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When Jing Yang tore off the mask from his face little by little, everyone looked at him, and most of them were stunned because they couldn’t understand the situation, and some people were curious. It was because of curiosity that they stared at Jing Yang with wide eyes, because they felt that if Jing Yang’s identity was really that of an ordinary person, it would not be possible for him to appear here at this time.

Jing Yang tore off the mask, revealing a bright and moving face with delicate facial features, many people gasped, as they were all amazed by this beautiful face.

Many old officials were surprised at first, and then found it familiar. A face like this was definitely rare in the world. If they had seen it before, it was absolutely impossible to forget it. But this feeling of being very familiar but not being able to remember who it was for a while made them very puzzled.

Su Huai should be the first person present to recognize who Jing Yang was. He stared at Jing Yang in disbelief, constantly denying his own thoughts in his heart. He told himself that it was impossible, absolutely impossible, that person was already dead, he saw him buried, how could he come back from the dead and appear here, he must be mistaken, these two people just had to be somewhat similar.

Jing Yang looked around at everyone in the hall. Seeing expressions of shock or confusion on their faces, he slowly said, “I am An Yang.”

“No! You are not!” Su Huai particularly and excitedly shouted, “An Yang is already dead, I killed him with my own hands, and I watched him be buried with my own eyes. How could you be An Yang?! You are fake, impersonating!”

In shock, the dazed ministers were pulled back to reality by Su Huai’s shouting. They also found it a little bit unbelievable, how could someone who had died and had been buried be alive again and appear here. Because they thought it was impossible subconsciously, they didn’t recognize him as An Yang the first time.

“Everyone!” King Annan stood up again and said to the ministers, “Blessed by the late emperor, the child of our Great Chu did not die, he is back!”

Those ministers, were in a state of you look at me, I look at you, and they started to talk about it. Although it was hard to believe that someone dead had back to life, but thinking about it carefully, the face that was too similar to the king and queen of the previous dynasty, except for the emperor An Yang, there could be no one else.

Su Yongsheng was also very shocked at the beginning, but after the shock, he still didn’t believe that Jing Yang was An Yang, “I don’t know where you found this person who looks similar to the previous king and queen, but he definitely can’t be An Yang. At that time, more than a dozen imperial doctors had already concluded that An Yang was dead, and those many ministers watched An Yang’s burial. How could he come back to life? Your Xue family has already succeeded in seizing the throne. But you still want to use the name of the former emperor to win people over.”

“I am An Yang. Back then, Su Huai stabbed me in the heart with a knife. After he left, my father’s secret guard gave me the fake death medicine, got me out after my burial and took me to the south. I have been hiding for more than seven years.” Jing Yang looked at Su Yongsheng and said, “Do you remember that you came to see me alone and asked me if I know anything about the Dragon Token?”

Su Yongsheng heard Jing Yang mention the Dragon Token, and his heart jumped. He, who was not an emperor at the time, did go to find An Yang alone, and tentatively asked about the Dragon token. And only he and An Yang knew about this matter, not even his father and the Crown Prince. However, he felt that the possibility that An Yang had told other people about it could not be ruled out, so he still insisted on not believing that Jing Yang was An Yang.

The crown prince, who was originally in a state of despair, kneeling on the ground as if his soul had been taken away, suddenly raised his head and stared at Jing Yang when he heard An Yang’s name. He suddenly became emotional, and shouted loudly, “An Yang! An Yang, you are back?! Since you are not dead, why didn’t you come to me?!”

The Crown prince wanted to stand up and rush to Jing Yang but was suppressed by the soldiers. Unable to move, he struggled harder, “Let go of me! I’m the prince! You rebellious bastards, let me go!”

Xue Chengyu looked at the emotional Crown prince and said coldly, “Drag him down.”

When the Crown prince was dragged out by the soldiers, he shouted “An Yang! Why didn’t you come to me! I am the prince, I can give you anything you want! Why don’t you come to me! An Yang…”

“These years, your Su family and son have been sitting on the throne of our An family. In fact, not a day have you felt safe, because you know that there are too many people who disagree with you. The most important thing is that you don’t have the real dragon token. It is therefore impossible for you to order the four major armies of the east, west, north, south, and south to obey you at a critical moment, let alone open the treasure house of my An family’s hundreds of years of accumulated treasures.”

Jing Yang took out Xue Chengyu’s saber, turned and walked to the dragon chair, then watching the ministers, he said, “At that time, the emperor Gaozu ordered seven skilled craftsmen to create the dragon and tiger tokens together. The dragon token was kept by the emperor, and the tiger token was kept by one of the four generals. When the dragon and tiger tokens are combined into one, you can directly order the four major armies of east, west, north, south, and south, and you can also open the treasure house of my great Chu.”

“The Su family went to the palace to murder my emperor brother, and they searched my emperor brother’s palace, but the dragon token they found was fake. The Su family has been hiding the truth for so many years, in fact they have been secretly searching for the real dragon token, but they have not found it. Because where is the real dragon token, in this world, only the last of the An bloodline, that is me knows.”

