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So hungry!

I’m starving!

Yu Siyang’s whole body felt soft and weak, and he didn’t even have the strength to move a finger.

However, he was so hungry that he felt that he would starve to death if he didn’t eat anything.

A starving chef would make others laugh if they got to know.

He might even be on social media news after he died, and he even thought about the headline – “Just after winning the international culinary gold award, what is it like for the chef to starve to death”.

This way of dying sounded stupid.

The strong desire to survive urged Yu Siyang to open his eyes.

When he opened his eyes, he saw a woman in her early twenties wearing a pink nurse uniform from Cixin Hospital looking at him with a fleeting look of surprise on her face, “Hey, you’re awake, I’ll call the doctor.”

Before he could speak, the woman quickly left.

Yu Siyang helplessly watched the young nurse disappear outside the door.

What are you doing walking so fast, anyway, while you are going, I am really going to starve to death.

The young nurse came back shortly after, followed by a man in a white lab coat, most probably the doctor.

The doctor checked Yu Siyang and asked him a few questions.

Yu Siyang said weakly: “Headache, no energy, hungry.” And emphasized: “I’m dying of starvation.”

The doctor was stunned for a moment, then he smiled: “If you know that you are hungry, there is no big problem.” Then, he told the nurse to observe some precautions for the patient.

As soon as the doctor left, the young nurse poured him a glass of water, inserted a straw in it and brought it to Yu Siyang’s mouth, “The nurse has gone to eat, and will be back later.”

Saying, “Others have gone to eat.” to a man who was dying of starvation, was it really kind?

Yu Siyang looked at the nurse with despair in his eyes. He gulped down a glass of water with the straw in his mouth. Even if he had no food to eat, the water tasted good. At least he could put something into his stomach.

“Thank you.” Yu Siyang asked the nurse weakly, “Excuse me, am I seriously injured?”

“Intracranial hemorrhage, concussion, and soft tissue contusions of varying degrees all over the body.” The nurse joked, “Don’t worry, you didn’t hurt your face.”

After that, she walked out of the ward.

Yu Siyang was lying on the bed resentfully watching the nurse’s back disappear outside the door, his stomach growled with hunger, however the nurse didn’t say anything about helping him to get some food, but was actually concerned about his face.

A big man, if his face got hurt, it got hurt. Why was it worth pointing out? Anyway, he didn’t rely on his face to eat.

While Yu Siyang thought about his back knife skills to divert his attention from hunger and pulled the blade back again and again in his mind, until the nurse finally came back.

“Brother Yu, the nurse said you were awake and asked me to bring you something light. I brought you rice porridge.” The nurse raised the white rice porridge packet in her hand, opened the lid and placed it on the table, then she carefully and slowly raised the hospital bed and brought a spoonful to the patient’s mouth.

Yu Siyang looked at the nurse’s oily mouth and sniffed. The nurse ate braised pork and eggplant. The braised pork should have been too simmered, and the eggplant was probably cooked with water.

He commented in his heart: It must have been hard to eat!

After eating a mouthful of warm rice porridge, he who was suffering from an occupational disease, commented: The porridge must not be so thick, nor this oily, and the heat used was messy, unpalatable!

But… Forget it, I’m so hungry that I have stomach cramps, what else can I eat?

He grew up with hardships. When he was a child living in the orphanage, the white rice porridge was crystal clear, such that the bottom of the pot could be seen. It was just that he had been with his teacher in the past two years and had become the sous chef under him who was the head chef. Then life had gotten better, and coupled with his good craftsmanship, he had become extremely picky about food.

Yu Siyang silently recited it three times in his heart, never forget the hardships of poverty when you get rich.

“Thank you, I’m full.” After eating half a bowl of white porridge, Yu Siyang finally felt that his stomach was not so uncomfortable, so he restrained himself and refused the spoon brought over by the nurse.

It’s so uncomfortable, I must have been hungry for a long time, and my stomach will be unbearable after eating too much.

