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Su Yu froze for a moment, then slowly turned to look at the tall man walking from behind, with a serious expression on his face, but the feeling of loss in his heart was miraculously completely dispelled.

“Xiao Yuan, don’t be angry with Auntie. Auntie was really busy and confused, so she forgot such an important thing.” Qiao Ruoshui walked over, smiled apologetically and took Li Yuan’s hand.

Li Yuan also let her pull him, but he never took his eyes away from Su Yu: “Auntie spent so much effort and held a perfect charity auction. It’s not too late for me to be grateful, so how can I be angry?”

As he said that, Li Yuan looked directly at Su Yu and said, “Is this A Yu? I have heard of A Yu’s genius name a long time ago, and it is indeed well-deserved. A Yu looks very smart.”

“Thank you for the compliment.” Su Yu politely thanked him but rolled his eyes in his heart. If you can tell whether a person is smart or not with your eyes, why would the world need an institution that measures IQ?

Qiao Ruoshui was very happy seeing her son being praised, but she still said modestly: “Xiao Yuan, you praised him too much. He is just a little smarter than ordinary people. Why are you so exaggerated?”

After that, she pulled Su Yu to introduce the two of them: “Xiao Yu, this is the son of mother’s good friend. His name is Li Yuan. He is a few years older than you. You can just call him brother from now on.” How could Su Yu call this frivolous person like this?

The man only nodded with his mouth curved, and then keenly grasped the key point of Qiao Ruoshui’s words: “In the future?”

“Yes, his mother is still busy working abroad and cannot take care of Xiao Yuan personally, so she asked me to take care of him for her, so from today on, Xiao Yuan will live in our house.” Qiao Ruoshui patted the back of Su Yu’s hand boldly, smiling so hard that flowers seemed to be blooming on her face.

Su Yu stared at Li Yuan with disbelief. Could it be that from now on, this man who seemed very frivolous and whose seductive skills might not be inferior to his would live under the same roof as him?

This was simply bad news for Su Yu, but why was there still a little bit of joy and satisfaction deep in his heart?

Regardless of whether Su Yu was willing to admit the feelings in his heart, Li Yuan followed him back home and moved into the room next to him.

That night, Su Yu couldn’t help but think about the person living next door to him, who was also sleeping soundly.

Su Yu woke up refreshed the next morning. He stretched and walked downstairs. When he saw the situation in the living room clearly, he stared in slight surprise.

The tall and straight man was actually wearing an apron and carrying breakfast out of the kitchen. When he saw him coming downstairs, Li Yuan raised his head and gave him a bright smile: “Good morning, A Yu.”

“Good morning,” Su Yu blinked, yawned and walked downstairs slowly. His eyes turned around the dining table in the living room, and a flash of surprise flashed in his eyes again, “Did you do all this?”

“Because I don’t know what A Yu likes to eat, I cooked everything I know how to cook. A Yu, please don’t laugh at me.” Li Yuan put down the plate in his hand and nodded with a smile.

Su Yu scratched his head, inexplicably feeling that this line seemed familiar. He sat down at the dining table and began to enjoy breakfast under Li Yuan’s service.

It was just breakfast, but Li Yuan made a lot of things, from soy milk, fried dough sticks, tea eggs, to fried cakes, flower rolls, steamed buns to some Western-style bread, toast, and sandwiches. The variety was a bit exaggerated.

Su Yu didn’t eat much, and he felt full after tasting a little of everything. After the meal, Su Yu said goodbye to Li Yuan and went to the company.

He thought he wouldn’t see Li Yuan again today, but at around noon, the assistant called to him: “President, the front desk just called, and there is a man who is claiming to be your brother and said he was here to deliver lunch to you.”

Su Yu frowned, inexplicably feeling that the plot was familiar. After hesitating for a moment, he still said: “Let him come in.”

Li Yuan quickly appeared in front of Su Yu, holding a lunch box with a large capacity in his hand. Then with a bright smile on his face, he said: “A Yu, I’m here to bring you lunch.”

Su Yu was wary of Li Yuan’s actions, and asked doubtfully: “Mr. Li…, don’t you have any work that you need to do after returning to China?”

“Yes, and I am working hard to do this job well now.” Li Yuan replied with a smile.

“Then you still have time to come and deliver food to me?” Su Yu glanced at the lunch box in Li Yuan’s hand.

Li Yuan did not answer the question directly. He just put the lunch box on the table in the rest area of the office, opened it and set it up: “It’s not early, so come over and have lunch first.”

Su Yu shrugged helplessly, got up and walked over to talk to him. Li Yuan and him ate together, but after the meal, he said ruthlessly: “Li Yuan, are you chasing me?”