Jing Yang activated the luck of the system, turned around and waved the knife in his hand vigorously, the plaque above the dragon chair cracked and fell from the middle, and at the same time, there appeared a golden token with a dragon pattern. Every emperor of Da Chu personally kept fake dragon tokens, and the real dragon tokens were always placed behind this plaque, because no one dared to move this plaque easily, and no one wanted to move it, so this was the safest place.

Jing Yang picked up the dragon token that fell on the dragon throne and turned around. Xue Chengyu took the tiger token from his waist and walked up. The two merged the two tokens together in front of everyone.

If it was a fake token, it could not be merged, which was why the Su family had been looking for the dragon token for so many years, because the fake dragon token was too easy to be dismantled.

Su Yongsheng looked at the dragon and tiger token that had been successfully merged into one and fell to the ground weakly. He originally thought that even if the Xue family and their sons sat on the throne, they would be as restless as them. Sooner or later, there would be others who would take the throne from them. But now, the blood of the previous dynasty had appeared, and the dragon and tiger tokens had merged. If the father and son of the Xue family revived the great Chu of the previous dynasty, completely wiped out their Su clan and their Da Yan and added the reputation of chaotic ministers and thieves to them, then their Su family would only have a reputation that would be smeared for thousands of years, and they would not even be seen as the real emperor.

King Annan took the lead to pay homage to Jing Yang, and all the other officials knelt down to pay homage with him. The old officials who were loyal to Da Chu were especially excited, and they almost cried.

Su Huai looked at the high-ranking officials who were all paying homage to Jing Yang. He didn’t even have the strength to be jealous. It was just an indescribable pain in his heart. When he was the emperor, he had never been treated like this. The most powerless and unacceptable thing for him was that he had been losing to the same person seven years ago and he still lost to him seven years later.

The despair in Su Huai’s heart at this moment was even more serious than when he knew that he could not continue to be the emperor. An extreme sadness flooded his heart. He felt that fate was too unfair to him, why did he let him lose to him again and again, to the one he didn’t want to lose to. He could give his everything, even his soul could be sold, why couldn’t he be allowed to win once?

“Ah!!! Ah!!!” Su Huai cried out in pain, holding his head in his hands. Many, many pictures kept popping up in his mind. Although he couldn’t see clearly, those pictures made him feel very painful and the pain kept growing. The pain was enough to cause his brain to explode, and now he just wanted to die and seek relief.

Su Huai suddenly started hitting the ground with his head, and he started bleeding after a few hits, but he didn’t seem to be able to feel it. In order to relieve the pain in his head, he kept hitting the ground with his head.

Jing Yang stared coldly at Su Huai, who was in constant pain. He didn’t feel any sympathy in his heart. He had been his enemy for so many lifetimes. Although he didn’t know why the two of them had to fight each other in every lifetime, no matter what the reason was, he had to be the winning side.

Both the Su family and their son were taken down. Jing Yang and Xue Chengyu father and son had completely controlled the situation and become the final winners.

All males of the direct line of the Su clan were beheaded, while all males from the collateral lines were exiled, females from the direct line were imprisoned for life, and females from collateral lines were punished to serve as official slaves.

Su Huai was locked in the prison. Every day and every night he shouted, the jailer couldn’t stand the trouble, so he was beaten, and he stopped when he didn’t have the strength to make trouble. In less than half a month, Su Huai went completely crazy.

As expected by Su Yongsheng, Xue Chengyu and his son did not establish a new national title, but directly restored the national title of Da Chu. After everything settled down, King Annan had fulfilled his wish to avenge the first prince and recapture the An family’s country, so he returned to the mountains and forests alone.

Although the country title of Great Chu was restored, there was a rule that females were not allowed to be emperors in this world, so Xue Chengyu became the emperor. But his and Jing Yang’s two children were surnamed An and Xue respectively, so he could actually be regarded as an acting emperor, but he himself didn’t care about these things. All he wanted was his child to grow up quickly, so he could go back to seclusion with Jing Yang early and live in a two-person world with him.

Xue Chengyu had the means and ability, and it was no problem for him to be the emperor, but he had led the army for many years, and had long become accustomed to the iron and blood style.

The ministers couldn’t help worrying that Xue Chengyu seemed to have a tendency to become a tyrant, but whenever Xue Chengyu got angry and wanted to severely punish those officials who he disliked, his anger disappeared the next day after returning to the harem, and it was time to rectify it. He would punish who should be punished, but there would never be excessive punishment. For those civil servants who wanted to restrain him with various major principles, he ignored what he could ignore, and tried to find a way to make them return to their hometowns if he couldn’t ignore them.

Jing Yang’s life was the same as in previous lives, except for lethargy, he was basically healthy and had not been sick much. He thought that the second half of his life would be the same as the previous lives, and he would grow old slowly with Xue Chengyu, and then leave this world without any regrets.

But in this life, he had just reached middle age. When he was taking a nap one day, before falling asleep, he suddenly thought that he would definitely be able to grow old happily in this life, and he could leave without any regrets. But after he fell asleep, he did not wake up again, but returned directly to the system.

Jing Yang was still wondering why he left so early in this life. Before he had time to think carefully about the reason, he had already been sent to the next world by the system.

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