The nurse didn’t force it and put the disposable porridge bowl and spoon into a bag, then she threw them into the trash can in the ward, and said to Yu Siyang, “Brother Yu, I’ll call your company and say you’re awake, just wait a moment. Someone will come to see you.”

Yu Siyang thanked her again, leaned on the bed silently, thinking that he must have been seriously injured by that huge earthen pot, this was a work-related injury, and the hotel must compensate him, otherwise… hum!

It’s just that he didn’t know who carelessly moved the earthen pot, so the big pot rolled down the stairs and smashed him to the ground, who happened to be passing by the stairs. It was an unforeseeable disaster.

He couldn’t help but come up with conspiracy theories.

Could someone be jealous that he won the Gold Medal at the Bonova International Cooking Competition? Moreover, some chef might have heard that the head chef wanted to go out on his own and the hotel intended to promote him to the position of the head chef.

Could it be done by several other sous chefs who wanted the position?

Yu Famous Detective Siyang tried his best to recall the usual performance of other sous chefs who worked with him and analyzed who might be the murderer who conspired against him. He did not even notice the two people who came in the ward, as was completely immersed in his own theories.

When Wei Xiaofeng and Luo Peng came in, they saw Yu Siyang with a deep in thought face, as if thinking about the grand proposition of “how to save the world”.

After waiting for a long time, Yu Siyang was still immersed in his own thoughts, then Luo Peng saw a little impatience on his boss’s indifferent expression from the corner of his eye, so he hurriedly pretended to cough: “Xiaoyu, brother Xiaofeng and I have come see you, how is your injury?”

Yu Siyang was frightened by the sudden voice and stared blankly at the two people standing in front of his hospital bed, one was tall while the other was short. The tall one was about one hundred and eighty centimetres. He had an intimidating face, but the smile on his face could easily make people feel a sense of intimacy, while the short one was the opposite.

He didn’t know these two people, but why did they look like they were very familiar with him.

The indifferent man was well-dressed and should be a rich man. Could it be that he was a guest who came to the hotel for dinner before, and came to visit him politely after hearing about his injury, but he didn’t remember the other party!

Yu Siyang touched his nose embarrassedly and tried to put him in the other person’s shoes. If he was visiting a patient, but the patient didn’t remember him at all, he would probably want to find a crack to burrow in.

Moreover, this indifferent man did not seem easy to deal with at first sight. If he offended him, and this person took revenge, him who was just a little chef with no background and no backer would be easily rounded and flattened by others.

“Please sit, please sit, long time no see.” Yu Siyang said pretending to be familiar.

Wei Xiaofeng looked at Yu Siyang like an idiot: “…”

“Xiaoyu,” Luo Peng said embarrassedly, “Don’t be so polite.”

“Oh…hehe…” Yu Siyang smirked twice.

Wei Xiaofeng sat down on the sofa and said in a flat tone: “You will definitely be replaced, the crew can’t wait for you to recover, but the company will try to get you as much compensation as possible. During this time, take good care of your injuries. You only have the energy to make money.”

“Ah?” Yu Siyang looked confused, what did a shooting crew have to do with him, “That…you guys, did you go to the wrong ward…?”

Yu Siyang said in a decreasing volume. Because when the cold-faced man listened to his words, his long and narrow eyes narrowed even more, and he felt that these eyes were throwing out flying knives, cutting him into slices.

Wei Xiaofeng frowned slightly, and the teenager on the hospital bed shrank, with a look of “I was wrong, but I don’t know where I was wrong”, his intuition found that something was a little wrong, “Luo Peng, go and call the doctor.”

Luo Peng nodded, ran out of the ward, and after a while, he brought back the doctor from just now.

“Mr. Wei.” The doctor came in, nodded at Wei Xiaofeng, and asked, “Is there any problem?”

Wei Xiaofeng pointed at Yu Siyang, “Please check him, Dr. Xu, has this kid become stupid?”

Yu Siyang’s eyes widened, his face looking aggrieved, thinking, the cold-faced man went to the wrong ward and was now scolding others, rich people were really amazing.