Li Yuan was stunned for a moment, staring at Su Yu with an inexplicable expression: “What if I say yes?”

Su Yu smiled slightly and said very ruthlessly: “Then please stay away from me, because I have no intention of falling in love now.”

Li Yuan’s eyes dimmed, but he didn’t express anything else. He just sighed and said: “You are much harder to chase than me.”

“What?” Su Yu didn’t hear clearly.

Li Yuan raised his voice and said: “I mean, please just pretend that I’m not chasing you.”

Su Yu: “…” It turns out that when a person is being pursued by another person, he can still pretend that he is not being pursued, then get along normally with him?

After lunch, Li Yuan didn’t stay in Su Yu’s company any longer, nor did he ask him to send him out. He just left obediently.

But from this day on, Li Yuan would come over to deliver lunch to Su Yu every noon. He would also prepare dinner in the evening and wait for Su Yu at home, not to mention breakfast.

However, Su Yu was not as easy to chase as some people. Such that he could easily get it by making him a meal. Li Yuan thought about it and finally suggested one day: “A Yu, have you ever been to the amusement park?”

Su Yu responded to this by scoffing: “Would I go to such a childish place?”

Li Yuan answered silently in his heart, not only have you been there, but you have also sat on the Ferris wheel with me. But on the surface, he smiled and said, “But I kind of want to go. Are you willing to go with me?”

Su Yu wanted to refuse, but when the words came to his lips, it turned into: “Well, although it is indeed very naive, but since you want to go so much, then let’s go once.”

“Then you set a time.” Li Yuan said, very happily.

“We’re just going to an amusement park, what time do we need to set?” Su Yu was disgusted and thought seriously, “Then three days later.”

“Okay.” Li Yuan looked at Su Yu dotingly, wanting to raise his hand to rub his head, but he still managed to hold back.

Three days later, the two grown men came to the amusement park together. Li Yuan pulled him directly to the Ferris wheel ride without saying anything.

Su Yu looked at Li Yuan with disgust on his face: “You actually want to do such a thing?”

Li Yuan looked at Su Yu with deep eyes: “I heard that if a couple rides the Ferris wheel together, if you kiss at the right time when the Ferris wheel reaches the highest level, you can be together forever.”

Su Yu’s heart skipped a beat, but he said with great contempt on his face: “Why didn’t you say that if you make a wish when the Ferris wheel reaches the highest point, your wish will come true directly?”

Li Yuan: “…” I did say that at the time, but you corrected me.

However, even though Su Yu showed great disgust, he finally sat in the small space of the Ferris wheel with Li Yuan. The two sat face to face. Li Yuan stared at Su Yu openly, but Su Yu feeling inexplicably guilty, looked away.

When the Ferris wheel was about to reach its highest point, Li Yuan leaned forward slightly and continued to stare at Su Yu: “The Ferris wheel is about to reach its highest point. Do you want to make a wish or kiss your lover?”

Su Yu finally glanced at Li Yuan, and the next moment he unceremoniously stretched out his hand to blur Li Yuan’s handsome face: “I told you, I don’t plan to fall in love now.”

Li Yuan was not angry at all, but instead took the opportunity to rub his face against Su Yu’s. The other person was so shocked that he immediately took his hand back, but Li Yuan said with a half-smile: “I also said, you can treat it as if I am not the same person pursuing you.”

Su Yu snorted coldly and didn’t speak anymore. However, when he found that the Ferris wheel had passed the highest point and began to slowly fall, he felt inexplicably regretful.

After riding the Ferris wheel, Li Yuan took Su Yu to play all the playable items in the amusement park, and then he took him home with satisfaction.

Su Yu didn’t say much along the way. He was actually a little tangled in his heart. Before, he had been busy with his studies and career and had never considered emotional matters. This was not because he was completely incompetent, but because a secret that only he knew had been hidden deep in his heart for many years.

With this secret in mind, Su Yu thought that he might never have a heartbeat again in this life, but now, he was actually moved by someone he had only been with for a short month.

This feeling was subtle and not annoying, but it brought out the secret he had hidden deep in his heart, making him feel uneasy and in a dilemma.

“What are you thinking about?” Li Yuan’s gentle voice came into his ears.

Su Yu immediately came back to his senses and raised his eyes to look at the man who attracted his attention and made his heart flutter: “I’m wondering if I want to fall in love.”

“Didn’t you say before that you didn’t plan to fall in love?”

As soon as Li Yuan finished saying this, he wanted to slap himself in the face. As a person who wanted to fall in love with Su Yu and continue their relationship, how could he say such words that shot himself in the foot?

Su Yu blinked: “Thank you for reminding me, so I should just think about this problem instead of changing my decision.”

Li Yuan: “…” The foot that was shot hurt.

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