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Even after Yan Yan finished greeting them, the two people on the opposite side didn’t react, they stood motionless as if petrified, their eyes wide open.

Ji Juechuan took the bag from Yan Yan’s hand with a normal expression, put all the dolls in it, and also took the large doll from Yan Yan’s hand that couldn’t fit in the bag.

He freed one hand, held Yan Yan’s hand in the palm of his hand, and raised his eyebrows to admire Zhang Zhesheng’s shocked and distorted expression.

After a while, Zhang Zhesheng finally came back to his senses, but his expression was still as if he had seen a ghost. When he was talking to Ji Juechuan, his eyes were still fixed on Yan Yan: “This, who is this?”

Although he just heard Yan Yan’s words to Ji Juechuan, however, he was still a little unbelievable, and even wondered if there was something wrong with his ears.

Maybe people called “Lao Ji” and he heard it as “husband”[1]?

But the two pronunciations were too different!

Yan Yan held Ji Juechuan’s hand, just about to speak, when Ji Juechuan said lightly: “He is my fiancé, Yan Yan.”

He was slightly taken aback, he didn’t expect Ji Juechuan to admit their relationship so generously.

Zhang Zhesheng nodded as if sleepwalking, “Oh, fiancé, fiance.”

Unexpectedly, after a few years, Ji Juechuan was not only not single, but also had such a good-looking fiancé, which made him and the girlfriend next to him stare straight at him.

With such a good-looking and clingy fiancé, it was no wonder that Ji Juechuan’s iron tree was blooming, not only taking time to accompany people to go shopping, but also holding a bunch of dolls in his hands that didn’t fit his image as a domineering boss.

He suddenly understood why Ji Juechuan agreed to go to the class reunion. He probably had the same purpose as him, to show off his beautiful and well-behaved partner.

He didn’t expect that Ji Juechuan would have such a side, and it would probably surprise those students by then as well.

Zhang Zhesheng’s gaze was still glued to Yan Yan’s face, it was his girlfriend who recovered first, swallowed her saliva and elbowed him a few times.

Only then did he realize that he was being impolite, smiled awkwardly, and turned to look at Ji Juechuan: “Then I’ll contact you after the class reunion is set. By the way, let’s add a WeChat.”

Ji Juechuan nodded slightly, took out his phone and added WeChat with him.

Zhang Zhesheng glanced at the profile on the screen, and the cute cat on the avatar made the corner of his mouth twitch.

For a while, his girlfriend liked the couple’s profile pictures very much, and she would exchange different couple’s profile pictures with him every day, including this cat, so he could tell at a glance that Ji Juechuan’s profile picture was a couple’s profile picture.

When his girlfriend asked him to change to such a childish couple profile picture, he was still a little reluctant, thinking that other friends would make fun of him after seeing it, but he finally still changed it reluctantly.

But who was Ji Juechuan? His status was much higher than him, and he had no fewer friends than him, but he was willing to put on such a profile picture to make his fiancé happy and was not afraid of being discussed at all.

Zhang Zhesheng felt ashamed for no reason. He didn’t expect Ji Juechuan to be such a peerless good man when he was in love. It seemed that he had to learn more from him.

After adding him on WeChat, Zhang Zhesheng took his girlfriend to say goodbye to them, and before leaving, he gave Ji Juechuan an admiring look.

Although Ji Juechuan didn’t understand the meaning of that look but after the exchange of pleasantries just now, he felt much better, with a smile on his lips.

It turned out that besides career achievements, he had other things that could be enviable by others.

Yan Yan didn’t realize what happened just now, he only felt that Ji Juechuan’s mood seemed to have improved a lot, and he held his hand even tighter.

He looked up at Ji Juechuan slightly, “Honey, are you going to the class reunion?”

“Yes, you go with me.” Ji Juechuan nodded.

Go with him? Wouldn’t all his classmates know about their engagement then?

Yan Yan was a little puzzled, but he still didn’t ask.

He vaguely felt that Ji Juechuan was in a good mood now, which had something to do with this classmate reunion.

He just didn’t know why Ji Juechuan was in a good mood because of the classmate reunion.

If he didn’t understand, he simply wouldn’t bother with it.

Ji Juechuan took him to the jewelry store, and as soon as the two entered the store, several shopping guides greeted them.

Seeing Ji Juechuan and Yan Yan’s extraordinary temperament, they didn’t dare to neglect, and asked them enthusiastically what kind of jewelry they wanted to see.

The shopping guide who walked in the front took the things Ji Juechuan was carrying and took them to sit down in front of the counter. Hearing Ji Juechuan say that he wanted to see rings, he immediately asked the other shopping guides to bring several large boxes, which contained various kinds of rings.

Ji Juechuan looked at Yan Yan who was beside him but found that he did not seem interested in the rings.

He frowned and asked, “Is there anything you like? Do you want to change the store?”

Yan Yan shook his head, it was not that he didn’t like anything, it was just that he wasn’t interested in an engagement ring.

He suddenly thought of something, blinked his eyes, and whispered to Ji Juechuan,

“Husband, have you heard that rings are said to be evolved from shackles. In ancient times, after people snatched their wives, they had to put shackles on her. After many years, it has evolved into a ring.”