Dr. Xu asked Luo Peng to carry the patient to a wheelchair, called the CT room to prepare, and walked all the way to the CT room, asking Yu Siyang questions.

After receiving the CT film, Dr. Xu said to Wei Xiaofeng: “The patient has temporary amnesia due to intracranial hemorrhage. During the rescue, the patient had no signs of life for two minutes and twenty-five seconds. During this time, the brain was hypoxic, and it was also difficult for the patient to survive.”

After hearing this, Wei Xiaofeng asked Luo Peng to take Dr. Xu out, dragged a stool to sit in front of the hospital bed, and asked Yu Siyang, “What do you remember?”

“…Sir, did you recognize the wrong person? I remember that I was a chef… Well, I don’t have amnesia.” Yu Siyang was silent for a while, then stammered under Wei Xiaofeng’s domineering gaze.

Wei Xiaofeng took a deep breath and exhaled again.

Very good, the child not only had amnesia, but also had a disordered memory. He had put himself into the role he had playing in the show and now could not extricate himself. He should really be praised for his dedication.

“You rest first, I’ll take care of this matter.”

Luo Peng sent the doctor back, just when he heard this, he laughed: “Xiaoyu, Brother Xiaofeng will help you out, your injury will not be in vain.”

After hearing this, Wei Xiaofeng stabbed Luo Peng with his gaze, “You’re not too embarrassed to laugh, I let you bring an artist out, and you almost led them to their death. If Xiaoyu didn’t wake up, we would have had to go to his funeral.”

“Brother Xiaofeng, cousin, President Wei, I was wrong!” Luo Peng looked remorseful, the 1.9 meter tall huddled into a ball at Wei Xiaofeng’s feet, “I am a newcomer to the world. I didn’t expect the rivers and lakes in this industry to be so sinister.”

Wei Xiaofeng’s face was indifferent.

Luo Peng hurriedly went to see Yu Siyang, “Xiaoyu, please help Brother Luo to beg for mercy, I really didn’t expect someone to be so daring to do something to the wires. Xiaoyu, when you are discharged from the hospital, Brother Luo will take you to eat crayfish, eat whatever you want, and be full.”

Yu Siyang: “…”

Hehe, I don’t understand what you’re talking about.

“Then… add a feast at the Chinese restaurant of the Jade Hotel.” Luo Peng reluctantly said: “No more, or Brother Luo will eat dirt this month.”

The Jade Hotel? Yu Siyang’s eyes lit up, this was the hotel where he worked.

Seeing his expression, Luo Peng immediately cried and said, “Xiaoyu, let me state in advance that you can only order three dishes.”

Were they sick?

“Okay, don’t play tricks.” Wei Xiaofeng kicked his cousin who was a big rough man trying to act cute. “Spicy eyes[1].”

He had seen his cousin’s ugly cute ways for the first time. His cousin was so terrifying. Wei Xiaofeng was about to doubt his life for a second – to have such a cousin, did he really do something wrong in his previous life?!

Luo Peng stood up neatly, wiped away the tears that didn’t exist at all, and said with a smile, “I know that Brother Xiaofeng is the best.”

Wei Xiaofeng and Yu Siyang turned their heads in tacit agreement – really spicy eyes!

“You take care of Xiaoyu, I’ll go first.” Wei Xiaofeng stood up and walked out of the ward at a very fast speed, not wanting to stay in the same space with this poisonous cousin for one more second.

Luo Peng patted his chest to assure him, waved Wei Xiaofeng goodbye, sat down on the chair that Wei Xiaofeng was sitting on, and smiled at Yu Siyang: “He he he…”

Yu Siyang couldn’t help but shrink back and say timidly: “Would you like to go to another ward? You really recognized the wrong person.”

“Xiaoyu, it’s alright, you just lost your memory temporarily, and you will remember it in a few days.” Luo Peng smiled and suggested: “If Brother Luo told you some memories, maybe you would remember them.”

Yu Siyang’s face was blank.

– I really don’t have amnesia!

– You really got the wrong person!

– Please let me go!

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