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Xie Lin’s movements stagnated for a moment, he looked down at Fu Yuanzhou, and quickly sat on the edge of the bed, stroking his hair, and said in a low voice, “Okay.”

Seeing this scene, Yu Fei, who was standing at the door, dimmed his eyes. His hand holding the door frame tightened slightly, but he quickly said: “I’ll call someone.”

“No need…”

With Xie Lin’s comfort, Fu Yuanzhou finally gained some strength, sat up from the bed and shook his head: “No need to take me to the hospital, I’m not feeling unwell, I’m…”

He choked, and after a while, he said, “Something happened.”

Since seeing that man again, he had been in a daze. It was as if he fell into an ice lake, where he couldn’t breathe, and his whole body had become cold. It was not until Xie Lin and Yu Fei came to him that he got rid of the drowning state and regained consciousness.

But Xie Lin was about to leave, which reminded him of his past life. At that time, he had never seen Xie Lin’s cold eyes, and he never thought that Xie Lin would leave him.

At first, he was frightened, but even more angry, he didn’t expect Xie Lin to leave him, he was still waiting for Xie Lin to come back to find him, but he didn’t think that before they had the chance to meet again after that, he was taken away by that man.

Huge panic overwhelmed Fu Yuanzhou, so he grabbed Xie Lin’s clothes without hesitation, and begged him not to leave him.

“Yuanzhou, I’m here.” Xie Lin was always cool and cold, but now he showed a rare bit of tenderness, with a touch of comfort, as he called his name and stroked his sweaty forehead, “How did you meet him? What happened?”

Fu Yuanzhou’s nose was sore, he had a lot to say to Xie Lin, but he couldn’t say it to the current Xie Lin, all the voices were stuck in his throat, but the last words were just a short sentence: “Don’t go…”

Xie Lin got on the bed directly, leaned against the head of the bed, then he let Fu Yuanzhou lean on him, and stroked his back: “I won’t go. I will accompany you.”

Yu Fei looked uncomfortable standing at the door. Although he also felt uncomfortable about Fu Yuanzhou’s dependence on Xie Lin, he felt more distressed. He knew Fu Yuanzhou very well and knew that he was always cheerful and confident. What happened? Why did he show such a vulnerable side?

Fu Yuanzhou closed his eyes and leaned against Xie Lin’s arms, perhaps because of the familiar smell, he fell asleep very soon tiredly, but the end of his eyes glowed red and there was a bit of moisture, and even in his sleep, he still held Xie Lin tightly.

Yu Fei went to take the suppressant medicine. After returning, he walked into the room quietly, turned off the lights in the room, and turned on the desk lamp, leaving only a dim and soft light that illuminated the room slightly.

He leaned over to look at Fu Yuanzhou who was sleeping, gently wiped the tears from his eyes, kept his voice low, and asked Xie Lin, “Brother, do you know why Zhou is so sad?”

He knew that the time since he came back was still short, so he didn’t know enough about Fu Yuanzhou, maybe his cousin would know about it.

But Xie Lin just shook his head, Yu Fei was silent for a while, and then said, “Uncle and auntie also don’t seem to know.”

When he went to take the suppressant, he asked the two elders vaguely by the way, but they came back late and did not see Fu Yuanzhou. When he didn’t come down to eat, they thought he was tired or studying, and didn’t even know that he was in a wrong state. When asked if Fu Yuanzhou had any incidents recently, they also said no.

Xie Lin looked down at Fu Yuanzhou’s sleeping face: “Maybe only he knows.”

Fu Yuanzhou was dreaming, and he dreamed of things in his previous life.

Since his rebirth, he had occasionally dreamed, mostly trivial memories that made him feel happy, but tonight was very different. What he dreamed of was the most feared thing in his memory.

Mother’s tombstone, father’s catheter, Xie Lin’s cold eyes, Yu Fei’s tears, Yuan Ye’s back as he departed sadly, and a villa.

The villa stood alone in the forest, isolated from the world, and looked peaceful. A few years ago, this was one of Fu Yuanzhou’s favorite places. Whether it was the forest or the villa, it was all their private property. Sometimes they would come here on vacation, it would be just the two of them, and no one would disturb them here.

But now this villa left Fu Yuanzhou filled only with fear, until he was reborn, he was still locked in it, staying with the man.

The interior of the villa was very different from its original appearance. There were soft carpets everywhere, and the walls were also covered with thick fluff. There were no angular objects anywhere.

They stayed together for 24 hours, and the distance between them could not be more than three meters. Only when he was sleeping could Fu Yuanzhou breathe a little. He didn’t have to face the man’s terrifyingly beautiful blue eyes. Even if he knew that when he fell asleep, the man might still be looking at him.

At first, he hated the man like crazy. He hated him so much that he strangled the man’s neck, leaving fingerprint-shaped bruises, and almost killed him, but even so, the man was just laughing and didn’t care about himself, instead he massaged and rubbed him with his fingers, then he asked him gently, “Does it hurt?”

Later, his anger and hatred turned into fear. He didn’t think about anything. As long as the man could let him go, no matter what, he didn’t dare to take revenge. He didn’t dare to provoke him, but his prayers were useless, and the man would not let him go.


Even if he already knew Fu Yuanzhou’s real name, the man would still call him that. It was a unique name between them.

He sat beside Fu Yuanzhou and stroked his thin and pale face: “Stop torturing yourself.”

“It’s you…” At that time, Fu Yuanzhou was shaking all over, holding his head and saying, “You are torturing me, please, please let me go…”

“I won’t let you go,” said the man, “but maybe one day, you’ll find a way to leave.”

“If you hate me, you can kill me before you leave. Kill me, you won’t be punished for it, although you can rest assured.”

He hugged Fu Yuanzhou and smiled. “I would be honored if you were willing to kill me, Seven. You also know that when you leave me, it is no different from death to me, and being killed by you is a happier way to die…”

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