The shopping guide behind the counter burst out laughing, then immediately turned around to hold back the smile, adjusting his expression before turning around again.

Ji Juechuan’s face darkened, “You mean I’m shackling you up with a ring?”

Yan Yan showed an innocent look, “That’s not what I meant.”

Ji Juechuan turned his head and scanned the boxes expressionlessly. He pointed out several rings to him, “Try all of these.”

“Wait, one is enough.” Yan Yan quickly grabbed Ji Juechuan’s hand.

He didn’t even want a ring, let alone buy so many.

He took one of the rings that Ji Juechuan had just picked out, and tried it on his finger, “That’s it.”

His fingers were long and slender, which matched the silver-white ring very well.

The shopping guide looked at Ji Juechuan with questioning eyes and waited for him to nod before putting the ring in a jewelry box and handing it to him in a bag.

After buying the ring, the two left the mall to go home.

He didn’t know if it was because of what Yan Yan said in the store, but Ji Juechuan didn’t talk to him or hold his hand along the way.

Yan Yan didn’t know what Ji Juechuan was thinking, while holding the small bag with the ring in his hand, he moved a little closer to Ji Juechuan, “Husband, why don’t you hold my hand.”

Ji Juechuan glanced at him, “No hand.” In his left hand, he carried a few bags containing dolls and the large doll in his right hand, so he really couldn’t free his hand.

“But you are able to hold me just now.”

Yan Yan hugged the large doll in his right hand, then took his right hand, raised his head and smiled at him, “That’s all right.”

Ji Juechuan’s face was still expressionless, but his heart skipped a beat.

He couldn’t understand how Yan Yan could still show such a smile to him and hold his hand when he was talking about the ring as a shackle in the store just now.

What was Yan Yan thinking?

He didn’t speak, but held Yan Yan’s hand silently, and didn’t speak until they got into the car:

“When will our wedding be held?”

Yan Yan was turning his head to look out the window and froze when he heard this sentence.

They hadn’t had their engagement banquet yet, so why were they suddenly going to have a wedding?

He didn’t know how to answer for a while, so he could only pretend that he didn’t hear, and continued to look at the scenery outside the window.

Ji Juechuan’s face darkened, “Yan Yan.”

“What’s the matter?” Yan Yan turned his head, as if he had just heard his voice.

Ji Juechuan stared into his eyes and repeated the question just now.

“It’s up to you to decide.” Yan Yan bent his eyes towards him, with the usual expression on his face.

“Then within this year.” Ji Juechuan looked at those crescent-like eyes, as if trying to see through his inner thoughts.

The corners of Yan Yan’s mouth froze for a moment, but he nodded, “Okay.”

Ji Juechuan looked at him for a while, then looked away, didn’t speak, and didn’t know if he was satisfied with his answer.

Back home, Ji Juechuan took the ring in his hand and prepared to put it away first.

Yan Yan carried several bags of dolls to find his suitcase and put the dolls in neatly.

Other things don’t need to be taken away, but the dolls he held must be taken away.

When he was pulling the zipper of the suitcase, he was spotted by Ji Juechuan who came out of the room. He stopped and asked, “What did you put in it?”

“Dolls.” Yan Yan answered honestly.

“Why don’t you arrange them in the room?”

“It takes up too much space.” Yan Yan pushed the suitcase to the corner, “And there is already one Xiao Chai in the room.”

Ji Juechuan knew that he was talking about the Shiba Inu doll.

As soon as Yan Yan finished speaking, the phone in his pocket rang.

He took it out and took a look, it was a message from the cousin introduced by Lu Ji before.

After adding WeChat that day, they chatted intermittently several times, all about the house, but due to work reasons, they never made an appointment to see the house.

This time he seemed to have a vacation, so he came to ask Yan Yan if he was free.

Lu Yiming: [I can do it next week, depending on when is convenient for you]

Yan Yan thought about it for a while, their engagement banquet was on Friday, and it would take a lot of time to go back and forth to J City, and it was estimated that he would have to spend the night there, so it was better to go as soon as possible.

He replied: [Tomorrow then]

Lu Yiming: [Okay, then I’ll book a ticket for tomorrow]

Yan Yan hesitated for a moment, and sent a sentence: [Let me book the ticket for you together]

There came a quick reply: [No, I just want to go home to get something, so I’ll take it as a drop in.]

Seeing what he said, Yan Yan felt relieved. He was also worried about troubling people to make a special trip, it would be great if it was on the way.

He put down his phone and found that Ji Juechuan was still standing there, looking at him with dark eyes.

Before he could ask, Yan Yan opened his mouth first: “Honey, I’m going to J City tomorrow.”

Ji Juechuan frowned, “Tomorrow? Why so suddenly.”

J City was far away from A City, even by plane. It would take six hours, and if you go there, you would definitely have to spend the night there.

“Well, I have an appointment with a friend.”

Ji Juechuan fell silent.

He didn’t want Yan Yan to go, but he knew it was out of his control.

In the end, he could only ask bluntly: “Do you want me to accompany you?”

As expected, Yan Yan shook his head.

Ji Juechuan was silent for a while, and then said: “Friday is the engagement banquet, come back early.”

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[1] Husband is called as Lao Gong… so he thought he might have heard the second word wrong.

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