerve to accuse me? Did you know when Luo Ning was pregnant?”

Qin Yize: “…”

Qin Yize was completely unable to refute this knowing blow. When Luo Ning was pregnant, not only did he know about it, he also pressured Luo Ning to do it without shame and full of impatience, making Luo Ning pregnant with his second child in one breath.

Qin Yize, who felt guilty, had no choice but to stop talking.

Li Xin woke up just at this time, his eyelashes trembled slightly, and he struggled to open his eyes. Facing Benjamin’s gentle gaze, Li Xin was startled and wanted to sit up. Benjamin immediately held him down and said in a very gentle voice: “Don’t move around and be careful with your body.”

Li Xin was a little embarrassed: “It doesn’t matter. It’s just that I’ve been too tired these days, don’t worry.”

Benjamin smiled slightly, held Li Xin’s face in front of Qin Yize and Luo Ning, kissed him hard, and said softly against his lips: “Baby, haven’t you been too tired? It’s because you are pregnant. This is a normal reaction during pregnancy.”

Li Xin was stunned: “What?”

Benjamin gently touched his face, leaned to his ear, and spoke with a volume that could only be heard by the two of them, and whispered: “You have our baby. The doctor said the baby is one month old. Calculating the time, it should have been conceived on our wedding night.”

Li Xin came back to his senses and his cheeks suddenly turned red.

That night, Benjamin did have s*x with him all night long, and they did it many times in the military area after that, but the wedding night was definitely the most intense. Unexpectedly, he would actually have a child. Betas generally found it difficult to conceive due to physical problems. It seemed that the general was too powerful.

Thinking of the scene of being pressed down on the bed by the general and being loved repeatedly that night, Li Xin was so embarrassed that his ears turned red.

Especially since Qin Yize and Luo Ning were also present, which made him feel sweet and extremely embarrassed at the same time…

General Alpha was so strong that the Beta, who had a hard time getting pregnant, became pregnant in such a short period of time. Would Yize and Luo Ning laugh at him?

Sensing Li Xin’s discomfort, Luo Ning immediately came over and said considerately: “Brother Li, you should pay attention to rest during pregnancy and don’t be too tired. Since the general is here to accompany you, Yize and I will go back first.”

Qin Yize said: “If you need help, just call us.”

Li Xin nodded with a blushing face and asked Benjamin to send the two of them away.

After the two left, and only they were left in the ward, Benjamin hugged Li Xin and kissed him gently.

The kiss was so sweet that Li Xin’s heart felt warm, and his eyes turned wet. He looked at Benjamin and said in disbelief: “Do we really have a child of our own?”

Benjamin smiled and leaned into his ear: “Of course, there is a baby in your belly that is a fusion of our genes.”

Li Xin’s heart fluttered when he thought that in the near future, he would have a baby who looked like a general.

He just felt soft.

Just now, he was envious that Qin Yize and Luo Ning could have a child, but now he himself was pregnant.

There was a very low probability that this could happen.

This was really God’s favor for him…

Li Xin touched his still flat belly and felt soft in his heart: “Do you like a boy or a girl?”

Benjamin chuckled: “Anything is fine, as long as it is our child, I like them all.”

Li Xin couldn’t help but start nagging: “Then what should we prepare? The house needs to be renovated, a nursery needs to be built, and there are also things to eat and use after the child is born. I have no idea, why not ask Luo Ning another day…”

Listening to his whispers, Benjamin stretched out his arms and gently held the beta in his arms.

It was better not to be a little talkative!

However, it would be pretty cute if they had a little chatterbox like him, right?

Benjamin touched his nose, and his heart was filled with happiness.

No matter what his appearance or personality was, as long as it was Li Xin’s child, Benjamin would definitely hold it in his hands and love him.

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